**Disclaimer: Hey guys, this is my first ever story. I like to try to keep it simple and to the point. Story has piss, scat humiliation talk.

A man is about to be used by his girlfriend.**


Lee - The Boyfriend. Age 28 black male. 6'2 210

Tracy- The Girlfriend. Age 28 black female. 5'6 145. Phat ass and little breast.

Sho - Girlfriend's best friend. Age 32 Spanish and black. 5'9 phat ass and big breast.

Monday 8:00am (The girlfriends)

The office is quiet, employees walking around, you can hear random conversations, papers moving around and keyboards typing. But quiet in the office of the two friends.

"I farted in his mouth this morning" Tracy breaking the silence.

'.....' from Sho, who kept her head down with a low giggle to herself.

"Did you hear what I said Sho?" spoke Tracy, a little annoyed her friend didn't respond.

"First of all, eww throw him all away" Sho laughed "but for real was it on purpose, did he ask you to do it?"

Now with Sho seeming interested Tracy started to feel more comfortable.

"No he didn't ask for me to fart in his mouth" Tracy shaking her head.

"Wait so you just decided to put your azz in his face and fart in his mouth? Damn girl you nasty. How he take it? He probably loved it. He look simple enough." Sho falling over laughing at the words coming out of mouth.

"Chill Sho, damn." Tracy trying to calm Sho down so not to attract attention from the people walking in and out of their office. Their little corner of the world.

"It happen by accident" Tracy started up again, "He woke me up by kissing my ass cheeks." Tracy continue to explain but was cut off by Tim walking in and trying to speak to Sho.

"Hey Tray. Hi Sho." Tim making sure he says hi to both, thinking they have no clue he just wanted to talk to Sho. Each girl ignores Tim. Tim walks out with his head down looking defeated.

(LAUGHING) Both girls.

Sho coming down from laughing "I would fart in Tim's mouth to shut him up." Both girls continue laughing.

"Maybe you should fill his mouth up, with some of your ass treats" Tracy laughs as she sits back in her seat holding her stomach.

Sho annoyed at the thought of Tim anywhere near her ass. Sho interrupted Tracy's laugh "So he's eating your ass and you decide to fart in his mouth?" Sho waiting to hear the story, arms cross under her big ass breast.

"No!!" Tracy jumping in quick.

"Then what, bitch" annoyed Sho insisted "what the hell happened?"

"Ok, so yes, he gets to eating my ass ok?" Tracy giggling as she starts to tell the story.

"Then you fart?" Sho starting to get excited.

"Just listen hoe, so he's eating my ass and I feel my stomach buddle and I tell him to stop but he won't he don't listen." Cute lil laugh and smile as Tracy thinks about how Lee seems to love everything about her, stopping the story.

"Hello hoe, keep going" Sho insisted getting more annoyed. Sho never liked how Tracy told stories about Lee. She always thought Lee was boring and just didn't measure up to being with Tracy. Or possibly the fact that Lee was best friends with Sho's ex.

Or the fact that Tracy was genuinely happy with Lee.

No one really knows. Maybe she wants to fuck him.

Snapping Tracy back to reality..."Right, right, right. So, I tell him to move but he doesn't, you know he never listens."

Tracy nods in agreement "Don't know why you with him anyway."

Tracy mean stare at Sho and continued "Anyway bitch, so I start to move to get his head out my ass. But it's like he locked his lips to my asshole and his tongue stuck up my ass."

''Like a punk ass baby to a bottle'' Sho quickly slip in

Another mean start from Tracy but Tracy didn't miss a beat with the story, ''So, I bend over to push his face out and I feel the buddle in my stomach start to make noise and make its move to my hole and at the same time he moves his tongue out of my ass and wraps his arms around my stomach and waist and GIRL I just couldn't hold it and..." Tracy stops telling the story feeling just a little embarrassed turns in her office chair and faces the wall.

"God Damn Girl, don't stop now." Sho now fully engaged, turning Tracy back around in her chair and standing above her looking down at her with her breast swinging back and forth in her shirt. "And what?'

Tracy kind of in disbelief at her friend actually wanting to hear a story that wasn't me breaking up with Lee, look at Sho and whisper "And I farted, full force"

Sho back up out of Tracy face and sat back down in her office chair, looked around and said "what was that couldn't hear your black ass. One more time and say it with your chest." Sho laugh at herself for a second and then look dead eye towards Tracy.

Tracy could see there was no backing out now. Once Sho gives you the look, there's nothing you can do. Tracy learned this years ago. Tracy and Sho are best friends.

"I farted" Tracy started back up with more volume, "I farted, full force and there was nothing I could, so grabbed a handful of hair and hung on for dear life." Tracy now embarrass but couldn't stop laughing at the thought of her weird ass ride.

Sho starts to laugh along with Tracy, and comments "So just like that, right in his mouth? How he react?" Sho getting excited.

Tracy still laughing, feeling a little less embarrass, "That nasty bitch took it and I think he shallow because he never moved and I could feel his lips and tongue on my ass so I had to fall off the bed and ran to the bathroom to finish."

(Laughing Sho) "So why didn't you just finish in his mouth, I would. The moment I knew he was...." Sho big eye now starts to drift off thinking how good it must feel and if she could pull this off one day.

Tracy face turned red as a cherry. Anyone could see even with her darken skin.

"That's toooo nasty, Sho. I could never shit in his mouth, you just a nasty bitch."

"Shit? I was talking about farting. And I was joking you nasty lil bitch" Sho almost on the floor crying. "Ah, Fuck it, I'll shit in his mouth for ya. Hate that fucker anyway." Sho said with a slick smile.

"Whatever. I'm just worried he would like it and would want more." Tracy said looking glum.

