Priya loved him. She loved Matthew.

That thought was a bombshell, which is exactly how it impacted her. She knew it before, but had been good at burying the thought. But at that moment it just hit her like a hammer.

But she couldn't tell him. She could never tell him. Not just because it might scare him away, but because it would force her to take a look at her life, her marriage, her family...everything. She could never say those words.

Suddenly realizing that they had been staring into each other's eyes for a long time, she forced her heartbeat to slow and she swallowed, finding her voice.

"I... almost asked you to cum inside me they-err." Priya admitted to Matthew. He was still kissing her mouth over and over, not letting up. It made her heart soar with happiness that he couldn't even give her five seconds to complete a sentence. The two in-laws lay naked, side-by-side on her sofa for several minutes after their fantastic lovemaking.

"Really?" he arched an eyebrow. He couldn't get enough of hearing her lovely accent. And the very notion of ejaculating his seed inside his fantasy woman excited him. Even though he had just recently orgasmed.

"Yeah." She replied, her tongue moistening her lips. "I just felt this strong urge. I cannot explain it. Whenever you are inside me it is like my body is telling me that I have to keep you in me...when you finish. But we cannot be doing that, nothing good can come from that. I have to resist the urges!" she chuckled, kissing him again. Her face looked absolutely radiant with her hair pulled back. He placed his hand on the back of her head and kissed her deeply, sending his tongue into her mouth. Her breathing grew heavier and his cock hardened against her thigh. When he rolled her onto her back, she didn't resist. Her long legs parted and he got in between them without breaking the kiss. Matthew drew his hips back and the head of his penis found the hot entrance to Priya's vagina on its own volition. It was like a magnet, drawing him in. He thrust forward and his thick helmet squeezed into her tight womanhood.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned, breaking the kiss. Her eyes were closed as he entered her body. He felt her hot pussy slowly glide down his rigid shaft. He continued pushing, easing into that heat until he was all the way inside her in one stroke. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He was nice and deep inside her, his groin pressing. She smiled at him and for the millionth time that day his heart melted. He was conscious of her bare feet running up and down the backs of his legs. Her hands caressed his back as she held him close. Every inch of his engorged member was sheathed inside her body, with her essence constricted around his length. Her entrance was especially snug, like an elastic band around his base. They looked into each other's eyes as he slowly moved his throbbing penis in and out of her hungry vagina. The tightness of her pulled at him. She let out a long, soft sigh when he slid back into her.

"Do you want to make love upstayers?" Priya asked him. Matthew stopped, holding himself inside her.

"Do you want to?" he queried back.

"Yes, let's go make love in a bed." Her eyes were very pretty as she looked up at him. Moonlit pools of darkness that sparkled with joy. His heart fluttered. He kissed her, snaking his tongue into her mouth as he began to slowly move in and out of her again. He began to move a little faster and kiss her with more passion. She was breathing laboriously into his mouth. She sent her tongue far into his mouth as she felt his cock poke into her pussy even faster.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" she moaned into his mouth as he fucked her quickly, lengthening his strokes. She raised her feet into the air as his ass thrust between her legs . For the next twenty seconds or so, Matthew slammed his hard cock deep inside Priya's needy pussy, kissing her the whole while. Her pretty feet were flailing helplessly in the air above him, toenails polished clear but shiny, and she moaned into his mouth.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" she grunted, keeping her tongue deep. Her legs were spread nice and wide, her toes pointing to the ceiling as he quickly thrust between them. Suddenly, he pulled his manhood out of her and broke the kiss. Priya was left lying there on the couch, legs open, the swollen lips of her dark slit parted slightly. Her naked thighs were flawless. A look of shock was on her beautiful face. He gave her a mischievous smile.

"Just giving you something to look forward to upstairs!" He said, getting up off the couch. Priya was speechless.

"You...!" she chuckled, not knowing how to finish that. All she could do was get up, too. He let her take the lead, mostly because he wanted to see her naked ass as she hustled in front of him. Her cheeks shook with each hurried step until she reached the stairs. Her bare feet took the stairs quickly and he was forced to rush to keep up, eyes still locked on her bum. Each cheek rippled as she scurried down the hall. She turned into the spare room and stood waiting for him beside the bed.

