Daddy walks away to the bathroom...

As I laid on the bed, all I can think is what is next, this has been one of the hottest and most erotic sexual experiences of my life. Before Daddy turns on the shower he peeks around the corner and tells me, "Turn around baby gurl and get comfortable. Lay on your back and put your head up on the pillows. Cover your sexy little clit with those panties and make yourself hard again. I want you nice and turned on. Keep all of our sexy juices in your mouth."

I moved around and got comfy. I slowly started to touch my clit thru my panties. It quickly got hard again. As I laid there all I could do was wonder what was next. Would he just leave, would he tease me all night. Scenarios were running thru my head.

As Daddy showered I rubbed my cock thru my panties. The bulge was barely contained and was leaving a little wet spot of precum. I heard the shower shut off. Daddy made me suffer by sitting there. I think he did it on purpose. I was so turned on again.

After laying there touching myself for about 15 minutes the light shuts off in the bathroom and Daddy walks around the corner. This was the first time I have gotten a real good look at him. He was such a sexy strong man in every way. I loved his hairy belly. His thick soft cock laid there between his legs. My cock dripped for Daddy.

Daddy walked over to the bed and just watched me touch myself. "Do I turn you on slut," he asked. I gargled yes thru the cum. "Put a pillow under your ass and show me your little pussy slut." I pulled the pillow under my ass. I stuck it in the air and pulled my legs back. "Don't tease Daddy slut! Pull those panties to the side," he demanded. I pulled the floral thong over and exposed my shaved sex for Daddy.

"That is hot baby gurl. I know I turn you on. Your pussy looks wet and your little clit is dripping in your panties." I nod my head in agreement. Daddy slides closer to me and slides his finger over my hole, barely touching and teasing it. "Open your mouth slut!" I did and Daddy covered his finger with my cum and his spit. He moved it back to my slut hole and rubbed it around the edge, smearing it with our cream. "I'll bet you want fucked slut!" I moaned in agreement. Daddy stuck his finger back in my mouth, made it nice and wet and moved it back to my hole. He rubbed it around the rim and then slowly slid it into my hole. I moaned in pleasure. He worked his finger in and out. I was so turned on. He pulled out, rubbing the rim, then thrusting it back in.

Daddy did this for a minute then pulled it out and moved it back to my mouth. Suck off this finger just like it is a cock. I took it in my cum filled mouth and worked it back and forth. I could tell I was pleasing Daddy. I could feel my cock grow harder in my panties. Daddy fucked my mouth with his finger.

Daddy slid closer to me. He put his cock near my face. "Do not lick my cock slut!!" He got really close and slid his soft thick cock against my face. He slid it against my lips and face. He moved closer and straddled my face. While holding my hair he began rubbing his cock and balls all over my face. I could feel it getting harder. I could feel wet precum getting on my face. I could smell Daddies manhood right in front of my nose.

Daddy slid back to the side of me. "I am going to fuck your mouth with my cock. Do not swallow your cum, you are going to need it baby." I opened my mouth and Daddy slid it into my wet mouth. I began to suck him with total abandon. I think I really did a good job as Daddy moaned in pleasure. He kept pulling it in and out and on occasion had me lick his big balls. "Make it wet slut."

Daddy pulled his cock out and moved up by my man pussy. He gave the hole a touch and quick little lick. " Listen slut I am going to give you one more chance. The only lube you get for your pussy is what is in your mouth. Daddy slowly moved into position and rubbed his cock all around my hole. He slowly pushed the tip barely in. I squirmed. He rubbed the edge again and then slowly pushed the head back in my gurl pussy. It hurt a little bit, but was an intense enjoyable feeling too.

Daddy pulled it out and moved back to my mouth. "Suck it and lube this cock up baby. I don't want it to hurt your tight hole." I began sucking Daddy again. I was all over his sexy dick. Up and down, deep wet, drooling all over it. My face was like a wet glazed donut hole. Daddy asked, "Are you ready? Is it nice and wet?" As he pulled it out I spit some on his cock.

Daddy moved back to my hole and slid his cock back in. Not slow or gently, he just popped it in. I jumped a little, but once he once he was in it slowly felt better and relaxed. Daddy began to pump my little slut hole. He worked it in all the way. He would pull out and slam it to the balls. He would go slow and then fast. Every once in a while he would pull it out. He would look at my gaping hole. Rub it against the rim, then thrust it back in.

Daddy just fucked me for what seemed like a half an hour. Changing it up. Pushing my legs back and just slamming my cunt. After a while he told me to get on my knees. I did and he slammed it back in me. He grabbed my hips and just fucked me so good. I moaned luck a slut in total abandon. He grabbed my hair a couple times and pulled my hair back as he fucked me. He paddled and spanked my ass as he thrust in and out. Every once in a while he would reach under me and squeeze my cock and balls, making me squirm and moan. He pulled my nipples. All while talking dirty to me.

"You like that your little fucking whore. You like to have your pussy destroyed with a real man's cock. Moan for me and grind on my Daddy dick you slut." I was so turned on. My cock was just dripping from the pounding my pussy and prostate was taking.

Daddy slowed down a bit after a while and I could tell he was on the brink. He pulled out and told me to spin around and hang my head back over the bed. He got on his feet on the floor and said, "Open up slut, I know this is what you want!" I did and Daddy slid his cock back in my mouth. I felt like such a dirty gurl taking his cock in my mouth just as it slid out of my hole, but the thought turned me on.

Daddy pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. Some of the cum and spit in my mouth began leaking out. It was quite thick at this point. Once as he pulled it out I noticed his cock almost looked frothy white with our juices.

Daddy gave it a few more pumps. "Ready to taste my cum baby gurl," he asked. I moaned yes. All of a sudden Daddy unleashed in my mouth. I could just feel the warm salty cum pumping onto my tongue, clogging my throat and filling my mouth. "Suck it all out bitch," he demanded. I did, like it was the most amazing reward I had ever gotten. Daddy just sat there for a minute, I could feel his cock soften a bit in my mouth. Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"Listen slut, I am going to go get dressed and leave. After I go I want you to enjoy all the cum you have been saving, and i'll bet you have one more load for yourself. You have been an amazing little slut for Daddy. I am going to contact you soon, I have lots of naughty plans for you."

Daddy leaned over and kissed me on the lips. He went to the bathroom and got ready and left out the door. I held his treat in my mouth for a while before I let the warm salty desert slide down my throat. I wanted more. I needed more. I think I would let Daddy do anything he wanted to me. I adored him.

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