So you want to play Assetto Corsa in VR?

What to Buy:

You'll just need the base game and the Japanese Pack DLC if you want to race with /vrg/.
For general online play, you'll probably just want to buy the Ultimate Edition since a lot of servers use DLC.
Don't pay full price if you can avoid it, this game goes on sale all the time.

General setup:

At the bare minimum, make sure to set your rendering mode to OpenVR or Oculus in the video settings and disable Crepuscular rays.
Race department has a list of recommended tweaks you can look at as well, but a lot of these come down to personal taste.

/vrg/ multiplayer server details:

Server: vrg racing
Pass: tfwnodriftfu
Current Server Mods:!IgMnDK7Y!16gzEjZRZsea9QE3NDQg6Q
We usually race on Wednesdays at 8PM Eastern Time, but the server is always up.
EU time 18:00 UTC every other Monday.

If you want a physical wheel:

T150/TMX is usually the cheapest decent option.
G29/G920/T300 are generally the recommended entry level options.
The /ovg/ hardware guide has a lot more information if you want to go more in-depth:

If you want to use your VR controllers as a wheel:

A few regulars use this and really like it.
Ask in the thread if you're having setup issues, hopefully one of them can update this with their sample config.

Extra tweaks:

Content manager is a much better launcher than the default one for everything other than wheel setup, and the Lite version is fine.
You can install the shader patch through it under Settings>Custom Shader Patch, which improves lighting.
The Sol mod allows for improved weather, which lets you race at night and more.

Pub: 03 Oct 2021 05:02 UTC
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