It was the final day of the conference, and man had it been a good few days. Professionally it was great, as I had the next year of our mortgage paid off on the deals I closed in the past 48 hours. But personally it was even better as Mandy and I got some much needed passion back into our life.

The night she arrived she had surprised me in the hotel room wearing lingerie, and the next night we role-played like she was my escort. It was two of the hottest days of sex we had had in years, but it turns out we were saving the best for last.

I had an all day event in our hotel, and that night we had an end of the conference happy hour/dinner party. It was a beautiful day in Miami, so Mandy decided to spend some time outside and lay by the pool. We agreed to meet up at happy hour, and with that we went our separate ways.

The conference was a few floors up, and one side of the room overlooked the pool. After awhile I wandered over to see if Mandy was outside, and as I looked out the window she emerged from the lobby and sauntered out to a lounge chair.

Even the way she walked was sexy. She moved confidently, and while she never turned her head she could tell all eyes were on her. Her hips swayed with each step, and even from a few floors up I couldn't help but stare at her ass as she passed by.

I got pulled away to a meeting so couldn't leer any longer, but after an hour or so I was able to free myself. I saw two co-workers, Bill and Brad, over by the window so decided to come up with a reason to speak with them so I could check out Mandy. We made small talk for a few minutes before Brad jumped in with "I'll tell you, the best thing about today is the view. Check out that hot brunette!"

"Yeah...she is hot"...I said while chuckling to myself. This was the same Brad that was sitting next to me a couple nights before and saw a text Mandy sent me of her in lingerie. He was obsessed with her that night, and told me many times that she was too good for me.

He wasn't wrong. She was clearly the hottest woman around the pool and always the sexiest woman in the room. Mandy stands just over 5' tall, with dark, almost Mediterranean features. She has shoulder length brown hair and smoky, olive eyes. Her body is flawless, with 36C's and a narrow waist that gives way to round hips. I am a legs and ass man, and she has the most perfect body in a pair of yoga pants I have ever seen. Bottom line is she is a stunner, and these guys knew it.

As the three of us checked her out, Mandy pulled out her phone and took several selfies of her tight little body soaking up the sun. Brad said "Uhh man would I like to have those pictures, that would fill up the spank bank for awhile."

I laughed to myself because as he said this, my phone vibrated and I knew what I had received. A deposit was just made into my spank bank.

After another minute or two Mandy got up and picked up her things and began to head back inside. Bill and Brad hustled downstairs to catch a glimpse of her in the flesh, but I stayed back as I rather enjoyed them not knowing I got to fuck the woman they were drooling over.

Both Bill and Brad were younger interns, probably early to mid-20's. Both played football in college and were still clearly in good shape. I had seen some of the women they dated, and it seemed like access to beautiful women was not an issue for them. And when they so eagerly wanted to lay their eyes on my wife I will admit it made my chest stick out a bit.

After a long day the conference was finally over, and everyone needed a drink. Mandy texted saying she was heading my way, and I went to the bar to get us both a drink. As I was waiting, out of the corner of my eye I saw Bill and Brad hanging out when something clearly caught their attention. They gawked as Mandy appeared from the elevator, and I saw them approach her as she looked around for me.

After getting our drinks I lingered at the bar for a bit, giving them a couple minutes to get their hopes up hitting on her. As I approached our eyes met and she waved to me, which Bill and Brad took notice of. I walked up, told her how stunning she looked and gave her a deeper kiss than I should have at a work event.

"Bill, Brad...I see you met my wife Mandy. Mandy this is Bill and Brad.'

They were speechless. The woman they were gawking at all day was my wife, and they couldn't believe it. Mandy looked amazing in a body hugging white dress that left nothing to the imagination. Her curves were on display, as were her tanned legs in a pair of sexy 4" heels. The guys said it was nice to meet her then sheepishly walked off.

"What was that about?" Mandy asked.

"They have been obsessed with you all day, checking you out as you were at the pool. And they can't believe you are my wife."

"Hah thats funny" she said, clearly amused, but also with a curious twinkle in her eye. We had a couple drinks and mingled with the crowd, but all the while we were both thinking about our evening plans.

