This piece is set in a fantasy world where COVID and STDs are not a thing. Parts 1-3 exist, so if you want continuity, go check them out first. This is my first time writing erotica so if you have feedback, would love it. Enjoy!

I lean against one of the concrete pillars in the parking area of my parents' apartment building. The warm air, the dark green of the potted plants, and soft humidity in the air are a stark contrast to the dry wintery grey I left behind in New York City. My phone beeps and I check it.

-A minute away-

I smile, curious about what it might be like to spend some time with Janvi, who's offered to pick me up and take me shopping.

A silver car with tinted windows slides into the apartment driveway and pulls up next to me.

"Hey," Janvi says, as her tinted window drops down to reveal her stunning smile. Her diamond nose ring glints in the sun.

"Thanks for picking me up," I say, as I open the passenger door to get in. She looks gorgeous in an abstract patterned short dres, that highlights her sculpted calves. She's perched a little comically on a pillow -- short girl problems, I can relate.

"What's all this thank you? It's not a problem." She says, as she puts the car in reverse.

"Where are we going?"

"Somewhere that will highlight your gorgeousness even more," she says, careening into the multirows of traffic. I soak in the compliment and feel the heat rise just a little in this air-conditioned car.

"I have every reason to trust your taste," I say smiling, gently dancing along that line of dialogue that straight girls do but when you do with queers, just feels so deliciously different. And though I have no clear confirmation, this dialogue feels different.

Janvi swears as someone cuts her off and then continues, "Payal and I work with a designer who I think you'll love. She has a store in the center of the city, but I want to take you to her warehouse. Quieter, more selection, and they have a couple of dressing rooms."

"That sounds perfect." The air-conditioning is on full blast, which means all I can smell is Janvi's citrusy perfume and my own smokey one. I look over to her and take in her smooth legs - I don't move on married people -- that said, I didn't mind looking at and appreciating her.

I smile and lean back into my seat, loving the cacophony of traffic around us and the view I have.

The beautiful clothes murmur against my hand as I brush against the jeweled silks next to the printed cotton next to the mixed-fabric pieces. I've missed this level of quality and vibrancy in clothing. In my focus, I unintentionally briefly brush Janvi's hand who is also browsing with me.

We catch each other's eyes, and hold our gaze a second too long. The soft curiosity and possible sexual tension from the car continue into the warehouse, and I realize I might be standing too close to the fire.

"Do you get clothes like this in the US?" Janvi asks, breaking the tension with a perfectly placed boring question.

"If we do, I haven't found it," I say, pulling out a fitted salwar set with an interesting neckline and embroidery and moving half a step away. "It's pretty traditional stuff generally, though now there are more younger designers coming up."

"ABCD folk?"

"Yup. I don't think they like that term very much."

"I wouldn't either, I suppose."

We're interrupted by Janvi's designer friend Hina who I'd been introduced to earlier. Hina, tall, with fair skin and salt and pepper hair, whisks Janvi away for some catch up while I continue to look at her creations. Each piece is purposeful, sensual. Janvi was right, I loved it.

When growing up, this brand with all of its intricately designed clothes would have been absolutely out of my price-range. Now, it's a different story. I pick a few interesting pieces, and look for signs for the dressing room.

"It's all the way in the back, I'll come with you," Janvi calls out to me.

"I'll be in the office doing some paperwork. Call if you need anything, okay?"

"Thanks so much, Hina," I say, "I think we'll be okay."

"Are you going to get anything?" I ask Janvi as she joined me.

"I asked Hina to set aside a few pieces for me earlier."

I step into the quiet dressing room and change into a short choli and high waisted pant set. Janvi knocks and I let her in. She steps in and the door shuts behind her. She's still in her dress and we're now alone in this small mirrored room.

"This looks fab on you," she says, her kajal-lined eyes sparkling.

She reaches for the open back of my short blouse, as she adds, "You have a beautiful back." Her soft fingers leave trails of goosebumps along my bare skin as she circles my waist before pausing just under my belly button.

"You're not straight, are you?" I laugh.

