And Whosoever Will Be First Among You, Let Her Be Your Servant

Ryan looks up at the stately building. He last visited here on a Grade 6 field trip, seven years ago. This would be a very different experience.

Ryan walks through the main door, passes through a scanner at a security checkpoint, and follows signs downstairs to the West Service Rooms, where another security guard waits behind a window.

"I'm Ryan Ganter, I have a 14:00 appointment," he says to the guard.

"ID, please?"

Ryan shows him an ID, and the guard swipes it on his computer. "Yes, you're in W7. This is your first time, it says. Welcome. You're quite early; fourteen is actually the time we expect you to check in, and your service will start later. Here is your key." The guard hands him a grey plastic ring. "You put it on your finger. When I buzz you through the doors, you'll need to press it up on the reader at the same time. You'll also use it for your locker. Put absolutely everything you have in your locker: all your clothes, your phone, any jewelry you may have, absolutely everything you have except that key. There are wraps for you to wear; that and your key are all you can bring inside. Once everything you have is in your locker, you can go through screening and into the waiting room. Got it?"

Ryan nods, and the guard buzzes him through a pair of doors into a locker room. There's two other men there, a burly one taking off his clothes, and another one wearing glasses putting his back on. Ryan says nothing, finds a locker and begins putting his jacket and shoes into it. He notices the man taking his clothes off has finished, and has taken a cloth from a stack on a shelf and wrapped it around his lower torso, from his midsection to just above his knees.. Ryan takes a wrap too and continues undressing. He has only his underwear on when he puts the wrap around himself and seals the Velcro.

"Hey, you should know, they won't let you in with underwear on. Just the wrap," says the man in glasses.

"Oh, thanks," says Ryan, and pulls his underwear down without taking the wrap off. He puts it in the locker and locks it, now with nothing at all except the wrap around his lower torso and the plastic ring key on his finger.

Ryan looks around and notices that the connecting passages are labeled To Waiting Room and Washrooms/Showers. A digital clock on the wall reads 13:00. Ryan thinks to himself that maybe being clean would be a good for this, so he goes into the washroom, where he is alone. The shower area is communal, with several shower heads coming out from the walls. He puts his wrap on a hook and enters the showers.

He's lathering himself up when another man enters the washroom, wearing a wrap. Bashful, Ryan covers his crotch with his hands. The man says "Kid, you better get used to being naked if you're going to come here." As if to prove it, he removes the wrap and puts it over his shoulder before going up to a urinal.

Ryan looks away and finishes showering. By the time he's done, the other man is gone, so he dries himself off with a towel and puts the wrap back on. Back out in the locker room, the clock now reads 13:10.

Ryan heads down the hallway marked To Waiting Room. He turns a corner and sees a security checkpoint, with a young male guard and a full-body scanner. He enters the full-body scanner and a door closes behind him, enclosing him on all sides. "Sir, I need to conduct a visual on you. Please remove your wrap."

Ryan slowly unfastens the wrap and holds it in his hands. The guard closely examines Ryan's body, from head to toe, and asks Ryan to turn so the guard can see all sides. Ryan is very uncomfortable but complies. After the guard finishes, satisfied, he says. "Ok, you may put your wrap back on, sir." Ryan does, and then the guard operates the scanner. It is silent, and the guard opens a door to let him proceed. 'Very well, sir. The waiting room is beyond the next door. When she's ready, you'll hear an announcement. Enjoy your service, sir."

Ryan says "Thanks," unlocks the next door with his key and walks through to a waiting room. While he's getting his bearings Ryan hears an announcement: "Mr. Bennett, please accept service now in W5. Mr. Bennett, W5." A man gets up and, using his key, goes through a door marked To Service Rooms.

Ryan sees magazines on the side tables, and a television on one side of the room displaying a soccer match silently, with captions. A number of men sit around the room, some looking at magazines or at the television, and some looking at a series of framed photos on all the walls.

Around the room there are framed photos of naked women, just their faces and torsos, with their legs off the edge of the photo. Looking closer, Ryan sees that each woman is in the middle of intercourse, although all you can see of the man is his penis, coming in from outside the frame to enter the woman.

Ryan finds the sight of this a bit much. He sees a reader with a display on the wall, and tests his key: sure enough, it displays his name, the number of his locker, and "13:15, 14:00 appt, W7 15:10." So Ryan guesses he'll be here for nearly two hours before he will actually get in. Fortunately, he likes soccer.

