The Black Door was as impressive as I expected it to be. The appointments were rich and luxurious, the girls were beautiful and very available and even the female staff looked as though they were ready to take you for a tumble in one of the 15 bedrooms.

I was surprised to see that there were a number of clients either waiting or enjoying a drink with their chosen girl before heading for the bedroom. Angela touched my arm as we walked through the reception area and pointed to a discreet screen set up so only the staff at reception, and anyone who knew where to look, could see it.

It took me a few moments to work out that the screen showed all the rooms where clients could be entertained. Room numbers that were lit up were available while room numbers with no light were in use. None of the rooms on the display were lit up.

"Business is good?" I asked quietly.

"Very good, and that's great to see because things usually quieten down over the summer recess when Parliament isn't sitting."

The bistro was doing good business too and it looked as though we were going to miss out on a table until I saw a guy waving at us. Angela saw him at the same time and steered us across the room to where he was sitting.

"Steve, I'd like you to meet Gavin, my business partner in this very popular bordello."

Gavin, who must have been at least 60, stood up and shook my hand. It was a good, firm, grip but for some reason he reminded me of a used car salesman ... maybe it was his slicked-back hair and big, fake smile ... whatever it was, something about him bothered me.

"So Gavin did you put Steve's name up on the online board?" I didn't know why Angela was so eager to know that no woman wanted to wrestle me. I had no doubt that I would end up with one of the escorts from The Black Door as my opponent.

"I did," he chuckled, "and about five minutes later someone who wanted to use the stage name of Deedee, took the booking and paid her deposit."

"WOO HOO!" Angela's excited cry made a number of people in the bistro turn and look at us. "You know who that is don't you Steve?"

I guessed that Deedee and Dee the nurse at the clinic were one and the same person and while my cock and my ego were appreciative the rest of me was still wondering what she saw in me.

Gavin was smirking at me, "We get lots of guys who sign up to wrestle one of our girls and we get a lot of guys who are interested in being paid to wrestle female clients, but we haven't found one that we would employ, even on a trial.

"But Angela speaks very highly of you so if the trial works out you could find yourself fighting with some very sexy women."

I couldn't believe it, "Really? Women really want to do that sort of thing with a guy they don't know?"

"Steve, women have changed since you last dated," Angela laughed, "they don't stay at home anymore, they want to get out and experience all the pleasures that you guys do. On Saturday night there will be women in the audience who are there because they want to watch and some of them will want to get on the mat with you next time."

I still couldn't believe it. "So they'll fight me and then fuck me if I lose?"

"Yep, those are the rules, but don't forget, if they lose then you get to fuck them." she laughed, "you don't get on the mat unless you are prepared to have sex ... on the mat."

"Yeah, but apart from Dee, and you, who is going to want to wrestle and fuck me?" Angela was about to answer but she got distracted for a few moments when a message landed on her mobile phone.

When she opened it her face lit up in a big smile and I could see that she followed a link in the message to a web page.

"This is now on the mixed wrestling page on the website," she turned her phone towards me so I could see the big graphic at the top of the screen billing me as "Steve Steel, the guy to spank your arse" and the guy in the graphic was something between Thor and Captain America.

Angela burst out laughing as I sighed and put my head in my hands.

"OK, so how many times have you wrestled?" Lunch was over and we were on our way back to Angela's place.

She laughed, "Maybe 10 times at The Black Door, maybe four times in the US and a few times in other places."

"You've done this in the US?"

"Oh yeah ... it's a porn thing over there and they shot videos of my fights. Those videos are up online now. I did two for Evolved Fights and two for Ultimate Submission and the next time I go over I'll be doing some for another site that Ariel from EF has as well as more for Ultimate Submission."

"So who did you fight?" I was having trouble using that word in relation to Angela. There was a real disconnect for me and I couldn't quite picture a beautiful woman like Angela being involved in anything rougher than sex ... but then I reminded myself that she had enjoyed something close to fighting with Amir.

"I fought Will Tie, a black guy who is hung like a horse and Jack Friday, a white guy, for EF and Ariel and Bella Rossi for Ultimate Submission."

"Hang on didn't you just say that Ariel works for EF?"

"She doesn't just work for EF Steve; she owns it but the people in mixed wrestling are so tight that they often cross company lines."

"So how many did you win?"

Angela giggled, "Well ... I got fucked in all of them ... but I know what you mean. I lost to both guys and to Ariel and I won my fight with Bella."

