Do not's and Do not not's

this skeleton is cool as hell. be like him <-- This guy makes the rules around here.

I am willing to listen to most things, but please do not talk about the following things to me: Touhou Omori Changed, and ANY extension of this fandom.

I do not like the games or their communities, the mention of them makes me uncomfortable. Don't fucking shove them in my face. Better yet? Don't even bring them up around me.

Be a normal human being jesus christ

Don't talk like a fucking weirdo. I will let you know if you are being a fucking weirdo. Do not call my characters "huggable" or ask to hug them. It makes me uncomfortable. Do not make any fetishistic comments about my characters. Same reason as above.


Now you have 1 option from here:

Follow him.

Pub: 21 Apr 2023 13:16 UTC
Edit: 03 Oct 2023 07:07 UTC
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