Attention all Cloudflare Warp users

The official Cloudflare Warp client collects and reads your device's hardware identifier (HWID) which can result in a permanent ban if it detects a suspicious amount of Warp+ storage usage.


This means that if your device is flagged for having too much Warp+ storage, you may never be able to use Cloudflare Warp again.

To avoid this, it is highly recommended to use the alternative solution, WGCF, instead. WGCF is a safe and reliable way to access and use the Cloudflare Warp service without having to worry about the consequences of a potential hardware ban.

Act now to ensure your continued access to Cloudflare Warp.

Here's a guide on how to setup wgcf:

  1. Download the latest release of WGCF from this link: Save it to your default "Downloads" folder.
  2. Rename the downloaded file to "wgcf"
  3. Open the Command Prompt (CMD).
  4. Change the directory to your Downloads folder by running this command: cd %userprofile%/Downloads
  5. Run the command "wgcf register"
  6. Run the command "wgcf generate"
  7. You should now have two new files: "wgcf-profile.conf" and "wgcf-account.toml".
  8. Open up your cloudflare warp app and go to the Account settings.
  9. Copy your account key
  10. open the "wgcf-account.toml" file with Notepad and replace the "license_key" field with the key you just copied.
  11. Run the command "wgcf update" in CMD.
  12. Run the command "wgcf generate" again.
  13. Run the command "wgcf status" to check your account information.
  14. Run the command "wgcf trace" to check the status of your WARP.
  15. Import the "wgcf-profile.conf" file to your Wireguard client and activate it.
  16. You can now copy the "wgcf-profile.conf" file to any device and use WARP+ on any device that supports wireguard
Pub: 03 Feb 2023 01:58 UTC
Edit: 03 Feb 2023 02:00 UTC
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