Fire safety is an essential aspect in the world, and i feel that protecting your house from fires is vital to the safety of your structures. This mod is meant for use with digilines.



Fire exit arrows. Do nothing with digilines. <!--, and you can choose, either a drop down or textbox how many metres, yards, or feet there are until the exit. The units will be selected from a drop down-->. Glows in the dark.

Fire Alarms

These both detect fire, and will beep if they recive a digiline signal “fire”. You can choosethe detection radius, in a textbox. They are connected by digilines. If they detect fire, then they send a digiline signal, on the desired channel. This will cause all other fire alarms, connected and on the same channel to ring. They will also flash a red light (once every second)
there is also a test signal, which will make them flash green and ring. This is a test of the alarms.

Fire boxes

These boxes are similar to the ones in the uk. Punching will make them send the fire signal. This will also change the box to their “broken” state. In this state, they have broken and you must replace them.


These red extingusishers will spray fire retardant foam or water (this only emits a source block), all around them. On a right click, you get a panel, with a inventory slot that accepts either water or fire retardant foam, and a digilines channel query.
Upon reciving the message “fire”, they will spray the foam, all of it around them.


This is a panel, which once right clicked will offer you a few buttons. You get the “test” button, a “fire” button, and a channel chooser.

Heat Detector

These are like fire alarms, but do not emit any sound. They are small boxes, which will send a digiline message in case of emergency. They will detect any form of extreme heat, like lava or torches.


When signal test or fire is recived, lights up. For lighting up hallways if electrics fail.

Digiline messages

To ensure compatibility with digilines, this mod uses digilines to send messages to components. You can rig up your additions to the system.


Intended as a signal to test all components.


This signal says there is a fire in the vicinity, and all equipment must be prepared to extinguish it.


Flash primary warning


Flash secondary warning

Fire alarm sound:
slightly sped up, under cc4

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