"I'm sorry, Crystal isn't working today."


When she shook her head, I sighed. It hadn't been a good day at work, and the only thing that had kept me going, was thinking about seeing Crystal. But she wasn't here, and neither was my second choice. It would have to be one of the others.

"So who do you have?"

"Just Cherry and Goldie."

That cheered me up. I'd seen Cherry before. She was good, not as good as Crystal or Lexi, but after seeing her, I'd be leaving with a smile on my face. So all was not lost. The other one must be new, because I'd never heard the name before. I would definitely see her, but not today. What I wanted now, was a guaranteed good time. Goldie might be OK, but I didn't want to risk it.

"I'll have Cherry."

"Sorry, she is busy for the next hour."

I groaned again, but this time louder. So it was the new girl, or nothing. But what was she like?

I was now facing down on the massage table, waiting for Goldie.

May had done a sterling job of bigging her up, but I was a regular, so I knew the score. Some of what she had said about her, would be true, but exaggerated. However, some might just be a blatant lie. Her description of Milly, still made me laugh every time I thought about it. It had been a complete work of fiction. However, in fairness to May, I must say that I had enjoyed my time with Milly. But saying that she was just out of her teens, when she was well into her thirties, was stretching the truth a bit too far.

I had to smile as I remembered her description of Goldie.

"She has tits that you wouldn't believe. And film star looks. Her massage will take you to heaven and back. She is too good for this place."

And, as an afterthought, she had added, "She is called Goldie, because she is a natural blonde."

I don't know how long I waited for her, because I had dozed off. I only woke when I felt firm hands on my shoulders.

"Just relax. I'm Goldie. May told me that you're called Dexter."

I wasn't really, but like me, she wouldn't be using her real name. I was John, and, if I was to become a regular of hers, I might tell her.

She was good, and as she went deep into my muscles, I felt myself relax. All the tension of the day, was starting to melt away. I came here for the sex, but it was always better after a nice massage. I was enjoying this. She was nearly as good as Crystal, and that was high praise. If the sex was as good as the massage, then I was in for a treat.

The room was small, with low lighting, and, in the corner, on a table, incense sticks were burning. It was the perfect environment for intimacy. And that's what would happen later on, when I turned over.

She was now concentrating on my legs. Running her hands up them, to the edge of the towel that was covering my bottom, and then back down again. And now, her touch was gentler, almost a caress. Very soon it would stop being a massage. I liked this part, the anticipation of what was to come next. And, I had a feeling that it was going to be special. I had been disappointed when I found out that Crystal and Lexi weren't available, but it had turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

As she was massaging me, I had caught glimpses of her body, but frustratingly, not her face. However, I could confirm that she was indeed a blonde, but it might only be from a bottle. May was right, her breasts were impressively large, and her body was curvy. Her massage skills were also top-class. She was supposed to be beautiful, but was she? Everything that May had said about her, was turning out to be true. She must have lied about something, and I now knew what it was. It was her looks. However, if that was true, then I didn't mind. Her gorgeous body would more than make up for it.

When she placed her hand on the towel, I was already rock hard. That was the result of her fingers on my inner thighs. She had moved them up, close to my balls, but not actually touching them. It had been a long slow tease.

"I think that I should remove this."

She had said it in a seductive tone, and it had made my cock twitch.

I responded with a quick yes, and it made her giggle. I thought she would now cup my balls, or perhaps even reach under and grab my cock, but she did neither. Instead, she placed her hands on my bottom. I groaned, out of frustration, and it made her giggle again.

Her hands were now pummelling my bottom. She was pressing down hard, and it was grinding my swollen member into the massage table. If she kept on doing it, then she was going to make me come. If that happened, it would be a disaster. I didn't want to empty my balls onto the table, I wanted to empty them into her pussy.

"I need to turn over."

But she didn't stop.

"Please, before it's too late."

This time she did, because she knew what 'too late' meant. Then she moved away, so that she could dim the lights.

"Turn over."

Whatever payment she wanted for 'extras', I was going to give her, and without haggling.

