Dr. Phillips was eager to see his test subject Anna, and not just for purely scientific reasons. The nude images she sent "for scientific reasons" were burned into his mind and erotic imagination. The fact that this drug seemed to make her highly suggestible had far greater scientific and moral implications than merely a new anti-anxiety medication. He knew, deep down, that he had to do the professional thing and end the experiment.

And yet.

There was something about Anna-or rather, something about the deep, primitive part of his brain-that would make this a difficult decision. As he tried to steel himself for this conversation, he got an email from Anna, as requested, ahead of their next appointment.

Good morning Professor,

As promised, here is a summation of how I've reacted to the drug throughout the week:

General findings: Good news first : I've been much calmer than before, and the previous problems with nervousness and anxiety (including insomnia, etc) have all but vanished! As discussed, there were no rashes or reactions from the injection site, but my breasts seemed a bit bigger (maybe half a cup size?) and much more sensitive than usual. However, by the end of the week they returned to regular size, although they still remained sensitive. Also, I've been a little more forgetful than usual. For example, you know that feeling when you go into a room and forget why you've gone into that room? I've had that a few times a day, every day. Maybe this drug is making me too relaxed! Otherwise, nothing much to report. I hope this helps. See you later :)



He reads Anna's letter with great enthusiasm and feels a flurry of mixed emotions. It seems as if the positive effects he observed in rodents are true and that he may be on the path to generate a new therapeutic drug that could help people with crippling anxiety. On the other hand, the side effects are both concerning and, in a deeper recess of his brain, arousing. He realizes this drug is most certainly affecting her in unexpected ways. Whether or not persistent use or increase use would result in more lasting changes is unknown but clearly a possibility. It's interesting to note that while she claims to be more forgetful, she remembered to send this email. Was this a result of her following orders? There are so many more questions, legitimate scientific questions, that should be investigated. Yet his mind drifted back to the images of the swell of those breasts and the smooth roundness of her ass, stirring something in him much more carnal than any scientific rigor.

If anything the letter left him even more conflicted: should he end the study altogether and come clean about his suspicions? Or should he continue and see how far the changes will go?

Lost in thought, he's surprised when he hears a knock on the door. Oh shit, it's already time for the appointment! "C-come in!" Dr. Phillips shouts, clearing some papers as Anna bounces in. She's once again dressed fairly conservatively, but instead of a loose sweater, a nice, if not too revealing, white blouse. Also, she has let down her hair, letting it flow freely instead of confined to a ponytail. 'Could this be a sign of subtle long-term changes?' he thought to himself.

"Hi Anna, it's certainly been an eventful week!" he says while smiling widely. He's wearing a white lab coat over a checkered button down and khaki slacks. "Thank you so much for the summary of your experiences this week, this has helped the study interrogation immensely." Dr. Phillips pauses, unsure exactly how to proceed, "are there any other side effects you'd like to discuss?"

Anna laughs nervously, "n-no...everything is there, Doctor."

He senses that she's holding back. Well, time to test another hypothesis: if the drugs have a long-term influence on suggestibility. Perhaps she wouldn't like to discuss something. Perhaps she would if ordered, though.

"You don't sound so sure. Please tell me about all side effects."

"Yes. Well." Anna starts, nervously, "Something I didn't mention in the letter. A crazy thing happened when my boyfriend came over. We were..." she gestures randomly, "...fooling around and he started licking and suckling my breasts. Well, that wasn't weird. The weird...and amazing thing was how much I enjoyed it. Usually it feels nice, but this felt amazing." She stared off in space for a moment, remembering the sensations, shifting a bit in her chair. "It was amazing in a deeply psychologically fulfilling way."

She paused for a moment, but Dr. Phillips encouraged her to keep going.

"I told him to keep going...to keep suckling from me. I didn't understand where this need came from. And soon..." Anna tails off, blushing. "I actually came just from him sucking on my nipples, which has never happened before."

The doctor was stunned, and was struggling to fight against his own arousal. Despite the loose blouse, Anna's nipples were now quite prominent through the thin fabric. And it wasn't because of the cold office. Any doubts about continuing this experiment were now gone. He needed to see what would happen next.

He pulled another syringe out of the desk drawer, uncapping it. "Are you ready for your next injection? I was thinking that afterward you might show me how your breasts swelled and where they remain sensitive?"

