Carrie was excited when she got the text from Deacon, but now she had a problem, that is, until she found Doug's secret stash of porn.

Her husband was recovering from a horrible work place accident, which gave her the opportunity to act upon some long held fantasies that she had. Her best friend Kelly unwittingly helped create these fantasies about her husband Deacon. During their many 'girl-talks', Kelly had unwittingly painted a picture of her husband Deacon's 'package' and sexual skills that left Carrie drooling. After all, she was used to Doug's unimpressive 5" package, so most anything was an improvement size wise.

Simply using Kelly's description of Deacon's 'package', Carrie had masturbated many times in the past with the idea of somehow getting that black cock inside her white pussy. Now that her husband was unable to satisfy the constant itch that Carrie had between her thighs, she had to come up with something 'new'. While her 'little friends' in the nightstand drawer helped relieve her desires on occasion, they were no replacement for the real thing.

Yes, Mrs. Carrie Heffernan has a problem.

She is a sex addict! Has been ever since she lost her virginity at 14. If she goes longer than three days in a row without it, her libido kicks in and it's all she can think about.

Carrie was willing to jeopardize her relationship with Kelly to get what she wanted. That's how strong of a sex drive she has, besides, Deacon and Kelly were separated anyway, so who was she hurting? Kelly was out getting some from that computer nerd at her work, so Carrie's reasoning was Deacon deserved to get some strange as well.

And Deacon got what he deserved! Carrie made sure of it.

He knew his wife was seeing that dude from Carrie's work, so to get even, he fucked Carrie. They had sex. Hard sex. Not once, but twice and Carrie was now feeling guilty about it. Guilty of screwing her best friend's husband and guilty of cheating on her own husband. That is, until she found Doug's stash of porn.

She was vacuuming in their bedroom and moved Doug's nightstand to get the dust balls underneath. That's when the cubby hole at the bottom of the nightstand gave way and a whole bunch of porn magazines fell out, along with a few DVDs. The DVDs weren't labeled, but the magazines were. A variety of different labels and titles, but they all revolved around one thing - swinging!

Far from being a prude, Carrie thumbed through the magazines and discovered something about her husband that shocked her....Doug wanted a Hot Wife!.....WTF?

"He wants ME to be a Hot Wife?" she thought out loud, as she gazed through Doug's porn magazines. He even went so far as to circle a couple of ads in the swinger magazine, depicting single men in search of single women or couples where the husband wants to watch.

There was no denying that the theme of all of the magazines pointed to the fact that Doug wanted something more out of the sexual relationship that he currently enjoyed with his wife......Doug wanted to watch Carrie with other men!

The possibilities crisscrossed through Carrie's mind as she popped one of the DVDs she found into the player on top of their dresser. The opening title read "Mrs. Smith Takes a Lover" and started to play out as a normal husband and wife enjoying dinner at a nice restaurant downtown. Turns out, the husband arranged for his friend to casually meet them at the bar/dance hall afterwards.

Eventually, in the DVD, Mrs. Smith winds up fucking her husband's friend and then others along the way, all arranged and filmed by Mr. Smith. Carrie found herself very interested in what was playing on the screen.

The next two DVDs were essentially the same theme/plot with different characters but always with someone's wife fucking other men besides her husband.

As she was watching these DVDs on their bedroom TV, Carrie looked down and noticed her nipples were hard, and soon discovered she was actually getting moist. She should have been pissed that Doug was looking at porn, but found herself turned on, and wet....and then she put in the 4th DVD.

"Mrs. Smith Gets Blacked"

Carrie stood up, took her shorts off and sprawled out across the bed when she saw that. "This is getting good", she said to herself and retrieved one of her 'little friends' from the nightstand. She chose the six inch black one with the bulbous head on it that she named 'Junior'.

She had wanted Deacon for awhile now, and since 'Mrs. Smith' was going black, Carrie felt it only right to use one of her black dildos and join her. Carrie's fingers trailed down her tight, flat stomach to her freshly shaved pussy as the real-life, at least according to the opening credits, couple on the screen began their journey into interracial sex.

Even before Mr. Smith's black friend's cock finally entered his wife's white body, Carrie's juices were flowing. It looked as hot as she expected it to, and then some, as Mrs. Heffernan's body shook with an explosive orgasms from her own fingers.....and Junior! She didn't masturbate often, but with her husband laid up in the hospital, Carrie had needs and now....

