The curious tale of the anti-piracy advocate On Takahashi#

I wrote this on 23/03/2021. Updated it with new stuff on 08/09/2021.
I'm not going to go through all of the dumb shit done and said by On Takahashi because there's too much of it. (A3d) (B8)
You should save all of this and share it with as many people as you can. Takahashi is always in a massive damage control mode and he mass-reports stuff for fake reasons to get rid of anything factual about him when it brings up his illegal activities or when it slightly portraits him negatively. The Pastebin mentioned in the first link can be read in the third link or in the second link, I've no idea who wrote it. The zip file includes all of the images from the imgur links, each file name contains a letter and number which you'll see at the end of each link. Use the zip file after Takahashi has reported and taken down the image links.

TL:DR (read all of it, context is good)#

Been wondering why a gallery on Exhentai suddenly became unavailable while you were reading it and clicked on the next page?
Been wondering why most of your favorited galleries on Exhentai are unavailable?
Been wondering why thousands of galleries on Exhentai have disappeared since 2019?
Been wondering why most of the new stuff on Exhentai are Korean and Chinese fantranslations?
Been wondering who "On Takahashi" is?
Been wondering what "Irodori Comics" is?

People are repeatedly asking the same questions and hopefully this will shed some light on the issue.

Would you believe me if I told you there is a person out there with a personal vendetta and an irrational hatred for piracy that paints fantranslators as the villain, claims that one illegal download is one lost sale, owns a company which legally translates and sells indie comics and at the same time this very same person is getting paid by pirate groups with paywalls to illegally translate stuff without permission from the copyright holders (playing both sides to make money)?

Takahashi has caused irredeemable damage to the reputation of international publishers, especially to English publishers. Nothing good will come from him and the companies (particularly Fakku) constantly defending him. (B7a) (B7b) (B7c)
What irks me the most about all of this is that media outlets and news sites such as "Anime News Network" and those "anitubbers" will gladly report and present Takahashi and Jacob as some upstanding chauvinists fighting against "evil bad piracy" and present their companies Irodori Comics and Fakku as the "saviors of the industry", while refusing to report on their sordid pasts, scandals, hypocrisies and activities in the online piracy scene. That's modern and professional journalism right there. Perhaps bribery is involved?
It says a lot about modern journalism when you compare them to journalists from the 19th and early 20th centuries who sacrificed their lives to expose mobs and mafia organizations. (A2a)
This is a picture of Takahashi, it's from an unlisted video on YouTube that was uploaded many years ago.
What he currently looks like is unknown because he has been a shut-in for years.
He was raised in New Zealand, a very draconian country that has outlawed many of the genres affiliated with the porn. (A2b)
Another photo of Takahashi. No idea when it was taken. (A1)
Irodori Comics is Takahashi's company and it's registered under his name.
Irodori Comics is an English publishing company that legally translates Japanese indie comics, mostly porn comics, into the English language and sometimes into French or Spanish, and sells it. He has been selling his company's "official translations" on Fakku's store since 2019 and on his company's site via Shopify since December 2020. He registered the company in US, Oregon, in July 2019.
His Twitter activity shows that most of his rants against piracy began after he registered Irodori Comics and it seems to be what he spends most of his time on, second to vandalizing E-Hentai/Exhentai of course.

Takahashi spreads disinformation against piracy and resorts to astroturfing and historical forgery. He's also censoring people by blocking/banning them because he doesn't want other people to know the truth about him.
He abhors fantranslations/"scanlations" because according to him it's "illegal", "it's stealing", "it prevents official translations from happening" and "an illegal download is a lost sale". None of these is true but a lot of uneducated people are falling for his propaganda which is quite disappointing. Don't waste your time trying to educate him because he's made up his mind.

Although he's very vocal and extremely against piracy, he's also been earning extra money on the side by working as an illegal translator for many pirate groups with paywalls since 2017. Let me rephrase that in case you didn't understand it, Takahashi has done paid work for pirate groups with paywalls to illegally translate stuff without permission from copyright holders. All while he owns a company that "legally" translates stuff and crusades against piracy.
It's very likely that he has worked as an illegal translator for a much longer time but there's only proof of him doing it since 2017.

Instead of making his own English publishing company from the ground up, he decided to steal someone's English publishing company. That's quite ironic considering he's always accusing innocent people of "stealing".
In February 2019, he applied for a translation job at Enshodo, got hired, and some months later he staged a coup against the owner of Enshodo and pretty much stole his company to create Irodori Comics.

I'm genuinely curious how many of these anti-piracy lunatics piracy haven't used an illegal copy of Windows or any other OS, an illegal copy of Photoshop, an illegal copy of any software, or obtained an illegal copy of any video file, audio file or image file? Slim to none, for sure. Goes on to show how asinine and hypocritical they are in their agendas.

Takahashi used to work as a translator for a few Japanese video game companies for a very short time many years ago, he will very often brag about this, even though video game translators are short-time work schemes with low pay that comes and goes, because he doesn't have any real accomplishments or credentials.
He used to also scam people with his English online classes by promising his students that they'll get rich if they "learn English" from him.

In 2018, he discovered Japanese indie comics (known as "doujinshi" in Japanese) and it led to him wanting to make his own English publishing company because online piracy popularized it in Japan and to the world, and it's very easy to obtain a Japanese author's copyright and legally translate/sell their work since not many are doing.

The popularity for this type of stuff and the industry for it would've never existed in a world without fantranslations and online piracy.
His claim that he supports the "doujinshi industry" is a pathetic lie because he's only an opportunist. He would've never cared about any of this if Japanese indie comics, particularly porn comics, were unpopular.
According to an anonymous source that used to work at Enshodo, Takahashi once stated that he has never paid for any Japanese indie comic.

