" Minutes later I am more than intrigued and ask Lu Xi to make it happen after she told me, "Let’s stretch the boundaries, a foursome, Carla for your man and me for you."

I had recently watched Lu Xi blowing my man while I had two men pleasuring me, though she had never even laid a finger on me, so the thought of her providing sexual pleasure for me has great appeal. And perhaps me pleasuring her in return. My man and I have never seen her naked, something I am looking forward to.

On a lazy, slow Tuesday afternoon, just the type of day for unhurried erotic sexual pleasure, we are back in the familiar surrounds of Lu Xi’s hotel honeymoon suite. My man Charles is expecting some type of ‘special sexual attention’, though I have not provided him with any details.

Just a few minutes after we were expecting her, Lu Xi arrives with Carla. A tall, stunning, dark skinned brunette dressed in a knee length white designer coat, heels and white stockings. "Happy birthday Charles, your lady and Lu Xi arranged me for you today. Am I what you expected?," she asks in deep voice. "Help me off with my coat would you please Julie?"

Carla is almost naked without her coat, just hold up stockings and a high wasted white g-string. She has a beautiful feminine body, slim waste, good size firm tits, 36C I guess, with already erect nipples and a magnificent, large, firm and glorious ass. Her ass cheeks look fabulous divided, separated and highlighted by her g-string. My man Charles already has an obvious erection under his clothing as he takes in Carla’s body.

"Lu Xi told me she is going to pleasure your lady while I pleasure you Charles. Would you like to watch Lu Xi pleasuring your lady? I have watched her and she is very talented. Would you like to watch me undress Lu Xi for you? She does like me undressing her, we go back a way," Carla smiles as she stands behind her and kisses her neck as she slides the zipper at the back of the dress down and helps Lu Xi shrug out it as it drops to the floor.

Lu Xi is naked under her short silk brand name dress. A very attractive, tight size-ten body, small tits with surprisingly large nipples (I can’t wait to lick and suck them) with just a sliver of hair each side of her cunt lips. "I am bisexual and I want to pleasure and be pleasured by three people," Lu Xi whispers.

I told you I could organize something special for you and your man, really special, let’s stretch the boundaries Julie," Lu Xi smiles as we watch Charles avidly licking Carla’s nipples. "Now stand with your hands on the wall and above your head Carla, Lu Xi tells her as she licks and kisses her ass cheeks.

"This is something very special I organized for you and your man Julie," Lu Xi smiles as she slides Carla’s g-string down to her ankles. "Now turn around with your hands on your hips Carla.

"Is that special? Does that stretch your boundaries?," Lu Xi asks with a huge smile as Charles and I both ogle Carla’s flaccid cock as he flaunts it for us. No pubic hair apart from just a tuft of hair above his cock. Carla is huge, my man is eight-inches when erect I muse as I try to make a comparison. "You can see why Carla is so popular with both men and women. "Carl changed his name to Carla when he switched sides," Lu Xi purrs as she strokes Carla’s cock. "Want to watch me make it full size?," she teases as she tongue kisses him.

Without waiting for our obvious answer Lu Xi kneels in front of Carla and licks the underside of his cock, then the sides as she scratches his balls. "Wow, he is impressive, magnificent, now he is rock hard for you both, almost ten-inches last time I measured it. It’s your birthday Charles, Carla is for your sexual pleasure while I pleasure your lady and she watches.

"Lick my nipples again for me Charles, you were very good. Then I will give you a blow job as Lu Xi arranged. Or would you like to blow me? You are hung but I am bigger than you, though you are thicker," Carla tells Charles as he licks Carla’s nipples with one hand wrapped around his cock.

"Blow me first, I won’t last long, your feminine tits, ass and huge cock have turned me right on," Charles moans as Carla licks his cock before he swallows half of it.

"Look at what I am doing to Lu Xi while you are having your cock sucked honey," I whisper as I lick and kiss her surprisingly large nipples. I couldn’t wait to lick and suck them once I saw them earlier.

"I am so turned on by Carla’s tits honey, ass and huge cock while I watch Lu Xi licking your cunt lips.

You know I have long fantasized about having and blowing a tranny, especially a hung one."

Fifteen minutes later Carla and Lu Xi are sitting side-by-side on a sofa as I lick Lu Xi’s cunt lips. She has her legs over my shoulders as I manage to watch, extremely turned on, as my man is pleasuring Carla’s ten-inch erection.

Lick, suck, blow, tease, scratch his balls, pinch his nipples. They are both star performers with lots of subtle variations and nuances for maximum sexual pleasure. I have never had a ten-inch inch tranny and I want this one, must have this one, later today after my man has had him.

"I love watching your man sucking Carla’s cock, he is rock hard for him, his full ten inches, while you are licking my cunt lips Julie. Your man is good, very good, so are you, you are a very exciting and talented couple," Lu Xi tells me as her body trembles and she orgasms. "Would you like to have Carla? Perhaps I could pleasure your man at the same time?"

"Yes I would, let’s do it," I reply.

After we wound down and showered together Lu Xi leads us into a room I hadn’t seen previously. There are all sorts of ties and straps on metal frames with full length mirrors on all the walls. Carla has obviously been here before as he stands legs apart while Lu Xi fastens his his hands and then then his ankles with leather straps. "Would you like the same Charles?," she asks as he watches on.

"Do it for me honey, your pleasure is my pleasure," I tell him as he readily complies and Lu Xi straps him in. The two men are facing each other at ninety-degrees and comparing each other’s bodies.

Lu Xi has a bowl full of ice cubes close by, takes one in each hand rubs one on each of Carla's nipples, his balls, then his flaccid cock.

