She told Marie she had to have me at any cost! They downed the second round of drinks, which I had made stronger on purpose to ease the coming tension. the girls sat there looking at each other when Marie shot back at her and said "we just won the lottery, we don't want any interference from you! The alcohol was taking is effect, I quickly refilled the glasses, things were moving faster. Heidi said she would do anything to make Marie give me up! Marie called her a home wrecker and and started to get up set and cry. Then out of nowhere Heidi slid over and surprised Marie with a deep kiss, Marie was stunned and did not know how to react! I pinched my arm to see if I was dreaming...nope still here! To everyone's surprise Marie laid back on the couch, I thought at first she was passing out as she is a lightweight when it comes to booze. Heidi followed her climbing on top, still with her lips locked onto Marie's. I could not believe this! Marie was no longer crying, in fact she was getting turned on, the short black skirt she was wearing was riding up on her exposing her green silk panties, the front was soaked! Heidi must have sensed this because her hand went down and she started rubbing Marie's crotch! Marie moved her leg and the green panties landed on the back of the bar stool next to me. Still being somewhat blown away by all this, I started to get hard and my cock was poking out the top of my shorts, Heidi was already moving in on Marie's hot snatch, licking her to her first orgasm! Marie looked over at me and waved me to come closer, she took me into her mouth and deepthroated me. Marie was shuddering and she took one hand on the back of Heidi's head and pulled her in as hard as she could, Heidi responded by moaning and this threw Marie over the top! Marie's orgasm hit and it nearly tossed us all off the couch! My cock popped out of her mouth and sprayed both women with thick sticky ropes of cum. Heidi was the first to lap it up with her tongue off of Marie's cheek. Marie went back to sucking my now softening cock, Heidi moved in and sucked on my balls, my shaft regained it's hardness quickly as both women worked on my member. my balls started to tighten again and the first shot went down Marie's throat like a fireball! Marie pulled off me and Heidi moved in light lightning and caught the second shot in her mouth, I was cumming in another woman's mouth right in front of my wife! Marie smiled and said "it's ok". We all collapsed on the couch when I realized Heidi never got off. Marie went down and and finished the job, I was in a daze as I had never imagined my wife eating another womans pussy, she was gentle , licking her folds like an ice cream cone, Heidi's body tensed and she came in Marie's mouth! Marie then said she never experienced anything like that, and told Heidi she would be willing to share me with her, but in no way she would leave me. She said it would be all or nothing and she could come live and retire with us. Marie told Heidi and I things were going to change anyway because of the money, she figured one of us would cheat on the other eventually. Heidi interrupted Marie and said she was the one who came onto me and seduced me first. Marie was glad to hear this and then added there would be some ground rules, the first being that Heidi was to move in and in no way have any secrets between any of us, and we would be together all the time and have fun! I was still shocked... as now I had a shitload of money and two beautiful women to have whenever I wanted! Damn! I'm lucky! Marie asked us if we could agree to those terms and we both quickly said yes. We moved Heidi in the next day and the bank called and said the money was in our account. We all decided to go to on a trip to Miami. We landed in Miami after noontime and bounced around the south beach area, hitting the beach and clubs at night, dining at the lavish hot spots eating the best seafood. The next morning we rented a yacht and cruised the canals in the area looking at the huge mansions, the captain showed us the best areas to rent or buy.. if we would so be inclined to do so. The yacht left the canal and entered the ocean, Marie and Heidi both asked "where are we headed"? I explained to them we were going to the Bahamas. They agreed with the idea, the captain of the boat had only 3 crew members aboard, they were all female as was the captain.
The trip to the Bahamas started out great. We rose from the bedroom and had breakfast on the stern on a large white seat which resembles a sectional couch. The crew had made us coffee, waffles and omelettes. We soaked up some sun as we cruised out of the Miami port. We had gone about 2 miles out when Heidi suddenly stripped her clothes off, dropped to her knees and started sucking me off! God she gave great head, and her enormous boobs were bouncing and swaying with the boat. Marie just looked over and smiled, she said i think shes smitten with you. Heidi was picking up speed now sucking even harder and faster, i reached down and cupped her boobs, her nipples were as hard as a rock. she cupped my balls and gave a slight squeeze which sent the first shot of cum down her throat. she pulled off and the next shot landed across her face and cheek, then she opened her mouth and let cum inside it again. I looked up and 2 of the crew were up on the top deck watching the whole time. Marie sauntered over and licked the fresh cum off Heidi's face and tits. Marie layed down next to me and Heidi went down on her next. I recovered and told Heidi to stop a minute. I mounted Marie and fucked her hard, her whole body was throbbing, i came so hard i almost passed out! After i finished I told Heidi to continue, she went back down on Marie, and started eating my cum out of her freshly jizzed snatch! After getting Marie off.. she leaned up and kissed her deeply with a mouthful of my fresh cum, they fell back and started laying on one another kissing and feeling each other up. Heidi was now on top of Marie dry humping her, grinding her pussy into Marie's. I got hard instantly and started to rub Heidi's ass with suntan oil, it glistened as it pointed towards the sky. Without further hesitation i climbed on top and entered her ass, she moaned and came quickly. I pulled out and pumped Heidi's snatch next and then gave Marie's a quick few thrusts too. this got them even more turned on and when i got up to move they switched into a 69 position. Heidi was still on top so i shoved my cock into her ass slowly until all of me was in her. she frantically started eating Marie in a heartbeat and was making her come. I gave a few more quick thrusts and came inside Heidi's ass. As i got up my cum was leaking down her crack and Marie was in place to catch it in her mouth, i held my half hard member to Marie's face and she sucked me hard again, she asked me to fuck her in the ass too. The 2 women traded positions and i was now entering Marie's ass, i slowly pushed my cock all the way in and pumped her hard, Heidi surprised me by grabbing my balls and squeezing them a little, she ran one fingernail up the center of my ballsack from the bottom to the top. This sent me over the edge and i came in Marie's ass, i quickly pulled out and shoved my cock in Heidi's mouth and she cleaned me off. She then went back and sucked off all of my cum on Marie's ass and pussy. I was watching the 2 women finish each other off, they finally came in each others mouths and layed back to rest. I layed down between them and looked up, the crew was still watching us all the time. Heidi motioned to one of the crew girls to grab us a couple towels so we could clean up. The crew girl appeared a few moments later with fresh towels and drinks. Heidi said to her, next time dont watch us....join us.....

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