Those things change. Old ones die out, and new ones excite me. I really never know when something will trigger my sexual urges.

This one really got to me, and still does.

I sounds kinda crazy, but it has given me a secret thrill that still goes on and on.

It started when I was young and my girlfriend confided in me that her dad would pretend to rape her. She would resist and struggle pretending she didnt want him to fuck her, but….. they would end up fucking so hot she couldnt wait until they did it again. She said the excitement of not knowing when he would do it, caused her to began to tease him.

Daring him to grab her and try and fuck her. Teasing him while her mom was close by. Copping feels on him, flashing her tits at him. Kissing him and slipping in her tongue real quick. They both loved it and when mom was gone, he would grab her, trying to fuck her. She played like she was resisting him and pretended to fight him off.

She remembered the very first time it happened. Her mom was gone and she got in bed with her dad that morning. She said that no man was ever gonna rape her, she knew ways to keep from being raped. She said: "Try me dad, and I’ll show you." He laughed and started in trying to fuck her. He got a big boner doing this as he held her down. 
 She whispered out of breath: ("Don’t waste it,") and stuck his cock in her pussy.

It was a trick on him to get him to fuck her.
They continue to practice her prevention methods till this very day.

She never told her mom or anyone because she liked the sex so much. She got the sexual attention from her dad she liked, and he never hurt her in any way.

I was so aroused by her story I got very wet. I pumped her for every detail she could remember.
She said it started when she asked him if they could have sex behind mom’s back. No one would ever know, and she admitted to him she had fantasies about them having hot sex.
He said he’d think about it.

She got her hopes up and masturbated thinking about his desires going wild. He would just taking her and hold her down and rip her clothes off and they would fuck hard. The out of control desire part is what got her off. He had to want her so bad, he just held her down and took the sex from her….at that point she would have a real hot climax that left her breathless and satisfied.

Now I was really turned on by her story and tried to hide my arousal. I fantasized a boyfriend wanting me so bad and pretending to hold me down, tearing my blouse buttons off, tearing my bra off, pulling my skirt up and tearing my panties off and then fucking me with passion.
This became my favorite thing to think about as I fingered my self to orgasm. The orgasms were way hotter than before. I still think about it when I want to masturbate to a real hot orgasm.

Then this happened…..
I met a guy at my work and we became close. As we talked one night we ended up fucking real hot. He said something that triggered me. He said the owners daughter at our work was such a bitch, he would love to take her stuck up, uppity ass, and rip her fucking skirt and panties off and fuck her right on the warehouse floor. I got really excited. As we sat on my couch, I snuggled up to him and asked him to describe in detail, how in his fantasy he would do it.

He laughed and said he was against rape of any kind….but….in a fantasy, it would be exciting to see the bitch struggle and whine while he fucked her. I said ok, fantasy fuck her and tell me how you wish it would happen.

He caught on quick that this excited me and this was just what he wanted to do. He cleverly smiled at me and said: "First I’ll describe it, then…I’ll show you how I would do it."

( Show me!!…oh my god…)

I got instantly wet and gasp as I pictured him pretending to rape me. He had just turned me on! I felt my pussy tingle over and over.
We smiled at each other. Nothing needed to be said as we were on for a hot fantasy rape.

He began to tell me about the owners daughter being such a bitch to him in the back room. She was a rich hot looking girl. Big tits and wore business suits that were so tight, she could hardly walk. 
He said he would get her in the big store room and shut and lock the door. She would say: "What the hell do you think your doing!…unlock and open that door! He would smile at her and walk slowly towards her. She would say: "Damn you! Open that

….oh my…don’t you come any closer. I’ll yell for my dad, and your ass will be put in jail and fired!" He would just keep walking slowly towards her He would say: "Why aren’t you yelling?" She would stare at his big boner showing in his pants. Next she would be up against the wall and say quietly: "Your not going to do anything, you wouldn’t dare touch me. I’m more woman than you can handle." Now they would be nose to nose with her whispering out of breath: ("..get out of my way,….. you can’t have me…but….

if you really want me that bad…we can work something out.." I would kiss her and take her down on the floor while still kissing her. I would tear the buttons right off her blouse and feel those big tits. I’d tell her .."If I’m going to be fired and jailed, I’m going to get some hot pussy from you before I go." She would whisper: ( "get off me, your not man enough to fuck me." )
I would force her skirt up, feeling her nice ass and rip her panties off. I’d force her legs wide open and shove my fingers in her pussy. She’d squirm and moan. Then I’d jam my boner in her all the way. I’d hold her wrists as she struggled. She’d whimper and then…. start kissing me back. She’d say…"oh my god" as I moved my cock in her. She’d say: "…ohhhh god your, making me so hot"…. and I’d fuck her so good she’d never forget it and want more."

