This is your first big match and you're facing off against nobody else but Kane, The Big Red Machine himself. The storyline goes that Kane is in a funk and that he will lose to you, but heaven knows that he sometimes does snap and you know that his chokeslam does more than drive the air from your body. You step through the ropes and stare at the Big Red Machine, he grins back at you and you know that you have a fight on your hands tonight. The referee asks if you're ready, you look at him, "You know I'm not ready for this," you reply.

He looks confused and you sigh. "I'm ready," you say in an exasperated tone. The referee moves to Kane and ask him the same and you know that he is always ready for a fight with a newcomer. The referee calls for the bell and you two move towards the center of the ring, you two lock up and start to struggle for dominance, for a few moments it seems like Kane will overpower you and then you can feel him give in slightly

"Damn you're strong," he growls, his growl catches you off guard and he quickly locks in a side headlock, you realize that it's not every day that Kane faces a guy just as tall as he is and you decide to capitalize on it. You twist yourself into position, grab him around his waist and with a quick pop of your hips and a twist in midair you deliver a suplex. The impact jars Kane's hold on you and you slip out of his hold and quickly lock in a chin lock of your own, he quickly twists his body and rolls out of the way. Kane gets up and looks at you and you know that this is going to become a slug fest and the hardest hitter will get the upper hand, you two move closer again and lock up again, Kane pulls back slightly and just in time you block the huge haymaker he swings at you, you use the momentum to twist his arm behind his back in a hammer lock, "Kane keep to the playbook," you whisper close to his ear.

"Not tonight, you want to get a win over me? Earn it," he growls back. Kane twist his body against the hold, ignoring the pain as he drives his elbow into the side of your jaw, you know it's useless to hold on and let go of his arm, making a show of clutching your jaw. Kane grabs your arm and spins you around, he lands a vicious right to your forehead and a left to your ribs and then his patented throat thrust, you stagger into the corner and as he follows up with some brutal body shots you decide that if the veteran can throw away the rule book, then so will you. You shove him violently away, he charges, but you were expecting that and explode out of the corner with a big boot, knocking the big man down, you quickly climb the turnbuckle and wait for Kane to get to his feet, he slowly gets up and you jump at him delivering a dropkick which sends him barreling backwards into the turnbuckle behind him. You quickly get to your feet and run at him, you jump and drive him into the turnbuckle with a Stinger Splash, you can hear the wind being driven from him, you get on the bottom ropes, tuck his head under your arm and fall backwards, going for a DDT, but he wriggles loose and you land solidly on your back. Kane climbs out of the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle, you struggle to your feet and look up just in time to see the Big Red Machine fly, you look amazed at the height he gains before he come down toward you, hitting you solidly with a flying clothesline, for the second time within a few seconds you're laying flat on your back. Kane follows this up with a huge leg drop across your throat and goes for the cover, you kick out at one and Kane gets up. You realize that by the crowd reaction he is setting you up for that Chokeslam from Hell, you struggle to your feet and as you turn around Kane grabs you by the throat.

"Are you ready for a ride boy? You're going to hell," he say with a sick grin on his face. As Kane lifts you up, you break loose from his grip, grab his arm and falls down on his arm, dragging him into the ground, you lock in a Crippler Crossface, catching him completely by surprise and you can hear him hiss in agony as you pull his head backwards. Unfortunately he landed closer to the ropes than you did and with his boot he can touch the ropes, the ref screams at you to break the hold which you do immediately, no need to get Kane angry and determined as well. You run towards the ropes for momentum, you rebound from them and run as fast as you can towards Kane who is struggling to his feet clutching his arm, he looks up at you just as you dive and you hear the air rush out of him again as you spear him into the canvas, you quickly grab his arm and lock in the Crippler Crossface again, making sure that this time you are between him and the ropes. Kane refuses to tap as you keep your hold, suddenly he rolls to the other side, placing you on your back and he starts to hammer away at you with his free fist, with your leverage gone you release the hold and roll away from him. You get to your feet and run to the ropes again, determined to spear the living daylights out of Kane as you rebound you run straight into his boot, the crowd goes nuts as he grab you be the hair and pull u to your feet, you are slightly dazed but you know you're on trouble when he place you on his shoulder

"No Kane not the tombstone," you plead with him, as an answer he delivers a running spinebuster, pain shoots through your body and you feel yourself being dragged to your feet and whipped into a turnbuckle, the force of your back hitting the turnbuckle reverberates through you and Kane charges you and hit you with a full body block, driving you back into the turnbuckle with force, you shake the cobwebs from your mind and look up just as he runs towards you again, just at the last moment you move to the side and he runs full tilt into the turnbuckle, as he stagger backward you grab him from behind and deliver a German suplex driving his shoulders into the mat. You lie there for a few seconds catching your breath, you get up and turn just in time to see him sit up and get to his feet, you time your run perfectly as he turns you hit him with a thundering clothesline, you can feel the impact jarring your own arm, but you succeed in driving Kane from his feet, you climb onto the ringpost and dive at Kane hitting him with a headbutt, you grab his arm again and lock in another Crippler Crossface, this time in the middle of the ring and you are laying half next to him, preventing him from rolling over. This time Kane screams in pain as you pull back and he struggles to get loose, but you refuse to let go of your hold, after a few moments of agony Kane taps out, as the referee calls for the bell you roll out of the ring and stand there as your name gets announced as the winner of the match via submission. Kane slowly gets to his feet and look down at you, he looks furious and then he grins and starts to laugh, he points down at you

