"I will be leaving tomorrow." I said to my busty brunette wife as she was getting dressed for her jog. She looked so sexy in her tight top, which showed her ample cleavage, and her tight leggings that made her round ass look so firm, round, and bouncy.

It had been a few days since I had seen her getting fucked hard by our old pervert neighbor. The way his massive tool had buried itself in and out of my wife's tight pussy over and over had left me very horny the last few nights. I never had a desire to watch my wife with another man, especially not the neighborhood pervert, but watching her take a cock way too big for her tight pussy had ignited a fire in me. And I could sense it had ignited a fire in her too.

Kate had always talked ugly about the old pervert. The way he would leer at her when she jogged by and how he was always flirting with the younger women in the neighborhood. He wasn't one type kind of man though because she had also seen him hitting on the other wives in the neighborhood. Who even knows how many of them had been fed his big cock over the years but we had heard rumors of his "conquests", most recently the young 18 year old that lived next door to him. Kate had always hated the old man, often calling him an asshole.

But once that pervert had given her a decent idea of what he was packing that changed. I had seen her go from reluctant and disgusted to willing slut in one afternoon a few days ago. She had not been back to see him however barely leaving the house for anything. I sensed she must be ashamed of fucking another man and for it to be that nasty pervert of all people. But I could also tell how horny she was. We usually did it five times a week but over the last few days she had been like a rabbit. We had fucked at least 3 times just yesterday. Every time we were finished though I could tell she had not been satisfied by my little penis. She wouldn't come out and say it but it was obvious she needed more than I could give her. And last night after she thought I had gone to bed she slipped downstairs and fingered herself. She looked amazing with her white nightie pulled up working hard to get off.

"Alright babe, I'm going for a quick run." She ran out the door looking so sexy in her tight workout outfit. I waited a minute then proceeded to follow. I made sure to keep shadow distance and not be seen by her. She was going her usual route and it was leading right to Doug's trailer. As she was jogging I could see the neighborhood boys nearby watching as her big tits bounced in her top. They were begging for one or both to pop out, what boy that age wouldn't. She kept going and caught some other people's stares until finally she ended up at the area where her innocence had been destroyed.

She stood there staring for a moment almost hoping the old man would walk out and see her. I then noticed the trailer rocking a bit. Was he with someone? Kate walked up to the door and knocked. The trailer stopped rocking. After moment the door creaked open and there stood the old man with nothing but a towel wrapped around his bottom half, which wasn't hiding his massive erection.

Kate stood and couldn't stop staring at the massive tool hiding under the towel.

"Well sweetheart, fancy seeing you here. Is there something I can help you with?" He said looking smug and arrogant. Kate looked like she was about to slap him but restrained herself.

"My husband is leaving town tomorrow..." She had paused finding it hard to get it out.

"And you want me to come over and have some fun with you? Isn't that right baby?" Now he was really getting arrogant. Kate was angry and embarrassed at the same time. "I have to admit I have been upset you haven't been around in a few days. Really made me hot and bothered." He reached up and cupped her right tit.

Kate slapped his hand away. "Seems like you have managed alright without me." She said pointing into the trailer.

"Oh baby don't be upset, she's just some tight ass 19 year old who I met through my nice 18 year old neighbor. A lot like you, a bit stuck up until she got a look at what I had."

Kate had heard enough. "Listen asshole I don't need to take this..."

He cut her off. "Don't worry baby, I'll be over tomorrow night to give you what you need. Now if you'll excuse me I need to finish this young ass in here what it needs." He closed the door in Kate's face. She turned and began jogging again.

I went over to my spot from last time and peeked in. There was a sexy young redhead with small tits but a massive round ass sticking straight up in the air awaiting Doug's arrival.

"Please Daddy, I need filling." Doug walked over, put some lube on his cock and slid his cock against her asshole.

"Oh daddy, no there. You're too big." She seemed worried.

Smack! He hit her ass.

"I'll make it fit!" He yelled as he pushed his mushroom head into her ass.

"Ahhh!! Please no!" She screamed but he didn't care. He was having trouble fitting that beast between her fat cheeks.

