Our flight had been delayed, so we ended up having to wait an extra 3 hours at the airport before we even took off. But finally, we managed to arrive in Rome around midnight.

The dark sky was reflecting onto the narrow streets, that were faintly lit with small lights all throughout the city. The warm summer night breeze brushed over our skin, welcoming us to the heart of town. And even though it was nearly one in the morning, Rome was bustling with life. The restaurants still had people sitting around, the bars were open, and the street musician was playing his heart out on the violin. Jack and I wanted to grab a chair and enjoy some wine. But as much as we both wanted to stay, we were both really exhausted.

So we checked into our hotel room and collapsed onto our bed instead. Our room was cosy, it was draped in neutral colours, and it smelled like rose petals. The balcony was filled with plants, and it had a great view of the city, perfect for that early morning coffee.

We took out a few things from our luggage, brushed our teeth and got ready to cuddle up naked under the cotton sheets. For some reason, the bed felt like heaven, as if it was made out of cotton and clouds. Perhaps it felt so comforting because I had been travelling for more two days and also because Jack's naked body was pressed up close against my back.

He wrapped his arms tight around my waist and dug his face against my neck. Making me feel safe and warm. Giving me the perfect recipe to fall into that heavenly sleep I so desperately needed.

The next morning, I woke up with a light trickling sound onto the windows. I looked outside at our balcony and realised that the cold, wet weather had followed us here. The sky looked grey, and it was filled with dark clouds ready to drown the city. I could hear the thunder in the distance, telling me that there's no sign of hope to get that warm weather back today.

I sighed, and I turned on my side to cuddle with Jack, but he was already in the shower. So I crawled out from under my blanket. And hurriedly ran into the bathroom, hoping to steal some of his warmth.

"Hey, beautiful," he said with a sleepy warm smile.

Jack was standing naked in the shower, his hair was messy, and his eyes looked tired. The water was dripping down his chest, onto his belly, all the way down to his morning boner.

"Get in here, there's enough room for two."

And with those words, I stepped into the shower with him. Steam rushed up against my body, as I softly pushed Jack against the wall to kiss him. His hand ran down the sides of my waist and grabbed hold of my ass. I felt his hands squeeze against me, and my hips leaning forward, lightly grazing his.

The warm water from the shower made my skin glow with heat. It ran down over my hair, onto my shoulders and slid down across my breasts. I placed one of my hands on Jack's cock and moved up and down his shaft as I teased him with a kiss.

"I think you should wait for me in bed. I'd love to get a taste of your morning cock" I said

"Gosh, you're so much trouble. I can't think about anything else other than fucking you right now."

Jack got hold of my face, kissed my lips and made his way out of the shower. He was looking at me as he wiped himself dry, appreciating the beauty that was about to ride on top of him. He gave me a cheeky smile, dropped the towel onto the floor and made his way out of the bathroom.

The soap was lathering against my skin. As I rubbed my hands along the curves of my breasts, I felt my nipples getting hard, and my vagina getting wet. The soapy water ran across my back, over my butt cheeks and down onto my smooth legs.

As soon as I was done, I wiped off all the water and marched back into the bedroom to find Jack waiting for me naked, his hands running across his shaft.

He stood up to grab my arm and pulled me down onto the bed.

"Move up, I want to lick you. I want to get you soaking wet, and then I want you to use me like I'm your sex toy" Jack said.

His words translated into a passion that bubbled in my chest. I threw my self onto my back, opened up my legs for him and took in all the pleasure that his tongue was giving me. He carefully licked my opening, pushing his tongue through, and then licked my clit.

His hands held onto my legs as he pressed his lips closer to my most pleasurable areas. Sucking my clit, and flicking it with his tongue, sending pulses of delight up my spine.

I looked over to the balcony and watched as the rain dribbled down the window and lightning shined across the city. I felt the energy in my body getting stronger and making my legs shiver. My back curled up, and my hips got tighter with every stroke of his tongue. I could feel myself edging closer to orgasm, as my body shivered with pleasure. And suddenly all the stiffness in my body was released into a delightful moan.

My hips fell down, and my legs stretched out, almost like they were trying to catch a break. I smiled and bit my lower lip as I looked at Jack, who looked just as excited as me.

"Get on your back" I mumbled while trying to catch my breath.

Then I carefully climbed on top him, with my knees on either side of his hips. Placed the condom over his growing cock, and kissed his tip.

I pulled myself up slightly and put his round hard tip, just above my opening. I played with it, pushing it around the outside of my vagina. Getting all the juices and wetness over it.

Then I sat it on it lightly, barely having it in. And bounced up and down his first inch, teasing both Jack and myself. I leaned forward to have my chest pressed against his,

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"I want you to sit on me and take all of my cock inside you."

And with that, I let myself fall onto him. His cock disappearing inside me, and his hands pulled me closer to him. We stood there for a second, enjoying the feeling of his cock filling me up, and my vagina hugging his member.

Then I started rocking my hips up and down, slowly at first but harder with every thrust. Until I was taking him in as hard as I could, my body just wanted more. My boobs were bobbing around, and I raised my arms up above my head to give him the best angle of them.

After a while, I turned around to straddle him the other way. This time giving him a great look at my ass, as I jumped on his cock.

Jack slapped my ass and grabbed my hips, helping me to move. I could see his leg muscles starting to clench, and his dick just getting harder every second. I kept going until he orgasmed, and I felt the condom getting warm with cum.

I slowly climbed off and threw myself onto the bed. My chest rising, desperate to calm down. Jack leaned over and kissed my lips. His face flush with an orgasmic glow.

"Well, that's a great start to our holiday. Morning sex is the best," he said.

I leaned in for a kiss and rested my head onto his chest.

"I know. Maybe we should start all of our mornings likes this."

Love Nina Lessi

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