She straddled Pete at his abdomen. Heather realized what Lee was doing grabbed Pete's cock still dripping with Bree's cum, it was puddled on his stomach and there was a puddle under his ass. Heather lined the huge cock in her hand up. Lee slid back a little till the head touched her outer lips. Heather rubbed Pete's cock up and down Lee's slit. Pete was wet and lubed from Bree. Lee was producing large amounts of her own juices. As she had helped Bree she had played with herself and made a puddle on the bed under her. Her fluids still dripped quickly from her. Heather stopped moving Pete's cock and lined the head up to Lee's entrance. Unlike Amy and Bree Lee was in desperate need to have her vagina filled. Lee shoved back hard, the force caused Pete to involuntarily thrust up. Pete's cock went all the way home in the first trust. It was about 8 inches in and firmly pressed against Lee's cervix. Lee cried from the shock and pain over the huge intrusion into her inner walls Pete wrapped his arms around her and held her. She hurt she felt as though he'd ripped her open. She tried rocking her hips but it hurt. She felt pain up inside her.

"Pete I know it's not your fault, but I don't think I'm going to be able to do this right now. I went to fast and it hurts like hell!" Lee began to really cry. Sara had regained some strength she crawled up to Lee.

"Is it really that bad honey? Did you rip yourself? Lee baby please quiet down calm down and talk to me hon." Sara rubbed Lee's head. For a moment

"GOD DAMN IT AMY BREE AND YOU TOOK HIM! I CAN'T I FAILED! I COULD FUCKING DO IT!" Lee yelled with anger and pain. She cried harder as she got mad that she couldn't get control of her emotions. " FUCK IT! PETE TAKE TOP AND JUST FUCK ME! MAKE ME TAKE IT GOD DAMN IT!"

"Baby that isn't very good idea really. You will already hurt from taking him too fast! If he pushes the issue you'll be sore as hell for a long time. Besides you might get to where you are afraid of him fucking you if all you remember is pain." Sara tried to convince Lee that it would be better to wait.

"NO! I WANT IT NOW! I KNOW I FUCKED UP! NEXT TIME I'LL DO IT EASIER!" Lee screamed. She was angry, the pain had subsided some but it still hurt like hell. She wish she could convey to Sara and Pete what this means to her. She knew the pain was her fault, she tried to rush. He spread her pussy open, maybe even ripped her, but it didn't matter. Lee had to get fucked by Pete's huge cock. She was the only on that hadn't got fucked by him, besides she wanted it. The pain had not completely crushed the need to be fucked. She had came a couple times while Bree got fucked, but she needed more!

"Ok hon if that's what you really want. You need to do something though." Sara relented. She only had one last thought that might get here to wait so she could enjoy it. "Slide off him. I need to see if you hurt yourself bad. If you didn't hurt yourself bad I'll back off and let you have Pete fuck you how you want."

Reluctantly Lee slide up the cock that had her impaled. The head popped loose from her hole. She felt empty. Her pussy throbbed. She lay on her back spread her legs for Sara's inspection. She had ripped a bit and would be sore as hell as it was. She would definitely be walking funny for the next few days. Sara gave a nod of acceptance. Pete was nervous he didn't want to hurt Lee. He was afraid she might be messed up for life if he wasn't careful. Again he had been close then was stopped. His nuts were starting to ache. He moved over on top of Lee.

"Sit up! Yeah like that on your legs line up and put it in me!" Pete sat with his ass on his ankles he drew Lee to him bent his dick down a little placing the head at her entrance. It was still spread out and with little effort he pushed in. He eased in a bit less than half. Slowly he rocked back and forth moving only about an inch either way. Lee felt the easy treatment and also felt the pain still from earlier. The pain was less intense now, what was most important to Lee was not happening. She needed to be FUCKED! Sara said she'd be walking funny for the next few days. It was not a want but a need burning in her groin! She needed Pete to guarantee she would walk funny! She needed to be hammered hard and fast! Lee flipped her legs upon Pete's left shoulder scooting on down trying to get more in here. "Pete shove it in me damn it! Fucking quit being a pussy! Man up and fucking fuck me!"

"Lee don't want to hurt you. I'd hate to mess you up inside or something." Pete said concerned. He didn't know what she was wanting to prove.