Happy hour turned to a non-descript dinner which was wrapping up, and Mandy and I headed to the bar where we found Bill and Brad.

"Hey boys, where you been?" Mandy asked flirtatiously while putting her hand on Brads shoulder. They stumbled over their words, and their eyes kept leering at her when they thought she wasn't looking. I chuckled to myself noticing that she had complete control over them.

Eventually, Brad chimed in that he had been walking around hoping there were more single women here, but said he was happy to have Mandy to gawk at even though she was married. Bill noddingly agreed but couldn't speak.

"Well, its nice to know you are both admirers. How would you like to see more of me?" she cooed.

I think all three of our cocks sprang to attention, and she commandingly said "Ben is going to fuck me soon, and if you want to watch you are welcome to."

Bill, Brad and I all were speechless, and Mandy said "I take it by the looks on your faces that you are both a yes." Handing them the key to our room, she said "Go wait on the couch like good boys, we'll be up in five minutes."

They stood there for a minute in awe before hurrying away. As they left I wrapped my arms around Mandy and leaned in for a deep kiss. Holding each other tightly, she slowly pulled her soft lips away and sensually whispered in my ear "Do whatever you want to me"...I almost lost it right there.

I wrapped my arm around her waist and my mind raced as we walked slowly to the elevator. We rode the elevator and walked to our room quietly. Mandy was calm, and confident. Ready to get fucked, and ready to show off.

I opened the door to our room and guided her in first. As instructed, Bill and Brad were sitting on either end of the couch, and they watched Mandy's every move as she sauntered in.

She walked towards them, slowly and deliberately. She walked towards Brad first, running the outside of her fingers down his cheek before pinching his chin. He reached out for her, and she grabbed his hand and said "No, no, no, I'm not for you."

She then turned to Bill and ran her hand up his arm, giving his shoulder a rub. She looked down at both, and saw their cocks clearly visible and rock hard under their pants. With a satisfied look on her face, she turned around and walked slowly back to me.

As she met me, I placed one hand behind her head and the other on her cheek, kissing her deeply. This woman exuded sexuality all day, and I desperately wanted to fuck her and kissed her aggressively because I just couldn't take it anymore.

My cock strained against my slacks as our hands moved over each others bodies. I grabbed her hair with one hand, pushing her against the wall before unzipping the back of her dress and removing it off of her shoulders. I slowly lowered it to the ground, exposing her stunning body to these strangers.

She was wearing a lacy white top with a matching g-string, and from where the guys were sitting they had a perfect profile view to see her curves. Still holding her hair with one hand I ran the other down her waist to her tan and toned leg, which she picked up and wrapped around me. We held each other close, grinding into each other as we kissed passionately.

She stepped back and removed my shirt, running her hands up and down my chest. While I clearly married up, I am no slouch. I am average height, but work out regularly and have an athletic and defined build. Mandy says I look like a soccer player, and she loves the v-cut that extends down from my lower abs. Her mouth and tight little pussy fit my cock perfectly, as I am a thick 6" and fill every inch of Mandy.

She ran her hands along the inside of my pants before lowering my zipper and removing my belt. She slowly lowered to her knees before removing my pants, leaving me in boxer briefs that my cock was straining to be released from.

She began teasing my cock from outside my boxer briefs. After several slow strokes and licks, she reached her delicate hand in and grabbed my shaft. As she did so, she took notice that both guys had removed their cocks and were stroking slowly as they watched her. She was clearly aroused and the look in her eyes let me know this was going to be an incredibly sensual blowjob.

Her mouth opened wide to take the swollen head of my cock, while her delicate hand lightly stroked my shaft. She glanced over at the guys again, and something seemed to click as she saw them stroking their cocks while she took mine in her mouth.

She batted her long, sultry eyelashes several times before closing her eyes as a flood of confidence seemed to pour over her. She pushed her chest forward, displaying her already perky tits for the guys, while her pink nipples were clearly visible underneath the sheer material of her top. Her flat stomach and narrow waist gave way to her round hips, and as she arched her back she stuck her ass out which was covered by nothing but the material from her thong. She sat on her knees, her tan and toned legs ending with her heels.