Knowing how pathetic and predictable Takahashi is, he's going to do the usual and say baseless and stupid things about this to get people to not read it, so let me first point out that there is NOTHING WRONG with legally translating someone's work and selling it.
My issue with Takahashi is that he's a lunatic that constantly lies about topics which he knows nothing about, has no respect for anybody (especially no respect to the people who paved the way for the industry), takes credit for things he was never part of, runs coordinated disinformation campaigns against fantranslators, repeats gibberish, spreads disinformation and propaganda, and many other insane things. (P1) (P2)
He regularly attends podcasts and often gets interviews to spread his propaganda and brainwash people. He presents himself as "the anti-piracy chauvinist" and "the doujinshi ambassador that introduced Japanese indie comics to the West" and "the messiah to Japanese authors". What's worse is that he's still attending these podcasts after he had a massive scandal in May 2020 that exposed him as a swindler and a hypocrite. These podcasts are very complicit because they censor people by banning them and deleting their comments when they bring up the truth of Takahashi. (A68)
He will often tell people on social media that he supports freedom of speech and expression despite censoring people and mass-reporting them when they bring up his illegal activities or when they say the slightest negative thing about him. Takahashi is not the type of person that believes in free will and freedom of speech, he wants people to only believe in the horse shit coming out of his mouth. (A69a) (A69b) (A69c) (A69d) (A72)
Takahashi is very chummy with 4th-wave feminists, LGBT crowd and the rest of the "political correctness" crowd because he does a lot of virtue-signalling on social media and his company is translating and selling comics with LGBT-friendly content.
He's also translating and selling porn of women and children getting raped but that doesn't seem to bother feminists, the LGBT crowd and the rest of the political correctness crowd.
Apparently making money on rape porn is good as long as you're virtue signalling and hitting the right checklist? (A73)
Always in his rants about any topic, he'll never do any research about it and instead he'll resort to an extreme amount of projection, contradict himself, and remind people of the fact that he's an idiot who knows nothing.
In that particular rant, he says that affirmative action (AA) is bad in Japan and then he starts saying AA is good in Japan but only when males are exempt from it because he believes men in Japan are always financially well-off and never marginalized. (A74)
This is giving away the impression that he certainly hates women in Japan. He clearly wants to forbid them from language majors and translation jobs because they provide better translations than him. Wouldn't you agree? It's very concerning that Takahashi is telling women what they can and can't do. So much for him being fair and equal. His claim that women in Japan are forced into majoring a foreign language is complete bullshit because it's a well-known fact that it's related to their interets and apparent preferences. (A3a) (A3b)
According to Takahashi, fantranslators (this includes typesetters and letterers) are the scum of the earth. He's attacking the people that gave life to the industry. Keep in mind that this opportunist is making money off of an industry that would've been 9 times less profitable in a world without fantranslations and online piracy. The funny thing about this is that him and his employees and the employees at Fakku/Viz/other companies started out as illegal translators/letterers/etc, and many of them are still illegally working to make extra cash.
Takahashi is complaining about his struggle to find people willing to work for him. The truth is that he rips them off completely. He pays freelancers anywhere from $1 dollar to $3 dollars per page, and he wonders why not that many people want to work for him and his company. The quality of anything that's come out of Irodori is much worse than Enshodo because the latter paid more. (A3c)
Here's what a former employee from Enshodo wrote about Takahashi. He mentions the new salaries at Irodori and something about Takahashi's coup against Enshodo. Many former employees from Enshodo said similar things. (A4) (A5) (A6)
A few years ago, Takahashi used to "teach English" to foreign students over the internet. He had a short self-introduction video for it on a YouTube channel owned by "National Cheng Kung University" (
The video was unlisted on YouTube but before that I saw that it had around 50 views and it was uploaded many years ago.
In the video, he says they'll be able to become famous and rich very quickly if they pay him for his English lessons. This sounds like a sketchy scam to me. The video shows how full of shit he's and how obsessive and desperate he's for money.
Surprisingly enough, someone had the link to this unlisted YouTube video and shared it in a thread about him on 4chan. 30 minutes later, the YouTube video was suddenly taken down. I'm sure you can figure out who stalked that thread and took it down so quickly. If you haven't figured it out yet, Takahashi is monitoring every single thread on 4chan that mentions his name because he's always damage controlling. Luckily, people downloaded the video from YouTube before he took it down.
In the video, he also says he's a "professional translator" and he claims that Pokemon was more successful than Digimon because the former had better translations, this is complete bullshit because the reason Pokemon became more popular was because it invested more into advertisements and merchandises. (M8)
How good are his "official translations"? I don't really know because I haven't compared all of his shit with the original dialogues. What I can tell you is that his translations are often rewrites and very political which is funny because he says he's never political and he uses it as a selling point. For example, any reference to a character being underage or any implication of a character being underage gets cut out entirely in his "official translations".
In that screenshot, the original text says "1〇歳" which means "1X years old", and he cut it out entirely. (M9)
Takahashi believes that you can bypass any child protection law in every country if you insert a piece of text into each "official translation" that goes "all characters in here are adults because I say so". (M10) (M11)
Do these two characters look like adults to you? According to Takahashi, they're adults because he believes it's very common for adults to look like children, carry a kids' backpack, read an "filthy magazine" and get yelled at by their parent for it.
What do you think would happen to him if you showed this to his neighbors and to the police in NZ where he lives and to the FBI (his company is registered in the US)? It's just a hypothetical question. (A3e) (whoever took this screenshot hid their names, even though we already know who they're) (A52) (A48) (A3f)
Takahashi and his shills are always monitoring various websites and chatrooms. How else is he able to get rid of something that was recently posted in such a short time? What does it say about someone when they're always in a massive damage control mode? Most of the stuff that people find out about his past are illegal stuff. Fun fact: spoliation of evidence is a crime in the US and many other countries.
How did he get people to shill for him? He hands out discount coupons for their 'hard work' which they can either use at Fakku's checkout or at his site's checkout.
The shill in the above picture with the Chisato Hasegawa avatar goes by the name of "CBC" and he's the owner of a pirate group with a paywall. The name of the pirate group is called Shinmai Maou Translation and I'll abbreviate it into "SMT". Takahashi has been working as an illegal translator for CBC since 2017. SMT is also brown-nosing Takahashi quite frequently. SMT makes a fortune off of the paywall which is why him and Takahashi have been getting along so well since 2017.
CBC is another massive hypocrite because he repeats Takahashi's anti-piracy drivel while running a pirate group with a paywall and spamming Exhentai/Nhentai links to people on various Discord servers. CBC has also openly admitted that he's constantly monitoring 4chan threads about Takahashi. (B10a) (B10b) (B10c) (B10d)
Shakuganexa is a known former Fakku shill who has switched over to being a shill for Takahashi/Irodori. He's only pretending to insult his new boss in the second link because he thinks it'll fool people. (B11a) (B11b)
Takahashi immediately closed his company's site in May 2020 after he got exposed as an illegal translator working for pirate groups with paywalls since 2017. The first screenshot is what his main site looked like when it was closed for 8 months, from May 2020 to December 2020.
What's rather peculiar about that screenshot is that he wrote "Irodori Comics COMING SOON". What is coming soon? Did he forget that he registered Irodori Comics in July 2019 and launched his website at the same time, and that he's been selling his company's "official translations" on Fakku's store since 2019? The second screenshot is what his website looked before he closed it in May 2020. His website looks the same today as it did before he closed it. If you remember what Enshodo's website looked like, you'll notice that his company's site is surprisingly similar, and that's because he stole it. (S1)
In December 2020, Takahashi re-opened his company's site and added an online store (Shopify) to it. He's always stated that he wants his company's site to have its own store because Fakku takes a cut from publishers using Fakku's store. He now sells his newly published "official translations" on his company's site before selling it on Fakku's store. Buying from his site is not worth it because it comes as a pdf file with encryption and DRM, the download speed is extremely slow, you can only download your purchase two (2) times and it comes with many errors (misspelled words, missing pages, unsorted pages, different resolutions, grammar mistakes, etc). The reason there are so many errors in his "official translations" is because his salaries are near non-existent which leads to poor quality. It's also convenient for him to first sell his "official translations" on his site because he lets his site's customers notify him of any errors so that he won't have to pay for QA. He later sells his "official translations" on Fakku's store when he believes most of the errors in his "official translations" have been corrected and it can take anywhere from one month to several months. (Z2)
Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products.
They've stated in their Terms and Conditions that pornography is not allowed. Fakku and Irodori are powering their stores with Shopify. Is Shopify giving them a free pass? It's very obvious that financial institutions don’t want anything to do with porn, even when it makes them money. Onlyfans is a billion-dollar company and they were almost forced to remove all sexual content from their platform literally almost losing their business overnight just because the banks and credit card companies didn’t like to be associated with them.
Pornhub another platform owned by the billion-dollar company Mindgeek also got blocked by VISA and Mastercard following a single article published on a newspaper. If multi-billion dollar companies have trouble with the system, what do you think would happen to niche porn companies like Fakku or Irodori when the financial institutions that back them up were made aware of some of the ‘disgusting’ stuff that they offer on the site? (S2)
His company's FAQ page is full of revisionism and nonsense but this one takes the cake.
"If you buy it, you own it" is a lie. He also lies to people about it being DRM-free. If you buy anything from his site, you'll only be allowed to download it TWO times and it comes as a .pdf file with encryption and DRM protection, and the download speed is atrociously slow, around 100 Kb/s.