"You did good kid, you did real good," he says with half a grin, you smile at the praise from one of the biggest guys in the business and make your way backstage, suddenly Umaga and Snitsky comes from backstage, you stop and look at them.

They stop in front of you and Snitsky looks at you, "This doesn't concern you," he growls. They push you aside and run down to the ring, the odds are against Kane as you worked over that arm of his with the three crossfaces and you know that this also wasn't in the script. For a few seconds you stand undecided then you slide into the ring and stand next to Kane, Snitsky snarls at you

"It said this doesn't concern you," he looks rather upset with the interference.

"I'm making this my problem, you will not team up on a man who just went through a match," you reply.

Umaga grins, "Your funeral," he doesn't look very unhappy with having to take on two men. They both storm forward and you grab Snitsky, lift him off his feet and drive him into the canvas with a spinebuster, you quickly get up and see Kane trading blows with Umaga, you turn your attention back to Snitsky and pull him to his feet, you hit him with a right fist and he retaliates, you hit him back and duck under his next shot, you move behind him and grab him in a Full Nelson, you lift him up again and slam him onto his back again. Across the ring Umaga somehow got the better of Kane and is getting ready to deliver a Samoan Spike, you charge him and just as he is about to drive his heavily wrapped thumb into Kane's throat you spear him, it feels like diving into a brick wall and you lie on the ground as Umaga leans against the ropes, he focuses on you and push himself away from the ropes to stand. Neither of you expects the huge hand grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up to deliver a chokeslam, you look up at Kane, but he is already advancing on Snitsky who is struggling to his feet, you slowly get to your feet as Snitsky also gets a Chokeslam from hell, Kane walks to the center of the ring, raises his arms and bring them down and his flaming pyrotechnics burst from the ringposts. He is laughing manically when he notices you standing, he walks closer to you

"I owe you one kid," he say as he slaps you on the shoulder and climbs out of the ring, you stand for a while and watch as the crowd cheers him on as he disappears through the curtain backstage you climb out of the ring as well and walk up the ramp you realize that the crowd is cheering you on as well, this brings a slight smile to your face as you enter the backstage area.

You're sitting in your locker room, you have taken off your wrestling gear and slipped into a boxer and is slowly sipping on a bottle of water when there is a knock on the door, "Come in," you say loudly.

The door opens and you almost drop your water as Barbie Blank better known as Kelly Kelly slips into the room, she quickly shuts the door and look at you, "OH! Uhm hi," she say sounding rather nervous.

It takes a few moments of you staring at her before you find your voice back, "Hey," you reply trying to sound calm,

"I'm so sorry for barging in here, but Mike is on one of his rampages again," her eyes dart around like a frightened doe.

You sit upright, "You mean as in Mike Knox?" you know that you sound surprised,

"Yes, please don't throw me out," the pleading tone in her voice is enough to make any warm blooded guy's heart melt. You sit back again and start to sip on your water as you look at her, you think that it should be great to have somebody as experienced as she is to manage you.

You take another sip on your water and look her over again then start to smile, "Why don't you have a seat? Standing there like a frightened doe will not help you, there is water and beer in the cooler over there," you make sure that you sound friendly and calm.

She walks to the cooler and bend down to get herself a drink, presenting you with a fine view of her denim clad ass, you look at her as she stand up and takes a seat in one of the chairs, "So you're the new guy then? They say that you helped Kane earlier on against Snitsky and Umaga?" she looks at you approvingly as she says this.

You nod, "Yeah, I've been in a few dark matches in the past, but tonight was my first live televised match," you say just trying to keep your mind on track,

"So why did you do it?" she ask sounding really curious.

You look at her, "Well it just seemed like the right thing to do at the moment, no doubt that I will regret it somewhere along the path, but that is fine with me for now," you reply,

"I wish I had a contract with somebody like you, you seem like a nice guy, Mike just...," She makes a sound of disgust, "He just irritates me SO much sometimes," the irritation in her voice is very clear.

"So why don't you organize a match to get you out of the contract?" you ask her, she smiles slightly,

"I did, but there is nobody willing to take Mike on and he will be exceptionally brutal if my contract is on the line. It's all about the image for him,"

You sit and contemplate this for a few seconds, Mike Knox is a big scary guy and with you upsetting Snitsky and Umaga it would be a tough call which one to take first. You look at her, "You know what, you make that match, I'll face him," she looks shocked and the total disbelieve is clear in her voice as she ask,

"Are you serious?"