Carrie's problem was solved.

She wasn't sure how Doug would react to her and Deacon's relationship, or even if he had to be told, but one thing was now sure, everything has changed. Carrie had discovered a new side to her husband and she planned to take full advantage of it.

The text from Deacon had said to wear something, because he had some friends who wanted to meet her.

She threw several outfits on her bed, trying to figure which one would impress Deacon, and his friends, the most. These weren't her typical everyday go to work at a law firm with tight fitting, sometimes low-cut dresses that she wore to impress her bosses so she would 'get a raise' type of clothes.

No, these were slutty clothes that she had partially hidden away in her closet so her husband wouldn't see them type of clothes.

Carrie couldn't resist buying sexy clothes that sometimes showed off WAY too much skin because she loved the way she looked in them. But she thought Doug would never approve of her wearing such slutty clothes if they were just going out for the evening, but now that she found his secret porn stash with the underlying feature of wife sharing, maybe he would approve!

Her and Doug were going to have a long talk when he finally gets discharged from the hospital!

But Deacon beat her to it. The talk, that is. Deacon needed to clear up some things with Doug, so on his way home from work, he popped in to see his best friend and found him depressed and feeling sorry for himself.

"Deac, what am I going to do? I mean, I know I'm not the best Carrie has ever had, but at least we enjoyed our sex life together, and now it'll be months before I'm able to perform," Doug whined.

"Carrie loves sex, I've told you that before, and now I can't give her what she needs. What am I going to do?"

Deacon had an answer for him, but bit his lip instead. He had a funny feeling where this conversation was heading and wanted his best friend to lead him down that path....and he did.

"Hey, I've got an idea. Now hear me out on this before you answer, and think about what I'm saying before you say anything. We've been best friends for awhile now and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you. But I need you to do something for me."

"Now wait a minute Doug..."

"No, you wait a minute Deacon! I've seen the way you look at my wife AND the way she looks at you, especially if neither one of you thinks I'm paying attention. You just don't look at a woman that way without wanting to get in her pants, I know this because I'm a guy, and the same with her!

"I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'd like you to take care of my wife's needs while I'm laid up and unable to. You know, her sexual needs."

"WAIT......WHAT......What the hell are you saying, Doug? Are you saying you want me to take of Carrie's sexual needs? You're saying you want me to fuck your wife?"

Doug didn't hesitate for a second, "Yes. Yes I am. C'mon man, you can't tell me the thought never crossed your mind. Okay, we both know she doesn't have the tits that your wife does, but I've watched you looking at her ass when she's got those tight Daisy Duke shorts on and her butt cheeks are hanging out. I've even seen you lick your lips when she turns around and looks you right in the eye after strutting in front of you. I'm not blind.

"You know you want it, and to be honest with you, I think she wants it too. We've had 'bedroom talk' before when we're making love and your name has come up a time or two, so I know, under the right circumstances, that Carrie would be more than willing to spread her legs for you."

Deacon thought to himself, "She already has Doug!" Then realized he had said it out loud!

"WHAT? What the fuck do you mean, she already has?" trying his best to conceal his excitement. "You mean you two have already had sex?"

Deacon was embarrassed as he looked down at the floor trying to figure out a way to tell his best friend that he and Carrie were now lovers. Just be honest with it dude, and let the cards fall where they might.

So, talking a deep breath, Deacon started......

"Couldn't help it, dude. You know you've got a hot wife, right? And I know that since you've been laid up here she gets kind of lonely at night. Carrie has the kind of seductive looks that she could have just about any man that she wanted, and it felt like she wanted me, so......

"She said she has needs."

"Yeah, I know all about those needs. A lot of times I can't keep up with those needs and she's had to finish herself off with her 'little friends' more than once."

"What little friends are you talking about Doug?"

"Oh, she's got quite a collection of dildos in the bottom of her nightstand. Different shapes, different sizes, different colors and even different textures. Hell, she's got names for all of them and yours is one of them."

"So, just to be sure Doug, you're okay with Carrie and I getting together?"

"I wasn't sure how I was going to bring up the subject, but it seems to be a mute point now. So you'll take care of my wife for me, I mean, until I can again?"

