I've checked my phone an embarrassing number of times so far this morning. Each time I jab the keypad to illuminate my screen, my heart drops a little when I see no notification. "Laura, you have got to relax" I tell myself out loud. It's Wednesday, the day you're at college, the only chance we get to see one another, our day. The one opportunity we get to spend a glorious but brief time together, hidden away from the rest of the world. My favourite part of my week.

I've showered and am groomed to perfection, smooth everywhere, just for you. I thought of your tongue this morning as I slid my soapy hand between my legs, gliding over my silky smooth pussy. The very thought made me tingle, made my nipples stiffen and a warm sensation spread between my thighs.

My love eggs have been gently massaging my most intimate parts since I got dressed this morning. A naughty little secret that serves as a constant reminder of you and what's to come. Well what's to come if today comes off. God it better, I'm aching so badly for you.

As I pick up the ipad and lay down on the the bed, my phone double beeps. Instantly my stomach flips with excitement as I grab my phone. '1 New Message from Sean. We're on, see you in half an hour 😉'

As I jump off the bed to change, my hands shake a little. After 19 years of knowing you, you still have this effect on me, it's crazy. You were my teenage crush, the one who took my virginity in the drivers seat of your car whilst I sat astride you. It was the most beautiful warm summers evening at dusk. The warmth allowing me to wear a short denim skirt with no knickers. We had fooled around before then, you'd pick me up from my parents house and we'd drive the short distance out to the coast, to dusty discreet cliff top carparks. There I'd take your cock in my mouth, sucking and licking your length enthusiastically until you filled my throat with hot spurts of your delicious cum. My first ever cock and I have a feeling, one day we'll end up together and you'll be my last. Nobody else has ever made me feel the way you do, turned me on the way you do. I love it and hate it all at once. Love how giddy you make me feel, yet hate the weird power you've got over me. How my resolve slowly weakened and I let you back into my life. I vowed I'd never cheat on my husband, but with you it's somehow different. There's so much history between us, it's like it doesn't count. And so here I am again, can't get enough of you.

Reaching for the box on top of my wardrobe I've already decided what I'm wearing. A new peekaboo bra and crotchless knickers, giving you full access to every inch of me. Hold ups naturally.

I slide the knickers over my hips, inspecting my reflection as I do. It's so exposing and for a moment I wonder if it's too much but thinking of your reaction, I smile. I slip a black silky dressing gown on, the silk brushing against my nipples making me shiver.

Selecting a bottle of lube, a vibrator and my plug, I quickly sliding the box back on top of the wardrobe. I lay back on the bed, my hand resting over the slit in my knickers. Gently pulling the tail of my eggs, they slide from me easily, so wet from my excitement of seeing you. It's a relief, the constant stimulation becomes almost too much to bare after a while, I'm desperate to have you satisfy me properly.

Picking up my plug I pump a generous amount of lube onto it and spread my legs. Just a few short weeks ago I was so apprehensive at giving you my ass. Not that it was the first time, though you do have that accolade. But it had been the first time since we had reunited and while you were always big, somehow you seem so much thicker than before. If you were enough to take my breath away everytime you filled my pussy, how the fuck was I going to manage you taking my ass?

Turns out I was worrying about nothing. I can't deny those first few minutes weren't uncomfortable, painful even but you were so slow and gentle and my body soon relaxed to accommodate you. The sensation sent me wild, giving you all of me, your groans at how tight it felt and your gasp as I pushed back onto you, taking every inch of your perfect cock. It sent a thundering orgasm through my body which made you cum so hard inside me, I swear I felt every pulse, every drop of your hot load. It was so animalistic, so delicious, and well, since then it's been on my mind a lot.

I hold the plug just over my most intimate place and gently apply pressure, it slowly begins to slide into me. I can't help but enjoy the sensation and play with it for a moment, teasing myself before gently pushing it all the way into me. I know you love finding it in me, signalling that I want it. Allowing my ass to relax, ready to take you and god am I going to let you take me. I'm confident enough now to know I like it a little harder, like you owning me in the ultimate way.

I run my finger up over my wet slit to my clit, so sensitive I can barely touch it. I really hope you go down on me. I'll last seconds with your tongue flicking over my swollen clit. Fuck you're good at it, just thinking about the way your suck and nip at it when licking my pussy is almost enough to make me cum there and then.

Picking up the ipad I open my favourite porn site and tap to find something to pass the time. My tastes have got a little more specific since you came back into my life. I pick something with anal and squirting in the title and hit play. This is doing nothing for my desperation to cum but it's not long before I hear the door open and the keys jangle as you lock it behind you. I can barely breathe I'm so excited.


Putting the ipad down I creep down the hall to you, we get no words out as you see a glimpse of what's under my gown and push me hard against the wall. Kissing me your hands grab at my ass pulling me into you. You're hard already, I can feel your cock straining against your jeans. I need you right now and take your hand to lead you to the bedroom.

As we step into the bedroom you pull me close from behind, your lips roughly on my neck, hands squeezing my tits. I push my ass back against your cock moaning. Your hand drops to my hip, sliding closer to the lace of my knickers. Moving down over the front, feeling the material part under your fingers to reveal my silky smooth pussy, already so wet.

I inhale sharply, I've been longing for your touch and am desperate to have your fingers inside me. I part my legs allowing you easier access as your middle finger slides between my lips, expertly finding my clit. My whimper makes you bite at my neck harder. You push your cock against my ass as I try hard to stop myself cuming too fast. "Sean, not yet please!" I beg you as I get pushed hard forward onto the bed and roughly flipped over. Laying back you drop to your knees pushing my thighs apart. The crotchless knickers allowing you a full view of my glistening pussy, so ready for you.

