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There are several .Onion websites hosting successors based on mirrors of the hidden wiki; as such, there is no longer one single official hidden wiki. The earliest mention of the hidden wiki is from 2007 when it was located at 6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.Onion. The starting point of many people's journey into the deep web is the hidden wiki. The hidden wiki contains links to all the most popular sites on the deep web and is a great starting point for those who want to explore it.

The results indicate that a large share of hidden services provide illegal content along with a large number of scam sites. Russian was the leading language of the dark web after english and hidden services having forums and blogs were predominantly present over other content. This research described the nature of hidden services hosted on the tor dark web. To collect onion addresses, we developed custom crawlers in python that scanned the dark web and downloaded content of 25,742 hidden services.

The aim of this study is to gain insight into which services are being hosted on the dark web and their legalities. We also attempt to secure information on non-english content as well as classify this content into various categories. To gather data, we built a custom web crawler in python that collected over 25,000 unique onion domains. The crawler started from a single url and, by employing multiple crawl sessions that span the period of one month, collected onion domains. The collected dataset was then manually classified into different categories.

The products may include, but are not limited to, stolen digital goods and jewelry, pirated movies, hacked netflix accounts, and fake merchandise. One of the hidden services in this category claims to be selling human organs for transplantation. The category of services contains a broad range, like e-mail, encryption-decryption, anonymity and privacy tools, escrow and jabber, and many others. Services with unacceptable content, that may call for legal action, are described in table 2. To determine the nature of the dark web it is useful to identify content hosted by hidden services. This classification includes examining content of each hidden service and placing that information under an appropriate category.

Bitmessage – free anonymous swiss mail service tor & clearnet is supported by donations and by sending and receiving emails within and outside the tor dark network. Is supported by donations and as a way to send and receive emails within the dark network of tor. Other uncensored wiki– other uncensored wikipedia of the dark network is no longer clear what the real one is, many links work anyway always paying attention to the markets. Hd wikisite that aims to become the hidden wiki 2.0 many working links and eye-catching design. Searx - searx is another search engine that can be used on both the normal and the dark web. The advantage of searx is that you can make your searches incredibly detailed.

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