I said Cohen must have gone back to my room to use the bathroom but Tobi insisted I check inside the bathroom even though the out of order sign was there just in case and that he would wait outside to ensure no one saw. I thought to myself he was acting suspicious and proceeded to enter the male bathrooms.

I walked into the bathroom to see Cohen leaning back against the counter still wearing his full Spiderman costume. Smiling I walked towards Cohen and said 'So this is why Tobi was acting so suspicious huh, is this my Halloween treat?' Cohen then unzipped the crotch of his Spiderman costume and placed his hands behind his head. I didn't need any further prompt and got onto my knees in front of Cohen placing my hands onto his hips. I moved my right hand into the crotch of his costume and held onto his cock and balls. He was already hard and I could feel the warmth of his cock on my hand.

Pulling out his cock I moved my head closer placing my tongue at the base and licking from the base to the head over and over again. I could hear Cohen moaning in pleasure at this and then started to lick and suck on his balls knowing how much he loved it when I did this. I was so turned on after waiting for this moment for months and after sucking his balls some more I moved my attention back to the head and placed it onto my tongue.

As I looked up into the Spiderman mask Cohen was still wearing I started to suck on the head of his cock moving it in and out of my mouth.

With my saliva now covering the head I started to move further down the length of Cohen's cock taking another inch and then another deep into my throat until my lips were pressing against the Spiderman costume. This was too much for Cohen and he moved his hands placing them onto my head and held my head in place keeping his cock balls deep in my throat.

The face fucking then began with me in my Captain America costume on my knees with Cohen fucking my face in his Spiderman costume. Up and down the length of his cock Cohen moved my head as I held onto his ass squeezing his cheeks as we were both locked in ecstasy. I thought to myself that Cohen's cock felt slightly larger than I remembered but thought this must just be due to us both waiting so long to fuck each other.

It was then that Cohen slipped his cock from my mouth and pulled me up to my feet. I went to kiss him and remove his mask but he pushed me against the counter and pulled down my Captain America tights revealing my bubble butt. I was intoxicated by the moment and pushed my butt out as Cohen pulled his own tights down behind me and moved toward my ass holding his raging hard cock in hand and directing it towards my asshole.

I felt him pressing the head against my hole and pushed back into him wanting to feel him inside me again and fuck me after my 4 month wait. His cock had already been well coated in my saliva and I felt warm liquid drip down my ass cheeks and into my hole as Cohen squirted lube onto my ass.

Then with a popping sound the head of Cohen's cock pushed into my ass. I moaned and told him I wanted him in me balls deep, to have him fuck me and unload inside me again. He didn't need any further asking and slapped my ass cheeks as he began to push further into me until our bodies were pressed against each other. I looked into the mirror on the counter and moaned in pleasure at the feeling of his cock filling my ass. The Spiderman mask looked back at me in the mirror and then his hips began to thrust back and forth moving the length of his cock out and then back into my waiting ass.

I moved my ass back to meet his thrusts and we were both increasing our grunts and moans, I was on the verge of cumming myself so aroused by the situation and could feel that he would not hold on much longer. Our speed increased as we both thrust our bodies against each other and then with a loud groan he gripped my hips and pulled my ass back into him slamming his cock as far as it would go deep into my ass and shuddered, unloading his cum into my ass. The warmth of his cum and cock filled my ass and pushed me over the edge as my own cock spurted cum against the counter.

We stayed in our positions regaining our breath and after a few minutes passed his cock slipped from my ass prompting us to each pull our tights back up. I took in a few more breaths as I stood back up and turned around to hug and kiss Cohen but he was already walking to leave the bathroom. I followed and when I got out I couldn't see where he had gone, Tobi was still standing there and smirked at me saying 'Did you two enjoy that? It sounded hot!'

I asked Tobi where Cohen had gone and he told me he had walked back into the party and was probably dancing again with Chuck and Jung. We went back to the party grabbing another drink on the way as I needed a refreshment after the fucking I had just experienced.

As we arrived Chuck was dancing and so was Cohen but instead of wearing the Spiderman costume he was in Jung's Trojan warrior outfit. I was confused and asked him when he had changed and he replied saying Jung had wanted to swap costumes so that he could play a trick on you and that after they would swap back. He asked why I was away for so long and if Jung had played his trick on me yet.

My mind was in shock, had I just had sex with Jung in the male bathrooms? Was Tobi in on this Halloween trick that Jung had wanted to play on me? Did Cohen suspect anything had happened? What was I going to do next?

As Cohen waited for my response Tobi quickly replied and said 'Oh yeah you should have seen it, Jung got Billy really good he had no idea it was him and not you in the costume and Billy got super scared when Jung jumped out at him from the bathroom, isn't that right Billy?' As Tobi smirked at me and winked, I looked at Cohen and all I could say was that this was right and Jung had scared me so I chased him around campus for a bit and then was having a drink with Tobi on the other side of the rec hall and that's why it had been awhile since Cohen and Chuck had seen us.

We'd all been drinking plenty of the punch by now and Cohen bought the explanation. Then I felt a slap on my ass and a hand wrap around my shoulders as Jung returned to the group in the Spiderman costume but with the mask removed and said 'Sorry I took so long Cohen, Billy fell right into my trick and it was so worth it after all the planning to see his reaction. It took a real load off me that's for sure (he winked at me as he said this), we can swap back now if you like? Otherwise I'm happy to keep the costume if you want my Trojan warrior one?'

Cohen replied saying that it must have been a great scare from what Tobi and I had told him and that he was happy to remain in the Trojan warrior costume but that he had received a message from his work and would not be able to stay for the full weekend now and they had booked him a flight back that night.

I couldn't believe this and told him he should just stay but Cohen kissed me and said that he wished we had more time and squeezed my ass telling me he really wanted to fuck me but had to leave so he could make his flight. He then kissed me and said goodbye to us all.

I walked with Cohen to the front of the rec hall while he waited for his Uber. We spent the whole time kissing and saying that the next 2 months would go by fast when we would see each other again. As his Uber arrived I squeezed his cock through the Trojan dress and gave him one final kiss.

With Cohen now on his way back to the airport I looked back at the rec hall and wondered whether I go back in to the party or retreat back to my room...

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