Vampanon's works#



[00:11:04] HOLY SHIT HOLODEATH SEEEEX (Holodeath, dubcon, temperature play prompt)

[00:09:24] Clingyronie (skinship, clingy sex)

[00:09:24] Compressedronii (blowjob)

[00:05:10] The Ultimate Prompt (Vampire Kronii, with Roboco, Ollie, body modding)

[00:03:52] Anon gets used like a brothel slut (with Ina, Nene, Kanata, Suisei)


[00:03:39] Plush Kronies


[00:03:43] Here they go again (meta, short)


[00:13:15] Horny pair's emergency toy (BaeRyS x (You),

[00:11:04] God I want to fuck Ollie so bad. (Ollie, dubcon, temperature play)

[00:10:53] Predatory Owl (Mumeix(You), cuckquean Kronii, dom Mumei, rape)

[00:10:33] Her Turn (Kronii x (you), light abuse, time manipulation, getting shared with Koyori (she doesn’t show up tho). Dom Kronii)

[00:09:41] Loyalty (meta, futa!Selenx"Nijishill")

[00:09:15] Knight and the Spaces (shota!San, Sana, Noel, excessive cum, brief inflation mention)

[00:08:34] Giving the 2 demons fun (IRyS and Choco threesome, hornjob, paizuri, assjob, bondage)

[00:08:33] Unwrapping (Kronii x (You), kemono Kronii, cunnilingus)

[00:08:17] School Service (with Suisei, school setting, cuckquean Kronii)

[00:07:51] Reine's Assistant (Reine, no Kronii, teasing)

[00:07:39] Kronii has a gift for you (Explicit, (You), Kronii, Krono, threesome, bisexual)

[00:07:23] Fujoronii's Toys, feat. Omega (Dom Kronii, Omega, (You), explicit)

[00:07:21] Time-on-Space Feet Domination (Sana, Kronii, feet)

[00:07:03] Heat of the Moment (cuckquean, Kronii/Kiara/(You), burns and branding)

[00:06:57] Heating Up (Explicit, (You), Kiara, Coco)

[00:06:54] Clock-and-Chick Cock Tease (explicit, Kiara, (You), Kronii)

[00:06:53] Vampire Kronii and Phoenix Kiara (explicit, (You))

[00:06:49] Temperature play (with Kiara, explicit)

[00:06:21] Holo-Office, Part 1 (Office setting, stealth blowjob, almost caught, Omega, Jenma)

[00:05:50] "Fucked by Time, figuratively AND literally" (futa!Kronii/brat!Krunny, bulging, brat-taming)

[00:05:45] Asserting Dominance (Takane Lui/Ouro Kronii, BDSM, blood)

[00:05:41] Brat and Jannie (holoX, Chloe, Laplus, grats on being the first holoX fic)

[00:05:27] Fucking with the Phoenix (with Kiara, rape, no reader insert)

[00:05:10] Dr. Olliestein's latest experiment (with Ollie, no reader insert) body modding, futa)

[00:05:09] Robo-Clock Paizuri (Roboco, Kronii, threesome)

[00:05:07] Alleway Milking (Roboco, exhibitionism)

[00:05:03] Train Ambush (Suisei, IRyS, no Kronii, schoolgirls, train, stealth sex)

[00:04:56] Cuckquean of Time (Alt. Timeline), Part 1 (with Roboco)

[00:04:50] Sauna "trap" (reverse trap Suisei, no Kronii)

[00:04:34] RoboVampKronii (cyborg vampire Kronii)

[00:04:27] Through Hatred, Peace (Kiara, no Kronii, OL, hatefucking)

[00:01:39] Omega Bitch, Part 1 (male Omega)
[00:01:39] Part 2
[00:01:50] Part 3 (genderbend, MxM)
[00:02:06] Part 4, (public stimulation, crossdressing shota Omega)
[00:02:18] Part 5
[00:02:21] Part 5.5 (anal masturbation, sex toys, moral degradation, solo male)
[00:02:30] Part 6 (domination loss)
[00:02:57] Part 7 (bondage)
[00:04:24] Part 8 (with Male Omega, Futa Omega, futanari, selfcest)

[00:04:15] Blue women SEX (with Suisei) (a loosely attached sequel to the Suisei karaoke)

[00:01:11] Anon wants something exotic (Flare, rape)
[00:01:14] Part 2
[00:04:12] Part 3 (with Noel, sadistic Kronii and Anon, ryona, elf hate)

