27: Thursday, July 16, 0930 hours CST: Berte

Zach finished his first hour of duty. He'd done it early so that he could meet with Berte when she got off graveyard duty at 10 AM. He had checked the medical stocks Ayana had done overnight in Medical Bays A and B. That had only taken a few minutes; they were perfect. He continued the work Ayana started last night sampling and testing the entire ship for contaminants. These tests were thorough tests for chemicals, radiation, and harmful organisms. The air recycling and the waste and water recycling plants had many continuous tests and checks built into them. These initial tests and subsequent monthly tests were much more thorough and detailed.

As Zach worked, he realized it was past time for him to set up regular times. He should call the women who were awake at the moment. Colby was handled, because apparently they were spending every night together, at least for the time being. He would see Colleen at 1 AM and talk to her then. Anming was going to call him later. So his watch, the day watch, was handled.

The night watch was asleep at the moment. That left the graveyard watch. He would talk to Berte and set up their next assignation when they saw each other at 10 AM.

There was Colette. He hadn't given her any attention since the launch. He should remedy that. It was a matter of him going and bothering her. She wanted to be completely submissive. That was the game. She was available to him whenever she was off duty, which was any time between 10 AM and 2 AM. She was even available during her sleep period, because she had her own room, so no roommate to bother. He resolved to bother her a lot, wake her up, use the hell out of her for a while. It was his best guess at what she wanted from him. He resolved to find her and bother her as soon as he was done with Berte.

There was Michaela and Aanya. Zach should see what Aanya had to say apart from her bad influence. He called Aanya.

"What is it?" Aanya snapped.

"You're busy. I should call back," said Zach.

"No, I'm sorry. Bad habit. I never want to say no to you again."

"That's also pretty extreme, but I appreciate it. Wherever you end up, I'll be there with you."

"You're so kind, Zach." She started crying. Jeezy peezies. He should have visited her in person.

"Can I come give you a hug?"

"No, I have to work."

"I'll call you after your watch ends," Zach said apologetically. Aanya hung up. Okay, conversation done.

Last but not least was Michaela. She answered and said, "My room, 10 AM."

"I'm busy at 10 AM. I can meet you at noon today. If you like, we can meet at 10 AM and 6 PM every day from now on."

"Agreed and agreed. So 1200 today, my room."

"I'll be there. Bye."


He decided to work another half hour. He would need the work hours what with all the movies and sex in his immediate future. Soon it was 5 minutes to 10 AM, and he called Berte.

"Hello," said Berte.

"Can I walk you to your room?"


"Where are you?" asked Zach.

"In the core," Berte said, "Fusion Bottle A."

Zach was in Hydroponics Bay B1, so he walked antispinward past Aanya's and Michaela's quarters and through Galley B. He passed the B1 Head, and proceeded into Control Room B, which was empty, and into Radial Arm Bay B1. He cycled the hatches and climbed up to the central cylinder, the core. He pulled himself weightless fore through an access tube and cycled a hatch to enter Fusion Bottle Bay A. Berte was there waiting for him. Her tits floated braless in the zero g. He could get used to this. "I'm done," she said.

"Do you need a shower?"

"I want a shower. Will you scrub me?" Berte was giving him a lusty eye job as she said this.


"Will you fuck me?" More eye job. Big smile.

"In the shower?"


"I will try, okay? The showers are small."

Berte floated over, grabbed Zach's hand, and dragged him along behind her. She was far more agile in zero-g than he was. He guessed that working in the core a lot would help with that. She dragged him to the Radial Arm A1 ladder, and they climbed down it. From there they passed through the antispinward bay pressure door through Exercise B to Head B2 and went in.

They got naked. Berte needed to pee. Zach asked if she would open her legs so he could watch. She didn't think she could. She had never peed in front of anyone. She was able to do it by starting with her legs closed and then opening her legs. Her stream was a clear torrent. This was another woman who hydrated well.

They climbed into the shower, but it was too small for sex. Berte had her own nice scrub brush. They scrubbed each other, and it was wonderful, sensual. She wrapped a towel around herself and Zach dressed in his scrubs and carried her dirty clothes. They went to her quarters just across Recreation Area B.

Once in Berte's quarters with the hatch closed, she threw off her towel. She grabbed her massage oil and lubed her delicious knockers. They were high and firm in the Martian gravity, the nipples hard. She threw Zach onto the bed and stroked his rapidly hardening dick between her generous knockers. "Men enjoy this," she said simply. "My breasts love you. They've waited. Now they want to feel you cum." With that, they were quiet. She worked her breasts expertly on his gloriously stimulated cock. His breath quickened as he thrilled to the slick pressure. His cock head poked out just at the end of her stroke to point at her beautiful face. Her blue-eyed stare, focused down at her work, occasionally flicked to him. She maintained a continuous impish grin.

Slide, slide, slide. Zach was getting too close to stay put on the bed. His hips arched up and lifted Berte, since the gravity was less. He held the arch, he had to. His hips flexed in a shaking thrust at her mouth. "UHRRR!" he roared, and she coaxed shot after shot out of him gleefully. She aimed him under her chin. The cum struck repeatedly there. It ran in thick globs and wet streams onto and between her mashed breasts. "I like seeing you excited," she said. "I'm wet now."

Zach got a towel and lovingly wiped the cum off Berte's boobs and neck. He gave each nipple a kiss. He gave her mouth a kiss that turned into a long tongue kiss. He set her down on the bed and got his face between her legs. He got a whiff of her scent clean from the shower, smelling of pure excitement. She had other plans. "Fuck me," she said. Without delay, he lubed up his semi-erect cock and pushed it into her. She grabbed him and held him to her, her face smashed into his chest. He laid fully on her in the light Martian gravity. He grabbed her ass tightly with both hands, one finger teasing her anus. He thrust into her lively tightness with increasing abandon.

