(Really, really short story that occurred when I woke up thinking of a certain someone. If I made any grievous errors in spelling etc, please let me know?)

You know that chair you have in the corner of your bedroom, the sturdy but comfortable blue one? I woke up wet imagining you in THAT chair. You were wet too. However, that was because you had come out of your shower after your workout. There were a few drops remaining on that golden taut skin that was still pumped an hour after exercising.

Our eyes met and my knees gave way. I was on the floor before I could make the decision to be that way. You were steps away across the low pile carpet. I had told men I wouldn't crawl for them, but I crawled for you.

With my left hand on the inside of your left ankle, I gently pushed your leg wide, watching the muscles move, but glancing up to be certain it was ok with you.

With your nod of acquiescence, I bend down and licked at the droplets on your long foot, clearing them and tasting your clean skin before making my way up your leg. I could smell the body wash you use that I love but beneath it is just you, and I love that even more, it's like sun, intelligence and power, however that makes sense. But it doesn't have to be right for anyone but me.

I pause on your thighs, I fucking love how strong they are when you pound into or stand over me me and I nuzzle at them then mouth along the inner line before I make it up to your balls. I know how sensitive this area is although it is a favorite of mine on your body so I'm careful to only lap at them and let them rest in my mouth before using kitten licks to clean any drops of any liquid I may find on your pretty cock. It jumps up to my lips and we both laugh.

Thank you, Sir. I know I've been teasing your patience and you've been so good about letting me have my way," I smile at him and he returns it.

I press a finger on the side of your slit, and then inside, loving the way your pre bubbles out for me and I spread it on my lips waiting for you to tell me what I know we both want.

"Suck my cock, baby. Show me my good slut."

I sink my mouth around you, and your confident hands plunge into my hair, tight enough that I feel it pull at my strands as you push me down around your thickness. I watch your head fall back for a moment as you use my mouth, first adjusting the height of my head and then freezing it and fucking up into it.

I mewl and moan, one hand on your wrist and another on your thigh, loving the way you use me. I am lost in the feeling and I cry out when you pull me up by my hair and catch me around my waist to steady me as I climb onto your lap.

Our lips mesh and our tongues accomplish less kissing and more mess but I feel him place his cock head at my hole.

"Please, please, Sir," I beg. "I need to be filled by you!"

"Yes, show me how my slut rides my cock," you say.

I sink down and throw my head back, all my muscles clenching.

"Sir, I need to cum, please may I cum?" I plead.

Your hand is a claw on my ass and you direct me for a few minutes on how deep and how hard while the other plays with an nipple and I mewl with pleasure.

"Please, Sir!"

"Cum for me," you tell me.

I cry out as I cum, I can't help but lean forward and kiss you eating at your mouth and craving your connection but too soo, I'm shaking and shivering with pleasure, writhing on your cock.

Then your hands are in my hair and your lips are at my neck and breasts. I'm cumming again, so hard around you and you are fucking up into me, harder and harder.

I stay like that, crying out for you, my walls clenching your cock spasming amazingly tight and then rhythmically. "Thank you Sir, it feels so good. I need it so much, you cock...oh...fuck yes fuck me please, don't stop" I beg you, as you make me cum for you, give you my orgasms.

And then you wrap me up in your arms and turn us and throw us on the bed. And begin to fuck me in earnest. "That's it. It's my pussy, isn't it. Slut?" You demand.

"Yes," I barely manage to cry out through the pleasure.

"Show me you are my little whore, baby, give me what belongs to me."

"Fuck yes," I scream as I cum hard around you again one of my hands in your hair one on your tight ass. I bite your upper arm needing you everywhere.

Little sounds escape me and I manage to beg, whimper, "Please, cum for me? I need it, this girl needs your cum on me or in me please, Sir?

And of course, like always, my Sir is Very good to me.

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