[00:04:04] Shock Derratization (Baelz, electric stimulation)

[00:03:40] Overload (Roboco, no Kronii)

[00:03:33] "GUH" Extravaganza (Mori, no Kronii, facefucking, guh-ing)

[00:03:27] Bloodbound (IRyS, no Kronii, heavy bloodplay, knifeplay)

[00:03:17] Vines (with futa Kronii, Fauna, and male Omega, male on male, futa on male)

[00:00:27] Vamp Kronii (mild blood)
[00:00:32] Part 2 (blood, mild knifeplay)
[00:00:34] Part 0.5 Alt Timeline
[00:00:48] Part 0.6
[00:01:28] Part 3 (blood, knifeplay, non-permanent death)
[00:03:09] Part 4 (with Ina, blood, anal tentacle rape)

[00:03:09] First Night (with Fauna, mentions of marriage, nature-enhanced imregnation, consensual cuckquean)

[00:03:01] Interspecies Relations… (Nephilim IRyS, no Kronii, blood, mentions of gore and death, horror)

[00:03:01] Scared Toy (vampire Kronii, heavy knifeplay, severe blood, consensual ryona)

[00:02:58] Two-faced Nephilim (with IRyS)

[00:02:57] Green with jealousy (featuring Omega) (with Fauna and male Omega, group sex, cuckquean, bisexual - reader as pitcher)

[00:02:47] Twisted Loves (with IRyS, Fauna, tentacles/vines, rape, mindbreak, bust theft, drugs)

[00:02:46] Simply no way (with Council + IRyS + Omega, cuckquean, depressing)

[00:02:46] Abusing the abuser (with IRyS, abuse, mention of pegging)

[00:02:42] Short Fuse (with IRyS, cuckquean, light blood)

[00:02:33] Punishment (orgasm denial)

[00:02:26] YandeIRyS (IRyS, no Kronii, reverse rape, asphyxiation)

[00:02:18] Maso Anon (ryona, sub reader)

[00:02:18] Kronii/Suisei "karaoke" (with Suisei)

[00:02:10] Nephilim-in-heat (with IRyS, breeding)
[00:02:14] Part 2 (anal)

[00:02:02] Stress relief (lolicon)

[00:00:53] Cuckqueen of time (Fauna)
[00:00:56] Pt 2 (rrat, BDSM)
[00:00:57] Pt 2.5 (rrat, aftercare)
[00:01:01] Pt 3 (council, BDSM)
[00:01:08] Bullying rrat and her bladder
[00:01:18] Pt 4 (Sana)
[00:01:25] Pt 5 (with Fauna and Sana, musk, feet)
[00:01:31] Pt 6, Outdoors sex in the bushes
[00:01:36] Pt 7, feat. YabaIRyS
[00:02:01] Part 8, feat Noel, Fubuki and Suisei (shotacon)
[00:07:15] Part 9, feat. Coco (Kronii, explicit, (You))

[00:01:56] Used clothes

[00:01:53] Takamori (with Kiara, Mori, futa Kronii, cucked Kiara)

[00:01:53] A long night ahead (with Omega, feet worship, no reader insert, male Omega)

[00:01:45] HipRyS, Part 1(?)
[00:01:53] HipRys, Part 2 (deepthroat, musk, midnight "snack", TONGUE)

[00:01:48] Mamaloni Bean Destruction

[00:01:42] Kronii's sweaty post-workout Kroniis drive tired Anon into frenzy (sweat, cunnilingus, blowjob)

[00:01:08] dom!Mumei (with Fauna)
[00:01:12] Part 2
[00:01:34] Part 3, feat. Anon and Fauna

[00:01:04] On the Edge
[00:01:31] Part 2, (assplay, rimjob)

[00:01:31] Holocorp, Part 1 (edging, clothed sex, military hardware and tech descriptions, AU worldbuilding)

[00:01:24] Futa Kronii and Fauna morning shenanigans

[00:01:22] Breeding chubby Kronii wife

[00:01:20] Body Worship

[00:00:44] Casual Fun
[00:00:47] Morning Fun
[00:00:47] Swimsuit

[00:00:39] Coomei (Muimei only, masturbation)


[00:02:38] [Vampanon] Zombie's Heart {with Ollie, emotional pain)

[00:02:13] Be Kronii's Pet (petplay)

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