You nod with half a smile, "Very Serious,"

She jumps up,"I think I'll go to the GM right now, thank you so much," you grin at her,

"De nada my dear," she smiles and leave cautiously.

You sit back and relax and think of the match you had with Kane, when there is another knock on the door, a rather heavy one from the sound of it. "Come in," you tense up expecting Mike Knox, but instead it's Kane who enters the room, he takes a seat and smile lopsidedly at you,

"Making plans for tonight?"

You look confused at him,"Excuse me?"

He smiles even broader, "Oh don't play dumb with me, I saw Kelly leave just now,"

"Ah! No man, she was hiding from Mike, said he was on one of his rampages again," you try to explain.

Kane bursts out laughing,"I think you just got played, last time I saw Knox he was getting his shoulders massaged by one of the nurses,"

You sit upright, "Oh hell,"

Kane looks confused at you, "What?"

"I offered to fight him next week for her contract,"

Kane starts to laugh, "Well now you will have to fight Mike Knox, Umaga and Snitsky off your back, think you can do that?"

You shake your head, "I very much doubt that,"

Kane gets up, "Tell you what, you gave me an idea, I'll see you again next week,"

You get up and shake hands with Kane, "Take care Kane," you say pensively,

"You too kid you too," he leaves and you are left to contemplate the dilemma you find yourself in.

You almost don't see the door open and close, you look up to find Kelly locking the door behind her, you start to get up, but she push you back into the chair, "I know that you found out from Kane, but I've got a counter offer, if you win the match I'll manage you for as long as you want to," this makes you pause to think a bit,

"The match is made for next week, you will be facing Mike for my contract, I just came back to say thank you"

Before you can say anything she strips off her top revealing her full, firm breasts to you, she climbs on your lap and smile at you, she leans forward and purr in your ear, "Just call this a preview of what you can expect when you get my contract," she take your water bottle from you and place it aside then grab your hands and place them on her breasts, she keep her hands on yours as you start to slowly rub and squeeze her breasts,

"Mmmm I like that, don't stop," you haven't got any idea of stopping anytime soon as you keep on rubbing her breasts, feeling her nipples harden as your palm continues brushing over them, she place her hands on your chest and slowly start to stroke over your skin with her fingernails, she trace her nails down your body, over your stomach as you continue to fondle her soft breasts. She sigh as you lean forward and suck a nipple into your mouth, this frees your hand and you slide it down her naked back and stroke over her ass, squeezing it firmly, she breathes in deeply and dig her nails into your sides.

She suddenly pulls away and slip off your boxers, leaving you naked and with an erection, she push your legs open and kneel between your legs, she smile up at you, "I like them big and honey you are just right"

You look down at her as she start to slowly run her tongue over the underside of your cock and look up at you as her sexy lips opens and slip over your cock head, her tongue flicking around your head as she start to suck on your cock, you place a hand over her head and keep looking at her as she continue to lick and suck your cock head, then slowly edge her lips down further, rubbing her tongue all along your cock as it slides slowly into her mouth. She starts to caress your balls, squeezing them softly as she slowly pulls back and then again plunge her mouth down your cock, engulfing you in her warm, wet mouth. You can feel the back of her mouth, but she keep sliding you deeper into her mouth, you can feel how you slide down her tight throat and moan softly as she pulse the muscles around your cock, she pull back again and you close your eyes as she softly scrape her teeth over your cock and then plunge your cock into her mouth again, you feel how you slide down her throat again until her lips is locked over the base of your cock, her movements starts to increase as she moans around your cock, sending the reverberations through your cock, her throat muscles milks your cock as she thrust her head up and down your cock, you grab two handfuls of her blond hair and hold on as she deep throats you wildly, you groan softly as you can feel your orgasm building up, "I'm going to cum"

This seems to fire her on to move even faster, a few moments later you can feel your cock swelling and she thrust you down her throat just at the moment that your cum erupts from your cock, she keep you deep down her throat as she swallow your cum, her throat muscles contracting around your cock like a hand, milking you, she pulls back for some breath and you look down at her as she continue to suck on your cock. When you finally stop she pulls your cock from her mouth with a wet sucking sound and grins up at you, "I'm glad you liked that," she say with a satisfied sound in her voice

You smile weakly, "Can't really think of a guy who wouldn't like that,"

She gets up and pick up her top and quickly slip it on, "So are you still angry at me?"

You laugh, "I never was angry at you, but if that's how you solve problems I think I just found some inspiration to win that match," she laughs and shakes her head, she looks at you with a smile,

"I'd better get going, see you next week," she unlocks the door and slips out

You get up and grab your boxer and slip it on, "Damn what an evening"

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