"This video we're recording just for you. We all hope you enjoy it," Whit said.

They moved down to his hard cock. He followed with the phone. They held his cock between their faces demonstrating how big it was.

"This is your son's beautiful cock. He'd love to share it with you very soon. I hope you enjoy the video," Brit said.

The girls did a replay of what they had done earlier. Mike was moaning as they serviced him. When he came it was even more than before and between the two of them, they swallowed every drop. Whit took the phone and turned it to get Mike's response. He looked drained but elated. She stopped the recording. Then opened messages.

'Mom, private video to follow. Make sure you are alone when you open it. Turn the sound down. You know who got a bit loud.'

She sent the message.

'Alone now. Send anytime,' was her reply.

Whit sent the video. It was about ten minutes later when she got a reply.

'OMG!!! That's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen. I had to rub one off as I watched. Best orgasm in years. Gonna have to go rape your father. Great work! Save me some. I can't wait for the three of us to suck it together. Looking forward to fucking his brains out too if he's willing. I'll leave for the cabin as soon as I drop Dad off at the airport Sunday. Earlier if I can swing it. Let Mike know I don't want his money, just cock and lots of his delicious cum. Love you all. Mom'

'He'd love to share with you. So, would we. Love you. Kiss Dad for us. Our breaths smell like Mike's cum. It is delicious. We're all three glad you'll be joining us. Time to go shopping. Then coming back for more Mike cum later. TTYL.'

'Took a vid for my loving son,' she replied.

They gathered to watch. It was a selfie, and their mother was fully nude in front of a large mirror. She was rubbing her well-groomed pussy. Mike was mesmerized. His cock sprang to life again. Another message arrived.

'Ask Mike if he wants his new pussy shaved, sculpted or hairy.'

"Which is it, Mike?" Brit asked.

"I just want it on my face," he replied. "How does she want mine?"

Both girls laughed. 'He just wants it on his face. He's easy to please. How would you like his?'

'LOL! Hairless, just like it was last time I saw it. Keep the current size though.'

'Got it. We'll shave it for you tonight. Want video?'

'Always! Gotta go fuck your father before I lose my mind. Bye.'

'Bye, Mom.'

"What do you wanna bet she gets to the cabin before Sunday?" Brit asked.

"I never bet against a sure thing. When are you guessing?" Whit replied.

"Friday, maybe even Thursday. I'm sure she'd like to be there when he pops us," Brit answered.

"Should we wait on her?" Whit asked.

"I'm good with that. We've waited nineteen years. What's another day or two?"

"Mike, you okay with waiting on Mom?" Whit asked him.

"Girls, you could talk me into most anything right now," he replied.

"Cool, wanna come shopping with us?" Brit asked.

"I said 'most anything'. I'm not ready for that."

"You're probably right. You need to save your strength. When we get home, we're going to shave you. Let you eat both of us then suck you at least one or two more times before tucking you in bed between us," Whit replied.

"Sounds like a perfect evening," Brit said.

Mike was still in shock from the revelation from Mom. The girls went inside to get ready to go shopping.

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