The thirty days between my first appointment with my new urologist, Dr. Ryan, and my second appointment, seemed to take forever, and no matter what I did, I just couldn't stop thinking about how I lost my anal virginity to him and how much I was looking forward to doing it again.

Every time I jerked off, I recalled standing in front of him naked, then bending over exam table and feeling is finger poke my prostate so hard that I dribble a bit of cum on the floor, and finally having him take me from behind with his wonderfully man-sized cock! I made a point of finger fucking myself when I jerked off to these thoughts in order to reinforce my connection with Dr. Ryan.

Finally, the date of my second appointment arrived and I was a giddy as a schoolgirl getting ready to go to the prom. Weeks ago, I decided that I was going to surprise Dr. Ryan, so as soon as my wife left for work, I began working on my little surprise. It took me a while to pull it all together, but I was happy with my results and got dressed and headed to Dr. Ryan's office for my visit.

The receptionist greeted me with that knowing look and asked me to take a seat until my name was called. My heart was racing a 100 miles per hour, so I sat there trying to gain my composure and slow my racing heart. My name was called, band I was escorted to an exam room where I waited nervously for Dr. Ryan to enter.

I was lost in thought when a knock of the door jolted me back to the present moment.

"Come in," I said.

The door opened and in walked Dr. Ryan, looking every bit as handsome as I recalled. He smiled and sat down next to me and ask how I was doing and if I had any issues since my last visit. I chuckled and said, "no" and I tried to slow my racing heart and calm my schoolgirl jitters.

"So, are you ready for round two of your treatment Marty?" he asked.

"Yes, of course," I said in an eager and upbeat manner.

He asked me to stand and then asked me to slip off my pants and assume the position. I stood in front of him just like my last visit, but this time I paused and looked down at him.

"I'd really like it if you would pull down my pants Dr Ryan," I said, trying to hide my nervousness.

He looked up at me and smiled, then placed both hands on my waistband and gently pulled them down. I watched his reaction as he pulled down my pants and I wasn't disappointed. Once my pants got below my crotch, he pushed his swivel chair back and let my pants drop to the ground. He smiled and looked up at me.

"My my my Marty, what do we have here, or should I say Mrs. Fisher?" he asked.

I stood there with my pants around my ankles wearing a sheer pair of French-cut bikini panties that I had stolen out of my wife's dresser. They were pale pink in color with a tiny pink bow in the center of the waistband. They cradled my small package nicely and made me feel girly all over. I had also shaved my cock, balls, and ass, leaving a small landing strip above my cock. I always fancied that on a woman as it seemed to point the way to her goodies. I thought about Dr. Ryan's question before responding to him.

"Yes, Mrs, Fisher, or Martha, would be nice Dr. Ryan," I replied.

"Then Mrs. Fisher it is! Step out of those pants honey and assume the position," Dr. Ryan said with a bit of eagerness in his voice.

I stepped out of my pants and then bent over to pick them up off the ground. I made sure to point my panty-covered ass out more than normal in order to accentuate my assets. I smiled back at Dr. Ryan before walking over to my chair and folding my pants and placing them on my chair. I stepped up to the exam table and instead of bending over as I did before, I hopped up on the end of the table and looked back at the doctor with my legs spread slightly apart.

"I was hoping that we could do this face to face this time Dr. Ryan," I said while looking him straight in the eyes and swinging my legs a bit.

He smiled and then stood up, pushing his swivel stool aside.

"Sure, Mrs. Fisher, I'd like that. Let me get some lube for my instrument and we'll begin," Dr. Ryan said as he moved closer to me.

"That won't be necessary Dr. Ryan. I'll lube your instrument up for you. Come here," I said as I laid back on the exam table and rolled my head to one side.

"My my my Mrs. Fisher, aren't you the accommodating one!" he said as he walked over to the table and stopped with his crotch inches from my face.

I reached over and opened his lab coat, unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants, and lowered his zipper. I was surprised to see that he wasn't wearing any underwear and pleased to see that his cock was already reacting to my intentions. I reached inside his pants and pulled his swelling cock to my face, opened my mouth, and tongued the opening at the end of his cock before closing my lips around his dick and sliding my head towards his belly. It had been quite some time since I had a cock between my lips, and I was going to savor every inch of this one.

As I sucked his beautiful cock, my thoughts traveled back to the very first cock I had sucked. It was the summer before I entered high school and I remember like it happened yesterday. My best friend and we found ourselves in a 69, sucking each other's cock in the bedroom of the hot blonde who lived next door. She and her parents were vacationing, and I was watching their house which was synonymous with drinking their booze and raiding their daughter's panty drawer. My friend had a large cock, especially for his age, and I was instantly hooked once his cock pierced my lips.

Dr Ryan's cock was even bigger, but I was able to take every inch of him thanks to learning how to relax my gag reflex and my sheer determination to not leave an inch of his cock unclaimed. He was obviously enjoying the blowjob I was giving him, but I wanted more. So, I kicked it up a notch by making sloppy sucking sounds to add to his and my pleasure. His cock was good and wet, and it appeared that I was getting the better of him so he pulled back and out, making a popping sound as he exited my mouth.

"Slow down there Mrs. Fisher or you'll drain me before I have a chance to complete your prostate procedure," he said as he backed up, walked to the end of the exam table, and stepped between my legs.

