I sat patiently with their luggage for over thirty minutes before they got back. Aunt Maria walked ahead of my mom and Seth, who were holding hands. Much to my shock and confusion.

"Sorry for the wait Doug," said Aunt Maria in her usual sweet tone.

"It's okay," I muttered, "why is mom holding Seth's hand?"

She looks back and sighs, then shakes her head.

"I really can't answer that sweetie," she said ruffling my hair, "but there is something she wants to tell you later."

"Really? I asked, "Like what?"

"You'll know when she tells you-later on." she said.

Mom and Seth continued to hold hands all the way to the car. I never saw mom like this, it's like...no it can't be what I was thinking of. Mom would never do that to me right? Yet there were signs today that pointed to it. Mom is acting fishy. I need to stop this from happening.

When we got to the car, mom pulled me aside.

"I need you to know something," she said.

"Of course mom," I said.

"We will be staying at your aunt's house tonight," she said then looks at Seth, "all of us."

"Wait Seth is too?" I asked in shock, "Why can't we just drop him off at his house?"

"Because his father wouldn't pick up his phone," she snapped at me and sighed, "also you need to stop acting entitled to me. It's very creepy."

That statement hurt. I heard Seth snicker.

"You're my son," she said softly, "I'll always love you."

Mom sat up front with aunt Maria. I had to sit next to Seth in the back. For some reason, he smelled of mom's perfume. The one she always uses. He elbows me hard.

"Noticed didn't you?" he whispered menacingly, "Told you didn't I."

"There is nothing you can do to stop it now," he continued, "she's mine."

I can't believe my plan actually worked. Little miss Monica Desper is now my bitch. Who knew she would soften her approach to me, when I laid on the drama about my mom leaving. The slut was caught red-handed fucking the next door neighbor. She didn't leave when I was born. Dad divorced her for cheating when I was ten. It was still pretty missed up though.

But...there is something about her. Something about Monica that I wanted as a son from my mom. A mother's love and warmth. She showed that to me and then some. She was pretty freaky in bed. Nobody could tire me out like she did.

Yet now she wants to marry my dad and be my new mom.

I know Doug is catching on to it too. He noticed his mom's perfume on me. If he only knew his precious aunt was sucking on this dick too. That she will also be fucking it later tonight. I can't stop thinking of it.

Two girls at once. Shit. I must've hit the fucking lottery! It's all thanks to her son Doug. I seriously got to thank him somehow.

Maybe I'll invite him to watch? Act like I need to take a piss and sneak into their bedroom. Where I know they'll be waiting for me. Then leave their door open, so he can "hear" us. When he comes to look, that's when I'll really fuck them good.

Yeah that plan will work. I know it will. Monica is a slut for my cock and from earlier today, so is Maria.

They both gave me sideway glances as we drove to her house. Yeah they want it bad and they'll get it too.

When we got to Maria's house, they told Doug to go carry the luggage inside. He grumbled and did what he was told. Like the little bitch that he is. Once he got into the house, they both got in the backseat with me. Then Monica kissed me full on my lips.

"Fuck Monica," said Maria, "wait til later before pouncing on him."

"I can't help it," she said giggling.

Monica draped her right leg over me, as Maria draped her left. My arms around both of them. They both giggled, as I pulled them closer to me. Both their chests pressing into my sides. I loved it.

"Someone is anxious," said Maria, "right Monica?"

"Yes very much so," Monica said grabbing my already erect cock in my jeans. She circled the tip with her finger. Maria blew on my ear.

"Should we do something about this?" suggested Monica unzipping my jeans.

"We should," said Maria, "give him a taste of what will happen tonight."

With that Maria began jerking me off as Monica kissed me. Then Maria started kissing me as Monica sucked my cock. It was fucking intense. The windows were all fogged over and steamy. We were all sweaty slightly.

"I don't think I can wait til tonight," said Monica, "I need his big fat cock inside me now."

"We must endure Monica," said Maria who was kissing my neck.

"No fair you two have fun and I don't," I said.

"You...weren't having fun?" asked Monica who was popped her mouth from my cock.

"Was our teasing not enough?" pouted Maria.

"It's my turn to tease you two." I said boldly.

"Fuck I could use a little teasing right now," said Monica.

"M-me too!" said Maria.

They both then pulled up their shirts.

Monica didn't wear a bra under her shirt. Maria did, and pushed it up.

I stared at her tits. Maria's were slightly bigger than Monica's.

"Damn sis," said Monica, "I had no idea you were bigger than me."

Maria giggled.

"Like mom always said "homegrown and proud of it" she said.

"True," said Monica, "mom told us to be proud of our large assets."

"I like them both!" I exclaimed.

"You better!" they both said in unison.

I began sucking on Monica's tits as I pinched Maria's. Who moaned passionately. Monica ruffled my hair as I bit her nipples. Pulling on them gently. She moaned in turn. Then I switched to Maria's.

