Kaiki was led over to the stocks and forcibly bent over, the bellows of the crowd ringing in her ears. She felt the wood clamp around her neck and wrists, locking her to her fate. Only once the wood was clamped in place did Kaiki's fight or flight mechanism kick her out of her stupor and she began to thrash against her restraints.

"This outlaw has been found guilty of resisting arrest, for the next hour she is to be restrained in the stocks for your disapproval." The police officer announced. Kaiki noticed the crowd was funnelling behind her, she could not know they were forming a queue. "Mild physical correction is permitted with your spite, please proceed in an orderly fashion." Kaiki was wondering about what 'mild physical correction' could mean when her question was answered by a burst of pain across her bottom.

"I should have known a fat arse would be the trade off for those gigantic udders of yours." An angry voice spat before letting loose with more hash spanks across Kaiki's buttcheeks, reverberating pain across her body. Kaiki marvelled at how solidly the stocks held firm against her thrashing, all the bondage equipment she had bought for her husband had been cheap and flimsy, leading to an unspoken acknowledgement that Kaiki could break free if she actually wanted.

Kaiki resolved that when this was all over, she'd buy some stocks of their own, give Futoshi a go at punishing her bottom.

"I'm over twenty so I'm too old to be spanking some naked old woman." A new voice announced from behind Kaiki. "Oh wait, I don't have my ID on me, I guess that means I'm under twenty." The sarcasm was cutting as new explosions of heat consumed her bottom with each swat. He got in as many as he could before the police moved him on, eager to keep the queue moving so everyone could have their turn. Kaiki's ass was now glowing.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to punish your ass." The next teenager began. Suddenly Kaiki felt her breasts getting grabbed and squeezed as hard as this new person could manage. "Why would I when these big swinging boobs are available?" He yelled. The boy had bent over her to reach her breasts and so she could feel the boy's erect cock pressing against her ass through his trousers as he roughly toyed with her pendulous tits.

The next boy seemed extra mean, he gave her a couple of spanks on the ass, before crawling under her to give her breasts more direct punishment. Kaiki screamed as he twisted and pulled her nipples, before letting loose with a series of swats on her breasts, a pause between each one so he could watch them sway with the recoil.

"Bet you wish you had just served me alcohol instead of being a bitch about it." He exclaimed as he walked away from the stocks. Kaiki had no idea who that boy even was, but she was sure plenty in the queue shared his sentiment. The only plus from all this was that at least the throbbing heat of her punished body kept the cool evening air at bay.

Kaiki was surprised at how quickly the hour seemed to pass, she had actually found herself getting into the rhythm of the tame physical and emotional abuse thrown out by a line of teenagers angry at her previous sternness. The comments about her fat ass and huge dangling udders now mere background music to the crescendo of stinging heat that came with every hand that collided with her punished body.

"Alright, times up, come on then." The policeman stated, unlocking the stocks and pulling Kaiki up to her feet. She struggled to stand, and so had to lean on the police officer, while the other clamped solid chains around her wrists. Although she was just being taken to the holding cells, rows of spectators lined the streets, turning her walk of shame into a procession of jeers and insults. Kaiki tried in vain to cover herself with her hands while the guards kept yanking her arms to keep a hold of her.

Eventually they entered the police station and Kaiki was thrown into a bare cell. The cell contained a rudimentary bed, a hemp blanket and a bucket. Once the cell door was locked, the guard reached through the bars to unlock Kaiki's handcuffs. She spent as long as she could shouting and swearing, insulting anyone involved with this strange scenario she found herself in, but eventually her voice gave out and she was left naked, cold, and alone, doing her best to capture whatever fleeting sleep she could for the rest of the evening.


Kaiki was awakened by a bucket of cold water being thrown over her. The two guards loomed over her cage and threw in a pile of chain.

