It has been almost ten years since I had done anything with another guy after the bookstore. I'm not sure why I hadn't done anything, maybe because I was hooking up with women. Maybe I was confused with everything but this happened in my late twenties when craigslist was still available.

I was big into watching facial porn which led me to really watch how great it looked to see a face covered in cum. Except every time I watched it was me dreaming I was taking the cum and not giving it to a woman. I would spend hours watching load after load of cumshots being sprayed onto faces. I especially loved the guys that would have the big thick creamy loads.

So one day I decided to put an ad on craigslist to see if any guys out there would be willing to give me a facial. The ad was pretty simple: Looking for a facial from a guy that can host, discrete, and ddf. I want to be on my knees as I watch you cover my face in cum. I posted the ad and waited to see what kind of responses I would receive. I ended up getting several responses, but only two guys wrote back after I contacted them. Then it was down to one guy from the next email.

We talked about a few things and everything was agreed. He could host and I was meeting him tonight after work. It was originally planned to be on my knees watching him stroke until he covered my face in cum. Then he wanted me to leave still covered in his cum and I wasn't allowed to park on his street. I was to do as he says or I would be told to leave without getting my facial.

I was nervous as hell but also couldn't wait till I got to his house. As I drove to his house I almost turned around several times, but I really wanted a facial. Every time I got too nervous I just remembered him telling me he had a big load of cum waiting to unleash. I finally arrived and parked two streets down, just in case he asked I wanted him to be happy I parked further away.

I knocked on the door and he let me in towards his living room. I instantly dropped to my knees ready to watch him stroke. He was about 5'6", 140lbs, 5" cock, and 40's white male. I didn't care about his size of body or cock, I was there for his cum on my face. He pulled his shorts down and that's when I knew this was really happening.

I'm on my knees watching him stroke as he inches closer to my face with his cock. Soon it's less than an inch from my mouth and I didn't even realize I had my mouth open. He grabs my head gently as he starts to feed me his cock. I wasn't going to suck him but now he has both hands on my head fucking my face. Which I'm loving every second as he abruptly pulls out and tells me to lick his balls.

He's got his balls all over my mouth and rubbing his dick across my face. My dick is hard as a rock the whole time while he uses my face for his pleasure. He sticks his cock back in my mouth and again starts fucking my mouth. This goes on for another minute or two until he tells me he's close. He pulls out and I put my head back with my mouth open ready to take his cum. I didn't know if he would be a shooter or just ooze out, but I did know I was about to find out.

He held my head with one hand as his first shot went all over my nose, the next on my forehead followed by several more all over my face and in my mouth. He wasn't kidding about having a big load, my face was covered in his cum. I damn near shot my load as he covered my face in cum. Just as he was done he told me to have a nice night and enjoy the walk back to my car.

I thanked him as I left and headed back to my car. I've got cum dripping down my face and into my mouth and my cock is hard. I'm secretly loving the fact someone might catch me like this but also worried too. I get back to my car without anyone seeing me, as I start my way home I scoop some of the cum into my mouth. The rest I let dry on my face for the trip home.

I know I will be sending him an email for another round. Just from this one time I'm instantly hooked on facials and love every aspect of being used like that. Hopefully you like this true story!!

Pub: Jan 03 2021 08:10 UTC
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