"So nice," she cooed, "yes just like that."

Monica moaned as I squeezed hers. She was breathing hard and panting.

"Fuck it's humid in here!" she said.

She then pulled down her shirt and opened the door to get out.

Maria ruffled my hair and then kissed my forehead.

"Yes," she said in turn, "let's wait til tonight."

She pulled down her bra and shirt, then opened the other door and got out. I was so fucking hard at this point. I wanted to fuck.

Was this supposed to be more teasing on their end? Fuck. I feel so fucking pent up!

I got out a bit after them and zipped up my pants. My cock still hard as a rock. Pressing against my pant leg.

They both looked back at me as we got to the door.

"Not a word to Doug," said Maria.

"We'll call for you when we go to bed okay?" added Monica.

They both then went inside. Doug sure has some fine ass women as his aunt and mom. Who would in turn be my sexy aunt and mom.

Seth had a huge grin on his face as he stepped inside my room.

"Your mom and aunt invited me into their room tonight,' he said, "you know what that means right?"

He headlocked me.

"Means they want to FUCK!" he continued, "your mom was really tight herself. I wonder how your aunt would feel like."

That's when I slugged him. My punch barely fazed him. He just looked at me and smiled.

"Yeah I'm going to enjoy fucking them tonight!" he laughed, "making them both moan my name."

He then kicked me to the ground. Squatting over me afterwards.

"Don't think I didn't forget what you tried to do," he spat, "you're lucky you caught me in a good mood bitch!"

I cower in fear.

"Consider this your only warning," he said menacingly.

He then stood up and left. Slamming my bedroom door behind him. I sighed and sat back up.

"DOUG DESPER," screamed my mom a while later, "GET YOUR FUCKING ASS DOWN HERE NOW!"

I exited my room and went to the living room. I saw mom standing in front of aunt Maria, as she sat next to Seth.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" my mom asked me angrily.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"You know damn well what you did!" she said.

I looked at her in confusion.

"You told Seth to leave the house and then started hitting him," she said, "what the hell is wrong with you?"

"He started it!" I snapped, "he was saying stuff about you two!"

Mom looked at aunt Maria who shrugged her shoulders.

"That's not what I said," he said, "you were the one who started it!"

"What did you say to him to cause to hit you then?" asked aunt Maria.

"All I said was that I'm happy your mom will be my mom soon," Seth said, "that's when he said he didn't care and punched me."

"I had to deal with your shit on the trip," mom sighed angrily, "now you're starting this again when we get back?"


"I find that hard to believe," mom said.

"Why don't you believe me?" I whinned.

"Just...go," she said, "I will not repeat myself a second time!"

I stormed out of the room and slammed my door. Crying on my bed afterwards.

"Don't you think you were a bit much?" said Maria sighing, "You know Doug will never accept this."

I sighed and sat down in the armchair. I looked over at Seth who stared at the ground.

"You sure he said what you told us?" asked Maria, "that he didn't care and then punched you?"

He nodded his head.

"All I told him was that," he said.

I sighed and shook my head.

"To be honest," I said, "I was expecting something like that to happen."

Maria nods her head.

"I agree," she said.

We were all silent for a bit. I got up and sat next to Seth too. Then I sighed as I grabbed his hand.

"Maybe I should just keep him to myself Maria,' I said.

"So no threesome tonight?" she said sighing.

"What I meant is that I don't want him as my son now," I stated.

"Okay," she said, "why?"

"I'm not really sure," I said, "I just feel like that choice is the wrong one."

"I see," she said.

"Well we should order take-out then right?" I said, "I know you don't want to cook a meal we would hardly eat."

"Good idea" said Maria, "whatever you guys want, I'll buy."

"What do you want for dinner Seth?" I said.

"Would it be cheesy if I said you both?" he said.

I laughed, then Maria followed.

"Yes that line is very cheesy," I said, "but we are your dessert. What do you want for dinner?"

"How about pizza?" he said, "Triple meat and extra cheese."

"Pizza it is then" said Maria and took out her phone.

She stepped into the kitchen and called the local pizzeria.

"I know you lied Seth," I said softly, "you must like getting a reaction out of him huh?"

He smiles.

"So you knew?" he said, "It's just so funny watching him get worked up over stupid shit."

"That may be funny to you," I said sternly, "but it isn't for me. I have to deal with that shit from him daily because of you."

"You know you like it," he said smugly, "you know you find it funny too."

"There are times," I said, "that it is funny to watch. But talking about our sex life is not okay around him."

"What we do together," I continued, "HE doesn't need to know."

I held his face and made him look at me.

"Please understand that," I said.

He nods his head and I give him a quick peck before Maria returns.

"Our pizza will be here in 30 minutes," Maria said as she re-enters the living room.

"I also bought Doug something to eat too," she added.