"Lee what the hell are you trying to do?" Sara snapped at Lee after she had slapped Pete the second time. Lee had almost a possessed look to her.

"I NEED HIM TO FUCKING POUND MY FUCKING CUNT HARD! IF YOU AIN'T GOING TO HELP BITCH GET THE FUCK BACK! PETE POUND MY FUCKING PUSSY YOU MOTHERFUCKER! GOD DAMN YOU! QUIT FUCKING AROUND YOU FUCKER! GET FUCKING PISSED AND FUCKING HATE FUCK ME!" Lee screams at the top of her lungs like a crazy women. Sara is upset at the antics. She's mad at Lee slapping Pete 4 times now. She had left red hand prints on both of Pete's cheeks. Pete was at a loss what to do. Pete was a bit pissed too. His nut sack ached he wanted release bad, but Lee slapping him had him even further away from his goal.

"You really want Pete to just cut loss cunt? Do you? You want him to just fucking destroy you fucking twat cunt?" Sara was being drawn in. She was mad and wanted to watch Pete annihilate Lee's pussy

"THAT'S WHAT I FUCKING SAID BITCH! I NEED IT BAD! FUCKING DO IT!" Lee screams as all here her voice crack.

"Fine cunt! Pete fucking drive her through the mattress! She wants it, give it to her! Make her remember this day! Pound her twat to oblivion!" Sara commands. Pete ain't sure but he is done trying to figure this shit out! Lee want it like that he'll make sure she gets what she's asked for. Pete rams his cock in bottoming out hard he jerks back almost coming out then drives in with all the force he can put in it. From that point Pete begins hammering in and out. He has Lee's legs on his shoulder she is extremely tight but he forces in fast and hard doing just what Sara said. Drive the cunt through the mattress! Pete is slamming into Lee so hard that even with all of them on his bed it's sliding around the floor.

"This what the fuck you want bitch? To have me fucking destroy you? Do you fucking enjoy this you fucking cunt?" Pete didn't know where it came from, but the cursing and cruel talk just rolled out. Lee was actually gushing from her pussy. Every time Pete slammed into her as far as he could her girl cum splashed out. She grunted and made many strange noises. You are such a God Damn slut ain't you? You just want that fucking hammered don't you? If I wasn't her you fucking slut you'd probably be riding the fucking bed post wouldn't you?" Lee was lost in uforia Pete was driving in so hard it shook her and made her teeth bang together she felt the force in her back it would probably be sore for days but right now it was bliss! Pete stopped pounding he knew even though she was pretty tight she was to wet. He rolled her over on hands and knees

YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE WHY DID YOU FUCKING STOP!" maybe it was Pete getting into it a bit too much but he had enough! He slapped Lee's ass cheek leaving a big red hand print "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU DOING? THAT FUCKING HURT YOU DUMB ASS FUCKER!"

"YOU SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTH NOW! I'M IN CHARGE HER AND DON'T FUCKING EVER FORGET IT! DO YOU GOD DAMN UNDERSTAND ME?" Pete had raised his voice and slapped Lee's other ass cheek leaving another bright red hand print. On hands and knees in front of Pete Lee tried to stand here ground but Pete cut her off with another smack on the ass. Lee felt the tears welling up but she'd be damned to let her younger brother dominate her. "This is going to get rough quick unless you get on board here!"

"You can fucking go to hell! Either stick your fucking dick back in my pussy or let me the fuck up!" Smack again. Lee's ass cheeks where red and angry. This time as Pete made contact Lee yelped and whimpered. Pete moved in behind her. His dick was hard as hell but her pussy was so damn wet it made it hard to get to release. Lee had commanded him to fuck her pussy anyway so that was enough strikes. Pete bends his cock down lines up and pushes in Lee's asshole. He held her so she can't go anywhere as she struggled against his hold and his invasion of her back door. Pete only had the head through but with Lee struggling and him holding on he slipped another 3 inches in.


"You need to shut the fuck up right now! You wanted me to fucking dominate you and fucking punish your God Damn body so you don't say another fucking word or I won't give you any God Damn time! I'll just drive all the way in and go to fucking pounding your fucking asshole as hard as I fucking can! Do you understand me?"


