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CHAPTER ONE: Missed the train

His heart sank as he rounded the corner to the sight and sounds of the last train leaving the station. He already knew that the next train home was at 6:28 the next morning.


He turned several times unsure of his next move. As he watched the train pull away into the distance, the black of night cut by its trailing red lights, he felt an on-creep of panic slowly move in on him. A cold sweat started to form on his brow as the weight of the situation grasped his shoulders, pressing him onto a bench.

Reaching into his jacket he retrieved his phone. His face lit up revealing the dark shadows of despair in his eyes. He felt clueless, selfish, irresponsible. But surely this was an easy mistake to make. Thousands. Millions perhaps, make the same mistake all the time. So why did he feel so at odds with the situation he was in. His phone engaged in a call to his wife. He was working on auto-pilot as he began to come to terms with the what had happened.

"George? Are you ok?" Samantha and George had been married for several years. They had two small children. Phoebe, who was 6 was a keen dancer and sang at every opportunity. It was her happy sound. Dillon was 4 and climbed everything. He was bright and bubbly, and completely obsessed with making things. The material choice was irrelevant, he could construct anything out of anything. A real-life characterisation of the A-Team.

There was a period of intense silence on his end of the phone until he crashed it declaring "Yeah. I'm fine. Missed my train." It was delivered as if very little but irritation was at stake. George allowed the silence to stretch as he refused to elaborate. It was up to Samantha to fill in the pieces.

"George, was that the last train? What are you going to do?"

George didn't answer.

"look, is it too late to go back to the party and see if you can crash somewhere?" George realised how good his wife was. She knew his thoughts and could overcome problems before he even realised they were problems.

"I think Brad might have a room if I can catch him. If not, I could crash on someone's floor at the holiday Inn. Or pay for a room."

"Right. Sort it out and don't be such a dick in future." She might have been pragmatic and resourceful, but she was also ruthless. Samantha suffered no shit from people.

George made his way back to the pub where he had left his colleagues only 45 minutes earlier. It didn't seem like a long time ago, but he hoped they were still there. As he opened the double doors to the pub one of his colleagues came running past him clutching his face. He doubled over the curb to vomit. George watches him in silent judgement before leaving him to sort himself out and headed into the pub. The pub was practically empty despite an enthusiastic DJ trying to encourage those that remained onto the dance floor. He saw the few stragglers that remained from the staff party on the dance floor.

Bee-lining for them he started to ask the whereabouts of some potential friends who could put him up. "They left ages ago." Was the response from the group of female science teachers swaying to Take That.

One of the older ones turned to George mid-knee drop "I'd offer you our hotel room sofa, but it's already taken." George was surprised how quickly his hopes were built and then dashed in such a short sentence.

"Rachel has a spare bed in her room" she added.

Rachel had her hands above her head and was completely lost in the music. George watched her for what seemed like ages building the courage to ask to stay in her room. Before he had the opportunity, the older science teacher intervened.

"HEY. RACH. You have a spare bed in you room, don't you?"

In her soft and sweet Geordie accent Rachel affirmed that she had a spare bed and that George could sleep there.

George continued to enjoy the night with his Science teacher colleagues. He paused only to update his wife with the information that he had secured a bed for the night. He felt it better to leave out the bit about sharing the room with an incredibly attractive Geordie girl.

Rachel was also married with two small children. She had short dark hair, a womanly body and fantastic bottom. As she danced, she moved seductively to the music, lost amongst the emotions and atmosphere of the musical story telling.

As time was called in the pub everyone moved towards the hotel. All the science teachers hugged and kissed their goodbyes in the hotel lobby and made their ways to their rooms. Rachel and George continued up to another floor to their room. On entering the room George noticed how lacking in furniture it was.

"Where's the spare bed?"

Rachel seemed taken a back. "Oh, I meant that there was a spare side to my bed. That's ok, isn't it?"

With that she walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

George heard the shower turn on and the beautiful sound of Rachel singing as she showered. A little time later she exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She was behaving so naturally, as if the two of them had been married themselves for years. Rachel didn't seemed to recognise the awkwardness of the situation. George, on the other hand was staring at her lasciviously.

