'Camera rolling in 5.' The cameraman yelled to me, as the makeup artist was giving the last touch up to my face, covering my ugly dark circles, no thanks to Maria, the women whom I met yesterday in a bar. That was such a cliché moment for me because I remembered the cheesy line that I said, upon buying her a drink.

I feel super awkward for saying that line, quote, "They say beauty is only skin deep, I say beauty is you." But guess what? Viola, that cheesy line worked, and she smiled. We ended up in my bed 20 minutes later to that very moment.

'Alright! Ready Joe?' the cameraman yelled, as I got back to my senses and realized I am going to be interviewing Rebecca Ferguson for today, for the promotion of Mission Impossible 6. Being a show host has its own perks.

Perks? Hell, this is a paradise, I get paid well, I get to meet famous celebrities, talk to them, make them laugh and laugh alongside them. Sometimes, I get invited to their house for dinner and sometimes I ended up on a dinner date or at least a coffee date with young celebrities.

I nodded my head and showed a thumbs-up signal to the cameraman, showing that I am ready to roll, he lifted his left hand, and started counting, five, four, three, two, one...and bam! I am rolling.

'Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we all know that stuntmen and stuntwomen risk their jobs, sometimes, they risk more than they get paid only to make sure the actor stays safe and sound, today we will be talking about a famous action movie franchise, where the stunt was done by the actor, the stunts which are scary to death and dangerous beyond approval and the actor insists upon performing his own stunts. Yes, we will be talking about Mission Impossible fallout and all the crazy things Tom Cruise did and all the crazy things Tom made their co-stars do, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our gorgeous guest and a stunning woman, Rebecca Ferguson.' I said, holding my breath for the past few seconds, directing my hands to the entrance as the camera turned in the direction my hand was pointing.

There came Rebecca Ferguson, in her scarlet red bodycon dress, hugging her wonderful physique, exposing her stunning nimble curves and stout portions of her body. The dress reached till her knee, and it covered most of her upper body, however, I could get a slight glimpse of her cleavage when she crossed her hands. Her lips were pink and glossy, her sharp jaws added hotness to her pretty figure, her ocean blue eyes met me, as her long solid brown hair, wavy and silky fluttered on her shoulders as she walked.

She came and hugged me; her hands accidentally meddled the mike crawling through my collar of my shirt. I welcomed her and asked her to take a seat and went on to take my seat, she arranged her mike transmitter, which was static around her back waist and got comfortable on the seat.

'First of all, thank you for coming, Rebecca.' I said, with a warm smile preparing the cue cards for further move.

'Thank you for having me.' she said, a smile beamed on her face, making her even more gorgeous.

'So, Rebecca' I started, 'before getting to talk about how wonderfully the movie is performing, I just wanted to ask you, did Tom Cruise made you do any stunts that you felt like "Oh god, I am going to die today." Kind off stunt.'

'Yeah, about that, one the first day of the shoot, for MI 5, Tom, and me, jumped off the building, there I was leg wrapped around Tom, shouting and yelling all the naughty words my mind could offer me. the worst part is that I was shouting all those words in his ears.' She replied with an enchanting smile.

That was funny enough for me to giggle, and made a comment on her statement 'well, at least, then Tom would have learned that you were shit scared of height and he wouldn't ask you to do stunts like that anymore. Will he?' I spoke.

'Well, that's what I thought, but he...he made me participate in a bike stunt sequence, which was even frightening than falling off a building with him, ropes tied to us and everything, but that bike stunt was simply too dangerous for me to even see it.' She answered.

'I guess, tom needs serious psychological therapy.' She laughed and giggled for a minute until she stopped to take a minute for herself.

'I have to admit that I am MI fan myself for a long time now, to add to that point, MI 6 is performing amazingly in the theatres, I watched it on the first day, and I loved it, to be honest, the stunts and actions scenes were crazy. MI 6 has crossed 400 million dollars globally, and apart from the death-defying action, there is few another reason for me to watch the movie once again, I would watch the movie once again for Rebecca, she is the real beauty and the beast.'

She took a sip of coffee and began talking.

'Oh, thank you.' She continued. 'That's so nice of you to say, but still, a major part of the credit goes Tom, he is such a wonderful and talented person, I don't have to tell you that, Do I?'