I was on the verge of an orgasm from the story.

I said heres what I would do…….. "I would never let you do that to me, I would fight your hot desire to fuck me. I would pull your hands off my tits. I would cover my pussy so you couldn’t fuck me. I would hold your cock and keep you from putting it in me. I would push your lips away from kissing me or sucking on my nipples. I would say…"Let me go you bastard, you cant have sex from me. Im crossing my legs so you cant fuck me!"

I leaned over in his face and said: "Now….what would you do????"
He smiled and touched my face. He said: "Your a feisty little bitch, aren’t you. Well a feisty girl is what turns me on. You think your pussy is the greatest fuck in the world?….well let’s just see if that’s true." He slowly pushed me down on the couch and held me there. He tried to kiss me but I turned my head away.
I was so turned on I began to pant.

I said: "Don’t even think about trying to fuck me, I don’t want to fuck right now, so get off me." He said: "I’m not asking permission, I’m taking what I want." He held my head and started kissing me, shoving his tongue inside my lips as my teeth were clinched. I took my one free hand and pulled his hair. It only excited him, as I felt and heard my blouse snaps being opened. I tried to hold my blouse closed, but his strong hands pulled it wide open. I had no bra on.

"Well…what do we have here….looks like two delicious nice tittys." He started sucking my nipples, something I get turn on by real fast. He reached up and held both my wrists with one of his large hands.
"Get off me!" I moaned.
I felt his free hand slide down my tummy slowly. I heard the rip of a button and then a zipper tearing apart. I gasp and said: "Stop, you desire freak. Wanting me and getting me are two different things. I’m warning you I "…..his tongue slipped in my mouth and found mine. They did battle, twisting and feeling each other. I was so hot I was burning up with excitement. I started getting weak from his passionate kisses. He slowly eased down my shorts and panties. I began to tremble and couldn’t stop. My body began to squirm. I heard his belt unbuckle and felt his jeans sliding down.
He pulled my arms up and around his neck. He was as excited as I was. He pulled my knees up and started feeling my pussy. I jumped and squirmed again. I felt his fingers slide up and down over my wet pussy and sensitive clit. I moaned a breathless moan saying: "…if you have to fuck me… make it good…real good."

I loved seeing his face pink with excitement and out of breath. He felt he had wore me down and was now going for what he had highly desired and been denied.

He thought….
Damn, she’s made me so fuck’in hot, I’m gonna fuck her hard. I love it when she resists me. Now for some hot pussy….

I opened my legs wide as I felt him slide the head of his cock up and down my dripping pussy. He found my entrance and teased me bynotputting it in. I began to squirm and reached down and put his wet cock head in myself. I pulled his butt cheeks hard to drive him in me deep. 
That just fired me up. Ill show him what a good fuck is. I ground my pussy down firm against his cock. I was going to give him the best fuck of his life. It was beautiful. We both were so turned on, he drug me to the floor, and put my legs up on his shoulders. I loved the feeling of him going deep in me. Our tongues were going crazy, then we gasp for breath.
I was peeking and my body was trembling. We started fucking fast as I squirmed.

I moaned loud and shuddered as I felt his first load shoot hard in me. He groaned long as his balls pulled up hard….. his cock just kept shooting. I yelled something loud, I climaxed hard and squeezed my pussy as tight as I could around his cock. He groaned again and pushed his cum in me deep. He pumped my pussy full. I loved the feeling of its slickness in my pussy. He was taking what his desires wanted. We both moaned for a long time, jumping with his last cum shots and my climax spasms. He whispered out of breath: ("…you’re a fantastic fuck.") A huge pleasure wave ran through my entire body.

At work we just went along as normal. We both kept our little hot sessions to our selves. He attack me in the store room at work, (one of my favorites) in my car after work, in the grocery store parking lot.