According to a plausible rumor, Takahashi is forcing authors to pay him a fee if they want want his company to translate and publish their works, and those authors can only make it back through royalties if his company sells enough copies. The rumor states that Jacob is doing the same thing to authors. How many copies must be sold for it to be "enough"? 3000 copies? Or 5000? Do they demand the same amount of copies sold for authors who aren't popular because they know their works won't sell enough and thus won't have to give them a dime?
Considering that both Jacob and Takahashi have a track record of lying and dishonesty, why would anyone believe them when they say enough copies weren't sold? Do note that sales data can be manipulated and you should not put it past them to not do it. (A78)
Takahashi's tweet confirms the rumor is real. To sum it up, Takahashi's company is approaching authors and telling them that they'll get rich if they pay a fee and hand over their copyright to his company. It also appears that many authors are paying him to simply have him issue copyright notices to Exhentai because he's so good at it. (K1)
Takahashi doesn't translate all of their works, only some of it and sometimes none of it. You can click on the author's name on his website to see how many of their works are sold by his company. Spoiler alert: it's very empty.
Here's a video of someone randomly sifting through his company's site to see how many of his "official translations" for those authors are available for purchase. Keep in mind that he's holding their copyright hostage so that no other publisher outside of Japan can acquire it unless he permits it.
What is the first thing Takahashi will do after an author has paid him? Do actual work by translating their titles, selling it and helping them earn more money?
No, the first thing he will do is to spam copyright takedown notices to Exhentai to take down all of the English fantranslations and Japanese RAWs.
Exhentai is also known as "the Alexandria of Hentai". Owner of Exhentai complies with any copyright takedown notice.
He has taken down thousands of Japanese RAWs and English fantranslations on Exhentai since July 2019. His "official translations" only become available for purchase many months/years later after that. So far, he has "officially translated" a few hundred of their works, and it is very unlikely that he will "officially translate" all of their works.
The reason he doesn't remove Korean and Chinese fantranslations on Exhentai is because he's paranoid and fearful of their communities. (A7) (that screenshot was taken in early March 2021)
There is no full list of DMCA'd galleries on Exhentai. It's very difficult to keep track of it because Exhentai's owner is very uncooperative and unhelpful, and he automatically bans anyone that makes a few HTTP requests to his site. There's a plausible rumor that Exhentai's owner has automated the DMCA process, meaning that approved publishers like Fakku or Irodori Comics can instantly remove any gallery at any time if they issue a copyright takedown for it. This would explain a lot of things because Exhentai's owner is barely online and Takahashi has removed newly published galleries when it was only one minute old and many galleries get removed by him at any time during the day or night.

Takahashi likes to brag about his crusade against Exhentai on social media because he believes he deserves praise for vandalizing it. A large part of the community is on Exhentai and they're the ones who popularized Japanese indie porn comics and gave life to the industry, and Takahashi is openly attacking that community because he's extremely ignorant and egoistical. His crusade against Exhentai is so pointless because after he's gotten rid of a gallery on Exhentai, it'll appear on 10+ different mirror sites in a heartbeat, and some of those sites are much more popular than Exhentai.

Takahashi claims that his copyright takedowns to Exhentai are increasing his sales and that Exhentai never makes any money for authors. This pathological liar is contradicting himself with his own bullshit lies. He has somehow rationalized it in his head that it'll somehow convince people from Exhentai to give their money to him after pissing them off. His lies are so dumbfounded. A major factor driving his crusade against Exhentai is that he's extremely ignorant but also that it gives him a great pleasure to vandalize and exert control over others. Control freaks are very much the Type A personality, driven by the need to dominate and control others. An obsessive need to control others is also associated with antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy. Psychopaths love to be in control because it's an aphrodisiac for them. (A11)
Takahashi claims that free access to paid content, regardless how terrible the quality is, is "stealing money" from authors and that most people will start paying for it when it's no longer accessible for free. He's basically saying that one illegal download is one lost sale. He claims to have data to prove it but he used a shitty excuse to not show it because he doesn't have any data at all. He also believes a censored fantranslated scan or digital rip can compete with uncensored high-quality official releases.
The only way for him to know if Fanza has issued copyright takedown notices to Exhentai is if he knows their staff and they told him (very unlikely) or if Exhentai's owner told him (also very unlikely). I've not seen Fanza get rid of galleries on Exhentai and I've asked several data hoarders about it and they haven't seen it either, so it's very likely that he's lying about it.
Imo, the funniest part of that tweet is Takahashi's attack on Fanza. I've contacted Fanza's help desk many times and always received an answer in good time, they're far from being slow. (A77)
Another one of his awful lies. It's impossible for him to do such tests and acquire such data because he removes every English fantranslation and Japanese RAW before his "official translation" is available for purchase. Not once did he "officially translate" an author's work and have it up for sale without first nuking the English fantranslation and Japanese RAW from Exhentai. Keep in mind that he has removed thousands of galleries on Exhentai since 2019 and only made a few hundred of his "officially translations" available for purchase.
His second tweet made me laugh because he believes that RAWs and scans are two different things. (B12a) (B12b)
Here's an example to see how long it takes for him to sell his first "official translation" after an author has paid him a fee and handed over their copyright to him.
In April 2020, he acquired the copyright to all of Miyamota Issa's original non-parody works and he immediately removed all of the Japanese RAWs and English fantranslations on Exhentai.
He later tweeted on the same day that his first "official translation" for one of the author's works will be available for purchase in July 2020.
In February 2021, 8 months after his own deadline, it became available for purchase.
It took him 11 months, nearly one year, to "officially translate" and sell it.