His cock was throbbing and glistening with my saliva. He took both of my ankles, raised them to his shoulders, and then grabbed the front of my thighs, and pulled my ass to the very edge of the table.

"Panties on or off Mrs. Fisher?" he asked.

"On please," I said while smiling.

I didn't want my little dinkess flopping around while I got fucked and leaving my panties on made me feel even naughtier. Dr. Ryan pulled my panties to one side so he had free access to my man cunt. I felt the slippery head of his cock push it ways between my cheeks and then press against my man-gina. I tilted my head back and thrust my hips forward and caused Dr. Ryan's cock to slide in. This was now a welcomed and familiar sensation and I never wanted it to stop.

Dr. Ryan slowly worked his juicy hard cock in and out of my man cunt until her had every inch of it in me, then he pulled nearly all the way out before thrusting his cock into my prostate much the same way his finger did the first time we met. That caused my little man clitty to jump and squirt a little jizz in my panties.

I bit my lip in order to avoid shouting out in ecstasy and then covered my mouth with my hand when Dr. Ryan began using me as his personal fuck toy. For the second time in a month, I was getting to feel what it felt like to be my wife, only I was being pleasured by a much bigger, younger, and harder cock! Oh, if my wife only knew.

"That's it Mrs. Fisher, cover that mouth of yours before you draw the attention of every nurse and patient in this office. We wouldn't want them to know that you were getting fucked by your doctor, would we?" he asked.

Dr. Ryan reached up grabbed both of my nipples with his hand, pulled them and twisted them as he kept fucking away. Then he took his left hand and slid it down to my panties and began rubbing little package as he continued to twist and pull my nipple while he fucked me good and hard. He pulled that front of my panties down below my balls so my entire little package was exposed, then he pulled on my man clitty as he twisted my nipple and fucked my cunt.

"You like this don't you Mrs. Fisher?" he said, "what would your husband think if he saw you right now, taking Dr. Ryan's cock like a little slut?"

"Do you think he'd approve of your slutty ways? Would he get off seeing my cock slide in and out of your slutty cunt? Maybe I should snap a picture and send it to him. What do you think Mrs. Fisher?" Dr. Ryan asked.

All of this dirty talk and role reversal was driving me insane along with being fucked like a woman, having my clitty stroked, and my nipple twisted in a doctor's office surrounded by people. I couldn't stand it any longer and squirted cum all over my belly as Dr. Ryan continued to stroke me and fuck me good and hard. He rubbed my cum across my belly and then massaged it into my clit and balls.

"Look at the mess you made Mrs. Fisher. Your husband is not going be very happy when he sees that is he? Are you ready for your doctor to seed you? Do you want me to pump my cum deep into your pussy? Well do you Mrs. Fisher?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, yes, yes, please fill my pussy up with your seed Dr. Ryan." I panted.

Apparently, that's all he needed to hear because he increased the rhythm of his thrusts, pulled me tighter to him, and threw his head back and pumped his seed deep into my love canal pounding my prostate while he did. I climaxed again, this time without shooting my cum, and nearly passed out in the process. I honestly don't believe I've ever had a climax as intense and pleasurable as this and I had my Urologist to thank for you. I only wish I had come to him much sooner.

Dr. Ryan slowly pulled his cock out of my creamed cavern, then wiped his cum-covered cock on my panty-covered clit and balls, marking his territory a little bit more, before pulling up his slacks, and fastened his belt.

"I've got other patients to tend to but I want you to tell the receptionist that you need a double appointment next month because I want to kick your treatment up a notch and need extra time to do so. I'm sure you won't object to more time with doctor will you Mrs. Fisher?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Anything to shrink that pesky prostate of mine doctor, anything," I responded still laying there covered in my own cum wearing my wife's panties.

He handed me some wet wipes and told me to clean up and he would see me next month before leaving the room and leaving me there alone with my thoughts. I replayed the entire event in my head again, wondering if anyone in the adjacent rooms could hear us. The thought of someone else knowing what was going on within these four walls made me tingle all over. What if a nurse walked in while we were doing that? That too sounded exciting as I no longer cared who knew what as long as Dr. Ryan continued his treatments.

I cleaned myself up, pulled my cum-stained panties up and headed to the front desk to make my next appointment. When I told her that Dr. Ryan wanted to schedule a double appointment next month, she simply smiled and said, "congratulations" before booking the appointment and handing me a reminder card.

As I drove home, I thought about my wife would do if she found out that I not only was getting fucked by my doctor, but I was wearing panties when I did! All kinds of twisted sexual thoughts followed that one, and before I knew it, I was pulling into my driveway.

I gave my wife a kiss with the same lips that had just sucked my doctor's cock and an update on my visit, keeping the sexual part to myself of course, then headed to the shower to wash the cum off of me and my wife's panties.

I wondered if she noticed the smell of cock on my lips when I kissed her and what she might do if she did. Would she be pissed? Would she be interested in joining me? Would she like to watch? The possibilities were endless but for now, Dr. Ryan was all mine, and I was already thinking about how I might prepare myself for my next appointment and wondering why Dr. Ryan booked a double appointment for me. I couldn't wait to find out!

(to be continued...)

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