She began to run her tongue across my cock, and turned towards the guys as she did so. She briefly opened her eyes again to see the two of them staring at her, furiously stroking themselves. I could see her studying them approvingly, clearly pleased to have three cocks at her mercy.

Wanting to put on a show for these guys, her passionate and sensual blowjob gave way to an aggressive, erotic one. She took the head of my cock in her mouth again, and took deeper, faster thrusts. I could feel my cock pulse inside her mouth, and I was tempted to savor every second of this and explode in her mouth.

But I needed to get inside her. Wanting to fuck her, I grabbed her hair and motioned for her to stand. I wanted her from behind, and I moved her onto the bed and told her to get on all fours. While the most natural way for her to do this was facing the back wall, she moved around so she was facing Bill and Brad, much to their delight.

I positioned myself behind her and lowered her g-string. Realizing they hadn't gotten a full view of her shaved pussy, I grabbed her chest with one arm and pulled her up so she was on her knees. My cock was between her legs, my chest pressed firm against her back. One arm was wrapped around her chest while the other was wrapped around her waist. With her head thrown back, I kissed her neck and collarbone delicately as Bill and Brad got the first look at her tight little shaved cunt. Both stared intently at her and began stroking their cocks faster. I slowly moved one hand down, teasing both Mandy and the guys. I could feel heat radiating from her pussy, just begging to get fucked.

After a minute I motioned for her to get on all fours, and leaned over onto her hands and knees, arched her back and opened her legs slightly to take me. I could see fluids already beginning to seep out of her, and I entered her with ease. She turned her head to the side and looked over her shoulder towards me, and I could see the look of ecstasy in her face as I began to slowly fuck her from behind. While she was soaking wet, she was tight against my thick and swollen member. I grabbed her narrow waist tightly and thrusted harder and harder into her.

She turned her head from facing me to facing Bill and Brad, and I could see her making eye contact with them as they stroked themselves. The sight of these two young guys beating themselves off to her was clearly turning her on, and she began to moan much to their delight.

Getting fucked from behind is Mandy's favorite position as she orgasms with ease, and the moment was overwhelmingly stimulating to her as she got fucked while having two other guys stroking their cocks watching her. After several deep thrusts her moans got louder and I began to feel her pussy tighten, and knew an orgasm was close.

She dropped down onto her elbows and threw her head down. She pushed her hips back so every inch of my cock buried inside her, and I felt an orgasm begin to pulse through her body as she let out a passionate scream. Her fluids flooded her insides, seeping out around my cock. I struggled to stay inside her as she shook. through her climax.

Getting fucked in front of these strangers unleashed something in Mandy. Her entire body convulsed, clearly overwhelmed with three of us turned towards her. I knew she had a dangerous side, but as I watched her orgasm it was clear how much she liked being on display in front of these unknown cocks.

She wanted to put on a show, and there was no way she could do that better than by riding me. As her orgasm began to wane, I slid my cock out which released a flood of her fluid. I laid down on my back and motioned for Mandy to climb on.

She crawled over and straddled me, facing Bill and Brad while gripping my cock with her hand. She stroked it as she looked at them and said "I bet you wish you could fuck me right now." Both of them moaned in agreement, and Mandy took a deep, satisfying breath at how much control she had over these guys.

She quickly positioned herself over my cock and guided me inside her. I sat up and reached around her back, slipping off her top, exposing her perfect 36C's for the first time. Even without the support of her top, her tits were full and perky, and I kissed and lightly bit her gumdrop nipples.

She sat in my lap and began to rock back and forth, grinding on my cock. She started slowly with her eyes closed, and her head swayed back and forth gently with each grind. She bit her lower lip and began to softly moan, savoring the moment and exuding sensuality with every move.

Mandy opened her sultry eyes and again glanced at the guys who began to stroke themselves even faster. This made her even more empowered, and she then then pushed me onto my back and leaned forward, placing one hand on my chest as she began to grind harder, putting on more of a show.