True to his word, Pete slammed into Lee's asshole! His nut sack bounced against Lee's pussy. Pete shoved her shoulders down making her put her head and shoulders on the mattress and took her wrists with one hand holding her arms behind her back. Her ass was super tight, and his dick was lubed with girl cum. He pulled back until just the head breached her asshole. He power slams his cock into her bowels. His balls slapped her soaked pussy again. Pete began power slamming into Lee's asshole hard and fast. Lee began to come unglued, as Pete pounded her asshole hard. He could tell she was close, he stopped. He held both her arms behind her back at the wrists with his right hand. She was impaled on his dick up her ass unable to move. She cried and begged for him to let go of her hands, so she could get the release she desperately needed! She was so damn close and about to actually go insane from not getting there!

"Who the fuck is in charge here?"Pete smacked her sore ass cheek because she hesitated!

"You god damn it! You! Please, please, Master grant me an orgasm!" Pete had done it! He began pounding he reached around Lee's body and fingered her clit fast. Lee's orgasm hit hard, she shook and thrashed but Pete didn't slow down assaulting her asshole. He showed no mercy as he relentlessly fucked her ass hard as he could and stimulated her clit with his fingers rapidly. She barely ended her first orgasm when the second one took hold of her. Pete was going for broke as he hammered her into another hard orgasm. Lee was taking all Pete could give her. Pete's cock swelled and erupted inside her ass coating her colon with rope after rope of Pete's cum. She shook and screamed through her last orgasm and it was a very powerful one. Pete slumped over Lee as they gasped for breath and they tremble and shook as they calmed down. They both were exhausted. Pete wanted to lay down but he had to rest before he could move and lay down!

" Pete you are my Master! I'll do nothing without your approval! My body is yours to command! My ass is yours alone, no one is to touch that, but you! My tits my mouth and my pussy can be used at your discretion! No one will touch me without your permission from now on!" Pete rolled to the side and gently pulling Lee with him. They laid on the bed together spooning. Pete was still inside of Lee as they snuggled close. Pete knew he'd conquer Lee, and heard her say he was her master. Pete's mind was still cloudy from his orgasm, so he didn't process what Lee said.

Sara spread a blanket over her naked son and daughter as they drifted off to sleep, cuddle up together.

Sara heard Lee pledge herself to Pete, she'd have to talk to them later about that.

Sara seen Pete abused Lee's pussy very badly! Lee will be sore as hell tomorrow. It was very rough sex between Pete and Lee. From the first Sara didn't like it! It was harsh and degrading, and it shocked her realizing her girl actually wanted it that way. As things progressed, she kept an eye on the couple ready to break up the session. She was worried it would spiral out of control with Lee wanting it so rough!

Pete had rolled Lee over on hands and knees on the bed. He whipping her ass so hard it made Sara think on the few times she had whipped Lee. She never struck her that hard it! The crack of each blow made Sara cringe and the tears running down Lee's cheeks broke Sara's heart. She was at the point she wanted to intervene. Pete got behind Lee and pushed his cock in her asshole about two or three inches. He began to tell her to shut up and take it! He told her he was in charge and to shut up, or else he'd not allow her time to adjust, he would just start pounding and fucking! That was too much! Sara felt she must stop it!

She sat up and was about to move in, when she looked at Lee's face. She was smiling a devious smile and she mouthed the words 'watch this' to Sara.

Pete had told her he was going to dominate her and he was boss! He asked her if she understood? She was looking right at Sara, still smiling she winked. She then said to Pete.


Pete only had the head of his cock in Lee's asshole. Sara realized Lee's intentional provocated Pete! Lee wanted to make him drive his cock deep in her asshole and abuse her shit hole!l.

Pete entered Lee asshole so hard Lee screamed in pain. The tears ran down Lee's face as Pete pounded her asshole hard! Pete shoved Lee's shoulders down to the matress! He'd pulled her arms behind her back and held them there! From there on it was a brutal assault on Lee's asshole! He stopped just before she orgasm! She begged to orgasm! Pete held that over her! He conquered her! Sara knows she'll need to talk to them about this kinda sex and Lee's pledge to Pete.

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