"You're SURE?"

"Yes, Deac, I'm sure!"

"What if, when you're better and can have sex again, we don't want to stop?" Deacon asked honestly.

"Funny that you should say that Deac, that makes it even better. I've been looking at a lot of porn lately, I dunno, I guess cuz' I'm bored with the same old sex Carrie and I have been doing for the last few years.

"And yeah, you're right. Carrie IS hot and could have just about any guy she wanted, but am I just being stupid and selfish to say that right now I'm bored to death with my sex life?

"I want her to be a Hot Wife."

"No Doug, you're not stupid, maybe a little selfish, but I guess that depends on how your wife feels about it. Is she bored too?

"And what do you mean by the phrase hot wife? I mean, I know Carrie is hot, Kelly is too, but I'm not sure what you mean when you say hot wife."

"Well, according to the magazines & DVDs that I've bought," Doug explained to his best friend, "a Hot Wife is a married woman who fucks men other than her husband, with her husband's complete knowledge, approval and encouragement. Sometimes he's there to watch, and other times she goes out by herself and brings home a creampie for her husband to enjoy 'sloppy seconds'."

"Oh. So you're saying a hot wife doesn't use protection while she's out fucking other men?"

"No, no, no, I'm not saying that at all, that's up to the couple. Some may want to use protection, up to them, but for the most part, at least from what I've been reading and watching, most of the husbands who have hot wives, want their wife's pussy to be filled up with another man's cum!

"Hence, the term 'sloppy seconds', cuz' now that's what the husband dives into, his wife's used, loose and sloppy cunt. It's been a fantasy of mine for awhile now, but I never knew how to bring it up to Carrie before. Now, I don't have to because you've already made her a hot wife."

Deacon left the hospital that night shaking his head.

His best friend had just asked him to sexually pleasure his wife and his head was in a daze. Even though he had already enjoyed Doug's tight wife, he now had his blessings to use her again, and probably again. OK, if that's what the man wants, that's what he'll get. He made plans and called his friends. Getting into his car, he texted Carrie, " ...8pm, wear something slutty..."

His plan had taken a dark turn once Doug had actually come out and asked him to sexually satisfy his wife.

Kelly had seen Deacon's dark side twice before. Once when she woke the following morning unsure of what had happened to her the night before, and the second time when she was more coherent and chose to move out the following day. Deacon was normally a nice guy, always smiling and willing to help out with anything, but when he crossed over to his inner dark side, his sexual tastes were far from normal.

Mrs. Carrie Heffernan was about to sample some of those dark sexual tastes that caused his wife Kelly to leave....and she was strangely excited.

Carrie yelled down from the top of the stairs, "It's open!" when she heard the door bell at precisely 8:00pm.

Deacon walked in as Carrie shouted, "Be right down! Help yourself to a beer."

By the time Deacon had settled in on the couch and took his first swig of beer, Carrie asked him from upstairs, "Are you ready for me?"

Deacon gagged on his beer when he saw Carrie start to come down the stairs. To say that she had complied with his request to dress slutty was an understatement. Mrs. Heffernan had a strong desire to satisfy her new lover, and hearing the wolf whistle that came from Deacon's pursed lips, she knew the outfit she had chosen to wear tonight had the desired effect.

"Well? What do ya think?" came Carrie's not so innocent query.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs and did a little twirl, Deacon responded with, "Damn, girl, my friends may just have to wait!" Roughly grabbing her arm and pulling her to him, his tongue was soon down her throat before she could gasp.

Yes, she had chosen wisely!

Coming up for air, Carrie asked, "What friends are you talking about, stud?"

"Oh just a couple of guys from the apartment building where I live. But seriously, this is exactly the look I was hoping you'd come up with."

"Good. I bought this for a special occasion, but I thought it'd be a special occasion with my husband, not you. But since this outfit wouldn't do him any good right now, OR for the foreseeable future, I wanted to wear it for you, especially after your specific request for me to dress, oh, I don't know, how did you put it?.....oh, yeah, right,.....SLUTTY! Is this slutty enough for you, lover?

"I've got a question for you, though," as a knowing sinister smile crossed Carrie's luscious, bright red, full lips. It had taken her a full two hours to put together the look that Deacon was now enjoying, and she wanted to be sure what his intentions were.