Anna squirms uncomfortably in her seat, not fully comfortable with the last part, "Umm...are you sure it's necessary for the experiment...?" There's part of her that still feels uneasy, like he's just being a little pervy. Surely it can't have anything to do with the experiment.

"I know it seems strange and maybe even unorthodox but I need to know what's going on before we put others on the drug to make sure it's nothing serious" Seeing the skepticism on her face, he once again changes his tone to be a little bit more direct. "Prepare for the injection, and then I will examine your breasts."

Anna nods, the clearly stated command now compelling her obedience, circumventing the critical parts of her mind, "OK," she says softly, standing up, unbuttoning her jeans and lowering them to reveal some light blue satin panties, much nicer ones than last time.

The doctor moves around the desk, standing behind Anna, tugging down on the waistband of her panties, his fingers lingering for a moment, feeling her soft, supple flesh. "Hot date with your boyfriend tonight?" He jokes playfully as he jabs the tip quickly into her cheek.

Anna gasps as the syringe enters her. But pain quickly becomes pleasure as that same warm, relaxing feeling quickly spreads throughout her body, "N-no...he's working tonight..." she says dreamily as she pulls her panties and jeans back up and buttons them.

"How are you feeling?" he asks, as she turns around to face him. Her face is completely relaxed but for a soft smile, eyes unfocused.

"I'm feeling umm...like...a little lightheaded? It's like...umm...stronger this time?" Like last time, a warm, calming sensation spreads through her body from the injection site. But it's even more powerful this time. She's so relaxed and carefree, her breasts feeling particularly sensitive and warm as the drug works its magic.

"That might be expected from the second dose. Your body is more conditioned to the drug now," Dr. Phillips explains, "similar to a vaccine booster."

"Oh, like umm...that makes sense?" she says in a daze, a quizzical look on her face, as if she's trying to follow his logic...and coming up short. "Umm...is that all?"

The doctor examines her incredulously "Oh, no it's not. You were going to show me your breasts to examine any possible changes from the last dosing." There is another pang of guilt, this isn't strictly part of the experiment. And judging by her reaction, she appears to be worse for the wear after the second dose. Of course, what happened next helped him forget about that pesky angel on his shoulder, telling him to do the right thing.

"Ohhh...I like ummm...forgot?" a concerned look washes over her face. 'How did I forget?' she thinks to herself. 'We just talked about it...and why is everything I'm saying coming out like a question?' But just as quickly as the concern arises, it washes away. As her muscles relax, so too does her mind. All worries and concerns just seem so distant as she starts unbuttoning her blouse, letting it drop to the floor. Her breasts are practically bursting out of her light satin blue bra. It's at least a cup size too small after the last dose. She quickly, unconsciously unclasps it, letting it fall to the ground, exposing her now sizable breasts.

He can hardly believe this student just casually bared her remarkably large and perky breasts, which appear even bigger on her otherwise slight frame. His cock is bulging, straining inside his ever tightening pants. "Would you now show me where it's most sensitive? Have your nipples always been so...large?" I study them with curiosity and arousal. "Looks like they have gotten noticeably larger or else you have bought the wrong size bra." Dr. Phillips was obviously beyond making scientific observations at this moment.

Anna looks down, giggling. Just a week ago she would have felt embarrassed if not horrified about being objectified like this. But again, those concerns just slip away like sand running through her fingers. "Ummm...they're like bigger everywhere? And like...my nipples? Suuuuper sensitive? And bigger?" She giggles a bit more, looking down, lost in mindless bliss.

A bemused grin creeps across the professor's face. Hearing your use of 'like' and the giggling makes him realize the second dose is really having a strong effect. Without bothering to ask permission, he slips his hands up until his finger and thumb are on one of her hard nipples. He starts gently rubbing and squeezing the nippble between his fingers, "so this is causing quite the feeling, huh?" he waits a tick before adding in a last effort to maintain any professional credibility, "I want to make sure we get the effects of the drugs as clear as possible."

Anna's eyes are closed, her neck craned backward in delight, moaning softly. It's clear she doesn't give a single fuck about the experiment right now as the doctor increases pressure, bringing his other hand up to cup her other breast. "Ohh...yess...like? Suuuuper sensitive? Ooohhhhhh..."