"You're not straight, are you?" She grins at me, as she caresses my bare stomach. In this closed room, her dark lips almost touch mine. I'm mesmerized as I watch her tease me, my hands aching to touch her lips just like they had ached to feel their softness when I was in her home.

I gently move her hand away from my skin.

"Janvi, you're gorgeous. I don't do the affair person thing though." I can feel my veneer of an ethical slut cracking fast, as I take in her beautiful sharp eyes, her long lashes, her button nose.

"We're in an open marriage, Aisha. Kunal knows. Don't you have those in New York City?" She leans closer, her breasts almost graze mine.

I want her desperately. To kiss someone who sounds like home, who knows the taste of curry leaves and mysore pak, who might moan the way I do, who knows things about being queer, home, and female in a way that no female lover in New York could ever know.

"New York has a lot of things." I say verbally pulling back, as I physically land my fingertips on her jaw. Her skin is soft, a rich dark brown. "What do you mean he knows?"

"He knows I'm interested, he's interested in you too. We've done this for a while and have had other lovers separately or together." I flashback to Kunal's glimmer of appreciation which now takes on a new meaning.

"I thought we had a connection," she whispers, as she mirrors tracing my jaw. I fight the urge to lean into her fingers, to help her caress my face, to lick her finger tips.

"I just want to make sure he knows and he's on board."

"Yeah, he is. We talked about it the night after you left and he is, as you say 'on board'," she teases.

She moves in closer, her breasts touching mine, her breath soft and minty. "I know I want this. Do you?"

I file away Kunal's interest in me, my focus on the stunning woman in front of me. My fingers move from Janvi's jaw to her soft full lips, and Janvi moans with pleasure. She opens her mouth just a little and I feel the rhythm of her breath on my fingertips. I lean in for a kiss, soft, tender, and gentle. Her body responds against mine, pulling me closer and wrapping her arms around my neck.

We start to explore the shapes of each other's lips and bodies quickly and quietly, hands running over each other's clothes. Her slim frame feels soft and warm in all the right places. Janvi's hands slip under the top of my choli and finds my nipple.

"I really enjoyed seeing them through your dress the other day," she whispers between kisses as she tweaks my nipple. I groan, from embarrassment and pleasure -- who else noticed?

"Don't worry, you had to be looking really hard to see." Her other hand wraps around my hair and pulls me into a deep kiss as she continues to play with my breast.

I want desperately to see what she looks like naked - I unzip the back of her dress and she lets it fall to the floor.

"Fuck, you look gorgeous," I whisper hoarsely, taking in her petite slim figure. She's wearing mesh peach underwear that contrasts beautifully with her dark skin, a glint of gold behind her matching bra.

I unsnap her bra quickly to reveal beautiful breasts and dark brown nipples, one with a gold ring. I move quick, licking and lifting her pierced nipple into a hard nub. Her breasts are warm, full, and slightly bigger than mine. I feel a dampness on my thigh that I've wedged between her legs, as she moves her clit up and down against me.

"Let me look at you," she whispers, as she gently takes my mouth and hands off her breasts. I give in with reluctance, and unbutton my choli and untie my pants.

"You're stunning," she murmurs, pulling me close to her. With our almost matching heights, our breasts press against each other and I can feel our hardened nipples kissing. Janvi's fingers trace my neck and shoulder. She lands on the shadowy remnants of the Paris hickey - her, his, or my fingers, it doesn't seem to matter- same effect. I start to get wetter.

"I see you've been busy," she says as she leans over to kiss my neck, my shoulder. With each kiss, we get more desperate, quietly pressing up against the cold mirror of the dressing room, feeling the heat of our intertwined bodies.

I slide my hand into her underwear and she's slick. I push a finger into her cunt as Janvi continues to kiss my neck and breasts. Her breath quickens, and I increase my pacing - Janvi shudders visibly. Her hot kisses turn into a delicious bite, right where the old hickey was. Pleasure with a tinge of pain flood me, and I have my first orgasm through a clamped jaw as I tried my best to muffle myself in the dressing room.