"Put on the shackles so we can go to court." One of the guards ordered. Kaiki picked up the pile and unravelled it. It was a long sturdy chain linking two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs and a metal collar. Kaiki shivered at the coldness of the chain and the prospect of wearing it in front of a courtroom full of people. She bent over and clipped the ankle cuffs over her legs, surprisingly reassured by the cold and firm grip they kept on her. Next she fastened the collar around her neck, thinking ahead that this would not be possible once the wrist cuffs were on. Finally she put on the wrist shackles, now fully restrained Kaiki gave the chains a yank, they were sturdy and unyielding, she was even shocked that the collar that seemed to be a single price of metal, was actually complexly built to constrict when the chains were pulled, tightening around her throat.

The cell door was opened and Kaiki was led out of the building by the chains that bound her. Shivering in the cold morning air, her eyes took some time to adjust to the sun's early light, but when they did she saw a crowd of students outside the village hall, all in various states of hangover but awoken just to see the display. The sound of clattering chains filled the village hall, the small building had been converted into a courtroom for today's proceedings and plenty of deals and bargains had been made so that cosplayers could fill the roles of the lawyers, jury and even stenographer. The judge, however, was Toshiki, the lawyer who had first recruited Kaiki, as a GM he was considered impartial.

The prosecution seemed to have a lot of fun with their case. They spent their time arguing that Kaiki had a long history of being a nasty bitch. That although she was on trial for murder, the court's verdict should take into account all the times she had scared and intimidated poor defenseless college students. Their concluding argument was that as she seemed to get off on torturing others, it was about time others got off torturing her.

Kaiki's defence left a lot to be desired, their argument was that Kaiki was actually an irredeemable slut. They called witnesses who confirmed her make out session with the deceased. They pointed out how stiff her nipples were and how her lewd body probably craved the humiliation the prosecution sought. Kaiki had to be gagged for screaming interruptions and profanities throughout her defence lawyer's speeches. After the defense's concluding argument that her clear enjoyment of the stocks marked her as a negligent nymphomaniac, the foreman of the jury stood to give their verdict.

"We find the defendant innocent of murder. It is clear she wanted to fuck Zakakaga not murder him. We do however find her guilty of involuntary manslaughter." The judge banged his gavel as Kaiki screamed into her gag.

"Order, the defendant has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Given the scale of your negligence, stemming from your decision to illegally sell an eighteen year old alcohol, I have no choice but to lay down the harshest sentence given in the rule of law (expansion book three). You are to pay a life debt to the family of the deceased, your possessions are now their's and you will live in servitude for each of the eighteen years and nine months of the life you curtailed. I believe the deceased's next of kin is with us."

Kaiki looked in horror as the same tiny man in the same steampunk suit stood up from the viewing gallery.

"Indeed your honour, I am Lee Artifice, twin brother of Zakakaga." The smarmy boy announced.

"Very well, I place Kaiki and all her possessions under your ownership. I seal this with a bounds of divine plea, as the process was justly followed, the deity of justice will supernaturally force compliance from Kaiki." The boy was given the keys to Kaiki's chains, and the crowd cheered as he went to the dock, grabbed her shackles, and dragged her out of the courtroom.

Once he had gotten Kaiki back to her shop he unclasped the shackles allowing them to fall to the floor.

"We can't have these constricting your movement if you're going to be working for me." He explained. "Also everyone figured there might be an outcome like this so they have been preparing, first they took the liberty of adjusting your old uniform." He handed Kaiki a pile of fabric, the waist corset was exactly the same as it always had been, but without the blouse it existed as a means to tone her torso and force her breasts to bulge outwards. Her dress had been cut away at the front so without her bloomers she would be flashing every customer her pussy. She was about to put on her clothes when her new owner stopped her.

"Before you dress, I've been told people find that bush of public hair unprofessional, shave it off." He ordered, throwing a shaving kit her way. Kaiki hesitated, this was a new frontier, her pubic hair wouldn't magically regrow at the end of the weekend, if she came home shaved her husband would ask questions. Her new owner grew frustrated at her hesitation and called over Toshiki.

"GM, she is refusing an order while under the divine plea." He tattled.