"He'll just eat it in his room," I said.

"You better apologize to him tomorrow," I said.

He starts to speak, but Maria cuts him off.

"On second thought," she countered, "you'll apologize to him in front of us. So we both know what you said and how he responded."

I went upstairs to take a shower and felt his eyes on my ass. I knew he wanted it. So did I.

I was so fucking wet. I then blew him a kiss and went into the bathroom. After I entered the shower, I heard the door open snd close.

"Sly little fucker," I thought, "a quick fuck won't ruin his stamina."

I pull the curtain open with shampoo in my hair. My eyes were closed.

"Want to have a quick fuck before dinner?" I said.

I was greeted with silence. Then.

"Ummmm mom?" said Doug's voice.

I quickly rinsed out my hair and opened my eyes. I jumped a bit afterwards.

"Oh my god!" I said covering myself up behind the curtain, "Doug I can explain!"

"I FUCKING KNEW IT!" he said loudly, "HOW COULD YOU?!"

I knew I was bound to expect that reaction.

"I HATE YOU!" he screamed and bolted out of the bathroom.

I palmed my face as I heard him run downstairs, trip slightly then open the front door and then slam it shut.

"FUCK!" I said loudly.

I then squated on the tiled floor and hugged my knees to my chest. Crying softly as my own son said he now hates me. Again I expected this, but it still hurts none the less.

I heard footsteps coming up the steps.

"What the hell happened?" came Maria's voice, "Doug just ran downstairs and left the house?"

"He...said he hates me," I said, "I knew I never should have done what I did.'

She turns off the water and places a towel over me.

"It must have been quite the shock huh?" she said, "I told you he knew already. That this was a bad idea from the start."

"How can I face my own son after him hearing what I said?" I cried.

"It's partly his fault for not knocking on the door to begin with sis," Maria said, "but mostly your fault for thinking it was your fuckboy."

"What s-should I d-do?" I whimpered, "I don't want him to hate me."

"Let me handle this mess okay?" she said, "if he saw you right now, it'll hurt him more."

"O-okay," I sighed, "I'll just go to your room and get changed."

She walks with me to her room and closes the door behind me. I dropped the towel and got into my usual attire, which was a pair of overalls and a white shirt. I sighed. Doug's words playing in my head on repeat.

"Well this is bound to happen" I sighed as I got downstairs, "Doug is a very sharp kid."

Seth got up from his seat. The sight of him right now irked me.

"What happened?' he asked, "Is Monica Okay?"

"Stop acting like you care!" I snapped at him.

Then his whole demenor changed.

"Well shit," he said, "looks like I was found out."

He laughs.

"What sort of twisted game are you playing?" I said, "to think I wanted to fuck you with Monica."

"We still can," he said eying me up and down, "though why not we have fun now?"

"You ass!" I said, "there is no way that's happening."

He gets up in my face and pins me against the wall.

"You want to bet?" he said, "I know you do."

I slap him.

"Good I love a woman with fight in her!" he said.

Then kisses my neck. His hands unbuckling my jeans and pulling them down I felt his fingers rub at my clit.

"S-stop," I protested.

"You know you want this," he said, "Monica was more easier. She was wanting me on week three of the trip."

"You bastard!" I said.

"Let's see how easy you'll be huh?" he said.

He then pulled down his and pressed his cock between my legs. I was so weak right now.

I felt my legs part and then him plunge deep into me. I gasp out. It felt like I was being split in two.

"Holy...shit...you're...so...tight!" he said between hard thrusts.

"I...never...had...UGH...a...big...cock...before," I moaned.

"Tighter than Monica's," he grunted.

"Sorry Monica,' I thought, "guess I'm just like you."

He sat on the couch and told me to ride him. I bit my lip and then straddled him. Grabbing his thick cock with my hand and guiding it in. We moaned together. My ass slapping against his thighs. My tits bouncing in his face.

I ran to the park and sat on the bench. My eyes were red and puffy from how much crying I did. Her words playing in my mind. Asking if I want a quick fuck, proves the point.

Mom was fucking Seth.

I took out my phone and called my aunt.

I could hear my phone vibrating as Seth fucked me doggystyle on the couch. His heavy balls slapping against my swollen clit. I saw it was from Doug.

"Just stop ringing!" I thought, "Please stop ringing!"

We moan in unison as our tempo increases.

Her phone went straight to voicemail. I hung up.

My phone vibrated a bit afterwards and I checked it.

It was a text from mom asking me to forgive her and how sorry she was. That she'll explain everything if I just come back.

I said I need more time and that I'm at the park. She responded back and said stay right there.

I started crying again.

Then my phone vibrates again, this time from aunt Maria's number. I dropped my phone on the concrete when I opened it. On the message was a picture of my aunt nude. Covered in cum.

"Told you it was going to happen with your aunt!" it read, "now both are my bitches."

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