Her hands rested on my hands, I felt her soft cold hands, it was a delightful moment for me.

'Talking about box office, we heard, you were the 1st choice to play the role of Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel. Can we talk about that?' I questioned.

'Umm? Yeah sure, so, yes, I auditioned for the role and the casting director -Sarah Finn, she said I would be the perfect choice to play the role, considering my athletic qualities and physique, you know, I have worked my arse off the role of Ilsa Faust in MI6 which came in handy for this role.'

She took another sip of her coffee and continued speaking after getting more comfortable on the seat. I realized the mike transmitter on her back waist was causing the uncomfortableness.

'So, I went to the audition.' She continued. 'Sarah was talking to Charlize, on the phone, Charlize Theron. Then, she ended the call, began to speak to me, she said, quote "You look like Captain Marvel already Becca. And those are one helluva pair. It would be perfect in the costume; you would look sexy as never before." And then I was shy and happy, she approached me in a way, that I could buy for a million bucks. So, I said okay.'

I interrupted her 'wait a minute, what did she mean, one helluva of pair?'

'Well, you know, my...breast!' she replied hesitantly

'Oh, wow, she is quite a casting director, and that's quite a compliment from one woman and another.'

'It is, it is' she said, and giggled, a lock of her hair fell on her face, which she adjusted back, every time she giggles, her ponytail swayed like a horsetail.

'Well, then what happened, and why didn't you play the captain marvel?' 'that remains as a mystery Joe, I was in an oscillation, thinking whether or not to take the role, and I was in contract for MI6, 7 and 8. So, the scheduled time would be a huge problem for me, and, Marvel, you know, there is never only one movie, they will juice sequels out of nothing, Captain Marvel is a huge comic book superhero, I have no doubt that they would take 5 or 6 sequels out of it. The contracts were a huge obstacle for me. So, the chance slipped out of my hand, and I didn't feel bad because it's a big project and all. Instead, they got Brie, Brie Larson, excellent and a talented actress. So, it's all over. Past.'

As I began to continue the interview, the show director signalled me saying that it is break time, so, I decided to divert the audience. 'We shall have a small commercial break.' I said as the drums rolled, and trumpets horned. The cameraman took a break and so did the producer and the director.

They left me with Rebecca, not alone, but with a plethora of stage audience. My mind was thinking something stupid, and mouth was preparing all by itself. What was happening to me, I thought for a second, tried to control my crazy mind. Until the director of the show came to me and gave me a different set of cue cards. And the makeup lady came and tried to cover my stupid ugly black circles again.

'Do you sleep well?' Rebecca asked once the makeup lady was gone.

'Oh yes, last night, I have been busy, otherwise, I would sleep like a baby.' I said with a small grin and looked at the cue cards. So, I warned Rebecca what type of questions she would be expecting and what words are accepted and what words are not, I advised her to go for the euphemism instead of words in case of sexual content.

This is not new, I remember my interview with Amber heard, it wouldn't get spicy than that. I took a sip of my coffee and shortly, the director mouthed five, four, three, two and one. We were rolling again.

'So, talking about the past, we all remember you from an amazing TV show - White Queen. There is considerably a huge amount of nudity and sexual content, were you nervous to do that, was that your first nudity on the show, or first nudity ever?' I asked, swapping the cue card.

'Well, Umm, actually no, I have done nude photoshoots before, when I was 19, and some photos didn't make it, and some did.' she replied, as her hands were action while explaining.

'What do you mean, some photos didn't make it? Did the photographer took that home and said, there was never any photos of Rebecca's Nudes' I replied sharply as laughter broke out on her, 'I thought I was the pervert, there is another dangerous pervert out there, and I am gonna find him and retrieve the photo, and... and I am gonna keep it.' I Added sarcastically, raising my eyebrows. She was laughing hard.

'That's not the reason, I have those nude photos, he didn't take it, and the reason, the photographer said was that only a few photos were good enough to make it to the magazine, and it did, and some didn't, they end up at my home and yeah, however, being naked on screen wasn't the 1st time, but sex scenes were 1st for me, it was rather awkward, like me and my co-star in an intimate moment, and colossal crew standing around watching us fucking like nothing, I mean, it didn't bring them any kind of you know...' she stammered, thinking of the right words to put it.