"Why are we going to meet your friends? And why the slut outfit?"

But her now pouty red lips, and the way she was batting her false eyelashes at him, told Deacon that she already knew the answer, to both of those questions.

"Oh...ah...well...I stopped by the hospital on my way home from work and had a talk with Doug."

"Really? He didn't tell me you stopped by."

"He did say that I just missed you and was surprised we didn't pass each other in the elevator, but anyway, we had a nice soul-searching talk before I left."

"Yeah? What about?"


"Me? Really? What kind of soul-searching talk did you two have about me?"

"Oh...ah...well...he actually made a very strange request of me that I never expected to hear come from your husband."

"What sort of request?"

"Oh...ah...well...he wants me to take care of your needs while he's laid-up in the hospital and can't take care of them himself."

"WHAT? What the fuck kind of 'needs' does he want his best friend to help his wife with?"

"Really, Carr? You want me to spell it out for you?"

"Yes, Deacon, I do! I want to know exactly what kind of conversation you had with my husband that requires you to meet my needs! What needs?"

"Okay, I'll lay it out for you. He wants me to fuck you! There, is that simple enough?"

Plopping down on the sofa, Carrie Heffernan was, at first, flabbergasted. Then, she smiled, "It all makes sense now."

"WHAT makes sense, Carr?"

"The stash of porn in his nightstand! I found several magazines and DVDs when I was vacuuming, and they all revolved around one subject. Hot Wives! He fucking wants me to be a Hot Wife!

"He better damn well be careful what he asks for, cuz he just might get it!!

"C'mon Deacon, let's go!"

Grabbing Deacon by the hand and pulling him towards the door, he resisted and instead made Carrie model her outfit for him one more time before heading out.

A one piece, black and red mini-dress made from a clingy, crushed velvet-type material, that ended six inches above the knee, with a neck-line that plunged to her belly button in front, and to the top of the crack of her ass, in back. Thank God Carrie was accustomed to wearing high heels, otherwise the red, six inch 'fuck-me' stilettos that were on her feet would have caused some issues.

Mrs. Carrie Heffernan's version of slutty.

Another wolf whistle escaped Deacon's lips as his date for the night appeared to be following his requests 'to the T'. We shall see as the night wears on.

Carrie was used to walking in heels all day, so when Deacon grabbed her hand, she had no problem keeping up with him. They took a taxi to the nightclub to meet up with Deacon's friends in a part of town where she hadn't been before. When they got to the club, Deacon pulled Carrie out of the cab rather roughly, causing her to flash the cab driver on the way out.

"Thanks, bud, that's the best I've seen all night," called out the cabbie as Mrs. Heffernan was whisked away from him and ushered into the club.

Just another brick building on the outside that appeared to be three, maybe four, stories tall taking up about half a block. The green canopy over the door had an address only, no name. You wouldn't even know it was a nightclub, if you took away the two large, burly looking young black men standing on either side of the door.

The inside of the structure was designed to have three levels with different activities on each level, with the first level mostly occupied with a dance floor and bar off to the left. The entire inside was built with openness in mind as the 2nd and 3rd levels did not entirely cover the 1st level, but instead only emerged a short distance out from the wall.

Pillars and beams were strategically built in place to allow most of the 2nd and 3rd level activity to be witnessed from below.

Inside the club, men outnumbered the women about four to one, with a lot of different ethnicities dancing on the first floor dance floor, while the bar off to the left was packed with people. Standing 6'5", Deacon's friends noticed him right away when he walked in and had him and Carrie join them at their table.

Both men, Davis and Ernie, watched Carrie's dress slide partially up her thigh when she sat down. Not quite the promised land, but close, real close. Carrie decided she was here to have fun and let her skirt stay where it was, almost showing off her crotch-less panties.

The fun had now begun! Doug apparently wanted a hot wife, so Carrie was about to show him how hot she could be. Be careful what you ask for Doug!

When Davis saw Deacon nod his head, he grabbed Carrie by the hand and took her out on the dance floor, as others already there were starting to turn things a little nasty! Bumping and grinding, humping and twerking, you name it. Pretty soon Carrie and Davis joined right in when Carrie turned her ass to Davis and bent over grabbing her ankles while pushing her ass backwards against Davis.

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