"And how did it end?" She sighed and squirmed in her seat. "That well huh?"

"Mmm, they were rough, Ariel has a nasty habit of kicking you in the pussy so it's not gentle and you shouldn't be gentle on Saturday night, but they all had good endings. Jack was a straight cum in my pussy after giving me a good fucking.

"Ariel wanted me to do anal with Will ... it was a foregone conclusion that he would beat me because he can wrestle ... so I agreed without seeing how big he was. He wasn't thick but he sure was long ... so long that he couldn't get it all in my pussy or my arse ... but we tried hard and I was leaking cum from my arse for hours.

"I was never going to win against Ariel, she has a black belt in some martial art and she does the real full-on wrestling. I've seen how she body-slams her opponents in the ring so I was happy that in their mixed wrestling you never stand up.

"She also fucked my ass with a big strap-on." Angela squirmed in her seat again and I noticed that her right hand was down between her thighs. "I didn't have to pretend to cum for the camera, I squirted all over the mat and screamed my head off."

"And what about the girl you beat?"

"I had to really fight hard to beat her and in the end it only came down to a couple of points but a win is a win as they say and cumming all over her face was a great way to celebrate."

As we turned into her cul-de-sac she reached over and teased my cock, "So you like the idea of me fighting on the mat do you? Getting my nipples pinched and my pussy getting fucked during and after the fight? Guys and girls stripping and beating me into submission and then using me as a fucktoy?"

I groaned and she laughed, "Now you know how much the thought of you fighting Dee and other women turns me on."

I tried to keep that thought in my head as I turned into Angela's driveway. She quickly rummaged in her purse and brought out a bunch of keys and suddenly the garage door was opening in front of me.

"You can't leave your car out here, that's for client parking and besides, my car gets lonely when it's left in the garage by itself." Angela's car was a gold Audi SUV and it was in immaculate condition.

I made sure that I got to the passenger's door before Angela was ready to get out and she laughed when I opened it for her, "Looking up my skirt again?"

The short denim skirt that she had worn all the way from Appledale had ridden so far up on her hips when she had squirmed that the dark patch in her panties was clear so see. She hadn't been kidding when she said that the thought of watching me fight on Saturday night was a major turn-on for her.

"More like feasting my eyes on a beautiful woman that I have to surrender to someone else in a little while." She stepped out of the car and the soft brush of her lips on mine turned into a something much wilder and full of lust.

We were both panting by the time she pushed me away and the wet patch in her panties had grown. "So you really would like to see me fight Dee?" I asked softly

"Oh fuck yeah," she whispered, "just as you want to see me fight Pete on the mat."

I went to kiss her again but her hand came up between our faces, "No, you've got me all wound up and but you're not getting any of it. Joe will be here in a few minutes and I've got to get ready."

We went through into the house and she put her keys in my hand and then pushed me out the back door. I groaned quietly and took a slow walk up to her little apartment with our things. I had just finished packing away what I could when my phone buzzed, and just after that I heard a car pull up in the driveway.

'See what you're missing out on?' The attached photo showed Angela standing by the front door wearing a dark green chemise that was made from fine lace. It was in a halter-neck design with a very deep 'V' that left almost nothing about her breasts to the imagination.

The chemise clung to her from just below her breasts to where it flared over her hips to form a very short skirt that hardly covered her arse at the back and gave a teasing little peak at the lower part of her pussy lips.

I groaned again and tried some deep breathing to calm my rampant cock. Once I had it under control I went searching for information about my opponent and found nothing much. Dee had a lot of friends of both sexes on Facebook, she liked the outdoors, rode a horse and competed in camp drafting events.

She drove a Hyundai and she described herself as a coffee snob and a lover of Asian food and at one stage there seemed to be a guy in her life but he had faded out of the picture about a year before and since then there had been no one obvious although her profile still said that she was in a relationship.

Now that I knew to watch out for her powerful legs I went looking for the wrestling videos that Angela had done. I didn't find her videos but I did find others on Pornhub and it gave me some idea of what to expect.

I was just about watch another one when I heard the car in the driveway start up and reverse out onto the road. A few seconds later my phone buzzed, 'You can come down now if you like.' I put the laptop away and headed out the door ... I really couldn't get there fast enough.

I was surprised to see another car in the driveway and one more parked out in the street. A look at the badge on the bonnet of the car in the driveway explained why I hadn't heard it; it was a Tesla and electric cars don't make much noise but they do have owners who have money to spend.

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