'You are saying, after watching beautiful women, having sex, didn't raise their stakes, instead they were watching that like they were watching a boring TV show, like Late Night with Joe, when there is no wonderful and gorgeous guest like you. Me and Richard doing the show without any guest, we get the same reaction.'

She laughed for a minute until she prepared herself to speak further. 'No, No, Joe, I have been a fan of this show for a long time now, you are wonderful and funny, I love this show.' Her eyes frowned, expressing pity.

'Thanks, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said. And by the way, where is your home, I am going to invade your house for those photos tonight.' I gave a villainous and funny face.

'Oh, it's in Sweden.' She said as she giggled and rested her hands on mine, whispering 'You are making me laugh a lot, Joe.'

I was glad and flattered to hear that, she didn't have the clue of what type I am. 'so, you said, those people watch those live sex scenes, with a gorgeous woman like you and not have any adverse effect on them, I guess there is something terribly wrong with them...' I said as I looked sharply at the audience, and the audience began to go Boo!

'I thought that too, but then, my co-star in the show, Max Irons, I asked him about the odd behaviour, and then he said that they...I can't get any euphemism, so, let be upfront, they masturbate and let things go out, before shooting the sex scene, and Max said, he did too, only then he would be able to stand nude on the screen. It was shocking for me to hear, but then, there was a scene, where, I was having sex with Max in a ranch, and there is this young guy, Maloney, his part was to watch us through a hole in the ranch, and he builds a sexual attractiveness towards, Elizabeth, the white queen, but then, at the end of Maloney's climax, he would be caught and he runs away, a few days later he would try to assault me, but then, my servant saves me from the trouble, later he will be gone in a war. Maloney was 19 when he did that role and I was 29 when, so that was shocking than anything else for me.'

'Him perving on you was shocking or...'

'No, Ummm...I am sorry Maloney, if you are watching this, he was masturbating to one of my photo in the set, of course, he was alone, I was happening to pass by and noticed this, I caught him, I didn't know how to react and neither did he, so, we walked away as if nothing happened. well, later that scenes not in the show, it was edited out.'

'Well, now I am afraid that this show won't air. Will it Jordan?' I asked the director of the show, as he smiled and cupped his face to cover his smile on the camera. 'that means no.'

She laughed, leaning on the couch and arranged her hair and took an effort to control herself from not laughing anymore, I knew that this wasn't as funny, because, I was not humorous tonight, instead I was getting a sensual tension. 'so, you have worked with many great stars like Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Jake and Ryan Reynolds...'

And the interview went on, after an hour, the interview came to an end sadly.

'Ladies and gentlemen, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavil and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible Fallout, out in theatres. And this is Late Night talk with Joe.' And again, the drums rolled, and the trumpets horned, the camera was closed. The audience began fleeting.

Rebecca took her time to remove the mike and transmitter, I didn't think, I didn't even ask, my hands, they went right to the neck of her dress, my left hand accidentally touched her upper breast, well, incidental for me, accidental for her, all while trying to remove the mike of her. She smiled and didn't object on my hands touching her upper breast for a long time.

'Care to join for a coffee?' I whispered in her ears, I didn't know what she was going to say, but she was rather nice than I expected.

'Well, I am hungry, and I was thinking if you could join me for a dinner?' she whispered back. I was more than happy to oblige, and after the interview, we walked out of the stage and we both went to my car, she informed her driver about her plans and asked him to go home. We rode to Sam's hotel, one of the best I have known for a few years.

'So, where is Rory? I asked, just to strike a conversation and rule out the awkward silence.

'He is with Isaac in Sweden, probably watching your show? Or playing with him.' 'My show? Well, that is a compliment.' I said and laughed, as she giggled with my unfunny joke, just to make me not feel bad or stupid. We had our heartful tasty dinner and made our way to her home, to drop her, but before that, I had an idea of inviting her to my home. She accepted my invitation, and we went to our home.

I am 28 and she is 35, but I didn't mind the age at all, looked like she didn't either, I helped her remove her warm buffy coat and hang them on the stand, and went to fetch some wine for her, it was a cold evening, and the haze was cold as it could get.