We pause for a second, I'm working hard to comprehend this moment. As a closeted teen, I would have never thought this was possible. My arms around a stunning woman, my hands inside of her in my hometown, in a public place.

Janvi's fingers pull me back to the present, as she slides her hand onto my clit, gently stroking me into deeper pleasure. My fingers are still in her, working her pussy into more pleasure. She moans really softly each time I push in deeper, and I feel her pussy clamp over my fingers again, as she rides through her own muffled orgasm.

"Wow," she whispers, looking deep into my eyes.

"Wow right back at you," I whisper back, beginning to kiss her neck, wanting to give her more pleasure.

Janvi gently holds my face in her hands, I can feel the stickiness of my pleasure on her finger tips. "Let's take this somewhere else. Hina might come," she whispers.

I nod, slowly pulling my fingers out of her. She takes my fingers and sucks on them. The sight of her lips around my fingers make me want to keep going. I gently run my hands against her breasts, bend down, and give Janvi her bra.

"Here's yours too -- I want your nipples to be mine only for the next hour," she grins as she hands my bra to me.

As we put on more clothes, I feel the subtle non-verbal shift from lover to friends, from being out and into the closet. It's one of the reasons New York called to me, I didn't have to be as vigilant about homophobia there.

"Does Hina know about you?"

"No. Keep it friendly in front of her?"

I nod, getting her desire deeply. Sometimes being out is a damn privilege. I change back into my clothes and grab the pieces I wanted to buy.

As we pay for what we want, I feel the pool of wetness in my underwear, the sticky residue of Janvi of my fingers as I slide my card through the reader, as I punch in my pin.

I can't wait to get to the fucking car.

We walk through the deserted parking area quickly, its emptiness mirroring my pussy.

"Come over to my place?" Janvi asks, as she gets into the car.

I look at my calendar on my phone, yeah I'm that person.

"Fuck. I can't, I have dinner with my parents and their friends." There was no way I'd be able to get back in time with the kind of traffic we have.

I look around the parking area - if we were in the US, I'd have suggested a nearby hotel room but that felt risky here.

I smile, as an idea comes up. "How tinted are these windows?"

"Very," she says.

I squeeze through the space between the two front seats and end up in the backseat.

"Join me, after you lock the doors."

She laughs, that deep laugh envelopes me in the darkness as she turns off the overhead light.

I hear the click of the automatic doors, and Janvi follows me back. We're hungry limbs and fingers, wrapping ourselves deeply into each other as we rip each other's clothes off. I hear lace getting caught, I'm not sure whose it is and I don't care.

In the dark, I use my hands to guide me- to travel down her back, caress her ass, and my mouth finds her breast. I suck, loving the sounds of pleasure escaping from Janvi's mouth. Her fingers curl tighter into my hair as I suck harder.

I pull away, wanting to taste her. My eyes start adjusting, seeing the nuance of deep shadows and browns.

"Can I eat you?" I ask, and Janvi lies down in the back seat in response, legs spread. Even in the dark, her shadowed body with glinting jewelry looks scrumptious.

I bend down and lick her up, savoring the sharp sweet taste of her recently shaved pussy. With each brush against her clit, Janvi's breathing gets more rapid.

"Finger me please," she whimpers, as she raises her hips up. She's open, wet, and I pump two fingers into her cunt. I reach for her breast and tug gently on her pierced nipple. She groans loudly, and I feel her body gush around my fingers, as her limbs go askew through another orgasm.

"Your body is beautiful," I whisper, as I continue to kiss her inner thigh and pussy. She's sweaty now, and I can taste the added salt in the sweetness.

"Let me explore you," she whispers as she raises herself off the seat.

I lie down and feel her fingertips at my ankles, slowly moving up my legs before reaching my thighs. Her warm hands caress my hips, my waist, my breasts, and she continues to traces her fingers upward further, until she gently pushes two fingers into my mouth. I suck on them, my tongue playing and tasting as I go.

"Do you want to be eaten out?"