Zach got up into a crouch and slid his penis out. He slid it slickly up and down Berte's vulva and clitoris for a while. He was getting nice and hard now. His excitement was because he was able to see her beautiful face. It was the face he loved of a person he deeply loved. Her blue eyes stared off at a corner. She displayed her twist of a smile to let him know she was there and he was pleasing her. Still in a crouch, he thrust his cock into her vagina. Her eyes fluttered shut and her teeth bared as she felt his whole length and girth in her. He ran his cock in long strokes, thoroughly exploring and probing her lively quim. He watched her progressively excited face. Her beautiful tits gently rocked.

Zach lay down on Berte. He now needed to grab her ass with both hands to position her for his thrusts. In the light gravity, his body weight no longer pinned her hard to the bed. She was excited and started to squirm her hips and legs reflexively. He might be bucked out if he didn't pin her to him with his strength. "AAA! HUH!" she cried as she climaxed. He continued to pound her.

Since Berte had finished Zach off once with her glorious tits, he had some staying power. He had time to enjoy her tight, twisty, lively, quim that coaxed him and teased him so effectively towards orgasm. Her womb suckled his cock and pleaded for his boiling cum. He had spoken too soon. Her quivering tight cunny was suddenly about to get its prize. "RAAAAHH!!" he yelled in orgasm. She was right there with him, "HUH-HUH-uh!" They stilled, and he felt his hot ejaculate fill her so satisfyingly. He felt a big stretch reaching from his forehead to his toes. It poured out of the center of his being into hers. Ejaculating into her was becoming a spiritual experience for him. He loved her more and more every time he saw her. He held her close underneath him as he pushed in his final squirt. Mmm.

"Can I nurse on your breasts?" asked Zach.

"Yes, it feels good," answered Berte. Zach slid out of her, lay to one side, and put a towel to catch the flow. He scooted down so he was level with her big beautiful D's and latched onto the one on the right. He sucked in her beautiful pink nipple along with a mouthful of surrounding breast. She cradled his head. "I'll have to ask Alexis what I should do while you're nursing. I bet there's things." He gave her a thumbs up and kept nursing while she texted. Berte played with his hair. She sang softly to him. She sang Disney lullabies in German. He recognized the tunes. She sang other songs in German from other movies where the woman sang a lullaby. Her voice was good, but sounded completely unused. He was reminded that she remembered every song she'd ever heard. They switched over to the other breast and the lullabies continued.

After a couple of lullabies per teat, Zach unlatched and asked, "May I kiss and lick your vulva?"

"Yes, now it will be good," answered Berte. Zach slid down further and licked in long strokes between her inner lips. She tasted of his cum, which made him happy. She texted him. He always kept his phone handy when he was with her. She texted, "I needed you to fuck me earlier. Was I too demanding?"

It was hard for Zach to text and eat pussy simultaneously. He didn't want to stop licking Berte's pussy. He texted, "No."

This time, Zach tried different kinds of licks and sucks. He tried teasing Berte, kissing and biting her thighs, getting closer and closer to her clitoris. She didn't dislike any of it. Her hips clicked into gear and humped his mouth when he returned to those horizontal licks. He started with the bottom of his tongue on her clitoral hood, nice and stretched by his fingers. He ended up right on her clit with the back and then the front of his tongue. He didn't even get through it, and she was holding his head to her hard and yowling in climax, "HUH! AWWWW!" Back and forth quickly. Up and down slowly. Another orgasm, "HUH! UGH!" and a whimper. It drove her nuts. He stayed with the bottom of his tongue flicking horizontally across her stretched hood for a while. She stopped humping and kept her hips tense at the top of her upswing. He went right down to licking her clit horizontally. She came with a shriek, kicked out her legs, and shook all over. She was levitating off the bed in the low gravity. "I need your fucks!" she growled.

Zach put Berte on her side, straddling one leg and holding the other. She was juicy wet, but twisted up from the cunnilingus, so he opened her gently as she moaned. He grabbed one haunch and rammed into her. He liked this position for two reasons. 1) It had some of the leverage of doing it from behind. 2) He was still able to see her beautiful face twisted in passion and pleasure. She was such an earthy, open, passionate woman. It was hard to believe she'd lost her virginity only eight days ago. She climaxed hard on his cock, "OH-HAH-UGH!"

Zach and Berte had been going at it pretty hard. Even so, he was still not going to last past the ten minute mark. She was so incredibly beautiful. Her face stared into the distance. Her bouncing pink tipped breasts wobbled and flushed with excitement. She sheathed him so well. He felt so deep inside her with every stroke. His cum was itching to spray all those deep places inside her. He sensed she was straining and reaching for a climax. She spilled over into orgasm with a moan. He plowed in his final thrust and gripped her haunch tightly "RRRRR!!" Ultimate pleasure overcame him. The glorious and deeply satisfying feeling of squirting all his love into her overwhelmed him.

As they rested, Berte asked him by text message for another assignation in her morning before her shift. Zach told her that he had barely slept last night and needed a good sleep. He didn't tell her he had already agreed to see Colleen at 1 AM.

He loved Berte. He loved making love to her. But he was killing himself with all these assignations. He had to start saying no sometime. These women now had the pressures of pre-launch behind them. It appeared to be honeymoon time for all of them. Unless he put some kind of limit on their requests, he wouldn't get any work or sleep done. That wasn't sustainable. He had to throttle back. He didn't tell Berte this. He counteroffered noon tomorrow after her shift. She understood he needed to sleep.

Zach put on his scrubs, kissed Berte a fond goodbye, and left her quarters.

(To be continued)

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