She worked my cock aggressively, grinding and bouncing in a single motion. Her round tits bounced with each thrust as she flexed her athletic legs, gripping me tight as she approached orgasm.

With my cock buried deep inside her I pressed my fingers against her swollen clit, which she immediately responded to. I know exactly how to touch her, and felt another orgasm begin to build. Her hips began to shake, and she again threw her head forward, falling down on top of me and moaning as her second orgasm began to pump through her body. I wrapped my arms around her and buried my cock deep inside her, holding her tightly as she writhed through another body shaking orgasm.

I struggled to hold onto her as she shook, and I could barely keep my cock inside her soaking wet pussy as she grinded through the orgasm. She yelled through her climax, and could barely breathe by the time she began to come down. She was exhausted and I wasn't going to last much longer, and I knew how I wanted to finish.

I sat up with my arms around her back and laid her down on her back. From my knees, I looked down at Mandy submitting herself to me in front of these other men. Her back was arched and her perky tits were on full display, rising and falling with each deep breath. With her arms extended above her gripping the sheets, she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes in anticipation. She slowly opened her legs, exposing her glistening pussy as she awaited my cock.

From my knees I gripped her waist tight, and positioned the swollen head of my cock. She was soaking wet, and I slowly inserted myself inside her, savoring every inch of her tight, wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around my waist and opened her mouth to let out a loud moan. She was ready to get fucked.

I fucked her hard. Her tits bounced with each thrust, and the headboard pounded against the wall. My balls began to swell and I knew I wasn't going to last long, and even though her eyes were closed Mandy knew it too. She she opened her smoky eyes, looked into mine and moaned "Cum inside me" as I felt a load build. She arched her back and raised her hips, pulling my cock towards her. She wrapped her legs around me tight and I leaned over, burying every inch of me inside her.

My cock pulsed inside her tight little cunt as I felt the release. I pumped stream after stream of cum inside her, and she bit her lip and moaned in pleasure as she felt her pussy fill with my seed. Thick, white cum flooded her inside and seeped out around my cock, dripping down her legs. We held each other close, as the climax from the night ripped through both of our bodies. Filling Mandy with my cum is always an empowering feeling, but especially tonight.

After a couple minutes we both regained our breath, I sat up on my knees and slowly removed my still hard cock from her. A flood of cum poured out of her gaping pussy, and as she stood it continued to fall out of her, dripping down her tanned legs to her high heels.

Both guys had stopped stroking themselves but were still rock hard and clearly both needed to cum. Neither could take their eyes off Mandy, and with my cum oozing out of her, she sauntered over to them and said "Well boys, it seems you enjoyed the show."

They both aggressively nodded in agreement, and Mandy said "Both of you were good boys. Let me see what those cocks taste like. Neither of you are getting inside me but I want to reward you and suck you both dry."

With that she knelt in front of the couch as both Bill and Brad jumped up. She gripped both of their cocks, and wanting a quick taste of each she worked one with her hands and the other with her mouth, moving back and forth.

Neither were going to last long, but Mandy turned to Bill who was clearly about to cum. With her mouth around the head of his cock, Mandy teased his balls and looked up at him with her smoky eyes. She slowly batted her eyes, looking up at him seemingly begging for him to cum. He screamed as he released a flood inside her mouth, and Mandy held onto every drop of his fluid. After what must have been a dozen bursts into her mouth, she released his cock and opened her mouth wide. A few drops of his thick cum fell out the sides of her mouth before she swallowed the full load.

As Bill collapsed back onto the couch, Mandy turned to Brad and said "you were the one who really wanted me, I bet you are ready for this."

Brad eagerly said yes and again reached out for Mandy, trying to grab her tits. She swatted his hand back again and said "No, no, no, I am not yours to touch. Be a good boy and give me your cock and keep your hands to yourself."

With his hands at his side, Mandy licked the precum that was oozing out the tip of his throbbing member. She then teased him with long, slow licks of his shaft, which left him begging her to take his cock.

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