liquid collarbone, disappearing arms, short arm, (((missing arms))), (mutated legs and feet:1.5), more than 2 legs, extra arms,(poorly drawn hands), fused fingers, (mutated hands and fingers:1.5), malformed hands, bad hands, fused hand, missing hand, missing fingers, fused fingers, one hand with more than 5 fingers, one hand with less than 5 fingers, one hand with more than 5 digit, one hand with less than 5 digit, small boobs, extra digit, fewer digits, fused digit, missing digit, bad digit, liquid digit, bad gloves, poorly drawn gloves, fused gloves, poorly drawn hands, more than 1 left hand, more than 1 right hand, huge haunch, huge calf, makeup, fake, studio lighting, high contrast, harsh lights,blurry,bad feet,cropped,poorly drawn hands,poorly drawn face,mutation,deformed,worst quality,low quality,normal quality,jpeg artifacts,signature,watermark,extra fingers,fewer digits,extra limbs,extra arms,extra legs,malformed limbs,fused fingers,too many fingers,long neck,cross-eyed,mutated hands,polar lowres,bad body,bad proportions,gross proportions,text,error,missing fingers,missing arms,missing legs,extra digit,out of frame, (bad fingers:1.2), (bad hands:1.2), (bad limbs:1.1), (bad proportions:1.2), (bad quality:1.1), (poorly drawn face:1.3), ugly face, (poorly drawn:1.2), asymetrical body, (bad anatomy:1.3), (flesh merge:1.2), (fleshpile:1.2), tiling, (generic:1.1), glitchy, (gross proportions:1.2), (malformed:1.2), extra arms, extra fingers, extra hands, extra legs, extra limbs, extra body parts, extra breasts, mangled fingers, (masculine:1.3), (bad body structure:1.2), badly drawn hands, (badly drawn:1.2), (amateur art:1.2), missing arms, missing breasts, missing extremities, missing hands, missing limbs, missing lips, mutated hands, (mutation:1.2), poorly drawn hands, asian, abstract, (anime:1.2), (blurry:1.1), cloned face, (deformed:1.2), (disfigured:1.2), double torso, fat, long body, penis, skinny, testicles, , ugly, cropped, jpeg artifacts, signature

Pub: 13 Dec 2022 15:30 UTC
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