It is March and the "Touring Pro Division" inside of the complex-center expo. It's part of the "Professional Bull Riding" (PBR). The tour event gives the up-and-coming bull riders a chance to earn points aimed toward the PBR world finals.

Delvin (21 yrs.) came to the expo determined to gain points. He was sidelined by injuries who finally healed up for the first ride of this season. He draws the bull named, "the beast-master." Delvin has not ridden this bull and hopes for an 8-second ride.

Lori (32 yrs.) is a rodeo fan (34-24-31) whose been following Delvin. She's gets to the expo early and sits in the front-row bleachers. She faces the bucking shoots. Her binoculars watch every bull rider. Delvin is scheduled to ride last who finally gets ready in the bucking shoot.

She whispers, "He's only 5'7" but cute as hell. And that, fine-ass. He likes older women too."

Lori wears a brown cowboy hat, t-shirt and Levi-jeans. Her sandy-blonde hair is tied into a short ponytail.

Delvin rides only 30 seconds as "the beast-master" bucks and kicks near to the left railing. His free hand touches the bull and is automatically disqualified. He's thrown over that railing and slams his left hip. His body falls to the dirt inside and the helmet flips off his head. Delvin gains "zero" points and won't make it to the second round.

Inside the expo bar & dance hall. Country music plays as cowboys and girls line dance on the floor. Lori sits at the end of the crowded bar holding a beer bottle. Delvin walks up to her. He wears new wrangler jeans, a western shirt and cowboy hat.

He says, "You been watching me all night."

She replies, "Yeah, so what?"

He asks, "You gonna make a move?"

She chuckles, "You made the move cowboy."

He laughs, "I bet I can guess your age."

She replies, "Guess."

He says, "33."

She responds, "32... How's your hip? You hit that railing pretty hard."

He answers, "There's a bruise, but I'll live to ride another bull."

She says slyly, "I hear you ride older women."

His eyebrows are raised.

Inside the cheap motel room. The old curtains are pulled closed. A lamp sits on the tiny table which is turned on.

Jeans, shirts, underwear and socks are piled up on a chair. Delvin's cowboy hat and boots lay under that chair. Her own cowboy boots are next to the bed.

Lori and Delvin are naked on top of the bed. He is laying on his back with his head pushed into a pillow. She faces and straddles him wearing her cowboy hat. She leans forward as both hands push down on his chest.

She's been riding his 7-inch cock as her blonde-ness hits his own sandy-blonde crotch. There is a bruise on his left hip which doesn't hurt at all.

He says, "Stop baby... Stop."

She stops and then asks, "Why? Gawd, you feel so fucking good."

He moves both hands around her butt-cheeks.

He whispers, "Ready baby?"

She answers, "Yeah, sure."

He pushes off his feet as his buttocks lift up from the bed. He thrusts his cock upward who is fast and aggressive. Their bare-skin hits each other loudly.


He watches her tits jiggle in front of him.

Lori responds, "Ahh-Ahh-Ahhh-Ahh-Ahhhh-Shit-Shit.!!"

Delvin doesn't stop.


She screams, "Ahhh-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ahhhh-Shiiiiiitt.!!"

Her cowboy hat falls off as her tits jiggle wildly.


She says, "Shiiiitt..Shiiiiitt..Shhhh.!!"

He stops and says, "You knew I slammed older women... Didn't you? Didn't you?!!"

She nods her head, "Yes-Yes, I did."

He begins thrusting hard again.


She replies, "Ahhhh. I Did..I Did..Delvin..I Did.!!"

He pushes upward one last time and grips her buttocks.

Delvin explodes under her body, "Uuuuuhhh.. Uuuuuhh.. Uuuhh-Ahhhhhh.. Ahhhh.. Fuuuckk.!"

She collapses onto his chest and kisses his cheek.

He breathes hard and whispers, "I love fucking older women."

30 minutes later. Delvin and Lori are still on top of the bed. They are in the doggy-style position. She leans on her hands with the hair still tied in a short pony-tail. Her loose bangs fall across the face. He's behind wearing her cowboy hat. Both of his hands are wrapped around her hips.

His eyes are closed and the mouth is dropped open. Her cunt is damn hot. He has been thrusting long and slow. His cock pushes all of the way inside as his thick-blonde crotch hits her butt-cheeks.

Delvin opens his eyes and looks down at his shaft. He pushes all of the way in and stops.

He says, "You ready again, baby?"

She answers, "Yes, do whatever you want."

Both of his hands grip her buttocks tighter. He begins thrusting fast and hard.

His upper thighs hit her buttocks loudly.


She screams, "Ahhhh-Ahhhh-Ahh-Ahhh-Ahhhhh-Ahhhhhh.!!"


Her eyes are closed and the mouth is dropped open.

She keeps screaming, "Ahh-Ah-Ahhh-Ahh-Ahhhh.!!"

He slows down to longer thrusts - but still hard.


She replies, "Ah-Shit.. Ahh-Shit.. Ahhhhh.. Ahhhhhh.!!"

Delvin smiles down at his shaft pushing in and pulling out. He picks up his speed again.


Lori screams, "Ahhh-Ahhh-Ah-Ah-Ahhhhh.!!"

He pushes in one last time and explodes, "Uuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuhh.. Uhh-Uuuuuhh.. Uh-Uh-Ahhhhhhhh.. Ahhhh-Fuck.. Fuck.. That was... A good one."

His cock pulls out and Delvin falls over. He kisses Lori's left shoulder.

The next morning. The curtains are partially open. The sun light shines through. Delvin is asleep under the bed covers. He lifts his head up and looks around. His hair sticks up.

Lori is gone.

He says, "Shit, what time is it?"

His hands push over the bed covers and climbs off naked. He walks toward the bathroom and stops. He turns around and sees that his cowboy boots are gone.

He says, "God-Dammit. She took my brand-new boots."

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