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Hi, I'm Max from Scotland. I recently separated from my second wife, and this has prompted me to give a lot of reflection to sex and sexuality after nearly 35 years of married life. Although in my 'real life' I've done a lot of writing elsewhere, this is my first contribution to Literotica. As well as using this and some other pieces to come as a way to reflect on the sexual me that I am now (and want to become), I am also wanting to give something back to the Literotica community. During the last few difficult months (of the difficult Covid year of 2020), this website has been a fantastic place of escape, reflection, and discovery for me! I first came to it as a form of literary porn, and it is that in a way - but as with all things involving the imagination, it is so much more! So this piece is not a story as such, but a reflection on some of my own development, of recognising the levels of fantasy within my own expressions of sexuality. Perhaps one day I will be able to put this together in a narrative, storied form in this site. But it is just a beginning for me... Thanks for looking at it!

I was lying in bed yesterday, feeling horny as fuck, when my mind found itself drifting to another place. I was with a woman and we were acting out a fantasy that I have only ever known in my head.

It is based on a cheesy porn video I have watched a number of times, about a pretty live-in nanny in her early 20s, who is caught by her boss as she masturbates naked in his hot tub. He angrily tells her she's fired and walks off, so she chases after him, still very naked, and gets down on her knees in front of him, pleading with him to keep her job. He is still stern and cross, but she gently begins to massage his obviously hard cock through his trousers ('pants'). As he begins to calm down, she promises she will be a good girl if he forgives her, and she will show it by giving him a blowjob. You can imagine how it goes from there, and yes it is hot, steamy, and very sticky...

So in my daydream I found myself having a fantasy about this fantasy, my own cock was getting very hard, wishing it was me with this nanny, and that she would try to make things up to me by making me cum in her mouth. But alongside that I was having another fantasy, which built on the images of this story but was also a reality, actually happening in real life. Alongside fantasising about being with the nanny, I was also fantasising about living out and experiencing the fantasy, wishing I had someone who could do this (for pretend) with me. Therefore, my daydream was a fantasy of doing a role play of this very erotic situation, with me as the angry but susceptible boss, and a girlfriend taking the role of the nanny. Living this scenario out in my head, daydreaming about doing it, was what really turned me on and made me so hard.

I love watching people masturbate, either alone or together with me, and so my fantasy role play begins with her lying naked as she plays deeply with herself (perhaps with some help from a toy). I walk into the room unaware and find her there (perhaps it's on the bed, in another version it's on the sofa - it could even be outside in a secluded garden on a warm day). My shock at discovering her like this is obvious. She doesn't notice me, so I stand watching her with a cross look on my face, and she keeps on until she has cum with lots of sexy laughs.

Then she realises I'm there and looks satisfied, coy, and rather worried. I can see in her face the worry about how I'll react. I should of course be furious, but I've just watched her lying naked, wanking and then cumming. She's flushed and satisfied, I should be feeling a little bit horny at least!

And then my reaction tries to play the grown-up boss, fighting my own desire to fuck her as she lies there, already wet, aroused and ready for my hard cock. I tell her how bad and naughty she has been, she seeks to apologise and assure me she's good. I turn my back and move to walk away, saying 'that's it, you need to get dressed and go'. I can't give into the sleazy part of me that has already fantasied so much about this gorgeous nanny's body - her tits that I been yearning to hold and lick, and a pussy that looks so fresh and wet and ready for my cock. No, I continue to think, I must be firm with her (whatever that means?), and so I say that I will tell my wife that she's let us down, and will need replacing.

In a panic, she stands and runs around to be in front of me, and then kneels down, so her eyes are level with my cock, her breasts right before me, and her knees apart. This is no way for an employer to discipline one of their workers like this, no matter how naughty she has been on the job. But then I think, fuck the HR rules, and fuck her now. This is too good a thing to just let go. How many bosses have wanted to fuck their nanny, particularly one as good looking as her? And when will I have a chance like this again? My cock pulses against the inside my trousers, although I am strong and very very hard, my resolve begins to weaken. Who is to know if I don't do 'the right thing' here? And maybe sorting out this minor dispute through good simple sex is the best way to resolve it? Who knows? Who cares? Well, that's what my cock is telling me.

