"How come you didn't ask for help?" she asked. I'm pretty sure her eyes were locked in on my crotch.

I had forgotten about what she said previously. "Well, uh," I stuttered.

She giggled. "Don't worry. Your wife told me what you told her and she told me that, how did she put it, you fucked her brains her out that night."

If I had been drinking a beverage I would have spit it out. She said what???

"So I know the problem isn't with you. If your balls are that big naturally I know you have plenty in there."

I continued to say nothing as she put down the items she was holding.

"You should know that this service isn't normally offered, but I'm going to take good real care of you. Besides, I've been thinking it might be fun to play with that nice cock of yours since your exam."

I was trying to process what I just heard as Dr. Stevens removed her lab coat, and then, much to my shock, lifted her blouse over her head and tossed it on the futon. She was now clad in a sexy black bra that her breasts looked dying to pop out of. I guessed she was a B or maybe even a C. It definitely felt uncomfortable in my jeans.

I think my mouth was hanging open a little as she walked toward me. I remained speechless as she silently undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and slowly did the zipper down. I noticed as she did so that was rock hard. She grabbed my jeans and boxers together and pulled them down in one fell swoop. She then stepped back to take in a view and said "even better than I remembered."

I remained flabbergasted, though I wasn't worried about pressure to perform at the moment that was for sure.

"I'll take care of getting your sample from you. What position would you prefer? Would you rather sit on the recliner or lie down on the futon? I can get your sample from either."

"Oh, um," I was still trying to catch up. If I was getting what I thought I was about to get, I always liked it when Andrea got me off while I was on my back. I chose the futon.

Dr. Stevens grabbed the lube and I remembered it being a problem the last time. "I didn't care for that lube," I blurted out as I laid down on my back, my rock hard dick pointing toward my stomach.

"Oh believe me most everyone hates it," she replied as she walked up to stand next to me. "Our CEO insists on it. I think he has stock in that company or something. I believe this one I have today is a much better option, but it's better if they don't know we're using it."

She hit a switch on the futon and I felt the height raise, bringing me closer to her hands as she was standing up. I didn't know there were futons that could move up and down like that. She then put some lube on her finger and gently rubbed it along my penis. My body shifted as she got my sweet spot on the underside. I could already tell this would go much better. It felt much like the lube Andrea and I use sometimes.

Dr. Stevens took the lube back to the counter and set it down. Facing away from me, she then nonchalantly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. If possible I think I got even harder as I watched her slide the straps down her shoulders and then pull it away, letting it fall on the floor. I stared right at her boobs as she walked back toward me with the cup to collect the sample. Nothing against the videos or magazines, but nothing can pass for the real thing. I briefly looked up at her face to see her smiling wide.

"It's ok, keep staring," she said to me. "I wouldn't have taken it off if I didn't want you to, and I thought you could use a view to enjoy. After all we need you nice and hard to get your sample."

My eyes went back to her chest as I felt her hand wrap around my penis and start rubbing gently. I was honestly unsure whether I wanted to keep staring at her boobs, which I could tell were Cs easily now that the were in the open, with nipples as big as my wife's, or whether I wanted to look at the doctor's hand slowly tracing her finger along my shaft working her way up toward the head of my cock. It was all wonderful.

"I really like the head of your penis," she told me. "I really prefer this mushroom look." I moaned an incoherent reply.

I ended up closing my eyes for most of it. Dr. Stevens was gentle as she touched me, focusing much of her attention on the underside of my shaft. I occasionally opened my eyes to take in her boobs or watch her hand, but her touch felt so good I found myself wanting to close my eyes to enjoy that sensation.

I felt myself get close as she increased her stroke. Any thoughts of failure to perform were long gone. I simultaneously didn't want it to end and wanted to feel myself explode to her touch.

"How much do you have in those big balls for me?" I heard the doctor say. I opened my eyes briefly to see she was holding the cup positioned at an angle in front of my cock while now stroking hard with the other hand.

I felt pure ecstasy as I exploded. I felt like I was cumming more than I had in a long time. Dr. Stevens kept stroking until I had nothing left. When I opened my eyes she was pulling her finger out of her mouth, as if she was licking off a 'sample' herself.

"Well well, you certainly didn't have any trouble filling the cup this time," she said as she made eye contact with me. I looked at the cup and while I didn't know how much they needed, I knew it looked like more than enough.

I was quite relaxed as I laid there while Dr. Stevens busied herself sealing the cup and getting dressed. It seemed like she was moving in slow motion. "I've got to get to my other patients. I'll call with your results, which I'm sure will be spectacular. Don't take too long to leave, it won't be terribly long before we need the room for another patient."

