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Currently not accepting "ringo-adjacent" content (i.e. talking about it), maybe in the future but don't get your hopes up

Sonohara Airi peeing in a bottle -
^ ...again -
^ ...and in her pants (ft. Tenshouin Hiina) -
there are timestamps in the comments for all of these ^
Inuyama Tamaki's Pee Holding Tetris (ft. too many to list) -
also note the three streams that aren't tetris, but instead are just other endurance collabs with natsuiro matsuri specifically

Hayama Marin farting -
Amatsuka Uto farting -
Kureiji Ollie farting -
Selen Tatsuki farting -
pinkbuta farting -
timestamps in comments
Nekomata Mel farting -
model changing (sort of) explained here

Shirogane Noel's stomach growling -
Kiryu Coco's stomach growling -
timestamps in links on mobile are weird sometimes. it's at 57:00
Amelia Watson's stomach growling -
timestamp 34:25 + turn up your volume

Mori Calliope shitting -
Mazono Akira shitting -
Fumino Tamaki shitting
originally from 52:14 in this stream, has apparently been edited since
Nekomata Mel shitting -
live2d gone because this stream was while she was recovering from the coof so it would be scuffed regardless
^ ...herself -

If I ever go MIA you can tell by checking the edit date. If that happens just clone the thing and stick a number at the end (i.e. /vtuberingo2)

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