Matthew took her into his arms and pulled her close, his lips immediately finding hers. He was conscious of his hard dick pressing against the cool flesh of her naked belly as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. He slid his hands slide down her back to grab onto her bum, squeezing the cushy cheeks.

Priya broke the kiss and sat him down on the bed. She laid him back on the bed, looking at him with those big dark eyes. Her chest was heaving as she was breathing heavily. Despite the hard fucking that she got just moments earlier, Priya's hair was still neatly pulled back behind her head. She bent down and kissed him softly, her hand reaching down and grabbing the shaft of his cock. Matthew felt her tongue slip back into his mouth as her hand softly stroked his member. She began kissing down his neck to his chest, and then slowly trailed her lips down his chest to his stomach, stroking his manhood the entire time. Holding his cock straight up in the air, she kissed him at the base. Her pretty eyes locked onto his and she stuck her tongue far out of her mouth, slowly running it up his shaft. He sighed as he watched her run her tongue up to the top of his cock. Her full lips kissed the mushroom head before she opened them and slowly sunk his penis inside. He watched those lips slowly make the top couple of inches of his member disappear, warming it up bit by bit.

He felt his cock touch the back of her mouth. She got most of his cock into her mouth and she was able to hold her lips there as she looked up at him. He was in heaven as he stared down at his sister-in-law who had her mouth full. Of his cock. Intense heat engulfed his manhood. She was on her hands and knees on the bed, her ass sticking up in the air as she ran her lips up and down his tool. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked.

If her husband Raj were to walk in at that moment, he would see his naked wife sucking on Matthew's cock. From the doorway, he would be able to see the bottoms of Priya's bare feet, up her legs to her ass, which was sticking up in the air. Her large tits were hanging low beneath her chest, and her loose belly hung and was wobbling with her motions. Her lips were eagerly slobbering up and down his white pole. Behind, her bum was sticking up in the air and subtly swaying back and forth.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' she was sucking on him so loudly it could probably be heard at the bottom of the stairs. Her mouth glided smoothly up and down, and her cheeks caved in as she continued to suck hard. Her face bobbed up and down quickly as she really threw herself into the blowjob. Matthew took another look at her ass sticking up in the air and he decided he needed to participate. He wanted to taste her. And the longer he thought about it, the more he needed it. He needed her in his mouth.

"Let's do the sixty-nine, Priya." He suggested. She pulled him out of her mouth. 'Pop!'

"Yeah?" she said, smiling. Her heart pounded in fear -- she had only done that once in her life -- and that was years ago. Years! But she didn't want to come across as a prude and would not betray her nervousness.

Matthew nodded and smiled at her. She seemed hesitant at first as she slowly spun her body around. His heart was pounding as he watched her lift her leg up and swing it over his head. It was in slow motion. Suddenly Priya's pussy was right above his face, framed by the flawless flesh of her inner thighs. She placed her knee down on the other side of his head. He felt his cock slip back into her mouth and he could feel her lips quickly slide down it. As her treasure hovered just above him, he breathed in her wonderful scent. It made his heart flutter and for a moment he stared. Just above her treasure was her naked bum. He reached above him to pull a pillow down under his head to get his face closer. Then he wound his arms around her legs and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. At the same time, she lowered her crotch down closer to his face. Again he breathed in the wonderful scent of her pussy. Priya's pussy.

He pulled her down onto his mouth and shoved his tongue into her hot hole while burying his face in her ass. He moaned as her flavor surrounded him. Just an inch in front of his eyes he could see her tiny asshole. It was closed tight. He wriggled his tongue back and forth against the roof of her tunnel and she bucked downwards.

"Mmmph!" she moaned around his cock and he felt her suck extra hard on his penis. She pressed her crotch down on his face even harder as he kept his tongue in her pussy. His nose was pressing against her asshole as he felt her mouth glide up and down. He pushed his tongue as far inside her vagina as possible, gathering her flowing nectar. Her taste was exquisite. Priya's taste. He withdrew his tongue and sucked the swollen lips of her slit into his mouth. He quickly ran his tongue up and down them, over and over and she began to buck down on his face. Her mouth still managed to glide expertly up and down his rod, but she was slobbering all over it now in her excitement.