Fun fact: Takahashi is advertising his "official translations" in Discord servers managed by pirate groups that pays him to illegally translate unlicensed works and those Discord servers have less than 10 active members. You're most likely wondering why he's not advertising on Exhentai which has millions of visitors every week and that's because he's extremely ignorant. (C1)
After he read through this, he decided to implement ads for his company on Exhentai for Chinese/Korean fantranslated galleries. It's quite apparent that he has no idea what he's doing. (A79a) (A79b) (A79c)
It appears that Takahashi has started issuing copyright takedown notices to some Chinese and Korean fantranslations on Exhentai. I'm not sure when he started doing it, but it's definitely a recent phenomenon. Maybe that post on 4chan pissed him off? That's par for the course (B13)
He's so pathetic that he's issuing copyright takedown notices to Exhentai to get rid of comics that were scanned and uploaded to the site several decades ago. Here's an example, this was scanned and uploaded to Exhentai in 2008 (13 years ago). This particular comic was released and sold in limited quantities by the author at Comiket 63 in 2002 (19 years ago) and it's probably been out-of-print since then because that author is popular and they tend to sell out their limited prints very quickly. (T1)
During his "break" from December to mid January, he issued hundreds of copyright takedown notices to Exhentai.
This troglodyte is more obsessed with Exhentai than the site's actual users. (M0) (M1) (M2) (M3) (M4)
On 02/09/2020, someone on 4chan pointed out that Takahashi is refusing to "officially translate" and sell more of Mizuryu Kei's works because it's been 4 months since he last "officially translated" and sold something from that author. Does it really take that long to translate a few pages and sell it? Of course not.
What happened a day later?
On 03/09/2020, Takahashi's "official translation" for one of Mizuryu Kei's works became available for purchase. Coincidence? Nah. This also further proves that him and his shills are constantly monitoring 4chan (like it wasn't obvious before).
If you look at the time and date of his "official translations" for Mizuryu Kei's works, you'll see that it takes him anywhere from 3 to 6 months to sell another "official translation". Who knows why he's delaying it. Probably to piss people off. (M5) (M6) (M7)
A legal English publisher called Project-Hentai used to work with Mizuryu Kei and sell his works in English on their company's website for many years. This stopped when Takahashi convinced Mizuryu Kei to pay him a fee and hand over all of his copyright to him. He forced Project-Hentai to remove all of their official translations of Mizuryu Kei's works from their website.
Totally not a monopoly, heh! (A10)
Takahashi believes he's the one who is promoting and popularizing indie porn comics from Japan. In reality, it is the community that did all of it. He refers to the international market as "the western market" because he believes every country outside of Japan is "western". (B14)
This is funny for a couple of reasons and it further proves he's an ignorant asshole.

  1. He doesn't live in USA, has probably never been there but his company is registered there, most of his customers are most likely American, and despite that, he's constantly attacking Americans. In case you didn't look at his company details, he registered his company in the American state Oregon because they don't have any sales tax. Fakku is also registered in Oregon for that reason.
  2. he's trying to present satire news as real news, which someone called him out for, and he quickly began to backpedal by saying "I d-didn't know it was satire!".
  3. He then tries to save face by accusing Americans of spitting in their clients' food if they don't tip because his "friend" told him so. Apparently anything his "friend" tells him must be true. It's such a genius move to tell the waiter that you won't give them any tip before they've given your plate. I can see why Takahashi believes there will be spit in his food because he's an insufferable asshole and most people hate rude people. Fact of the matter is that it's illegal to spit in someone's food. (A8) (A9)
More baseless claims by Takahashi which he'll never prove in his lifetime because he's a compulsive liar.
Notice how he says "we" when it's just him doing it. And then he says "several piracy websites" which is another lie because he has only removed Japanese RAWs and English fantranslations on Exhentai. I also find it to be very amusing how he's oblivious to the fact that the community hates him because he seems to think they like him.

Takahashi spreads FUD against crowdfunding sites because the very concept of those sites are harmful to his company. Why? Crowdfunding sites take a very small cut (usually 5%). It'd effectively kill his company if more authors started using crowdfunding sites and that's what frightens him.

It's not an exaggeration when people say that Takahashi is always whining and spreading disinformation against online piracy.
Takahashi has claimed that Japanese comics, games and animations would've been much more popular without piracy. He thinks that Netflix, Steam, and other streaming services that were all inspired by online piracy would've existed and been more popular in a world without fantranslations and online piracy. He also thinks that Crunchyroll, Fakku, etc, which started out as blatant aggregator sites for pirate sites, would've also existed and been more popular in a world without fantranslations and online piracy. (A13)
Takahashi tells people that peer-reviewed studies from world-renowned research firms are "an opinion" when it disproves his bullshit. (A12)
Takahashi lies about public libraries because he doesn't want to admit that pirate sites and public libraries are very similar.
There are three kinds of public libraries or types of accquisition: by buying an exemplar, by getting a donation, or by being a national library.
The first one is the simplest: you find a bookdealer and buy books and other documents from them. The library owns the copy and offers access, often for free, to the users. Most libraries run by the government or other institutions get their books like this.
By donation of some inidividual, institution, another library, sometimes publisher gives the library those books or documents. It's also made readily available to its users.
National libraries are different, all publishers in the country are obligated to send at least a copy of each and every publication they printed in the country, this is done in order to serve as a repository of all the publications in the country, so things don't get lost.
Public libraries DO NOT pay royalties per use. They pay, sometimes, the acquisition cost of a book. And that's it. (A67)
Creating exposure and allowing millions of people on the planet to discover someone's work and increase their purchasing pool is very harmful according to Takahashi, and he wants to "teach" (brainwash) people on why it's supposedly harmful. (A75) (A76)
DDLC is a visual novel, 100% free to play and it was released in 2017. Many years passed and the VN's hype died down. In the middle of 2021, the developers released a small update to the VN bringing improved visuals, 13 additional music tracks, 6 additional side stories and a few other things.
The update cost $15 and it sold over 500k copies in the first 2 weeks.
But how can this be? Takahashi, Jacob, Daiz and their goons insist that exposure never creates money.

