How To Easily Subscribe For Unlimited Free Trials

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  1. Creating Aliases
    Utilizing E-Mail address aliases allows you to create multiple 'versions' (or aliases) of the same E-Mail address. The benefit to doing this is that each alias is seen as a separate, unique E-Mail address while all E-Mails sent to aliases are still directed to your main E-Mail inbox. Therefore, utilizing E-mail address aliases essentially allows you to create an infinite amount of E-Mail addresses with only one actual E-Mail address.

    Each time you create a new account for a free trial, you must create a new E-Mail address alias. To do this, simply append +[something] before the @ symbol. For Example: [email protected]

  2. Creating Virtual Cards
    While you can use a real credit or debit card to sign up for free trials, you can forget to cancel subscriptions before the trial period is over and end up being charged for the subscription and some services (while rare) also won't allow you to use the same card for a free trial more than once. An easy way to avoid this is creating virtual debit cards for each new trial. There are several services that facilitate the creation of virtual debit cards, but the best option for this use case is

    In order to create a virtual debit card with, click here to sign up for an account and verify your identity. Once your account has been approved, sign in, select New Card, give it a nickname, set the spend limit to $1, and set the payment type to either Total or Single-Use.

  3. Signing Up
    When you actually go to sign up for a free trial, simply use a new E-Mail address alias and create a new virtual debit card. Every time your trial period for a service expires, simply repeat these steps.


  1. While uncommon, this method may not work for some services.
  2. Some services may have policies which prohibit the use of E-Mail address aliases.
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