Just like that she was gone, and I took a few more minutes to process what had just happened. 'No one would believe this if I told them' I thought to myself. I found myself whistling as I finally got up, pulled my pants up, and made to exit the building. As I got to the car I realized I had a text from my wife.

"How did it go? Did you have fun? :-)"

I was taken a little by surprise at Andrea's tenor and exact question

"It went much better," I replied. "I'm confident we'll get better news.," I replied. I wasn't sure how mad she'd be if I told her exactly what took place.

As I started the car I was surprised to put it mildly when Andrea replied, "so how was the Doctor's touch compared to mine?"

'Damn how much does she know?' I thought to myself. Before I could reply I got my phone rang. Andrea was now calling me.

"Hey hon," I answered nervously.

"It seemed easier to call than text back and forth," Andrea replied. "So, really, how did it go? How was her touch? I'm dying to know."

I still wasn't sure how to answer. I stared into space amid silence for several seconds.

"Well?" Andrea asked a little more sternly.

My heart was pounding. "Uhhh."

Then seemingly out of nowhere Andrea started laughing. "Relax I know about the whole thing. It was actually my idea."

Now I was hesitant to talk for a different reason. "Come again?" I mustered.

"Well she opened the door," Andrea replied. "When she called to reschedule the appointment she mentioned the log we've been doing and commented she thought something must have been off in the office. I emphasized how I too thought it was unusual. We compared notes."

I sat and listened with the car running after I had started it. The clinic parking lot was packed and I was not aware of another car patiently waiting for my parking space with the blinker on.

"It was when she told me she thought your balls were the biggest she'd seen," Andrea continued. "We talked about your results from the ultrasound and I told her that you've given me some great shows. She then said something along the lines of she'd be happy to help. I could tell she was jealous and I thought what the hell? I'm the one who gets you all the time. Honestly I didn't tell you ahead of time because I thought this way would be more fun and you would be more relaxed about it that way."

"Well it's definitely something I'll never forget," I finally said. "I was definitely relaxed and it did make it enjoyable. I don't know what to say. You're amazing."

"Well if you want to thank me you can start by letting me ride that cock to my heart's content tonight," Andrea told me in a flirty tone.

The driver waiting for my parking space was now honking and there was a line of cars behind them. I'm sure the honk was loud enough for Andrea to hear it on the other end.

"We'll continue this when you get home," Andrea said. "I love you."

"I love you too," I replied. I gave the waiting driver a half-hearted wave as I pulled out and headed home in a good mood.

It so happened Andrea was on the phone with the clinic when I got home. She smiled and waved me over.

"Rick just got home. I'll put on speaker," Andrea said into the phone.

"Hi Rick," I recognized the voice of Dr. Stevens. "Well you're sure a stallion aren't you?" I looked over at Andrea who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Your sperm count is 73 million," Dr. Stevens continued. "I think it's safe to say you have nothing to worry about."

"And she told me she found a paperwork irregularity when looking over my blood work results, Andrea added. "Everyone else at the clinic missed it. It turns out my thyroid level is low. We're going to try upping that."

"Thyroid levels can have a real impact on trying to conceive," Dr. Stevens said through the speaker. "Give the medication a week and the levels should be back to normal."

According to Andrea's app from the clinic she was due to ovulate in a week. We arranged for Andrea's mom to take Jessica for a few days and took a short getaway to a small mountain town a couple hours away. We didn't leave our cabin the entire time we were there. We ordered in from several of the great local restaurants and spent a lot of intimate time cuddling watching movies, relaxing, and of course fucking a lot.

When I say a lot, I mean three times a day for the duration of our stay. While normally I would have expected my stamina to die down as the time went along, it seemed to increase each time we went at it. The night before we left, it seemed Andrea had orgasmed like she hadn't before, or at least hadn't in a long time. My explosions inside her felt more intense each time. It was a wonderful few days.

About 10 days later Andrea emerged from the bathroom staring at a pregnancy test. I went to look over her shoulder and saw a positive. After our previous experience we were hesitant to get too excited.

Each appointment was a bundle of nerves for us, starting with the eight week, working through the big 20 week ultrasound, all the way to the very end. Each appointment gave us good news: the baby was healthy and everything looked great.

At about the 38-week mark of Andrea's pregnancy, her water broke. Four hours and a smooth delivery later, Andrea was holding our second child in her arms, a beautiful girl we named Zoe.

Dr. Stevens came to see us in the hospital and meet the baby. She and my wife chatted it up like they were old friends. She said she was thrilled everything worked out.

I'll forever be grateful for her help in allowing us to complete our family. The fact the experience was the most fun I've ever had by far in a doctor's office sure doesn't hurt my memory of the process.

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