Natalie Seol quickly walked into the washroom of her school and locked herself into one of the stalls. Her body was drenched in sweat even though it was the middle of winter. Her face was flushed and her breathing was getting rougher and rougher.

The 18 year old Greenville High Student had left music class under the pretense of a stomach ache to do what she wanted to do the most: fulfil her secret desire.

Taking a deep breath, Natalie unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor, revealing her small, nearly B-cup breasts covered in a simple white cotton bra. Next her skirt followed suit, revealing her matching white panties that were nearly transparent from being soaked in her juices, revealing the outline of her shaved pussy. Natalie slipped her shoes and socks off, leaving her bare feet exposed. Without hesitation, Natalie discarded her bra and panties, leaving her completely naked in the middle of school. Not a single stitch of clothing was on her. This wasn't her first time being naked in school. She had gotten naked plenty of times in school, but had never really done much more than masturbate in the bathroom.

Today would be different. Today, Natalie was going to show herself to everybody... well at least she hoped it would lead to it at some point. She wasn't really going to do much more than streak... but anything could happen. Natalie folded up her clothes and placed them into the plastic bag she had brought with her in her pocket. She tucked the bag behind the toilet and hoped that no one would come by and find the bag. If someone did, her life as she knew it would be all over.

Natalie took a deep breath, opened the stall door and stepped out. For the first time in her life, she was naked in the school bathroom, completely exposed to anyone who might walk in. Natalie looked in the mirror and admired herself. She wasn't bad looking, even if she had never had a serious boyfriend. Her boobs were a little small, but she was pretty slim, and she thought she was cute enough. Natalie's eyes then drifted down her sweat covered body to between her legs.

Natalie was soaked. She had been soaked the entire day, horny in anticipation of what she had planned to do. Her juices were streaming down her leg and were beginning to drip on the floor. Her pussy throbbed, begging to be touched. Natalie wanted to masturbate right there and then, but she held back. She only had fifteen or so minutes until the period and school ended, so she had to make her attempt quickly.

Natalie was very nervous. She had never been naked in such a public place before and if she was caught, she would be in so much trouble. But she had to do it. If she didn't do this now, she never would. Taking a final breath, Natalie stepped out of the bathroom, her body burning with arousal and fear.

Natalie looked around the familiar school hallway. It was completely deserted at the moment, even though Natalie knew someone could walk around a corner any minute and see her. Natalie carefully began to walk looking around all the time to make sure no one was around who could see her. After a few minutes, Natalie began to feel at ease. She wasn't embarrassed or scared anymore and she was relishing the fact that she was doing something so naughty in such a public place.

Natalie absentmindedly squeezed both of her boobs, moaning in pleasure as she stood right in the middle of the main hallway. She was exposed from all directions. She was standing right between the cafeteria and the library, faced the front doors and the main stairs, and was exposed to the gym right behind her. Natalie felt excited. Her pussy was throbbing and dripping wet. She HAD to get some release NOW.

Barely taking caution, Natalie quickly walked down the main hallway and turned the corner into the computer science & arts department hallway. If there was one thing she knew for sure, was that one of the art classrooms was always empty during last period. The door to the classroom was open, and Natalie noted that the room was empty with a quick glance inside.

Natalie quickly dashed into the room. Not bothering to close the door shut, she rushed to the teacher's desk (which was out of the hallway's view), and collapsed into it. She leaned against the desk and touched her soaking pussy lightly.

A single touch was enough. Natalie moaned in pleasure as she came, her juices squirting out from her pussy and onto the floor. Natalie closed her eyes. She had just cum in a public place; in the middle of school. She was such a depraved whore. She was an exhibitionist slut who needed to be punished.

She wondered what Dea would think if she saw her right now. Dea Green was a goddess. They weren't very close, but she was her love. Natalie had always known she was a lesbian, and Dea was just so beautiful. With her luxurious brown hair and large D-cups that neared Es with a firm, toned ass, Dea was her dream. Natalie wanted Dea to see her right now, while she was at her most vulnerable.

Natalie began to rub her pussy again. She cried out in pleasure once again. She picked up her pace, plunging two fingers into her pussy as she moaned in pleasure. She continued to pump, imagining Dea looking at her right now with lust in her eyes. She couldn't hold it for very long. She was going to orgasm very soon.

Natalie screamed, "LOOK AT ME DEA! I'M AN EXHIBITIONIST SLUT!" An extraordinary amount of juices exploded out of her pussy. As she had one of the greatest orgasm of her life. Natalie slid to the floor. She closed her eyes as she lay on the floor of her school, laying in a pool of her own juices. Natalie began to rub her pussy absentmindedly with her right hand and began to tweak her nipple with her left. Natalie began to masturbate once again, and was very nearing a climax when she was jerked out of her trance.

"Natalie? Is that you?" A voice cried out in shock. Natalie gasped in horror as she came once again, but this time in front of people. She quickly sat up and wrapped her arms around her chest in shame, aware that modesty was the least of her issues after the show she had given them. She was so wrapped up in masturbating that she had completely ignored the school bell! Students had filled the corridors, but thankfully, no one else had seemed to notice her. Tears welling in her eyes in fear and embarrassment, Natalie looked up at...

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