I nod, with her fingers still in my mouth. She extracts herself from my mouth and moves to my pussy quickly. I feel the warmth of her breath on my thigh, and her wet tongue exploring the folds of my pussy. She slips her spit-soaked fingers into me, and with each thrust, I moan until Janvi reaches up to cover my mouth.

"You're too loud," she chastises me as she keeps my mouth shut. I sense a smile in the darkness, as she continues to finger-fuck me. I match my movements with her, with each thrust feeling her hand sink deeper, feeling the rough warmth of the car seat rub up against my skin. As I feel my climax building, I push my hands against the door for leverage and push harder into Janvi. I writhe into another orgasm, and fall back limp onto the seat.

Janvi's hands caress me, with a rhythm that suggests hunger and impatience. I smile at her, I can see her features, her smiling eyes.

"Can you get on your hands and knees?"

I shift quickly into position, wanting this beautiful woman to continue pleasuring me. My face is right by the tinted window, I can see out into the empty parking lot. The license plate on a parked car reminds me of where I am.

I shudder through another orgasm, as Janvi's fingers gently run along my thighs as lies on her back underneath me.

"You don't need much, do you?"

"I wouldn't call you 'not much,' Janvi."

She responds by pushing her fingers into me, sawing in and out as she licks me up with a hunger that feels like fire. I arch my hips into her face, moving in rhythm with her, hoping no one comes by.

"Can I eat your ass out?"

I turn around and look at Janvi wriggling out from under me.

I nod, and she bursts into a smile. I feel her small, warm hands on my ass as she spreads my cheeks. Her tongue finds my asshole and she dives in deep, while plugging up my pussy with her fingers. Between the feel of her fingers and tongue in me and her warm face between my ass cheeks, my body screams into another orgasm, this one more powerful than the others.

"You have a beautifully responsive ass," Janvi says, her fingers caressing my cheeks.

"With the right people I do," I laugh, playfully tilting my hips closer to her body. "What can I do for you?"

"You've done enough... don't we have to go soon?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I respond as I reluctantly sit myself up. Janvi sits up as well, and we both lean into a lazy kiss, pulling our naked bodies close into each other. The kisses are tinged with our juices and I find myself stroking her clit again. We're pawing each other with a ferocious intensity again, and I start to hear Janvi's breath quicken as my fingers strum against her clit. Her head tilts back and she clutches me tight as she cums again.

I sigh, satisfied, gently running my hands on her inner thigh.

"I have to go," I say.

"I know," Janvi murmurs as she starts to kiss me again, less fire, more warmth by the fire. We slowly start to disentangle ourselves, and start to grope for our clothes in the dark.

My brain starts to come on, through the fog of the dim light and smell of sex.

"Does Payal know?"

"She knows we're open and that I'm bi but we don't sleep with coworkers, so we've never..." Janvi says as she shrugs on her dress.

Her outfit, unlike mine, was made for clandestine fucking, and I was struggling to find my pant leg in the dark.

"This was your plan?"

"I had hopes, not a plan."

"Hopes! I need more hopes like that!" I laugh, as I finally succeed. I grab her waist and push her back onto the carseat, kissing her deep. Her legs wrap around my waist, and I feel my hands move up her dress, caressing her breasts. Her hand mirrors mine, going under my shirt, her other running through my hair. The backseat feels filled with electricity again, the smell of us is intoxicating.

"What are we doing?" she laughs, pushing me away gently. "I can't have aunty and uncle mad at me."

"Fine, you're right."

Janvi crawls back to the front of the car, and I get a beautiful glimpse of peach underwear as she maneuvers into the driver's seat. I follow her, and straighten my t-shirt.

Janvi leans over and kisses me hard, we're still protected from preying eyes in this car of darkness.

"I'd love to do this again, Aisha. Kunal might too." She murmurs between kisses.

"I'd love to do this again. Can I think about the Kunal part?"

"Yes, of course."

"Home?" she asks, as she turns on the overhead light to check her makeup.


A question dawns on me, as we drive out of the warehouse parking lot.

"Wait, does Ahaan know too?"

Janvi smiles at me, and I know there's more to the story. "You can ask Ahaan, tell him I told him he can tell you."

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