Takahashi claims that he can prove that online piracy is bad, stealing, destructive, etc, but he refuses to do it because he can't. The fact that he keeps repeating the same mindless drivel that has been disproven many times should tell you how insane he is. Repeat a lie until people believe it, right?
If you look at actual studies, you'll see that not a single well-established research firm can prove that piracy is harmful. To the contrary, it proves that piracy is harmless and boosts sales.
In 2014, the EU paid $428000 ($475508 in 2021) to the well-established Dutch research firm Ecorys and ordered them to research the effect that piracy had on sales of "copyrighted content". With a rich dataset, the study became 300+ pages long and the study concluded that there is no robust statistical evidence of displacement of sales by online piracy and it also mentioned that piracy increases sales for some industries. The EU suppressed the study and kept it a secret because it went against their narrative since they were pushing for stricter copyright laws at that time (they thought the study would've helped them with that). The exhaustive study of piracy's effects found that illegal consumption leads to increased legal consumption. To be more precise, the study estimates that for every 100 games that are downloaded illegally, people actually legally obtain 24 more games than they would in a world in which piracy didn't exist. Books, movies and music had similar results. The only partial exception to this is the film industry, where the consumption of ten pirated movies leads to four fewer cinema visits and thereby to a loss of five percent of current sales volume and this might be due to the higher price policy and expensive service for cinemas in comparison to the music, books and games industry. Interestingly, these results concerning the fewer cinema visits found their way to a publication of an academic paper by Benedikt Hertz and Kamil Kiljański, both members of the chief economist team of the European Commission. Yet the other unpublished results, showing no negative impact of piracy in the music, book and games industry, were not mentioned in their academic paper. Beyond that, the original study itself is not referred to either. This seems to substantiate suspicion that the European Commission was hiding the study on purpose and cherry-picked the results they wanted to publish, by choosing only the results which supported their political agenda towards stricter copyright laws. The EU has been accused of foul play and intentionally suppressing the details of the report by the European Digital Rights organisation. The privacy and data protection watchdog refers to an academic paper published by European Commission officials that selectively pertains to the correlation found by the Ecorys report with regard to theater sales but disregards the rest of its findings, raising questions about the EU's veracity in tackling the issue of piracy. The full length of the study was, however, not published by the EU. After the study was kept hidden for 2 years, a member of the European Parliament, Julia Reda, discovered the study's existence and demanded a copy of it and she published it on her personal blog.
You can find the study here (A14)
Here's a screenshot of one of Takahashi's typical rants on Twitter. In this tweet, he lies about an indie studio's closure. He claims they had to close because of piracy. The real truth is that the indie studio's closure was due to internal conflicts among the staff. The indie studio mentioned it in their public announcement but not many people will know that since it's written in the Japanese language which is why Takahashi is misleading people because not that many knows the language.
Takahashi is also arguing that each time somebody clicks on a download link it becomes a lost sale. Check out his math skills too. 500k-50k=495k???
The "one illegal download is a lost sale" is a very old lie and it has been debunked many times. There's even a whole article about it on Wikipedia with tons of references.
The second best part about that tweet is that the shitstain is complaining about people reporting bugs. Don't release a broken game then? (A59)
On what planet does Takahashi live on where there are game devs hiring game translators and telling them to FIND and FIX bugs in the game and in the programming code? All of his rants are made-up and so senseless. The hysterical idiot believes an audio engineer doing the level design of a game is the same thing as finding a bug and letting a dev know about it. This is the stupidest and most illogical comparison that I've ever seen. Furthermore, there are no bug-free games but this idiot believes otherwise.
What most likely happened is that he encountered a bug in the game while translating it and he told a dev he will only reveal the bug to them if they give him money for it and they told him to fuck off and rightfully so.
Or maybe he's been diagnosed with something that makes him freak out when he encounters a bug in a video game?
His third tweet is, as always, a lie. There are no game devs who think like that. It wouldn't surprise me if a game studio excluded his name from their credits because of how insufferable and annoying he's . (A60)
The funniest thing about this particular rant and projection from him is that he himself is not paying for QA for his "official translations". He includes QA in the credits on the last page of his "official translations" but it's a facade. He pays less than $3 per page to the cheapest translator and letterer, and he forces them to do the QA as well. In 9 out of 10 cases, he adds his own name under QA in the credits after skimming through the complete translation because he's an egomaniac who always wants his name in the records.
He first sells his "official translation" on his company's site because he can fix an error and update it anytime since it's under his control and no one can tell him otherwise. It's now up to the buyers on his site to find errors and notify it to him. Some months later, when he believes most of the errors are fixed or when he believes there are no errors, he sells it on Fakku's store. (A61)
On all of his "official translations", you'll see him watermarking the authors' cover pages with an oversized icon of his company logo to obstruct their cover pages because he's an egomaniac. It's also because he believes it'll prevent people from pirating it (yes, he's that stupid). Fakku, 2D-Market and other English publishers don't do these sorts of things. (A62) (A63)
To further obstruct the authors' cover pages, he will put the translated texts over the character(s) and add those weird black boxes near the edges.
The second link is what that original cover page looks like. (A64) (A65) (A66)
To obstruct it even more, he'll add his credits over the authors' illustration and blur out the remaining part.
The second link is 2D Market's credits page.
Third link is Fakku's credits page.
Why is he not adding credits to a separate page in the same way that other publishers are doing? Just to piss people off, and because he's an egomaniac. (A15) (A17) (B5)
The first picture is a screenshot of one of Takahashi's temper tantrums regarding fantranslations. He wants to see less fantranslators because with enough experience those fantranslators can start their own legal businesses which would compete against his company and Takahashi believes it will lead to problems for his company. For those of you who are confused, this is what people call "monopoly".
If you look at Irodori's company details, you'll find the name "Edsel Ayes" under "secretary". That's EdMX and he used to run several pirate groups in the past. he's probably still doing it but with a different pseudonym now. He used to also call himself "Eduardo Reyes".
While Takahashi is ranting about piracy, he has been making extra money on the side by illegally translating unlicensed novels/comics for pirate groups with paywalls for many years and he's still doing it today.
These little shits are telling people to not do something that they've been doing for years and are still doing it today for extra money.
It's a thing for everyone in the Fakku sphere to be as vividly upset as possible when it comes to fantranslators and what else. Here's an employee of Fakku complaining about piracy despite starting out and building up experience in the piracy scene prior to Fakku going 'legit'. (A16)
He truly believes he can decide what is or isn't ethical when he's arguably the worst scoundrel out there. Manipulates authors, rips them off completely, weaponizes their copyright and holds it hostage to prevent other publishers from getting it, vandalizes Exhentai, cries about piracy, works as an illegal translator behind the scenes, astroturfs, steals businesses, lies about practically anything, shits on fantranslators to make it harder for people to create their own English publishing company, and the list goes on. (A18)
Here's another intellectual tweet from Takahashi.
He told TorrentFreak that this screenshot is fake but I've seen this tweet with my own eyes and he deleted the tweet very quickly. Takahashi likes to take things down and pretend it never existed.
He made that tweet because he's trying to get people to hate VPNs and push for laws against it. Why does he hate VPNs? Because people use commercial VPNs with a zero log policy to upload or download torrents and he can't find out who they're when they use those VPNs. (A19)
Someone asked Takahashi why he's DMCAIng Exhentai. He responded with lies and contradictions, and they made a fool out of him. (A20)
After Takahashi embarrassed himself in the previous screenshot (A19), he got mad and came up with a coordinated disinformation campaign about "piracy advocates harassing authors". He continued to spew more lies against piracy as well. This is something he likes to do, he expects people to believe his unsubstantiated claims and the sad part is that some idiots are falling for it. Only a real piece of shit would come up with such a disgusting idea to garnish sympathy with false accusations.
Shills with clout, some localisation companies, and some greedy authors working for him retweeted his tweets because they planned it together. If this isn't astroturfing, what is it? Only a shady business would astroturf because it's a bad business practice for obvious reasons.
What's even funnier is that he wrote all of the English tweets for those Japanese authors working for him, you can see the similarities by comparing it with his own tweets. Same style and wording. He also told them to tweet "Takahashi doesn't care about money and he's a good person" and "we would've been more famous without piracy". They feel no shame when lying. Those are authors that you should never support. In a world without fantranslations and online piracy, they would've been much less relevant and sold much less today. Most of them would've probably never gotten into indie comics if they lived in such a world. The authors working for him are fully aware of this but they refuse to admit it because they're extremely egoistical and self-absorbed.
A majority of the authors working for Takahashi also helped him with stabbing Enshodo's owner in the back.
A truth that many people don't want to admit is that many of these Japanese authors don't care about readers buying their works. Try sharing your opinion about their work or criticze it, they'll block you and fling their shit at you in an instant.
DO NOT SUPPORT AUTHORS WHO ARE AFFILIATED WITH TAKAHASHI AND HIS COMPANY IRODORI COMICS. (A21) (retweets his own tweets from his other accounts, lol) (A22) (A23) (A24) (A25) (A26) (A27) (A28) (a long time ago, this author discovered that overseas fans were reading a fantranslation of his work and he told them to kill themselves while refusing to provide his own English translation) (A29) (A30) (A31) (A58) (A32)
Takahashi creates sock puppet accounts on torrent sites and cries & begs for people to give their money to him. He must be really short on money if he's that desperate. I've never seen a business owner do something like this on torrent sites until now. Have you? Let me know. (A47)
I have no idea who wrote it but it's all facts and it goes to show how utterly pathetic and clueless Takahashi is. (A33)
I saw this picture on the internet and I can confirm this as well.
Takahashi blocks people on Twitter when they expose him or don't believe in his bullshit, and he adds their Twitter name to his blocklist and gives it out to his shills so that they will block them as well. It's comedical that he's advocating for freedom of speech and expression when he's censoring people and built his own echo chamber.
I humiliated Takahashi in January 2020 and I'm currently (March 2021) blocked by a lot of people in his network circle, I've never interacted with any of them and neither have they interacted with me. You know you're blocked by someone when their tweets appear as "unavailable" until you logout.
Check out that link and learn a few things about how bot networks and shill networks work on social media. It's what Takahashi is doing. (A34)
Takahashi claims that microtransactions exist because of piracy. Another bullshit statement by the all-knowing and self-proclaimed professional translator.
It's utterly pathetic that he tries to blame it on piracy when everyone and their grandmother knows that microtransacations exist because of greed. It has nothing to do with piracy at all. Microtransacations exist because it generates the most money without putting in too much effort and there are barely any regulations against it. In fiscal year 2020, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $5.5 billion from only microtransansactions. (A54) (B7)
Takahashi was also the one who started the witch hunt against MangaRock in 2019.
MangaRock was an aggregator site for fantranslated comics, just like how Fakku was an aggregator site for indie porn comics for almost one decade until 2015.
Both MangaRock and Fakku never bought anything, they only leeched stuff that was hosted on other sites.
MangaRock removed all of the unlicensed works on their site because of Takahashi's witch hunt, and now they're working with licensed works only. However, Takahashi is not satisfied and he's still attacking MangaRock.
But is he doing the same to Fakku?
No. Fakku gets a free pass by Takahashi. This is because Fakku prepped up Shikimaya/Enshodo/Irodori for years, and the only way Takahashi managed to make any money from 2019 to December 2020 was thanks to Fakku letting him use their store. (DA1) (DA2)
Someone managed to obtain an account with access to Enshodo's Discord. Lots of interesting stuff. Mossad and their proxies such as ADL should totally check it out. Do note that a lot of people in there appear to be talking to themselves and that's because they've deleted most of their messages.