I was now on my back, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Then I looked up at her. Her eyes were fixed on my cock, and I was looking at her face.

"That's a big one."

It was. Eight inches of thick meat, but it was now shrinking, and at an alarming rate. Surprisingly, May had been truthful, Goldie was a looker. However, there was a problem, a big problem.

When she looked up, and she saw my face, her eyes widened, and her mouth opened wide, but she didn't speak. She was shocked, as shocked as I was.

I gave her a weak smile, and then I said, "Hello Charlotte."

She was my Mother-in-law!

Ten minutes later, I was on my way home. After the initial shock, both of us had quickly regained our composure. Was there a problem? No there wasn't. Charlotte explained that she was just a masseuse, and I made it clear that's why I was here. I needed a relaxing massage after a hard day at work. Of course that was ludicrous. I had also come for sex, and that was what she provided. You didn't get a job at May's Massage Parlour, if you weren't willing to satisfy all of the customer's sexual needs. Men came here to get what they weren't getting at home, and if they also didn't get it here as well, then they would complain.

Our conversation had been brief, and there was much that wasn't said. However, without discussing it, I knew that we were in agreement on the most important point. We would not be telling anybody about it.

As I was driving home, I thought about what had happened. I was now beginning to see the funny side of it. The look on her face, when she had realized that it was her Son-in-law on the table, was a picture.

At first, I had been horrified, because I had been found out. But she had been as well. Both of us had something to hide, so it was in our best interests not to say anything.

When I got home, Jess was in the kitchen. I greeted her with a kiss. I didn't feel guilty for going to the Massage Parlour. That was a separate part of my life, and, unless she was to find out, it didn't affect our relationship.

"How was your day?"

She always asked me that, and it wasn't out of politeness. She genuinely wanted to know.

"I've had better ones."

"I'll make us both a coffee, and you can then tell me all about it."

While I did, she listened sympathetically. I told her everything, except my visit to the Massage Parlour. When I had finished, she surprised me.

"That boss of yours is too demanding. I don't like it when you come home all tense. We should have an early night."

That was unusual. It was generally me that made the first move.

"I like the sound of that."

She laughed, before saying, "I thought you would."

While she prepared our evening meal, I stayed in the kitchen. As she worked, I watched her.

She was twenty three, six years younger than me. We had married shortly after her eighteenth birthday. It had been a whirlwind romance. Then, as now, I couldn't believe my luck. I was definitely punching above my weight.

Jess isn't very tall. She says that she is five feet three inches, but the tape measure tells a different story. At a stretch, she is five feet one at the most. But whatever her height, there is no disputing her attractiveness. She has breasts that are a nice size, that look good on her small frame, and hips to match. And, to top it all, a face that turns heads.

So why do I visit May's Massage Parlour?

It started eighteen months ago, when I was out shopping. While taking a shortcut, I came across it. There was a large neon sign above the door that displayed a single word, 'MASSAGE'.

On another day, I would have just walked past it. But I had a sore back. Would a massage help? I was still making my mind up, when a young lady appeared at the door.

After giving me a dazzling smile, she said, "Would you like to come in?"

And that's how it had started.

Back then, I was so naive. I had gone in just for a massage. It never crossed my mind that there would be more to it than that. The lady was Crystal, and she was good with her hands. Too good. When she asked if I wanted something extra, I was never going to say no. However, I still had enough self-control, for me to decline her offer of a full service.

She jerked me off, but slowly, and with the skill of an artist. While she was doing it, I fondled her small breasts. When I eventually climaxed, it was with an intensity that surprised me.

Afterwards, I was racked with guilt, and I vowed never to do it again. But a week later, I was back for more. And this time, I fingered her. On the third occasion, I fucked her to a screaming orgasm.

I was now hooked!

"It'll be ready in five minutes."

That brought me out of my daydream.

It was no surprise that the meal was delicious. Jess was a good cook, and she enjoyed doing it. I just wish that she was as adventurous in the bedroom, as she was in the kitchen. Don't get me wrong. Our sex life was adequate, but it lacked spontaneity. It was routine, and predictable, only occasionally reaching the heights. I was still a young man, so I wanted more than that.