She begs me again and again to spare her, how much she needs what she has here, how she will do anything to keep her job and her place in the family. She's a good nanny, if she's been naughty in the job then she deserves to be punished. 'I'll do anything to keep my job. Anything! Please don't tell your wife', she says, 'I will be good, please don't fire me!'

I am still the stern boss of this nanny, needing to assert my authority. I don't want to relent, even though she looks so hot kneeling in front of me. It is so easy just to go with the situation, she clearly likes being here, she wants to be here, and her masturbating in the hot tub suggests she is turned on about something - or someone - in this house. That must be me, she must have been fantasising about me as she rubbed her fingers so fast against her pussy, as she screamed out in her orgasm as I watched her.

So her kneeling there, my cock so close to her and so ready to fill her mouth - it is not me acting as a sleazy boss forcing myself on her. I'm just doing her a favour, I'm also helping her to keep her job which she needs so much. And once we have done it this first time, then surely there'll be more, she'll be here in the house (and the hot tub!) most days. She will not only be the family nanny, she'll also be my hot live-in fuck buddy. It's a win-win for everybody!

Eventually I let her open my trousers and pull out my very hard cock. It's wet already and she slowly brings her mouth to it, licking the precum from its tip and putting her lips around it. I feel myself being pulled into that warm, wet heaven, feeling at last that the best thing is the right thing. I'll enjoy the moment, she wants this as much as I do! I see her other hand go back down to her wet pussy, returning to the pleasure that I interrupted. I think of how wet that pussy must be, how she must feel now with my throbbing cock in her mouth and her fingers skillfully playing around her pussy lips and clit. She groans quietly at the thrill of this moment, a sound that resonates along my cock and deeply through my body.

In some versions of this fantasy I just can't last long and I cum quickly in her mouth, or on her tits. The warmth and wetness of her mouth is too much for me in the moment of this unanticipated encounter. In a series of waves along the length of my cock, I feel the cum build up from my balls, and my sensitive head cannot control the urgent desire to give her my powerful juices. With a loud cry I burst out, again and again as she hungrily tries to receive and devour my milky white cream, made by me especially for her!

But this is not the end of this, it is just the starter - a grand and explosive flourish from my cock, a mere aperitif for this hungry young woman, living away from home in a stranger's house. This was not, was never intended as the simple transaction that it first seemed - that is the blowjob to keep her own job. I am her benevolent employer, she is a conscientious employee, eager to serve the needs of the family where she works. We can and must do more to respect each other's needs - our most basic of needs!

And so, with my orgasm we are now leveled up and equal: she came first in the hot tub, and I came next in her mouth. We can now start the real games, the fun that leaves us both exhausted and satisfied. Very quickly I too am naked, and we end up in bed with my head between her legs, enjoying the taste of her juices and the thrusts and spasms of her cumming for a second time.

It does not end at this point, the point of my tongue inside her, as she seeks to pull it in further, drowning it in the juices of her cum, twitching with delight at this most intimate of sloppy kisses. We eventually share the main dish together: I fuck her, my cock in her pussy for what feels like lifetime, and then we both cum. But, dear reader, this is where I step back from my fantasy, this fantasy has now becomes your own. It is up to you how we fuck, whether it is I or her on top, or behind, whether my cum fills her pussy, or bursts out onto her stomach or ass cheeks. Fill all that with the fantasy I have been weaving here - how would your nanny want to fuck and be fucked, how would your boss want to make sure she is never so naughty again? That is all there already in your mind, waiting for you to make it happen!

Because, of course, this is all just fantasy. It is my daydream of erotic images that play inside my dirty mind. It is also my fantasy of how I bring these images to life, with an imagined partner as we make them a reality in and on our bodies. But in putting this all into words on a screen, it has now perhaps become part of your own world of fantasies: your body, your partner, and you cumming (alone or together). And that in itself is a fantasy that builds up my own excitement so much more! If you like my words, please please cum for me! And cum for yourself, for your own beautiful garden of fantasy that makes this sexually charged world so much better to live in. Take these two simple people, the boss and the nanny, and make them fuck through your own fantastic desires!

So in the end, this is my fantasy of a role-play fantasy, spicing up my life in boring and difficult times. And yesterday it made my day go so much better to drop into this world as I lay daydreaming. Funnily enough, I didn't end up masturbating - it was just really hot to build up the fantasy, to get my juices flowing for later. It was a fantasy, a highly charged feeling and experience that fed through into other, later fantasies.

So yes, fantasy really does come first!

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