"Are you ok?" Rachel asked.

"err, yeah. Can I borrow some toothpaste?" George snapped himself out of his trance.

"Of course. I don't have a spare toothbrush, but you can borrow mine. There's also a spare towel, if you wanted a shower."

George entered the bathroom confused over these experiences. He loved his wife deeply, but he was lusting after his beautiful midnight saviour. Did she feel the same, or was her behaviour simply trust and kindness? All he needed to do was put his feelings deep down out of harms way and survive the night.

After his business in the bathroom George emerged again dressed for bed. As he didn't have any PJs he popped his Underwear back on again. George stood open mouthed as Rachel moved about the room in her bedclothes. She wore a black satin nighty, with laced edging around her chest line and hem of her skirt. Her skirt was short and really only just covered her bottom.

"Sorry for my nighty, I wasn't really expecting to share my bed with anyone tonight. A bit revealing isn't it." She laughed as she stood at the end of the bed.

Rachel commented on George's physique and was impressed by how toned he was.

"Are you sure you are ok? You are acting really strange. You've gone really quiet." George reaffirmed that he was fine and that perhaps he was just tired.

"Maybe we should get to sleep." She said.

Without a word George shuffled into his side if the bed and lay down to face the window, away from Rachel.

"George, can you do me a favour? Can you run some moisturizer into my back?"

The polite response should be to verbally agree and follow out the request as asked. George, however, didn't say anything but sat up behind Rachel squirting moisturizer into his hands. Rachel let each strap fall from her shoulders so that her nighty fell around her waist. She covered her breasts with her arms, but that did nothing to stop George's mind wondering. As he rubbed in the moisturizer he began to massage her shoulders and back. Rachel moaned in appreciation.

"You are very good at that. Do you mind giving me a full body massage?" And without waiting for a response she had returned the nighties shoulder straps to their rightful place and lay down on her front in anticipation.

George continued to massage her shoulders, neck and back. After some time and appreciative noises Rachel requested that George helped her aching hamstring muscles. Sensing that George was apprehensive about the intimate situation she suggested that she would position her skirt where he had to stop. He was not allowed beyond the hem of her skirt.

Rachel held the hem of her nighty tight against her skin. George began to smooth more lotion over the back of her thighs. His pressure increased as her found the areas of her muscles that were tight, in an effort to ease the tension she had in her legs.

Rachel "mmm'd" regularly encouraging George in his endeavours. Slowly her legs parted and Rachel's fingers pointed to her abductor muscles. "That feels so amazing. Can you work on this one, it's really sore. You've worked wonders on the rest of my legs."

George hesitated. From his kneeling position next to her, he had a clear view of her smooth pussy. Rachel sensed the reason for his hesitation and reached for the hem of her skirt, pulling it down over her bottom to hide her nether regions. "If I hold my skirt here, you'll know where to stop." Rachel giggled and looked over her shoulder at George. "Would that be okay?

George agreed, and tentatively resumed his task, massaging the inside of Rachel's thigh, high up towards her groin.

Feeling more confident, following Rachel's encouragement and direction, George began using his thumbs to ease the tension in Rachel's Abductor muscles right up against the hem of her nightdress. Rachel was moaning in satisfaction with an occasional word "yeah" thrown in the mix. As George pressed and stretched the muscles, pushing deeper into the corners between Rachel's thigh and groin, Rachel simultaneously pulled her dress up over her firm round bottom and pressed George's hand against her cooch.

George could feel the effects of his work on her. Her outer lips were wet and she instantly sighed. "I think I need some attention her." Her breath deep and sensual. "I just need an orgasm so badly. Can you do that for me?" It was clear as day, Rachel had laid a challenge and had been building him up to this all evening. What could he do. Since missing the train earlier he had become homeless. His good Samaritan was in need. It was only an orgasm. He could do that. He'd just have to make sure that was as far as it went.