As he sucked on the lips of her pussy, his hands spread her ass cheeks wide, again exposing Priya's dark, puckered asshole. He stared at it as he ate her cunt. Very tiny and closed up tight. Releasing her lips, he slowly ran his tongue to the bottom of her slit and then continued upward along the skin between it and her anus. His tongue had just about reached her asshole, when he stopped. He kissed each of her ass cheeks just beside her crack, and then kissed them again. Starting again at the bottom of her slit, he slowly ran his tongue upwards towards her bum. This time when he reached her asshole he slowly ran his tongue over the rim.

"Mmmm..." she held her lips around the base of his cock and moaned. Matthew gave her asshole a soft kiss and then his tongue licked across it. Staring at it, he gave her swollen pussy lips a kiss. Then he slowly licked back up to her asshole and touched the very center with the tip of his tongue. He circled her anus, moving at a snail's pace. He kissed each of her cheeks, his eyes staring at that tiny dark hole. Pressing his face into her bum, he gave her asshole a tender kiss. Tongue darting out, he touched the tip of it against Priya's asshole. He pushed and the tip penetrated. He felt her sigh, pulling his rigid cock out of her mouth. He pulled his tongue out again and kissed each of her cheeks. He slid his tongue into her horny cunt and she gasped. He then licked back up her crack to her asshole and shoved his tongue back in there.

"Ungh!" she peeped, shoving her ass harder down on his face. He pulled out of her anus and shoved his tongue back into her sensitive vagina. She moaned again sliding her mouth back around his cock, but before she could get used to the sensation in her pussy he had his tongue wiggling against her asshole again. Matthew went back and forth, slipping his tongue just inside Priya's asshole and then deep inside her vagina...asshole and then vagina...asshole then vagina, over and over.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" The rotating sensations were driving her wild and she couldn't focus on sucking his cock. His penis just rested in her mouth as she felt his nimble tongue dip into her pussy and then inside her anus, back and forth.

Matthew had his hands braced on her ass cheeks and hungrily licked from the bottom of her slit back up to her asshole. Giving it a hard suck, he then finally went back down to her pussy and pressed his face against her hard. He was able to reach her clitoris and he sucked it into his mouth. He lashed his tongue back and forth across it. She pulled his dick out of her mouth. 'Pop!'

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Priya whined, her hand holding his dick as she felt his tongue lick at her clit. The buzzing inside her rose quickly as his tongue relentlessly danced. She started writhing frantically down on his face as he wouldn't stop. The tingling increased...and then the pleasure snapped.

"OH GAWD!" Priya whined loudly, her body shuddering. Matthew squeezed her ass cheeks, keeping them spread apart and trying to hold her still as he licked at her clit. As she thrashed, her wet pussy covered his nose completely and for a few moments, he couldn't breathe at all. His nose was right inside her wet cunt as he lashed at her with his tongue as quickly as he could.

"UNNGH!" Priya's sweet voice cried out again. Her entire body was tense and her heart was racing as her orgasm overwhelmed her. He licked her clit relentlessly as she continued cumming. Finally, she fell forward, collapsing on him, gasping for breath.

"Aye-yi-yi!" she sang in disbelief. "You are good at that!" she said, her Indian accent coming out. She chuckled. "If this keeps up I am going to make you visit me every day!"

"Sounds good!" he replied, getting out from under her. He was incredibly hard, and looking down at her lying on her stomach, naked, certainly did not help matters.

"Oh my gawd." He muttered. He ran his gaze from the bottoms of her small feet up her long, bare legs to her bum. His heart pounded and his blood rushed through his veins.

"What?" Priya turned to him curiously, still catching her breath. He shook his head.

"You are just so...stunning. You are my fantasy woman." He replied. She broke into a huge grin. Crawling on the bed, he kissed the bottom of each of her toes on each of her feet before slowly kissing up the back of her legs.

Matthew kissed the soft skin on the back of her thighs. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal as he kissed closer and closer to her crotch and ass. His mouth moved along the inside of her thigh, sucking on the smooth flesh until he reached the curve of the bottom of her bum. He kissed her ass cheek, and then kissed her other one. His hands squeezed the soft globes and spread them open. Her dark asshole was exposed. It was closed tight. He kissed each of her cheeks again.