We lock eyes and I know what's coming. My breathing is fast, heart pounding as you pull the lace apart further and begin to gently flick your tongue over me, circling my clit. It's driving me wild as I close my eyes and grip the bed sheets trying to control myself. I feel your finger teasing me, not quite inside me but so close. Trying so hard to push myself onto you, desperate to have your fingers inside me. Finally you give in and push a finger hard into me, I moan as you pump in and out, my pussy so wet. Quickly you add a second, I'm going to cum and you know it as you nip at my most sensitive parts. You hand reaching to pinch my exposed nipples. I have to bite my hand to stop a scream escaping. Then you feel it, my pussy gripping tight around your fingers as an orgasm starts to rip through me. I buck my hips against your touch as the surge keeps coming. You keep going, teasing every last bit from me as my body finally relaxes and I throw my arm over my face. My cheeks burning, you can make me cum so fast it's embarrassing. Now it's my turn.

Standing up you lean forward, your body pressed against mine and kiss me. Making me taste my pussy on your lips. I wrap my legs around you pulling you against me tighter and push myself up, "Lay down".

You unbuckle your belt and ease your jeans down, your boxers follow and your thick cock springs free. I smile licking my lips, your eyes fixed on me. Positioning myself between your legs I run my tongue up the length of you as you groan. Your cock twitching at my touch as I grip you and take you in my mouth. Eagerly licking and sucking your delicious cock, relishing the taste of you. My hand works up and down your shaft as my tongue swirls over your swollen head. Your eyes are closed as you bite your lip. Moving my hand I take you as deep in my throat as I can, so deep I gag at your size. My hand massages your balls, I'm ready for more.

Your eyes open as I stop and you move up the bed slightly, leaning back on the pillows. I climb onto you, your cock resting between my thighs, against my pussy. As you pull me forward to kiss me, I grind my wetness up and down the underside of your cock, it feels so good. Your hands on my ass cheeks encouraging me.

Lifting myself off you, my hand reaches to guide your cock, I need you inside me now. Staring deep into your eyes, the tip of your cock resting against my aching pussy I gently start to ease myself into you. I hope the sensation I get when I take your cock never goes, the deliciously burning sting at you being that bit too big for me. Feeling every fibre in me stretching for you, every nerve on fire desperate to be filled, properly, like nobody else has ever done.

Your hands are on my hips trying to push me down onto you faster and harder but I managed to resist you and take my time, teasing us both. Until nudging my knee away with your thigh makes me take your whole length in one. I scream out but it doesn't stop you as you thrust up into me. It feels so intense, you're ball deep inside me and we both need it so bad as we thrust together. You unhook my bra, my exposed nipples not enough for you, your hands squeeze at my tits, teeth biting against my flushed neck. My pussy is getting wetter with every thrust we make in unison. Your hand reaches around to feel the plug in my ass and as I close my eyes you slide it from me. As my eyes open and stare at you a naughty smirk falls over your face, I can feel your finger massaging my ass and very slowly you push one inside me. I can't take this anymore, my pussy desperately aching to cum down your cock and the tip of your finger teasing my ass is too much to take. "Look at me" you demand, that's all it takes. I start to cum and hard, pushing myself right down into you, my pussy squeezing around your girth so tightly, a gush of my juices escaping from deep inside me as I cry out. My breathing quickened and skin burning you don't let up as you continue to pound into me. "Stop!" I have to cry out, lifting myself off you slightly. You barely give me any time to compose myself before you order me to turn around, all fours.

I've got goosebumps as I wait on all fours for what's going to come next. I can hear the squirt of the lube bottle and then feel you. Rubbing the head of your cock up and down my wet slit. From ass to pussy and back, I have no idea where I'm going to feel you. You stop over my ass, gently pressing against me, I'm barely breathing. Slowly you push into me, I can hear the pounding of my own heartbeat in my ears.

I know it'll only feel this way for a moment but you're so big and it takes my body time to relax around you. Your hand reaches around to gently massage my pussy and as the feelings of pleasure take over I start to push back onto you, letting you know I'm ready. I love hearing your groans, telling me how tight it feels, letting you own me. It doesn't take long before your thrusts become harder, your hands move to my shoulders, pulling me onto your cock harder and deeper. Making my waist drop and my ass move towards you even more. With no warning you pull fully from me and thrust back into my pussy, I whimper at the sudden change of sensation. I barely have time to adjust before your cock pulls from me sharply and you plunge into my ass. I scream out but it only seems to drive you on more and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in ecstasy right now. Every nerve in my body is on end, your full balls slap against me. I reach for my vibrator, my big one that feels most similar to you. 'Do it' you urge. No lube required as I push it into my soaking pussy, "Fuck" I gasp, I've never felt so full in my life and I know you can feel it too. The way you're fucking me has become more animalistic, your breathing is hard and fast. You usually take my lead when you're in my ass but you've become lost in your own pleasure.

I fuck myself hard with my toy, tears fill my eyes I'm so overcome. "Please cum, I can't take it" I beg you, but like a flag to a bull it makes you reach around and take my toy in your own hand. You fuck my pussy and ass in unison and tell me not to cum. "Please?!" I beg you, as tears fall down my burning cheeks. "Don't" you growl at me. But I can't stop and as you plunge into me again I cry out "Sorry!" and my body starts to convulse around you. You can feel my orgasm in my ass and along with me you start to cum, if even possible your cock seems to pulse thicker inside me, filling me with your hot sticky load. Our orgasms not allowing the others any reprieve as they last and last.

Finally our bodies relax, each of us occasionally shuddering as the ghost of our pleasure still throbs through us.

You pull me up to kiss me, your cock still in my ass, wiping the tears from my cheek you murmur, "Good girl"

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