Lady Agatha took the telephone from her maid and spoke to the private Psychiatric Consultant at Fairview Sanatorium.

"Yes, I see, the straightjacket...foaming at the mouth...padded cell...Thank you, Charles. I am sure you are doing the very best for him. No hope, you say? If only he could have a quiet dignified end. Oh, I see, withdrawal of sustenance? That would be possible? Can I give that some thought Charles...I'll call you next week."

Replacing the receiver, she sat for a while in contemplation. Poor Sir Michael. Such a decline after only seven years of marriage. She had not realised just how completely, quickly (and successfully), her cheating, teasing and mental cruelty would affect her husband. She gave a little shiver of excitement at the sheer feminine power she had brought to bear on the unfortunate baronet.

But now she needed to act more rapidly than expected. His will stated that only an estate cottage plus £100,000 would be allocated to her, on his death. Her daughter Clarissa, his step-child, would inherit some jewelry and £50,000. The remainder of his considerable estate, plus a lifetime's accumulation of investments, artwork and bullion was willed to his only child, Justin. A Multi-million pound fortune.

She decided to call her 'partner-in-crime', Lady Penelope Fenton.

"Hello Penny. No, everything is fine. It's just that we might have to move things along somewhat faster than expected. Yes, very near the end now, poor dear. No. No chance at all. I was thinking perhaps that you and Sophie, and perhaps Gwen, could come and stay with us this weekend. In any case, as you can imagine, since he met Sophie last month, poor Justin is at his wits end. Good, I'll have the rooms prepared for Friday. Don't forget the key!"

Both women laughed, then, finishing with some light gossip, ended the call.

That evening, she invited her step-son for a little chat, in the small sitting room, adjacent to her boudoir.

"Jason Darling, we are to receive visitors on Friday. Lady Fenton and her daughter are coming to stay for a few days. Won't that be nice?"

Jason had thought of little else but Sophie, since their return home, six weeks ago. Although his body had begun to adjust to his new chastity device, he was also in what seemed like a constant state of frustrated arousal and romantic longing.

"Oh yes, mummy. I hope Sophie hasn't forgotten me," he gushed.

"Don't be silly. Lady Fenton tells me that her daughter has talked about you on at least two occasions since our visit. She is a very charming and accomplished girl. I am quite sure she will make someone an excellent wife, one day. Actually, Lady Fenton tells me that Sophie has had several offers already."

Justin looked downcast. "I told her that I loved her, mummy."

"I know darling, and I am sure she is fond of you too. I know you are still very young, Justin, but really, you may never get a better opportunity to engage with such an eligible young woman. Perhaps you should propose marriage, when they come."

"Why would she want to marry me mummy. I am younger than her, I can't ride and I'm very shy."

"I know darling, but you may be pleasantly surprised. Take advice from a woman of the world, Justin. I feel sure that Sophie is ripe for marriage and if you ask her very very nicely, I feel sure you will 'sweep her off her feet'."

With that, she reached across, embraced Justin and gave him several kisses on his cheeks and lips, leaving his face covered in deep red lipstick.

"Will you be a brave boy and try for me darling?" she whispered.

Blushing under the tender caress of her lips, Justin could only nod his affirmation.

"Good boy. Of course, you will firstly be required to ask her mother for permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mummy."

Lady Agatha noted with cruel satisfaction, that despite his embarrassment, Justin was unable to resist peeking at her lovely legs, sheathed in the sheerest copper coloured, fully fashioned nylon stockings. Reaching into her handbag, she retrieved a tiny leather box, which she opened, to Justin's surprised gaze.

"Here is a ring. It was your maternal grandmother's diamond engagement ring. Take it with you now darling. You may offer it to Sophie at the appropriate time."

The next few days passed very slowly for Justin, but eventually, Friday came and 'The Honorable' Sophie arrived with her mother and their senior maid, Gwen.

His step-sister, Clarrissa was first to rush forward to greet them and was quick to whisk Sophie away to the stables, before Justin could do little but wave, ineffectually towards the back of his beloved.

It was Lady Fenton that addressed him: "Hello Justin. Don't worry, you'll be seeing lots of Sophie, later. Come here and give me a kiss."

Justin stepped forward and pressed his lips against the soft, powdered cheek of this sleek, aristocratic, former Dior model. She was wearing an calf length mink fur coat and Justin's senses were inflamed as it brushed sensually, against his body. Gwen took the luggage inside, whilst the two ladies accompanied Jason into the drawing room.

Lady Agatha instructed Justin to help Lady Penelope off with her coat. He almost gasped at the feel of the purple satin lining, and when out of sight, could not resist stroking the sumptuous, perfumed fur against his cheek, before, reluctantly hanging it reverently, in the cloak room.

On his return, he is instructed to sit on the sofa, between the two women.

"Thank you Justin. I am pleased to see that you are developing into a real young gentleman. Now, I understand from your stepmother that there is something very important that you wish to ask me. Is that correct?"