How did Takahashi create Irodori Comics?# (Z1)
Fakku's CEO, Jacob, had a very short and scripted AMA on /h/ in May 2020. Most people found out about it when it was already over because /h/ is a very inactive board, that's why a lot of heated comments appear at end. In the AMA, he had people ask him irrelevant questions which he already had the answers for. The only useful information that he gave away is that he confirmed there was a "split" at Enshodo which led to the creation of Irodori. Calling it a "split" is laughable considering Takahashi stole Enshodo by launching a coup against the company's owner to drive him away.
Few weeks after that AMA was over, insiders who worked at Enshodo revealed a lot more information about the "split" on /h/. (A35) (A36) (A37) (A38) (A39) (A40) (A41) (A42) (A43) (A44) (B1a) (B1b) (B2) (B3) (B4) (B5) (B6) (B9) (an interview with Jeff, Shikimaya/Enshodo's owner)

Takahashi worked as a translator at Enshodo for a few months until he made Irodori Comics.
For those of you who don't know what Enshodo was, it was another English publishing company that also provided legal translations of Japanese indie porn comics into English.

Want to know what happened to Enshodo? Want to know why Irodori's website is so similar to Enshodo's website? Want to know why ALL of the authors working for Irodori Comics in its first two months previously worked for Enshodo? Want to know why Enshodo's vice president and other founder went over to Irodori Comics?

We need to start from the beginning.
It first began with two guys called Tech aka Jeff and EdMX aka Edsel Eyes aka Eduardo Reyes. They started out as an illegal translation group a decade ago. Their first group was called "Genesis Translation" and they got paid by people to illegally translate copyrighted works without permission from the copyright holders. They changed the name of their group to "gTeam" and then they changed it again to "Phoenix Syndicate" aka PSYN.
At some point, when they felt they had gained enough experience to quickly translate and typeset comics, they decided to start a legal translation company after seeing Fakku's success.
Fun fact: they've always been really good friends with Jacob and most of the staff at Fakku. All (except for one or two) of the artists who worked with Enshodo at the beginning were artists from the roster of Wani/Fakku.

In 2016, Jeff, EdMX and two other unnamed registered a company called "Shikimaya".
This time, they only translated something when they had permission from the copyright holder.
Fakku prepped up Shikimaya by informing authors from their own lineup to join them.
This is where things become interesting. Kana Ueno enters the picture for the first time. She approached Tech and wanted to "help" his company. Tech tried to convince the other three and told them "she knows how to run the company and bring in more money". That's what she told him to say to the other three.
EdMX said nothing and the two unnamed said no because they had no idea who she's and they believed it'd be a dangerous move to let her make any decisions because no one has heard of her before.
Tech ignored the two unnamed and brought in Kana, let her run the company and she told Tech to kick out the two unnamed which he did.
Kana was the primary contact for authors at Shikimaya/Enshodo.
One of the stipulations of Shikimaya/Enshodo getting her 'help' was that she would have a say in everything. She told Tech to change the name of the company so that the two unnamed who he had forced out would never see any profit for the company that they helped to found.
The new name of the company became Enshodo, and the new owners were Tech, EdMX and Kana.
Tech got himself into massive debts because someone had to pay for Kana's salary and the company bills.