A real hot one I liked was when he called and said he was coming over tonight.
It was an exciting sight to watch him crawl through my bedroom window. He looked at me with those beautiful lusty, desire filled eyes.
He smiled, then whispered:( "…don‘t you move.")

I smiled as I got some really hot tingles in my pussy. I slowly stepped towards the door to escape. He caught me and ripped my night gown right off of me. I struggled, trying to fight him off of me. He held my legs and spread them apart. I tried to kick, but he was to strong as he slowly brought his face to my pussy. He turned and put his knees on my arms, holding them down tight. I was forced to watch his cock slowly drop down to my mouth and in.

I struggled as he began to fuck my mouth. My pussy was so hot it was quivering as he licked me. His licking made me fuck his tongue, I moaned a long moan as I climaxed big and shook. He pumped my mouth full and overflowing with his cum.
It was the best 69 we’d ever had.

For my birthday, he said he would bring me over dinner and a very ’Special’ dessert. He said it was being delivered. We waited as I fought off his trying to feel me up, and finger fuck me. A knock at the door, and my guy friend from work Berry stood there with a pizza. Berry and I hugged and we all ate the pizza. Berry was a handsome dude with lots of girlfriends. We were good buddy’s at work but never dated. We all settled on my couch, one guy on each side of me.

Next thing I know they both are attacking me. My heart jumped as my pussy got massive tingles. I had never fantasized about 2 guys fantasy raping meever. I said: "What the hell do you guys think you doing!" My boyfriend and Berry both started sticking their tongues in my mouth.

Four hands feeling my tits and pussy as I tried to fight them off.
They both were kissing me all over. I had never been hotter than this. I pushed at them and struggled but they started tearing my dress off. They tore my bra and panties both as I struggled. I felt lots of fingers on and in my pussy, and each one sucked one of my tits. I was so hot I could hardly catch my breath.

They held me down and Berry started sticking his boner in my pussy. His hot hands were all over my legs feeling them. My boyfriend held my head tight as I tried to move it. He started sticking his cock in my mouth. They both felt my body all over. My nipples were rock hard. It was gloriously wonderful. They both took turns fucking me and forcing me to suck their cocks.

I had orgasmed about 4 times already. My boyfriend started fucking me in my pussy fast and hard. His body was hot on me and we kissed between breaths. I felt dizzy as Berry deep throated my mouth with his cock. His eyes were so intense, as he panted for air. I loved seeing them so excited. They were getting to rape a woman who WANTED them to!
I felt the heat from their body’s, their shaking hands, their breathing so heavy. I felt their skin so hot on me. They both wanted to fuck me so bad, they trembling they so were excited.

They both moaned as they fucked my pussy and mouth. Berry got under me and stuck his cock in my wet pussy. My boyfriend licked my clit so intense, I orgasmed.

Then, something I never expected.

My boyfriend got in top of me and he started putting his cock in my pussy too! I moaned and squirmed. I told them: "You bastards both can’t fuck me!"….but they were and I was loving it.
Berry’s hands were around me going crazy squeezing my tits and nipples. My boyfriend was kissing my face all over.

I could only moan talk in spurts. "Get…off…me…you…two…fucking…animals!!! I reached down because I wanted to feel to cocks in me. Both were wet and slick sliding in and out of me. Then Berry moaned and I felt a huge shot of cum burst in me. My boyfriend then started shooting his cum in me and I climaxed so hard I almost blacked out.

The couch was even shaking as they fucked me hard. We all moaned and cum ran out my pussy like never before. We all squirmed as they kept pumping more cum in me. I squeezed my pussy down on the two cock as hard as I could, my pussy was trembling. We all gasp for breath over and over. My pussy pulsed by itself. My clit felt like it was on fire with tingles.

They just keep pumping cum in me until they went weak. My mind felt like it left the planet with pleasure. I went weak and shaky. Three very spent people sucking for air was all that could be heard. I savored the feeling of two cocks in me. It was an over the top feeling.

It was the best birthday present ever…..

Oh……… about dessert….
"Berry"…..was my dessert.

On my boyfriends birthday, I talked to my best friend Carla, and we agreed to get my boyfriend naked and….

..but that’s another story……

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