"I liked what you did they-err orlier." She said, head in her arms as she relaxed and gave herself to him completely. He kissed her soft bum again.

"You did?"

"I did. I did. It felt rail-y neat." She replied with her subtle accent. His hands caressed her smooth ass as they spoke, spreading her cheeks over and over again as he squeezed. Each time, her tiny asshole appeared he felt a wave of desire. He kissed right beside her crack loudly.

"Would you like it again?" He kissed just inside her crack, and then again on the other side.

"Shore." she replied, breathing a little heavier. He kissed each of Priya's cheeks and then spread them wide, exposing her asshole again. He bent down and lightly brushed his tongue across it.

"Ohhhh...aye-yi-yi..." Priya purred. Sticking out his tongue, he ran it around the rim of her asshole lightly. Putting his mouth over it, he sucked loudly. His tongue darted back out and he licked hard across her anus, clearly feeling the hole on the way by. He gave her asshole another kiss and then touched his tongue against it as his hands squeezed her soft cheeks and held them apart. He slipped his tongue just inside Priya's anus and wiggled it up and down a little. He pulled it out again and slowly circled the rim of her anal entrance softly.

Matthew curled his tongue and slipped the tip just inside her bum. Priya's bum. Priya! Hands spreading her cheeks wider, he exposed her dark asshole, glistening with his saliva. He put his mouth over it and sucked loudly. He moaned, his mouth pressed between her cheeks. He gave her a loud kiss and he kept his lips there. His next kiss was soft and tender. His tongue darted out and licked back and forth across the tiny hole, putting pressure against it as it wiggled. He slipped the tip just inside her backdoor, his hands squeezing her cheeks again. He forced his tongue further inside her virgin ass. He couldn't get it in any further, so he contented himself with wiggling his tongue up and down while she squirmed underneath him. Closing his eyes, he lost himself in the moment. The tip of his tongue was just inside the forbidden hole, slowly moving in a circle as she sighed softly.

He withdrew his tongue from out of his sister-in-law's asshole and began to lap from the bottom of her crack to the top, each time his tongue licking right over her anus. He did it over and over, every time he touched her anus he dipped his tongue inside just a little -- teasing her. He couldn't believe he was doing this to Priya's ass. He gave her hole another loud suck. And then a little kiss. He kept his mouth there for a moment and tenderly kissed again.

Kissing the two sides of her crack, he began to kiss up her ass to her lower back. He couldn't tease himself any longer. He had to be inside this wonderful woman. He slowly kissed up her spine, which did nothing to calm her arousal down any. When he got up to her neck, his cock rested in the crack of her ass. He kissed up her neck and she turned her head so he could kiss her cheek. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth. He actually felt her shiver when he tongued her ear and ran his hands up her arms. He placed each of his hands over hers and slipped his fingers in between hers. Still kissing her cheek, neck and ear he whispered to her.

"You are beautiful and sexy, Priya. Everything about you is so perfect." He breathed. And I love you. He thought, but wouldn't dare say.

Priya squeezed the hands that were holding hers. She had never felt this close to someone. She wanted to tell her brother-in-law how she felt. She couldn't hold back any longer. As his cock rested between her ass cheeks and his hands squeezed hers, his mouth brushing along her cheek as he hovered over her. It was the moment that she was waiting for to tell him. She opened her mouth to speak.

And Matthew kissed her. He slipped his tongue into her mouth as he brought his hips back and slid the top of his penis down the crack of her bum until it was underneath her. The intense heat of her pussy was touching his manhood and he pushed upward.

"Mmmmph!" she moaned into his mouth. She sent her tongue into his mouth eagerly as Matthew slowly eased his rigid penis deep inside her needy vagina. He felt everything vividly as her snug tunnel gobbled up inch after inch of his unbending organ. Priya's tight cunt made it difficult but he managed to squeeze himself all the way inside her in one steady stroke. Her hot pussy gripped his entire pole tighter than a latex glove. Her ass cheeks felt comforting against his groin. He bent his legs between hers a little and was able to place the tops of his bare feet against the bottoms of hers. His hands squeezed hers lovingly as he ground against her, really burying his cock. He could feel their wedding rings touching. This was so wrong, yet it felt so right. He was inside his wife's older sister.

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