In 2019, Takahashi applied for a translation job at Enshodo and got hired.
It is believed that Kana and Takahashi knew each other and this was part of their grand plan.
Tech started issuing more and more copyright takedown notices to Exhentai after Takahashi became an employee at Enshodo. Did Takahashi pester and persuade him to do it more often? Probably.
Tech went after English fantranslations instead of Japanese RAWs, and this did not sit very well with Takahashi because he wanted to get rid of both.
Some months later, he started plotting with Kana and EdMX to kick out Tech. They weren’t happy how the owner of Enshodo was running things, and since they couldn’t get him to relinquish control to them, they decided to kick him out by launching a coup against him.
They started emailing authors in secret, mostly false rumors about him, accused him of scamming authors and having ties to the mafia in Japan. The reason Takahashi framed it as a Yakuza issue was because of a huge Yakuza scare in the Japanese entertainment industry at the time, maximizing the fears of the Japanese publishers and authors just so that he could get his way and steal Tech's company.
Takahashi told those authors to wait until the event Anime Expo was over because Tech paid a lot of money to have Enshodo's booth there. This was to inflict as much damage to Tech as possible.

On 23 July, 2020, Takahashi registered his company.
One week and some days later, that's early August 2020, their plan sprung into action and many authors quit at once and this is when Tech found out about their coup to kick him out.
EdMX took down Enshodo's website and changed Enshodo's slogan from "The way Doujinshi are meant to be enjoyed" to "The way Doujinsih are not meant to be enjoyed".
Takahashi scared the authors away from Enshodo and had them run straight into his own arms. Mission accomplished.
Tech had no choice but to close Enshodo. Stuck with a massive debt, which he's still paying for today.
On August 29 2019, Takahashi blackmailed Tech and forced him to tweet "I'm closing Enshodo because of my health issues, check out Irodori Comics".

Jacob calling this a "split" is a bit humorous, don't you think?
Jacob and rest of the staff at Fakku knew about the coup before it happened.

What's rather sad about this is that I was at Anime Expo and I checked out Enshodo's booth. Tech revealed some new stuff for Enshodo to people there, while Kana and EdMX were standing there and smiling without saying anything.
If for some reason you don't know what Anime Expo is, it's the largest anime convention in NA with over 100k attendances and is traditionally held on the first weekend in July, which typically coincidences with July 4, and lasts for four days.

Takahashi's scandal in 2019 which exposed him as an illegal translator doing paid works for pirate groups with paywalls#

TorrentFreak is a publication dedicated to bringing the latest news about copyright, privacy, and everything related to filesharing.
TorrentFreak wrote an article about Takahashi's scandal that happened in May 2020 because he got exposed as a swindler and hypocrite who makes extra money on the side with illegal activities (he got caught working as an illegal translator for pirate groups with paywalls since 2017 despite being an anti-piracy advocate).
TorrentFreak didn't write anything about Takahashi stealing Enshodo, but they included a link to the reddit thread that brought it up and they asked Takahashi about the reddit thread and he denied only one thing from it and it was a screenshot of one of his deleted tweets equating VPN users with terrorists and pedophiles (he denies he tweeted that). (A45) (A46) (A48)

How did Takahashi get exposed as an illegal translator getting paid by pirate groups with paywalls? Mainly because he's an egomaniac and he had to include his name in his illegal translations.
On 26/05/2020, at 4:11 AM CEST, a post on 4chan mentioned there is a pirate group with a paywall that takes "donations" so that it can pay for illegal translations which it puts behind paywalls to make more money. The post also mentioned that Takahashi is one of the illegal translators working for the pirate group.
It turned out to be true because nearly every translated chapter on that pirate group's site had Takahashi's name in the credits and that he has been their illegal translator for more than 4 years since 2017. he's also very active in their Discord (posts every day) and has a special role in there too. Such a big brain move to use the same name for your legal and illegal activities.
Another anon replied with "log their Discord before he [Takahashi] takes it down" because Takahashi is famous for stalking and monitoring websites like 4chan because he's a always in a serious damage control mode.
On 26/05/2020, at 7:49 AM CEST, another anon posted "Their onto us, I got kicked out of their Discord" because Takahashi saw their 4chan posts and started panicking. The owner of that pirate group is a clown called CBC and the name of his pirate group is Shinmai Maou Translation (abbreviated into SMT). Takahashi told CBC about it and they immediately banned nearly everyone from their Discord server and he immediately removed Takahashi's name from every page on their pirate site. They also locked their Discord, deleted all of their invite links and started removing their messages. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Their damage control and attempt at trying to cover it up was quite amusing because I was spectating it. (A49)
Here's proof of the paywall that CBC uses to fund his and Takahashi's illegal activities. (A50)
Here's proof of CBC bragging about how much money he has made with Takahashi's illegal translations. It's actually a lot more than 1200 donors. Their minimum fee to gain access to their paywall is $10. (A51)
Here's proof of CBC admitting that he hired Takahashi as an illegal translator in 2017. (A52)
Here's proof of Takahashi being in their server.
Takahashi is always interacting with them and flooding their channels with advertisements and links to Irodori Comics on a daily basis.He prefers to promote his "translation skills" and company's "official translations" in that pirate group's Discord with 10~ active members instead of doing it on a website like Exhentai which has millions of daily visitors. Ironically, they also have a channel where they post Nhentai and Exhentai links to each other.*/
Proof of them removing Takahashi's full name from the credits on their site with timestamps. (A53)
Here's a picture of it if you don't know how to use (wow, it was removed, so surprising) (wow, it was removed, so surprising)
Someone managed to log some of their Discord messages.
It's a real shame that not all of their messages got logged because there was so much garbage and illegal shit in there. For example, despite being a pirate group with a paywall, Takahashi kept spreading his usual propaganda against piracy and the owner of that group kept reiterating his drivel and they were dropping links to 4chan threads and other social media and telling their users to defend Takahashi and his shitty company. They were also sharing links to Nhentai and Exhentai with each other. So much for "supporting authors" and being "against piracy". (U1)
After he got exposed as a scummy little bastard who makes money on both sides via legal and illegal activities, he closed his company's site for 8 months from May 2020 to December 2020.
Takahashi was quiet for one week after he got exposed because he was trying to come up with a shitty lie to cover his skin.
This is what he told TorrentFreak when they reached out to him on 7 June, 2020.
"It's not piracy when I'm doing it because I say so!" - Takahashi.
Yes, he is that insane.
"It's fair game to illegally translate something when there are no official English translations for it!" - Takahashi.
Quite ironic for him to say this when he's been harassing and vandalizing Exhentai's community for years. He has gotten rid of thousands of galleries on Exhentai (many of which are English fantranslations) and he hasn't provided any official translations for most of it because he's refusing to do it. His "official translations" are never available for purchase until many months/years later.
"I only wrote one translation for that pirate group! - Takahashi.
Another flat-out lie by Takahashi. His name was ALL OVER THEIR WEBSITE for nearly every translated chapter. He has been SMT's commissioned translator for over four years and he's active in their Discord server on a daily basis and announces all of his illegal translations along with his "official translations" in there.
"I am totally giving the money to the original authors, so it's okay to put illegal translations behind a paywall!" - Takahashi.
Another pathetic lie by Takahashi.
"None of these guys are free-riders!" - Takahashi.
Yeah fucking right. The owner of that pirate group is a beggar demanding $10 or more for access to his paywall and he keeps 90% of the money in his own pockets (10% goes to Takahashi).
"That screenshot of me saying that VPN users are terrorists and pedophiles etc is fake!" - Takahashi.
I and many other people saw that tweet with our own eyes until he deleted it. Says a lot about how insane someone is when they pretend something never happened after they've deleted it. (L1a) (L1b) (L3) (L4) (L5)
Torrentfreak reached out to him after he got exposed as an illegal translator but he didn't respond to them until one week later because he was busy coming up with a lie to save his skin. When he responded, he told them he did only one (1) illegal translation. This is worth mentioning because it shows how desperate and terrible he's at lying.
It took him one week to come up with this shitty lie because he needed that many days to realize that only one (1) of his hundreds of illegal translations from that pirate group's (SMT) site was added to the Internet Archive before CBC (SMT's owner) did damage control and removed his name from the site.
Here's the fun part, there are people out there turning the first illegal translation they find for a title's volume or chapter into a pdf file. If the illegal translation contains credits, they usually include it in the pdf.
You can find his name in the credits for many of those pdf files from a site called "".
As an example, here is a pdf file from justlightnovels, it contains his illegal translation from SMT for the tenth volume of Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha. This pdf file was created by justlightnovels on 27 January 2019, that's 15 months before he got exposed as an illegal translator. His illegal translation from SMT that was added to the Internet Archive is the eight volume of Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha.
He said he did only ONE illegal translation (the eight volume), but here we have two illegal translations from him. I personally remember seeing his name in the credits for almost every illegally translated novel on that website. His next lie is probably going to be "I forgot, I got paid to do two illegal translations and not one" and anyone who falls for it is an idiot. Don't waste your time debunking all of his bullshit because there's too much of it and it'd take years to debunk the tiniest fraction of it. (L6) (L7)
Three different pirate groups translated the volumes of Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha and chose three of Takahashi's illegal translations for the tenth, eleventh and twelfth volumes. For some reason, in two of his illegal translations, justlightnovels replaced his name with the name the pirate group that he works for.