As soon as we were in the bedroom, I kissed her. She responded by pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. That was a good sign. This might turn out to be better than our usual sex.

I now had her top off, and I was giving her tits the attention that they deserved.

"You're hurting me."

I mumbled a quick sorry, and then I got back to her nipples. I needed to be careful. That was my first and only warning. If I was rough with her again, she would not be happy, and it would spoil the mood.

If only she was more like Crystal. Her nipples weren't as nice as Jess's, but you can do whatever you want to them, and she never complains.

After five minutes, I wanted more than just her tits, and she did as well.

"Put your fingers into my pussy, and play with my clit."

"I'd rather go down on you."

As soon as I had said it, I knew that it was a mistake. She didn't like me doing that, so why had I stupidly suggested it? When she opened her mouth, I knew that it wasn't to say yes.

"No, and don't ask me again."

I gave her another sorry, and then I held my breath. What had started well, might now end prematurely.

"But I do want you to finger me."

Good, she was still in the mood.

I now had two fingers inside her, and my thumb on her swollen clit. We were both enjoying it, but I would have preferred to have my mouth on her pussy. She had a nice clit, and it was frustrating not being able to lick it.

Early in our relationship, she had let me do it, and I had even made her come. But soon after, she had put a stop to it.

"I don't feel comfortable doing it."

I didn't understand that. If it gave her pleasure, then why stop? She should be more like Crystal. That woman was up for anything, and I really mean anything. Nothing was off limits. And, what made it special when I was with her, was that everything we did, she didn't just tolerate, she enjoyed.

She was now on her back, with her legs high, almost over her shoulders. My big cock was going deep into her, and she was moaning loudly.

There was a time, when what I had dangling between my legs, impressed her. Now she just took it for granted. I still appreciated her tits, often complimenting her on them. It would be nice if she was to occasionally tell me, how good my cock was.

I was now almost there, and from the noises that she was making, I could tell that she was as well. Two hard strokes made her come, and another one, that was even harder, got me my climax.

It was a nice one, and I now felt relaxed. However, if it had been with Crystal, or even Lexi, it would have been better.

It wasn't long before Jess was asleep. I was tired, but I knew that it would be a while before I nodded off. I had too much on my mind. It was what had happened at the Massage Parlour.

I was so relieved that we had dealt with it in a mature manner, that I hadn't given it any more thought. Until now.

Why was she working there? It wasn't because she needed the money. Two years ago, she had an amicable divorce, from her Husband of twenty years. The settlement was very generous. She was a woman of leisure.

And it wasn't because she couldn't get a man. Think of Jess, and then add a few inches in all the right places. That was Charlotte. But did she have the looks to match? Definitely, even at forty five, a smile from her could make men drool. And once, I had actually seen that happen. She was definitely a MILF.

It could only be because she wanted sex, but without having a relationship. That made sense. Since her divorce, she had dated several men, but without any long-term success.

I was still thinking about that, when I felt myself drifting off. I was almost asleep, but then I had another thought. I was now wide awake again.

What would have happened, if I had asked her to continue?

That night, I had a strange dream. I was making love to Jess, but when I saw her face, it was my Mother-in-law. But then it became Jess again. It felt so real, that when I woke, it wouldn't have surprised me to find Charlotte in bed with us.

I had a better day at work. My boss even praised me. I was good at my job, and he knew it, but it was rare for him to acknowledge it.

When I got home, I told Jess about it. She was pleased for me.

While we were eating, I could see that there was something on her mind. She would tell me, but she was waiting for the right time.

We had now almost finished, and nothing had been said. I must have been mistaken. Then she spoke.

"Mother has sold her house."

That was a surprise.

"I didn't know that she was selling it. I thought that she was happy there."

"She wasn't, and she is."

I was now confused.

"You need to tell me more."

She then did. Her house wasn't on the market, but somebody had asked if they could buy it. When they offered her thirty percent more than it was worth, she accepted.