She was crying. "Please daddy! I'm sorry!"

Smack! "You have the nerve to wiggle that perfect fat ass around in those little shorts and tease old men like me and don't expect to use that ass to fuck? Don't worry little tease I'll teach you some manners!" He began thrusting to fit more in.

"Fuck!!" She half shouted half moaned. He kept going. He worked about half his cock in before he came. He had the courtesy to pull out and cum a huge load on her fat cheeks. She sat there, her face in his dirty mattress, spent.

"Get rested, we'll go again in a little bit." With that I went home, cum soaking my underwear.

My plan was simple. I had put up cameras all over the house with multiple angles in the master bedroom and living room. I would pretend to leave town but in reality I would be going to stay at a hotel and watch the action unfold as my sexy wife would no doubt finally give back in to her desires and get pounded by the hung old pervert.

I headed out at 6:00 A.M. Kissed Kate and was off. I drove to the hotel across town. Got checked in and was set up within the hour. I turned on my laptop and began viewing. Kate had showered and changed and was wearing some red lacy lingerie. She ate breakfast and watched some TV.

The doorbell rang at about 8:00 A.M. Kate looked out the window and saw who it was. She then bounced quick to get to the door. She stopped to fluff her hair to look even more sexy and opened the door revealing the hung old pervert wearing his smelly, once white, wife beater and some short tight khakis that didn't do much to hide his bulge, which looked massive as usual.

"Well now, look who got all dressed up for little old me." He was super arrogant this morning. Kate stood there and took the shot, moved over and invited him in.

Doug walked in and entered the living room. He sat down on the couch like he was already worn out.

"Surprised you came over, thought your new little friend would have drained you dry yesterday." Kate had sounded jealous the way she had said that. She sat down on the opposite end of the couch.

"Oh she was fun, but I wanted something far better today." Doug scooched closer to her. His odor must have been somewhat off putting because she squirmed a bit as he got close. But she did nothing to stop his big paws from begging to grab at her. He grab one of her big tits and proceeded to push his other hand into her panties. Clearly this old man wasn't too worn out form his adventures yesterday.

Kate wasn't wasting time either getting around his foul odor and unzipping his shorts. She wanted that big cock. Luckily for her the old man hadn't worn underwear. One tug and his big cock sprung free. I hung semi hard already angry looking. Kate's face said it all. She was completely mesmerized by it. The old man hadn't stopped his assault on her and she was losing control.

"Ohhhh fuck!!" Kate screamed as she came. She had wrapped her hand as best she could around his shaft. And the tugging she was doing while cumming was making it bigger and harder. She shuddered uncontrollably for moments before calming. The old man unsnapped her bra and continued massaging her tits with one hand as he laid back and invited Kate to work on him now. She leaned in close and got her second hand around the shaft and began to stroke up and down bringing his beast to life.

"Fuck baby I think it really likes you." She was sitting beside him tugging with both hands so hard and fast now. Spitting on it to give it lube, the whole time her tits were jiggling. She looked so sexy. He then cupped the back of her head and lowered it towards his manhood.

Kate's mouth willingly opened and forced itself over his big mushroom head. She began trying to force as much as she could in her small mouth while also using one hand to work his thick, long shaft and her other hand to rub his orange sized balls.

Kate licking and kissing his cock only able to get about half his cock down her throat. She was in total submission to his big meat and wasn't worried about anything else it seemed.

Doug seemed to enjoy my busty wife lying against his fat belly working his cock. He had probably seen women do it a thousand times. He kept grabbing on to her brown hair and forcing more of his cock into her mouth. Finally he pulled her up to face him and gave her a sloppy tongue kiss. To my surprise Kate kissed back.

"You ready to take my cock baby?"

"Yes sir" Kate pulled off her lacy red panties and climbed onto him facing him. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock.

"Oh god yes." She said as her tight pussy met the big tool. She continued lowering herself only to quickly pull up. Doug began to thrust up wanting his big tool in her now.

"Take it easy mister we have all day."

"I'll decide what speed we go at slut!" He smacked her ass hard. SLAP!!