Fakku's past#

Most people don't know this but Fakku started out as a pirate site and it was a pirate site for almost a whole decade. Jacob, the creator of Fakku, leeched stuff off of E-hentai/Exhentai to increase his site's traffic. What he did is that he re-uploaded fantranslations, scans and digital rips from Exhentai to his own site.
Fakku's CEO, Jacob, doesn't care about Takahashi's crusade against Mangarock or anything else because the only thing he cares about is making more money. Fakku takes a cut from the publisher when they sell something through Fakku's store, which is why he refuses to lift a finger against Irodori. Amusingly, Jacob will sometimes try to lecture people on ethics and morals when he himself lacks it.

What made Jacob create Fakku? He saw the huge success with E-hentai/Exhentai and wanted to do the same thing because he knew it could be turned into a profit. Fakku never had a meaningful community, so he had to leech/scrap for content from E-hentai/Exhentai because no one (including himself) on Fakku bought, scanned and uploaded anything. He also advertised Fakku on E-hentai/Exhentai by spamming links in their comment fields and telling fantranslators to add Fakku watermarks to the pages. (A55)
When Fakku was a pirate site, they had intrusive ads everywhere and an illegal store to further profit off of IPs that they didn't own. (A56)
On 19 June, 2014, Wanimagazine noticed that Fakku was a very popular site with a large and growing userbase from different countries and they offered him a deal to legally work with them which he gladly accepted. This is when Fakku entered a partnership with Wanimagazine and began to legally translate their magazine chapters into English. Jacob continued to host unlicensed works and leech off of E-hentai/Exhentai despite working with Wanimagaizine because he wanted to boost Fakku's site traffic as much as possible and he stopped doing it until 2015 when he removed when people called him out for it. (A57)
After Fakku transitioned from a pirate site to a legal publisher, Jacob and Daiz have told people that "piracy is bad and awful", "piracy hurts Fakku's profit" and so on, but if you look at their past and their company's growth since it went legit, you'll know that they're full of shit. It's clear from Fakku's expansion that the company has been growing nonstop and doing very well financially. It's obvious to everyone that Fakku is constantly growing and earning more and more money.
It's been almost one decade since they transitioned from a pirate site to a legal publisher and they haven't proven anything yet, and they never will.
Fakku had a short AMA on E-hentai's forum on 24 July, 2020. People asked them about Takahashi's scandal and a few other things related to Takahashi, and you can probably figure out what type of response people got from Fakku.
I'll give you a quick rundown if you don't want to read their responses since it's a long thread.
YQII and Daiz said the usual shit that you'd expect anyone from Fakku to do. They feigned complete ignorance despite being fully aware of everything that happened and they want to sweep his scandal under the rug and pretend it never happened.
The reason Fakku is playing dumb is because they take a large cut from Irodori and they'd lose money if they banned Irodori from using their store. Fakku cares more about money instead of being ethical. (FA1)
The most hilarious thing I've seen on Fakku is how they handle reviews. If they don't like your review, they'll delete it and accuse you of encouraging piracy despite not having mentioned it at all. They'll also edit your post. Yes, Fakku is deleting and editing user reviews.


There are several ways to hurt Fakku and Irodori Comics, economically wise. The most obvious way is to not give any of your money to them.

Make some fucking noise. Take this to social media. Let people know. Silence is oppression.
What is the source of our first suffering? It lies in the fact that we hesitated to speak. It was born in the moment when we accumulated silent things within us.
Neutrality helps the oppressor. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.

One easy way to really screw them over is to contact their payment processor (that'd be Shopify). Shopify has stated in their Terms and Conditions that they don't allow their serivce to be used for pornography and yet they're backing Fakku and Irodori, two porn publishers. These two publishers don't just sell vanilla porn, they also sell porn of women and children getting raped. Most companies don't care when you email them unless they know you're someone with clout. Most people don't have clout at all, in that case, you'll have to heat things up by using social media and pray for an actual journalist or someone with clout to notice you. A payment processor will, in nine out of ten cases, ban porn companies using their service when it's brought to everyone's attention.

If you really have to buy uncensored porn and I cannot convince you to do otherwise, you should then purchase Irodori's "official translations" on Fakku's store because Fakku takes a cut, meaning that Takahashi and his company get less money back. You'll also not get an encrypted pdf file with DRM when you purchase it from Fakku. You should also find a group buy or crowdfund your purchases.

A more tedious way is to create your own English publishing company, this route requires experience in translating comics and a decent amount of money to make upfront payments to authors for their copyright. The easiest way to build up experience is to do it through fantranslations, this is why Fakku, Irodori and most publishers out there hate fantranslators because it's how they started and they don't want anyone to do the same since it threatens their precious little hegemony.

Another way is to report them for questionable content to authorities. After all, they sell porn of women and children getting raped and they sell to countries which forbids it. They also hide such content on their site and you need an old account to get the option to view such content and it's always turned off until you manually enable it. I suppose Fakku thinks it'll make it very difficult for Agent John and Agent Smith to do their job.

Encourage authors to use crowdfunding sites. Crowdfunding sites take a 5% cut or less, whereas Fakku/Irodori take 50% or more.

Pub: Mar 23 2021 05:13 UTC
Edit: Sep 08 2021 15:16 UTC
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