Soundbit pack from 【MINECRAFT】Building stuff for Portal!! (finally?), and parts from Mori's stream at 【MINECRAFT】Reaper is BUILDING. (feat. friends?)


Irys asserting dominance!
Irys calling you babe!
Irys saying you need to get hopium!
Irys and the japanese sponsor announcement!
Irys really loves senpai!
Why are (you) saying that what're you doing is more important than Irys!
need that sound
Irys needs to change and you shall reform her!
What are you gonna do with all that cake!
work related
Irys is on overtime!
Irys hopes that you are productive in your work!
animal sounds


Lecher Irys peeking at underwears!
Irys has a stanky bush!
Irys needs to breed with the turtles!
Irys wants to sleep next to you!
Irys asking if your junior is doing well!
It's Irys' first time!
Irys needs them big juicy melons!
Irys will throw her melons at you!

From Mori's stream
Hot and steamy situation with Irys!
Irys might strip!
Irys singing Hot in Herre! (and being a tease)
Irys wanting you to taste her melons!


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