She then does the same to my my man’s semi-erection, he is already turned on from watching Carla

"Julie wants to give you a blow job Carla, are you fine with that?," Lu Xi teases as she slides an ice cube over his balls with one hand and another ice cube along his now engorged cock.

"Your lady wants to give Carla a blow job Charles, are you fine with that?," Lu Xi teases again as she does the same to him, an ice cube over his balls with one hand and another ice cube along his engorged cock. "Would you like me to blow you while you watch your lady blowing Carla’s ten-inch cock? He is almost fully erect now, just like you.

"Would you like some extra stimulation Carla?," Lu Xi asks with a long wooden paddle with holes in her hand.

"Yes, do it for me, you know I like it," he moans as Lu Xi smacks his ass with the paddle.

"More Carla, how many more?," she teases as Carla is obviously enjoying it as much as Lu Xi while my man and I watch on and count to six.

"What about you Charles, would you like some of that?," Lu Xi asks.

"Do it for me honey, stretch our boundaries, that is a huge turn on for me," I whisper. "Do you want Lu Xi to do it or me?"

"Lu Xi please, kiss me while she does it with your hand on my erection."

"You liked that didn’t you honey? So did I, next time I want to do it for you. And maybe you do it for me," I tell him as I fit the cock ring Lu Xi provided for him and Lu Xi does the same for Carla.

"I am going to blow Carla’s ten-inches while you watch honey, are you fine with that? He really is impressive strapped in like that, so are you," I tease as I run my hands over my man’s chest and tongue kiss him. "After your spanking your cock is like an iron bar for Lu Xi. And so is Carla for me."

"I am very good at edging Carla, can you last thirty minutes for me?" I tease as I lick his nipples, then his balls. "You are a special challenge for me, a man with a gorgeous female body and a ten-inch cock. And my man is watching while Lu Xi is sucking his cock. I am going to start slowly before building speed gradually and easing off again to edge and tease you," I whisper to him.

I started by holding Carla’s erection firmly in my hand, then making my tongue very wet and poking it out. While holding my head and tongue in place, I used my hand to move the head of his erection over my tongue. The the only movement was from my hand moving his erection over my tongue, which was wasn’t moving much at all. The head of his erection was running over my tongue as I moved it in a circular motion, up and down, back and forth. My tongue was polishing the head of his throbbing erection.

Then I took three-inches of his erection deep into my mouth and held it there. Next with my tongue at the underside of his erection, I slid it forwards along his shaft, as far as I could comfortably go, then slid it backward. And kept sliding it forwards and backward, massaging the same section of his erection, keeping his erection in place, not taking it deeper or shallower, just keeping it in place.

I can hear my man telling Lu Xi, "I love long, slow licks up my erection," just before she grabbed his hips and very gently guided his erection into her mouth. "We are in rhythm with each other," Lu Xi whispers as she is moaning and humming with my man’s erection in her mouth.

"Are you watching honey?," Charles is asking, "Lu Xi is licking my balls it’s such a fucking turn on, sucking on them and putting one in her mouth."

I am determined to edge and tease Carla as well as myself as I let his erection slip from my lips and lick and suck his erect nipples. "Your tits are magnificent, how did manage to acquire them?," I ask as I enjoy them and make eye contact with Lu Xi and my man. I feel as though I have taken ownership of the situation and it’s an incredible turn-on for me.

"Genes and money, lots of both," he replies as I stroke his erection with my hands while kissing, licking and nibbling his nipples.

Then I use my tongue to gently stimulate the head of his erection and use my hands while sucking on the head of his erection at the same time.

As well as bringing my mouth up and down his whole erection I make sure I hit the right spots by using my teeth, lips and tongue to gently stimulate the head of his erection while scratch his testicles to heighten his pleasure.

I learnt long ago if your man is really hung, holding the base of his erection will make it easier to manage and prevent gagging, he might be aroused by the gagging sensation but it’s not enjoyable for me..

I want to masturbate and bring myself to orgasm while I am blowing Carla. I love putting on a show for my man and visually turning them on which is a great way to satisfy my ego. Today is a huge extra turn on for me with two men and a woman watching. I want to show three people how much I am enjoying myself blowing a hung tranny. And I am hanging out for an orgasm!

I can remember one of my men telling me, "When you go down on me hard and fast, really hard and fast and wet I can’t last." I don’t think he ever lasted more than five minutes, so I am going to finish Carla that way.

I am very pleased with myself as Carla is taking shallow, quick breaths as his muscles tense. His erection is throbbing as his thighs quiver while I tease his balls with my fingernails while going down on him hard and fast, really hard and fast and wet.

I am teasing my cunt lips with the fingertip of my other hand, I want to orgasm in sync with Carla. I want to enhance his orgasm - and mine - and leave him in ecstasy.

Suddenly Lu Xi is behind me kissing my ass with her arm between my legs with a finger on my cunt lips while I am going down on Carla, harder, faster and really wet.

"You are fucking magic Julie, absolutely fucking magic," he groans as he hits the back of my throat and I orgasm and squirt.

"Watch me finish off your man Julie," Lu Xi smiles as she strokes Charles erection with two hands. Did you enjoy watching your lady blowing Carla? Did it turn you on?"

"Yes, you know it did, very much," he moans in reply as Lu Xi sucks his erection and slides two hands along it, then releases it as she brings him off with her thumb tip and fingertip.

Two days later when we next had sex together we exchanged our impressions of the fourway Lu Xi arranged for us as we fucked like never before. Wonderful extra stimulation.

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