"Is that so, under the rules of the game you may only resist a divine plea if you make a successful plea to a rival deity, have you done so? Or are you contemplating utilising the safe word, leaving the game and forfeiting your fee?" The harshness of tone when the lawyer mentioned her giving up and losing the fee focussed Kaiki's mind. She had read in her business books about the sunk cost fallacy, that 'I've come this far' shouldn't be an argument for continuing. But the thought of going through all this for nothing dwelled on her mind. She had also noticed that she had to be reminded of the loss of fee, she hadn't thought of it at all this morning. There had been times when she thought of using the safe word, but it wasn't pragmatism that stayed her tongue, she was just in the rhythm of playing along.

"I was not disobeying, my hesitation was from an attempt to refuse that was nullified by the plea." She replied to the GM, snatching the bowl out of the boys hand and looking inside to see razors and shaving cream.

"Good to hear. Could you stick around to hear the terms of Kaiki's servitude" The boy announced, holding the GM up so he could hear the orders he was about to force upon Kaiki. "One, Every sentence that is said to me will begin and end with the word 'master', I am also to be referred to as your master whenever you talk about me with others. Two, while you must keep a civil tongue towards me, you must remain the same mean and hurtful bitch to everyone else. Three, though your words may be coarse, you are still to obey any order given to you by a customer as long as said order does not involve taking items without paying for them. Are these rules clear?"

"Master, yes master." Kaiki replied, shocking herself at how quickly and unthinkingly the ordered response came out of her mouth. Toshiki wrote some things into his iPad to share with the other GMs and left while Kaiki got to work shaving her pussy.

Once Kaiki returned from the back room, wearing her slutty convenience store outfit and showing off her freshly shaved pussy, she saw the boy adding some last touches to a small wooden sign. He triumphantly held the sign up for Kaiki to read, it said 'the customer is always right' with the word 'always' in big letters and underlined. Amongst his steampunk gear the boy had some basic metal supplies, amongst those were two slender lengths of chain he had attached to the edges of the sign, each with a small clip on the end of it. He menacingly held up the two clips.

"Any idea where this is going to be hung?" He asked with a grin, clearly beginning to settle into the role.

"Master, it's going to be clipped onto my nipples master." Kaiki replied with certainty. The boy approached her and she found herself subtly thrusting her chest forward to make her nipples available. The clips on the chains were designed to be attached to leather costumes rather than human flesh, so Kaiki let out a shriek and a moan as the first one clamped onto her nipple, sending sharp pains deep into her breasts. Soon the other nipple also felt the sting of erotic agony as the boy slowly released the sign, letting the wooden weight pull down on Kaiki's tortured breasts.

"How does that feel?" He cheerfully asked.

"Master, painful master." Kaiki gasped out between quick shallow breaths.

"I'm sure you'll get used to it." The boy giggled on his way to the door. "Anything else you need before I leave you to man the shop for the day?"

"Master, no thank you master." Kaiki groaned leaning on the table for support as the boy skipped out the door past a party of adventurers making a beeline for the new and improved shopping experience.

"Hey there slut." The first of the group announced with aplomb, it was the meanest kid from her time in the stocks. "Glad to see you finally learned your place."

"I'm still in the same place I always was, standing behind a counter telling you that you're an annoying pipsqueak." Kaiki replied much to the party's shock.

"With all you've been through I would have thought you would be more polite. Didn't Lee tell you to treat the customers well?" The party leader shot back.

"While my master was explicit that I do whatever the customer asks, my master was also clear that I was to continue being rude to everyone but him. So I'll still make sure you know that even in this degraded state I'm better than you." Kaiki stated, pulling herself upright and trying to ignore the swaying of the sign attached to her breasts.

"Lee said you have to do whatever we ask?" Another of the party pointed out with a smirk. Kaiki could have hit herself, why did she offer up that information so willingly?

"As long as it does not involve giving away anything to you freeloaders from my master's shop." Kaiki clarified.

"Nice, well I'll tell you what I'm sick of hearing this bitch talk, until we leave you are to only communicate with barks, once for yes and twice for no, is that clear?" Kaiki gave the boy a look that would have sliced him in two under different circumstances.


The party practically fell over laughing.

"Come on, surely you regret treating all us students like dirt now?" The party leader asked.