Justin was not expecting to speak of his intensions quite so soon and quickly became flustered.

"Come along, young man. No need for shyness." coaxed Lady Fenton.

"Well your Ladyship, its just that, I was wondering if, because I have feelings..."

His stepmother interjected: "Oh, for heaven's sake, Justin, spit it out!"

"Sorry, mummy."

"I really really love Sophie, Lady Fenton and I'd like to ask for her hand in marriage."

"Well, how delightful and formal, Justin. Yes you may. You have my blessing."

With that she leaned towards him, and holding his chin gently between her beautifully manicured fingers, gave him a luscious long kiss, full on his lips.

Despite himself, Justin's penis began to strain cruelly, against its metal confinement.

"I will endeavor to prepare Sophie for the expectation of an important decision, this evening, after dinner."

Lady Agatha then dismissed Justin, and suggested that he have a bath and to make sure he soaped thoroughly...everywhere..."

As he left the room, he could hear the ladies giggle quietly, in amusement. He consoled himself that at least his mother had bought some long trousers for him to wear that evening.

At dinner, the four the ladies were, once again, beautifully attired.

Sophie, in particular looked radiant. Her long golden hair was swept up in a fashionable chignon and her dress was a sheer black transparent silk chiffon, worn over a tight-fitting cream satin under-dress. She wore 'barely-black' nylons and black patent leather high heeled mules, long diamond drop ear-rings and a matching wide diamond choker necklace, inherited from her grandmother.

Jason was awe struck and, as much as possible, avoided eye contact with the four glamorous women. Though he was forced to answer a question from his step-sister:

"I love your long trousers, Justin. So manly. How do they fit?"

"I like them, Clarry, they fit me very well."

"No chafing in the groin area then?"

Justin blushed deeply.

"Really, Clarissa, leave the boy alone. You are such a tease!", interrupted Lady Agatha.

For once, it was his sister who was required to apologise. With a giggle she turned again to Justin:

"Sorry Justy!"

At the end of the meal, Sophie is the first to rise. I am going to the library now, Mummy. Lady Fenton had agreed this venue with her friend. After a short interval, Lady Agatha reached across, and gently touching Justin's arm, whispered:

"Off you go darling. Remember, be brave!"

Justin stood, unsteadily, and crept slowly towards his destiny, in the library. On entering, he found Sophie lounging languorously on a chez longue. For the first time in his life, he steeled himself and rushed across the room, and fell to his knees before the young goddess.

Taking out the little box he opened it and presented it before his intended.

"Oh Sophie, you have no idea how much I love you. Will you...will you marry me?"

Sophie looked down on him imperiously. There was a long minute's silence, before she held out her hand:

"Yes, Justin, I will consent to be your wife. What a lovely ring!"

With some awkwardness, Justin managed to maneuver the engagement ring onto her outstretched finger.

She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on his forehead. Examining closely, the expensive, vintage ring, and holding it up to the lamplight, she continued:

"I think you deserve a reward darling!"

With that, she rang the small hand bell, placed at her side. Almost immediately, her maid, Gwen, appeared in the room, (almost as though she had been listening behind the door).

"Gwen, could you fetch that little key from Lady Fenton, please?"

Justin was still kneeling, when the maid returned, carrying the chastity key on a small silver salver. Justin was about to rise, but Sophie placed a hand on his shoulder to restrain him.

"Stay, Justin. Just relax darling. Gwen will take care of everything for us."

The maid knelt beside him and began to deftly lower his trousers and underpants; revealing his caged genitals, shining brightly in the lamp-light. Justin was aghast, but froze under the sardonic gaze of his fiance.

Gwen then proceeded to unlock his 'device' and carefully remove it from his testicles and penis. She looked up at her mistress, who simply nodded.

As he looked up adoringly on his wife to be, this sexy siren, he felt Gwen's hand begin to tease his little member to erection.

"I told you that I allowed my boyfriends some 'relief', if they pleased me, darling. Now, show me how much spunk you can spurt for me!"

Despite his shameful predicament, and Sophie's mocking words, his long forbidden pleasure quickly reached its climax with a sudden, profuse ejaculation, some of which reached her ankles and shoes. Justin was in ecstacy

Gwen quickly wiped away the offending sperm from the carpet, his wilting penis and Sophie's shoes and nylons. Without further ceremony, she reattached to chastity device to Jason's nether region. At that moment, Lady Fenton entered the room. (It was almost as though she too had been listening to events, behind the library door!). Rushing over to Sophie and ignoring the still kneeling Justin she examined the engagement ring, kissed and congratulated her daughter.

"Has he been wanked, darling?"

"Yes mummy, Gwen did ever so quickly! Thank you Gwen, you may leave us."

The maid stood, and handing the key back to Lady Fenton, left the scene. The matriarch turned to Justin, and gestured for to him to rise:

"Now, young man, we need you to sign some papers, to formalise the engagement. Do you understand?"

Justin stood, shocked, sated and cowed: "Err, yes madam. Yes, of course."

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