He's glad she closed her eyes, because his cock is now visibly tenting his pants, straining against the fabric to get out and play. He's now lost in the moment, massaging and squeezing harder until he feels a wet, slippery substance between his finger tips. Dr. Phillips looks down, shocked to see what appears to be a couple of droplets of milk hanging from her swollen breasts. "Such an interesting side effect..." he says, eyes wide, as much to himself as to Anna.

She opens her eyes, looking down, "Like...oh my god...is that like, ummm, milk?" She lets out a giggle between her moans, still very much enjoying the sensations.

He doesn't answer straight away, examining the droplet between his fingertips. Against his better judgement, he slips the finger between his lips, tasting it. He almost gasps, it's like an explosion of flavor on his taste buds. He looks down at her breasts, needing more. He takes another few droplets onto his fingertips, tasting again, "y-yes...yes I believe so..."

His eyes are now laser-focused on her nipple, without even asking permission, and without any scientific reasoning-even bad scientific reasoning-he bends over and takes a nipple into his mouth, suckling hungrily.

It's only a few drops, but he starts feeling his entire body relaxing. Somewhere in the depths of his brain, he realizes that her body must be now producing the same compound that she has been injected with. He knows he should stop, but Anna's desperate moans and encouragement, along with his own feelings of sublime relaxation are just too much to ignore right now.

"Yesss...like...OMG it feels soooo good, Dr. Phillips?" She moans, her whole body quaking and she nears orgasm. It's not just that the sensation feels amazing, but that it feels as if this was her purpose in life. Being suckled and used for her milk, just feels so fulfilling. It's all her simple mind can comprehend at this moment.

"OH MYYYY GOOOODDDDD!!" She squeals with joy, coming hard while Dr. Phillips suckles her breast. Coming down, she runs her hands through his hair, pulling him away from her nipple and kissing his forehead.

He detaches from her breast, eyes a bit glassy, still a rock hard cock despite his otherwise relaxed body. He shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts, but he remains in a cloud of bliss. He realizes this will probably take a while to wear off. He gathers the last shred of willpower, and moves away from her, sitting behind his desk. She sees his throbbing cock, still straining against his pants, and eyes it with keen interest.

"I..." Dr. Phillips starts slowly. Head full of cobwebs, "I shouldn't have done that..." He looks up at her, if she is remorseful or whatever, she doesn't seem to be showing it. "You...umm...you should come back tomorrow. I...I will give you something. Umm, a breast pump. I...ummm...I need to get a sample of that milk." Is this the best course of action? He isn't completely sure. But it's the best he can do in this state of mind.

Anna just giggles, "Like, OK, Dr. Phillips..." she's still eyeing his cock, hungrily. "Like, you sucked me? So like? Isn't it fair? That I suck...you?" She giggles again, moving closer to him, her large, milky breasts still swinging free.

"I...this...ummm...it's n-not appropri-" he's cut off as she moves between his legs, kissing his lips, her hands reaching down unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, pulling his underwear down, and freeing his cock from its tight confinement.

"I like, wanna?" She giggles again, breaking free from the kiss, dropping to her knees, and eagerly getting to work. Although an increased-greatly increased-libido wasn't in her official report, it was certainly a powerful side effect of the drug.

He looks up, seeing a family photo with his wife and kids from their last vacation. It should bother him more. Maybe it's the milk that's laced with the drugs of his own creation. Maybe it's the hot, big-titted, lactating bimbo currently sucking his dick. But regardless, he closes his eyes and enjoys the sensations. "You're...really good at this..." he sighs and moans loudly. In his current aroused state, it's not long before he's letting go completely, feeling himself unload deep inside Anna's beautiful, young and very eager mouth.

She makes sure to swallow every last drop before standing up with a giggle. He watches as she struggles for a moment to put on her now-too tight bra. She giggles and instead forgoes the bra completely, buttoning up her blouse and tucking the bra away in her backpack. "Like, umm...see ya tomorrow?" Like most of her statements since the second dose, it was a question that wasn't a question.

"Yeah...see you tomorrow..." he sighs, still in a daze from the milk and the amazing orgasm. There was still a quiet concern, resonating from the depths of his mind, about his professionalism and scientific duty. But, that was a concern for another day, he thought and smiled to himself, already eager to see Anna again tomorrow.

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