He surprised himself in how quickly he settled into his mission. He was working with a deft of touch. An artist's focus in his efforts towards her climax. He teased her, Rachel's quim tingling from the attention she was receiving. George expertly crafted the deepening sensations she developed. Only when he thought she was on the edge did her touch around her clitoral hood. The effect was immediate. George did not deliver Rachel to one orgasm, but two. Her groin pushing back against his hand and legs twitching with the effects of this strong, physical crescendo.

George slowly removed his hand, stroking her skin and replacing her nighty and bed sheets over her bottom. He lay next to her, his head on his pillow looking at the ceiling. He was turned on now. He knew that if he looked at her he would want to take her. The strength of his erotic feelings toward her right now were hard to subdue, but he knew he had to.

Rachel lay on her front. The orgasms she had just experienced were the most amazing she had ever had. Her breath, deep and strong. Her muscles shaking still with surges of sexual adrenaline coursing through her veins. She thought an orgasm would be enough, but after what he had just done to her, she needed more. The most amazing orgasms she had ever experienced were not enough.

She rolled onto her side still debating whether to attempt to initiate more intimacy. She approached him and put her hand on his chest. His body was so pert and firm. She fantasised about being wrapped up in his arms. It was at that moment Rachel knew how far she was willing, no desperate to go. She wanted him inside her.

"That was incredible. You are so skilled at using your fingers." She turned his face towards her and moved her lips to his. Completely oblivious to his turmoil, or perhaps indignant of it, she kissed him. In what seemed like ages, but to Rachel seemed almost instant, George returned her kiss and they embraced in a hot and passionate intimacy. His hands gripped her arms, stroked her neck and face, and entangled in her hair. Rachel's fingers fluttered over his torso and slowly over his belly to his underwear. She found his erect penis and began to stroke it through the material. George groaned in pleasure as his member danced in her hands.

"Time for your satisfaction." Rachel whispered in his ear. She pushed the bed sheets back and knelt beside him. Watching his face for his reaction she lifted her nighty up over her head and discarded it to the floor. His eyes lit up as he ogled this beautiful lady in complete nakedness. Her hands easing his manhood out from their restrictions for better access. She watched him as she wrapped him in her fingers, gently tugging him. George want to close his eyes, to enjoy the sensations, but he desired the view of her angelic, very naughty face, her naked body and her fingers, with a feather light touch, masturbating his tool.

Rachel enjoyed this feeling of domination, kneeling above her man as he helplessly lay there with his most prized possession in her hands. Without taking her eyes off his, until the last second, she slowly bent over his tummy to kiss his prick. It jumped with excitement. She licked the length of his shaft gently cupping his balls in her fingers. His dick twitched and bobbed like a group of head bangers in a mosh-pit. She looked up at him. His eyes closed and mouth parted. He looked pretty red in the face and she wondered whether he had the stamina to handle this, and still fuck her. She also considered whether his climax would be the best end result to these proceedings given then that they wouldn't have had penetrative sex, which to Rachel seemed like such a big difference, and much more disloyal than what they had so far done.

With wetted and slightly parted lips Rachel kiss the tip of his member and gradually moved her lips over his manhood to take him into her mouth. He groaned and lifted his hips to encourage her to take more of him into her warm and wet mouth. Over some time she teased him with a variety of sensations, pressures, and pace. She had him on the brink of climax several times before she tugged his balls to released their tension and prolong his treatment.

Rachel wanted to deliver pleasure to him in a way similar to the experience she had received. She couldn't remember the last time she had taken on an act like this with her husband, and certainly not with the level of enthusiasm, experimentation and sensitivity she was demonstrating now. Eventually the pressure built so much that his panting, tense body, and desperate movements of his hips informed her that there was no more holding out. He was going to cum. She took him deeply in her mouth followed by shallow and quick sucks that developed a tension that was just too great. With a great relief he lifted his hips high and ejaculated into her mouth with multiple grunts of satisfaction. Rachel seemingly took it all in her stride, but was taken aback by the force and streams of fluid bursting into her mouth. She was filled with the engorged end of his penis that seemed to enlarge beyond unbelievable proportion and his endless amounts of semen.