'Feel like home and make yourself comfortable.' I said, she was wandering and sightseeing the clean, tidy house I was in. it didn't take her more than a minute for her to notice that I had OCD, that isn't a disorder or anything, In fact, OCD helps me keep organized and clean. Anyway, after seeing few photos of me, my ex-girlfriend, and my parents, she took a small tour around the small house and finally ended up on the couch sipping the good old wine, she sat near me, her legs were brushing against mine, her ocean blue eyes looking right into mine.

She is married, has a son, and any move, that I make that ends with us in bed naked, will probably screw her life, I was getting the tension and pressure to control my instincts. I shouldn't have bought her to my home in the 1st place, that is ludicrous of me, I thought.

I couldn't look into her eyes while speaking, I couldn't even look at her face, I was losing control of myself. 'Your girlfriend looks pretty.' She spoke.

'Technically she is my Ex.' I replied.

'Shh, sorry.' She added.

Fuck it, I muttered to myself and saw her. She was moving in closer. But then I realised, she isn't, I am the one moving forward to her, even before I know, my glass of wine was on the table and so was hers.

She didn't stop me, my lips touched her soft coral lips, she broke the kiss in a second or two, backed away and looked into my eyes.

'Joseph?' she questioned. I came to my senses, and decided to...

She pulled my head closer and pressed her lips against mine, we were tasting each other's lips before we know it, I couldn't see where this would. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth, tasting every nuke of my mouth that her tongue could explore, my tongue made way into her mouth, she tasted like grapes and cranberry. So, should I, because of the delicious wine we had minutes ago.

Her left hand was running through my hair behind my head while sensing what each of us would taste like, she grabbed my hand and directed it to her breast over the dress. My hand reached without hesitation. I didn't squeeze them, my hands just rested on her breast. She broke the kiss. I guess we both noticed the drool from my mouth forming a web to her lips, she gasped, as her heavy breath hit my face.

My hands still resting on her amazing bosom, she pulled the ring out of her fingers, 'I wouldn't want them to know, would you?' she whispered in my ears. She placed the ring on the table, and continued kissing me, as I got hard and hard, it started hurting after a point of time.

I stood up and pulled her up on my waist and continued kissing. I carried her to the bedroom, I made her lie gently on the bed, and I removed my pant hastily, she stopped me from doing that, her hand pressed and felt my crotch. She unzipped my pants, and undid the buttons, my pants fell to the ankle, she pulled down my shorts and grabbed my dick in her cold sweaty hands and looked at me.

She gave a kiss on the shaft, and kissed my abdomen and tummy, while my dick was scraping her neck, making her neck sticky with my pre-cum. she then lowered her head and began kissing and took my whole dick in her mouth. she didn't gag or choke, my dick wasn't a python or anything, my dick was 6 inches long, my whole dick was in her mouth.

I took the time to unzip her dress and noticed that she was wearing a white bra, I unhooked her bra and gave her time to finish sucking my dick, but I also felt like cumming, I had no other option than to stop her.

'I won't go long if you keep doing that.' I stuttered and gasped. She stopped and pulled back, I pulled her dress down to her hips, which she removed and stood naked, except for her panties. I removed my shirt and stood naked in front of her. I pulled her closer and hugged, as her bare breast and pinkish-brown nipples rubbed against mine.

Our tongues played and lips dwindled, I dragged my hands towards her ass and grabbed a handful of her butt, over the panties. Then my hands slid under her panties and grabbed her naked ass. She was gasping heavily. She was blowing her breath into my mouth while kissing like I am in dire need of her sensual breath.

I pushed her panties down and my hands reached her pussy, which was already wet and sticky with her juice like our mouth as wet and sticky with our saliva and kisses.

She laid behind, her eyes locked to mine, the look she gave was more enticing than her kiss, I made her taste her own juice by ousting my fingers into her mouth. Then my fingers found its way again to her pussy as this time, my fingers didn't stop to fell what was outside, but it decided to take a further step and my fingers crawled into her pussy as she moaned and began breathing hard. I heard her furious heartbeat, and her breast swaying up and down with each long inhales and exhales.

I pulled her panties away from her and threw them away, my dick was hard and hurting without the pants or shorts, it was craving for a famous pussy, pussy of Rebecca Ferguson.

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