He watches the match until it's over, and then begins reading a sports magazine. Eventually, he hears his own name: "Mr. Ganter, please accept service in W7." He gets up, unlocks the To Service Rooms door with his key, and enters a hallway. Following signs, he turns to the right and continues to the door for W7. Hesitating just a bit, he uses his key to unlock that door, and walk in.

The door closes behind him before he can take in what he's seeing. A woman, who looks to be about thirty-five though Ryan knows she is older, kneels on the floor before him, wearing only the sheerest of robes, which hides nothing. Her long auburn hair reaches down to touch her breasts, which are round and high on her body.

With a professional smile, she says, "Hello, my name is Judy. May I serve you with my hands, my mouth, or by intercourse?"

Ryan can hardly get a word out. "Wow..."

Judy's smile becomes more genuine. "Thank you, sir. I'm glad my appearance pleases you."

Ryan continues to stare. "Um.. well... could you.. maybe... get up so I could see all of you?"

"Of course, sir." Judy gets up off the ground and pushes the small bench she was kneeling on over to the side of the room. She opens her arms wide, spreads her legs slightly, and turns in a full circle. Her robe hides nothing; he can see her breasts, her derrière. She is hairless, so he can see her cleft.

"I can see you find this arousing, sir. May I remove your wrap?" Ryan can't speak but nods. Judy pulls the wrap off with one hand and runs her other hand down his erect penis before turning to hang the wrap on a hook by the door Ryan had used.

She turns back to him and again kneels, this time on the floor. "Sir, I am here to serve. May I serve you with my hands, my mouth, or by intercourse?"

Ryan starts off, "Pr-" before Judy interrupts him.

"No, sir, in here I am just Judy. Please call me Judy, sir."

Ryan nods and says "Judy. I want to ... I want to fuck you."

"Of course, sir," says Judy. "What if I lie on the bed, and you get on top?" Not waiting for an answer, she removes her robe and hangs it on a hook on the far side of the room. Ryan finally notices the bed against the wall as, now fully naked, she lies on it. "Sir, please come here and fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me."

Ryan doesn't wait for a second invitation. He gets up on the bed, crawls to a point between her legs and points his penis toward her vagina. "Just a minute, sir," she says, as she guides him inside her. "Yes, please sir, please fuck me."

Ryan begins thrusting. But, though an effort of will, he stops himself and pulls out, sitting up in front of her. "No! Not yet. I want more."

Judy looks up at him quizzically. "Of course, sir. How may I serve you?"

Ryan says "I want... I want to touch you."

Ryan gets off the bed and begins using his hands: he gropes Judy's breasts, rubs her nipples with his fingertips, and reaches down and moves his fingers up and down through her outer lips, which makes Judy moan slightly. "Sir, that's good."

Ryan turns her away from him onto her side, and begins groping her buttock. "Please, sir, not too hard... ah, thank you sir," says Judy. After a moment of this he begins using one hand on her buttock and reaches the other around her and holds her breast, squeezing gently and then rubbing, which elicits an "Mmmm" from Judy. Finally, Ryan has her get on hands and knees, gets behind her on the bed, and enters her vagina from behind. "Oh yes, fuck my pussy, sir," says Judy. This time Ryan doesn't stop himself and he comes. Breathing heavily, he pulls out, rolling away from Judy, pushing his back against the wall.

After a moment, Judy gets up off the bed, kneels, and starts to speak. "On—"

"Wait," interrupts Ryan, "do we have any more time?"

Judy says "Yes, sir, we've only been a few minutes. Are you not satisfied with your service?"

"Yeah. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions."

"Oh. Sir. I can't answer anything about what I do on the outside in here, sir."

"No, I just wanted to know... how can you do this? Out there, you're... you. In here, you begged me to fuck you. You don't even know me. I mean, that's so wild."

Judy pauses. "Well, sir, I asked you to fuck me because I knew it's what you wanted — although I wanted it too. In here or out there, I'm a woman. My pussy may not be on display when I'm outside, but it's always there underneath my clothes, and sometimes I get horny and wet and I want to have a cock like yours inside."

"But whatever my feelings are, when I'm in here, I'm here to serve you, sir, and the men who come after you. That's what Sexual Equity is, the system we live under, the bargain we made so I can do what I do. And I believe in that system, sir, truly. My service in here makes me better at what I do, out there."

Ryan stares at her, nonplussed.

"Sir, I can tell you don't understand. Let me try again." Judy rises from the floor and sits on the side of the bed next to Ryan, who moves to lie on his back, looking up at her. She reaches out to his penis with one hand and begins to stroke it.