George lay back exhausted. Rachel wiped her mouth clean before running the tips of her fingers over his hot, firm, glistening body on her way back up the bed to join him with their heads next to each other. Still panting he turned to face her, his underwear still around his thighs. "O-o-Oh my god." He stammered. "That was beyond amazing. So intense. I have never." His breath was short as he panted between each statement. Rachel grinned.

"I'm glad I could give you a little of the experience you have me." She kissed him. A full and passionate kiss. All pretence of their efforts to experience this night as anything other than two friends doing each other a 'favour' had well and truly disappeared. They both knew what they desired, and how the rest of the night was going to go.

CHAPTER TWO: A complete submission

George kissed Rachel passionately, stroking her face and hair. Her hand was holding the back of his head as their bodies pressed against each other. He kissed her face, her eyes and cheek. His kisses moved towards her neck as she tilted her head to allow him better access. His kissed were soft and sensual. His fingers drew an outline of her collar bone and upper chest.

George rolled her over onto her back as his caresses continued towards her breasts. He took each one in his hands rolling her nipples between his fingers and thumb. Kissing her breasts and flicking her nipples with his tongue she moved her chest up towards him offering more encouragement.

Rachel ran her fingers through George's hair occasionally pressing his mouth against her breasts as he nibbled and sucked her nipples with varying intensity and strength. She could feel the effects of his work as a wave of sexual energy began to move through her. As George continued, with enthusiasm to pleasure Rachel's breasts with his mouth, he reached down to her groin, feeling her legs part, to touch around her already hot and wet pussy. Rachel's breath became audible interspersed with gentle groans. She felt her feet and lower body getting hotter. The sensation grew and subsided deep within her muscles and skin.

With increasing regularity this feeling covered more of her body each time and began to prickle with more intensity. With each wave Rachel pressed her body more firmly against George's attentions. Her breasts were being teased by his mouth like a butterfly was fluttering over them. A gentle, cooling breeze as he blew on her nipples. His fingers were pressed firmly against her clitoris moving a little but mostly with changing amounts of pressure like he was quite literally pushing her buttons.

The hot prickly sensations running now in near constant waves throughout her whole body had her writhing Under his touch. She could feel the tension building to such great heights as her body arched against his fingers as stiff as a board. She stopped breathing, body ridged, and eyes closed tight. Her mouth opened and then open further as if she was trying to scream, but the sound was strangled in her throat. Then, with her body shuddering with the release of her orgasm she finally breathed and slowly lowered her shaking hips.

George lifted his head to kiss her lips finding an exhausted woman with a hot breath waiting for him. Once Rachel had recovered she returned his kissed with more passion than ever before. She was entirely and completely grateful for one of the greats orgasms of her life, and she had already had two of those earlier. This man, a colleague she had pretty much ignored at work was making her feel like she had never before. Her whole body was tingling with excitement and complete satisfaction. Rachel knew however, that she desperately needed more.

Rachel placed her hands on George's shoulders. As she raised herself to her knees she pushed him onto his back. She knelt above him. "I hope you have plenty of stamina, I want you to fuck me all night." George grinned and raised his hips to assist in Rachel's attempts to fully remove his underwear. Rachel placed her left knee alongside George's hips as she swung her leg over his waist and pressed herself against his rock-hard cock. She bent down and kissed him passionately. Firmly, but slowly Rachel rubbed her hot and very wet flaming lips along his shaft. Her attentions brought groans of pleasure from both of them as she increased her pace. George raised his hips pressing himself against her. Once again Rachel could feel the creeping waves of pressure build inside her.

She raised herself to her knees and reached between her legs. Holding his phallus she moved her hand up and down over his shaft before guiding the tip to the entrance of her vagina. She engaged in the intensity of eye contact with George, watching his face as she slowly lowered herself onto his penis. She took him all with ease such was her arousal, but gasped as he filled her completely. She knew he was a well endowed man, but had not anticipated just how much she would feel stretched by him. With each of her movements on top of him she could feel the tension build more strongly within her and she knew another deep and powerful orgasm would soon consume her. Rachel threw her head back as her hips rose and rocked on his thick and powerful tool. It was not lost on her how much more intense each orgasm she experienced was getting and wondered how she would ever be able to give this up beyond tonight.

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