"Oww! That hurt asshole!" At this juncture he grab her hard around the throat and began to choke her. This had me really concerned. Should I call the police. Kate was struggling to breath and had stopped lowering herself to meet his hard cock.

"Listen you stuck up bitch, I am going to fuck your brains out all day, every day, until the shrimp dick husband of yours gets back. I will do so at my convenience. Are we clear? If so just nod." Kate was turning blue and had both her hands around his wrists trying to get some air. Finally she nodded. He let go and grabbed her waist. "Good. Now let's have fun."

He began lowering her at his pace while she coughed like crazy from the choking.

"You fucking assho!!" She didn't get to finish as her pussy spread as his big cock entered her tight pussy lips. "Oh fuck it's so big!" He kept working her up and down entering her tightness more and more. She was moaning like crazy as this was happening and you could see her wetness making his cock look shiny. After a good while of this he began thrusting upward. "Oh fucking hell!!" She screamed loudly as his big cock worked it's way more into her. Every other thrust it seemed she was cumming hard.

They had been at it for about an hour at this point and she already looked spent while he seemed to be getting started. She was sweating and panting. He was wide awake. SLAP!! He smacked her ass and grabbed onto both bubble cheeks. "Bounce!" Kate understood and began bouncing up and down on the long thick cock. She was taking all the cock now and it was so hot watching her perfect round ass bounce off his balls over and over again. She had her hands against his chest to bounce harder now.

"Oh god dammit this cock is perfect!"

"That's right slut, you belong to my cock now!"

"Yes sir!" She was completely lost now. She was his now. At least sexually.

"Oh fuck!!" She came again. She slowed down. Her hair was a mess, she was sweating like she had ran a marathon. Her face however looked like nirvana, full contentment.

Doug seized the moment and flipped her onto her back his cock never leaving her pussy. She was splayed longways on the couch with this ugly, fat, old, pervert laying between her legs his big cock stuffing her. He wasn't tired at all. He was just getting started.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting more comfortable baby. Just lay there and enjoy it" He proceeded to thrust in and out of her using long hard strokes. Pulling nearly all out til only the head was inside then plunging back in balls deep and slapping her ass cheek.

"Oh god dammit!! Yes! Fuck yes!!" Kate was just a willing victim at this point. His big cock was tearing into her pussy spreading it wide open and he wasn't slowing pace. He kept driving harder and faster and deeper. I watched as Doug continued to look down at his victim while his big cock invaded her. He was unstoppable and I could tell that Kate didn't care how much she was being opened up all she wanted was more.

"God yes." Kate wasn't as loud anymore. He was literally fucking my beautiful wife into sleep. She was laying back and unable to meet his thrusts anymore. Watching my sexy wife being fucked senseless by a man twice her age was hotter than I cared to admit. But I loved every second of it.

Doug repositioned himself to where her perfect ass was a little in the air and he was nibbling her tits.

"Fuck!!" Finally Kate seemed to lose consciousness and was truly just a rag doll being used for this old pervert's pleasure. He picked up speed.

"Yes little wifey! This pussy is too good. Your shrimp dick hubby doesn't deserve you. I'm gonna make you mine now though!" What did he mean? His big cock looked like a blur as his big balls bounced off her ass cheeks. Kate was out cold. Too many orgasms.

Doug seemed to slow up and not hitting her as hard. "Fuck me!" He then came to a sudden slow stop and did quick powerful thrusts. "I'm cumming!" Fuck! He was cumming in my wife! I could see his balls tighten and he pulled out his shaft a bit and I could see it throb as he filled my wife full of his seed. He came and came over and over. This asshole was not stopping he was filling her with everything he had, which as I remember last time I saw him cum, was a lot.

He kept filling her for what seemed like an eternity. Finally he began pulling out. I heard a loud pop as his head came out. It was at that moment I finally saw the damage. His cum was oozing out of her like he had put a gallon in her.

"You rest up slut. I'll get me something to eat and we'll go again." He said as he got up and moved to the kitchen. Kate obviously could not hear a word as she lay there unconscious with that ugly pervert's seed leaking out of her.

I couldn't wait to see what they would do next...

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