"I don't just do this because it's a condition of my job. When people give service to others, in any way, it changes us for the better. Service gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction. By easing stress, it makes us happier and healthier. And when we serve others it not only helps others feel closer to us, but also helps us feel closer to them. Giving of ourselves helps us see the kindness and generosity in others. I don't know if you're a Christian, sir, but Christ commands us to serve others, as He served the people in His days on earth."

Judy gets up on the bed, kneeling alongside him, facing him. She picks up Ryan's hand and places it on her breast, and then begins to use both her hands to massage him, alternately lightly touching his scrotum and stroking and squeezing his penis, which is beginning to harden again..

"Sex is another way that people become closer together — literally, since we touch each other, but being open and vulnerable with our bodies makes us feel open and vulnerable emotionally, too. You must feel closer to me now, sir, than you did when you came in."

Ryan manages to grunt, "uh-huh." His penis is again becoming fully erect.

"This is even more true for women. When you're inside me, and I'm all around you, it feels like you're not separate from me, but part of me." Judy moves over to sit astride Ryan; she opens her labia with one hand and guides Ryan's penis to enter her vagina with the other. "And when it's over, you come in me, and my body absorbs the fluid. You literally do become part of who I am." She moves herself up and down slowly on Ryan's penis; he moans. "So if serving you makes me feel close to you, and sex makes me feel close to you, then serving you with sex makes me feel as close as I can ever feel with another person."

"You're right, sir, I don't know you; I'll never know your name." She picks up his hand off her breast and kisses it, then takes both his hands and pulls them around to her derrière. "Sir, hold my ass, pull me in tight. I don't learn your name because in this room you are not just yourself, but a representative of all the people of our country. I serve you, and fuck you, so that I can feel as close as possible to all the people you represent. Feel as though everyone in the country is part of me." She continues moving herself up and down, grinding on Ryan's genitals. "My service to you makes my feelings, wants and needs as closely aligned with my country's as they can possibly be. And that's why doing what we're doing now makes me better at what I do outside this room."

She moves up and down more quickly, grinds harder. "I hope this feels good, sir. I want to make you come, sir, so I can feel closer to everyone. Sir, can you come one more time for me?"

Ryan could.

Judy slowly gets off Ryan and lies on the bed. Ryan's still on his back; she's on her side, her face next to his. After a moment, she kisses his cheek and says, "Is there any other way I can serve you, sir?"

Ryan shakes his head no. He can hardly move; he is drained. She moves closer and whispers in his ear, "I love my country, sir, and right now, you are my country."

She lies there for two minutes, resting her hand on his arm, their naked bodies touching. Nothing more is said. Eventually she kisses his cheek again and leaves the bed. She takes the very thin robe from its hook, and puts it on; Ryan can't see why, since it doesn't hide anything. She then kneels on the floor; Ryan turns to look. "Sir, I have to go now." She looks at a clock on the wall. "It won't be long before they ask you to leave so they can clean. Your ring key will open the exit door."

She then recites, "On behalf of His Majesty's Government, thank you for this opportunity to serve. I bid you farewell until your next service."

She rises and moves toward the rear door. Ryan calls, "Wait!" She looks questioningly back at him.

"Could you just turn around, let me look at you one more time? I want to remember this."

Judy smiles, and again holds out her arms and does a slow twirl, while Ryan stares at her body. "Um, thanks," Ryan says.

"Of course, sir. And I mean it sincerely when I say, thank you for letting me serve you." She turns to type a code into a hidden keypad, unlocking the rear door; she exits the room.

Ryan lies there for another moment before getting off the bed, putting the wrap back around himself and using the ring key to open the door he had come in.


Judy closes the door behind her and exhales. Going to the closet, she places her robe in a hamper. She checks the clock again, regrets that she doesn't have time to take her usual shower, and begins to put her clothes back on: underwear, white silk top, navy blazer and skirt, dark stockings and low pumps. She takes just a moment to brush out her hair, and exits.

Her assistant is outside the Service Office entrance. "Prime Minister."

"Hello, Jules," says Judy. "Well. It's been a long time since I've had a first-timer. It's better than I remember. Anyway. What's next?"

"Well, Prime Minister, they're waiting in your office for your Question Time briefing, and then you have the Transport Minister at 16:30."

"When's my next service appointment?"

"Tonight at 20, and tomorrow morning you have two in a row, at seven-thirty and eight-thirty, before prime minister's questions start at ten."

"Thanks. I'd better get ready for Question Time," says Judy. They head up the stairs.

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