"Woof, woof." Kaiki replied, this time more cheerfully with a smile, even reduced to barking she was still able to taunt her tormentors.

"Really, well if you still haven't learned your lesson in kindness, I don't see why I have to be nice to you." The party leader sneered. "Guys gather up your shopping. Because this hag can't speak, she's going to ring up our purchases and tell us how much it costs by slapping herself in the face once for every gold piece, spanking those huge udders once for every silver piece, and swatting that freshly shaved cunt once for every bronze piece. Do you understand?"


The store had an abacus system for calculating the cost of goods, but it was a bit overwhelming for Kaiki to operate given the multitude of distractions and the party gathering up as many small items as possible to make sure she gave herself a firm punishment. The party leader had come up with this punishment with a plan for what he would buy and Kaiki realised this when his bill came to 5 gold pieces, 9 silver pieces and 9 bronze pieces. Kaiki barely remembered what it was like to be slapped, she had had a couple of fights at school but they were distant in her memories these days, so it was like rediscovering an old song when she whipped her hand across her face, leaving behind a red mark and an explosion of heat. She alternated hands so she was left with a distinct asymmetry of feeling on her face that she was honestly desperate to rectify.

Once the party had counted to five she began to slap her tits around, doubly painful with the sign jerking and bouncing with every slap, pulling on her nipples. The eruptions of pain taking her back to last night in the stocks when her situation was novel enough that she was able to indulge her self pity. Finally she moved on to slapping her pussy, she had never shaved her pubic hair before so her hand felt smooth and alien giving her pubis a quick stroke before whipping it down hard on her labia. Her screams of pain mixing together as she slapped her cunt again and again in rapid succession.

"Five gold prices, nine silver and nine bronze, a fair price." The party leader mused while Kaiki narrowed her stance and placed her hands behind her back. "I'm glad you are committing yourself to customer service, learning how to serve your betters." Kaiki had a terrible idea that she couldn't resist doing.

"Woof woof." The party leader stared at her with fury.

"Alright slut. Count it again."


The party took far longer in the shop then they were anticipating, and were lamenting the loss of game time as they left the shop. Kaiki felt like she could heat a warehouse with the glowing red pain overflowing from her body. More significant to Kaiki was her gripping her hands behind her back, feeling how wet her spanking hand was from the pussy juices that had leaked onto it. She took some deep breaths to compose herself as the next party entered to shop.

"Welcome to the shop, you're all pricks." She announced, her sharp wit clearly dulled by the fog of eroticism and pain that still clouded her brain.


It was some time before Kaiki's master returned, she spent the day responding to all kinds of deranged requests, but none of the awkward teenagers had the courage to use her for their own sexual gratification in front of their friends. Instead she was squeezed and spanked from every angle, was forced to bend and spread herself in more ways that she could keep count of, and for the most adventurous of the players she was told to masturbate while they made their purchases. Kaiki saw the whole experience like if a dog caught a car, they had her, degraded and under their control, but deep down nobody really knew what to do with her.

Her master returned with a big grin on his face, as Kaiki's owner he was the most popular player, and got to join the best groups and collect the best loot. His new friends had also spent the day filling his mind with ideas for what to do with Kaiki, most of which were beyond what he had a stomach for.

"Good evening slave, did you enjoy yourself today?" He chirped entering his shop.

"Master, I spent the day being punished and humiliated, master." Kaiki answered, dodging the actual question as she didn't know the answer herself.

"Well, it is closing time, let's get that sign off you." The boy reached out and unclipped the sign, unaware that the rush of blood to her previously constricted nipples would cause a wave of pain, forcing Kaiki to collapse on the floor growling through gritted teeth. The boy's initial reaction was to apologise and drop to his knees to help Kaiki up, but the drooling superiority drilled into him throughout the day returned to him before he could fully follow through with his feelings of sympathy. He stood over Kaiki and patiently waited for her to return to her feet.

"Now I've been invited to the inn tonight to drink and make merry. Would you like to accompany me? Bear in mind the alternative is being chained up outside the shop like a pet dog." The boy offered.

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