"Well shit, 1st off now it feel? I always wanted a human toilet." Sho now thinking of all the times she wanted to piss in someone's mouth as she rode their face and tell them how they made her squirt.

"Nasty ass bitch, fine, I'll answer you honestly this one time." Tracy excited to be able to share this story. Sho nodding in agreement to being a nasty ass bitch.

"Yes the fuck it did feel good farting in his mouth. Having his lips sealed around my asshole while he tongue fucked me. But girl I could never use someone as a toilet that's so nasty. Especially Lee, how could I never kiss him again." explained Tracy.

"Then don't kiss. Piss, fart, shit all down his throat and then leave him or keep using him. You make the rules now. He's your bottom feeder." Laughed Sho, "matter of fact..."

Just then a supervisor walks in and the two women start to act like they are working.

Monday 5:30pm (Boyfriend) Lee's POV (Point of View)

My girlfriend farted in my mouth this morning before work and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Not sure how my girl feels about it.

I needed to tell someone, thank you for reading.

So, its Monday 6:00am, the sun hasn't come up yet and the TV was still on, which was the only light in the room. The windows were cover with a dark lacy cloth. It's like night time always in here.

I start to open my eyes, ''Damn, I'm up first. I hate that TV on'' I think to myself.

As I look over and see my fine ass girlfriend (when she has her make up on), sleeping peacefully in bed on her stomach wearing nothing but a t-shirt and her phat ASS hanging out. You know with the leg up like a tiger knee. (shout out to my video game heads). So it's like her ass cheeks are inviting my tongue into her ass.

I smile and start to think to myself. ''For only myself will understand my enjoyment of my sexual fetishes.'' I laugh at the thought of anyone finding out.

''I'm too scared to even share my fetishes with my girl.''

You see I am an ASS guy. Breast are cool and everything but it's something about ASS. NOW, I do get my playtime in with her twins. They are perfect, just enough, right in your hand. But grabbing a handful of ASS, that feel, that warmth of your hand melting into her heavenly ASS cheek, making your way into the crack of her ASS, maybe to feel something wet, something dirty coming out of her holes. It's the Best feeling.

''And lucky me, she's not wearing pants.'' a side smile creeps as I continue to think out my next moves in my head to get into her ass.

''Shit I want to take a pic, god only if she knew how much I want to show her off. And she is a dress to kill, hood rich chick type.'' I bite my bottom lip starting to get caught up in my thoughts

''Tight shirts and those tight jeans for your Phat ASS, I love watching you put on and me to take off,'' O I can't stop thinking as I move closer to her

''Look at her nice little gut not to big not to small, cutest little arms and thick short legs, manicure fingers and toes, best smile.'' I start to get lost in thought on my feelings about her.

Then she moves her head and I can see her face, and I think, ''Even without her make-up, she is just perfect, I would do anything for her.''

But the room's dark and the TV light doesn't do her body any justice. And I don't want to wake her with the flash. I rather do it with my tongue.

So I slowly make my way down the bed over her right leg, in-between her legs, I take a big whiff. I love her smell, I can feel the heat, I need a taste, and I'll start from the back then to the front. It doesn't matter what time of day or what she's been doing. I can't get enough of Tracy.

O I'm Lee and my girlfriend is Tracy. Thank God for her. I do wish she was a little more freaky and aggressive with her words. You know dirty mistress talk.

See, along with my love for ASS, I have a mouth fetish. I like my mouth on things mainly Tracy, but with the right the words.

But in fact, I would love for Tracy to just use me in the nastiest way, you know. Tell me to take it, to swallow it, to eat it. To have something of hers no one has ever had.

Anyway back to the story.

I begin to kiss her where her ass starts to make the P and oh it is soft, my hands slowly melt into each cheek as I make my way through her ass crack, licking and sniffing my way to her hole. Yes I love this feeling.

And then she moans.

"Ahhh" as but a whisper

''O she's up'' I think

I make my way to her hole quickly before she has time to stop me.

She loves to fight 1st to fuck later. I want to fuck 1st and fuck later.

"Why we need to fight?" I always think

She grabs my hair, my tongue darts in, she moans but no words,

She's enjoying this.

I slow my attack and start making love to her ass nice and slow while catching waves of ass fat on my face.

She slaps her ass,

''Fake freak'' I think.

''Give me more'' I think and I slap her azz harder, she screams out "daddy yes".

''Better bitch'' I mumbled, didn't want to stop eating her ass.

Then I hear her stomach bubble, I smiled.

She tried to move away so I grip her harder.

''Give me everything'' I thought

''Don't hold back I can take it all, as long as it's you''

"Lee hold up, you have to let go" giggle Tracy.

Her hand was trying to pull my head away. Like I said she loves to fight. So I grab her hand and made her push me harder into her azz. Her hand got tighter on my hair and then I heard her bubble again. As she bent over, I wrap my arms around her stomach, pushed my tongue farther in, this is the type of fight I would rather have. My tongue versus your ass gas, grand battle, who will win.

And she blasted a mean ass fart right in my mouth.

I heard a loud "FUCK YOU, AHHHH," as she held my head so hard in her ass while farting down my fucking throat, I damn near came on the fucking mattress hands free.

My dick was hard ass shit.

''Yes use me Tracy'' I yelled in-between her ass crack. Not sure if she can hear me or if I was just thinking it.

Then she ran off to the bathroom. And left me. I was in total shock I just sit there in bed. I couldn't even brush my teeth.

"Farts are nasty. But this bitch can fart in my mouth any fucking time." I thought while I turn the light on to get dress to have my morning workout.

But I hope this isn't the last time.

Think I can get her to **** down my throat next time? Shit I'm horny just thinking about it.

Hope you liked it. I do plan to go through with this. Part 2 in the works.

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