That was good news, so why had she been hesitant about telling me?

While I was doing the dishes, I got my answer.

"You didn't ask where Mother is going to live."

I didn't need to, because I already knew the answer. It was simple, she would use the money from the sale of the house, to buy another one. Then I understood what she was telling me.

"So how long is she planning to stay with us?"

"Not long, only until she finds herself a new place."

That might be weeks, or even months.

"Do you mind?"

"No, she can stay as long as she wants."

That got me a big hug.

I genuinely didn't mind. I had a good relationship with my Mother-in-law. However, it was going to be awkward at first, because of our chance meeting at the Massage Parlour.

"And she will be here tomorrow."

Apparently, the offer was on condition that Charlotte moved out straight away. I guess if you are paying over the odds, then you can dictate the terms.

The next day, when I returned from work, our house guest had already moved in.

I must say, that I was impressed with her composure. If seeing me was making her feel uncomfortable, then she was hiding it well. I was nervous at first, but her calmness quickly put me at ease.

Later that evening, while we were watching television, Jess told me something that I found very interesting.

"Mother has a job."

I glanced at Charlotte, and from the look on her face, I could tell that she wasn't happy that her Daughter was mentioning it.

"She is a fully qualified masseuse."

I was surprised that she had told Jess about it.

"And she works at a posh spa," then, looking at her Mother, she added, "What did you say it was called?"

Charlotte had managed to regain her composure. In a casual tone, she said, "The Goldcrest Spa."

I was impressed. She had picked the perfect place for her cover story. It was an elite establishment, catering for wealthy clients. And it was strictly massage only, no hanky-panky.

It wasn't long before I could see the advantages of having Charlotte staying with us. During the day, she helped with the housework, and after our meals, she always insisted on doing the washing up. And Jess was enjoying her being here. To my surprise, I was as well. Our relationship had always been good, but quite formal. Now, we were more relaxed in each other's company.

On Tuesday morning, we had breakfast together for the first time. Charlotte normally sleeps in, not getting up until after I have left for work. But not today, because she was working.

Last night, she told us how she had become a masseuse.

"Four months ago, I met up with an old friend. She told me about the massage course that she had just started, and how much she was enjoying it. That got me interested, and a week later, I was on it as well."

Then she had given us a big smile, before declaring, "And the rest is history."

She hadn't told us about the course while she was doing it. She was worried that she might not finish it, because she didn't like it, or because she wasn't any good at it. But she had liked it, and, as her pass mark at the end of the course had confirmed, she was very good.

And now, she was working one day a week, at that fine establishment, that is, the Goldcrest Spa. But really she was working in May's Massage Parlour. And that was a place that you didn't talk about.

It was now lunch time, and I still hadn't decided what I was going to do after work. Tuesday was my massage day. However, because Charlotte was working there, should I give it a miss, and just go straight home?

When it got to five, I knew what I was going to do. I was going to keep to my normal routine.

As I entered May's establishment, I felt the usual buzz of excitement. I was here for illicit sex, and that's the best sex that you can have!

"Dexter, my favourite customer."

Then May hugged me. Her greeting was always over the top, almost theatrical.

"And which gorgeous lady would you like to see today?"

Then, before I could say anything, she spoke again.


I nodded. She was always my preferred choice.

I was now in the room, waiting for Crystal to arrive. However, when the door opened, it wasn't her, it was May.

"Sorry, Crystal is not feeling well. I have sent her home."

I groaned, and for some reason, it made her laugh. That irritated me, this was no laughing matter.

"So who else do you have?"

"Nobody, they are all busy."

I groaned again, but this time she had the good sense not to laugh.

"You can have me if you want."

I didn't know if that was a serious offer, or if she was joking. But what I did know, is that I was going to say no. I just needed to find the right way of saying it so that she didn't take offence. May was a nice lady, and I liked her, but she was well past her sell-by date. In her prime, she had been a star, but that was decades ago.

"Or you can wait for another fifteen minutes. One of them is free then."

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