After I got my first facial I was addicted, I mean it was so hot and I loved everything. I loved the cum dripping down my face, drying on my face, the look of being a cumslut, and licking up cum to eat. I couldn't wait to get another facial and I was wanting him to do it again. So the very next day I was already sending him an email.

First I asked him if he always shoots big loads like that, and then if he would like to do it again would he contact me? He responded pretty quickly and I was happy about that too. He said if he waits a few days then yes he shoots big loads. Then he asked if I would be interested in coming back two weeks from now, he has that weekend off and would love to cover my face again. I agreed of course but was fully aware the next two weeks where going to be long.

It was the day of our meeting and I was super excited and nervous too. I told him I was ready and couldn't wait till tonight. He hit me back with he was too, have at least a 5 day load for you, and I want you to park three streets away. This had me hard instantly and when I read the three streets part I was even more excited. I love that I could be covered in cum and someone could see me as the cumslut I am. It also worried me since I could possibly run into someone I might know.

The time finally arrived and I was knocking at his door. He brought me to his living room and before I got on my knees he told me to get naked first. I complied of course and then got on my knees ready to service him for that facial. He pulled his pants down but this time he didn't bother stroking at first, he just inched closer and lightly started to fuck my face. I love having him grab my head and use me like that and he knew this from my cock getting hard. After a few minutes he pulled me off and made me stare at his cock, keeping it close but not letting me suck it.

He then turned around and told me to eat his ass as he pulled my face into his ass. I had never done this with another guy, but I had with women. I'm not a fan of hair, but my submissiveness takes over and I really enjoy doing as I'm told. I spend a few minutes eating his ass and feeling him try to shove my head deeper into his ass. Then he turns back around and feeds me his cock again. At this time I'm practically leaking cum from him using me and I know if I touch my cock I'll explode.

I'm sucking him for a few more minutes then he pulls out and starts stroking. I know what's coming soon but first he moves closer and I start licking his balls. I can tell he enjoys this and I give full effort on sucking all over his balls. Then I hear him tell me to get ready cumslut so I tilt my head back with my mouth open. Shot one is around my mouth and nose, second shot he aimed towards my forehead, third again on my nose and below my eyes, and four more all over my face. I thought last time was big, this was even bigger. My face is covered with thick cum all over it and in my mouth. I swallow everything that makes it to my mouth. His cum is thick, so it takes a few swallows to get it down.

Once he finished I thanked him for my facial and he told me to make sure I put my clothes on carefully to keep my facial. Then I was on my way back to my car. I had three streets to go and I could feel the cum dripping down my face. My cock was hard too so I was trying to hide that as well. I'm two streets down and close to the third when I see a guy approaching me. I keep walking and see him staring at me when I get close, as we pass I know he sees what's all over my face. He doesn't say anything but I know he knows.

Part of me wanted him to say something and embarrass me even more, or tell me he has more cum if I want it. Or at least just call me a name out loud for others to hear. This was the second facial and my addiction was stronger now than before. I needed more and couldn't wait for the next time!!

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