Today she had worn her panties with a special pocket for her vibrating bullet. She reached into her backpack, while looking around the bus for any on-lookers, and pulled out her shiny silver bullet and remote control.

Jasmine looked back at Leigh and instantly remembered how hot and tight her pussy was around her fingers. With the cover of a blanket, Jasmine popped the bullet into her panties and put the blanket back on the floor. This was one of her favorite things to do while she was bored in school. She would give the control to Leigh anytime they had a class together -- she loved letting her girlfriend have the power to make her wet during the most inappropriate times.

She flipped the switch to "ON", closed her eyes, sat back, and thought of Leigh’s dripping wet pussy pulsing around her fingers. Jasmine was so wet from fucking her girlfriend. She quickly found herself grinding her pussy into the bullet. Her hips found a steady rhythm, her thighs quivered. She was getting hot. Small beads of sweat began on her neck as she chewed her bottom lip in pleasure.

ON. OFF. ON. OFF. ON, went the control. She tried to conceal her whimpers while her chest was rising and falling faster and faster. Jasmine was starting to feel the oh so familiar tingle in her clit, when she heard the brakes of the bus start.

"We’re here already?!? But I’m not done yet," thought Jasmine. Everyone on the bus started to get their backpacks and bags and file off the bus.

"Did you girls have a good nap? Jasmine, you look slightly flushed. Are you feeling alright? Do you have a fever?" said Miss Robbins. "We can’t have our star getting sick on us."

"Oh, uhm, I’m ok Miss Robbins. Just a little excited to get home, I guess," said Jasmine trying to sneak her control into her pocket without anyone noticing. "Leigh, I’m giving you a ride home, right?"

"If you don’t mind having me," said Leigh. Jasmine smiled at the thought of having Leigh all night long. "No not at all," said Jasmine.

Being the team captain, Jasmine felt she needed to stay behind and make sure all of her teammates got picked up. As the last person left, Jasmine, Leigh, and Miss Robbins shared some small talk.

"Do you girls have a minute?" asked Miss Robbins. "There’s something I want to discuss with the two of you in my office."

"She saw us!" thought Leigh. "She wants to give me a special award for winning," thought Jasmine. "Sure! I’m taking Leigh home, so she can wait too," said Jasmine.

Jasmine and Leigh had stayed late at school before, but not this late. As the three of them walked down the halls in the dark, Jasmine and Leigh held hands. Their high heels echoing off the tile, Jasmine couldn’t help but think about taking Leigh off to a corner and fucking her.

Miss Robbins classroom was at the end of the farthest hall and as they approached she said, "Jasmine. You dropped this in the bus, it fell out of your pocket." Unable to see what Miss Robbins was holding, she instantly knew what it was when the silver bullet began assaulting her hard clit in her panties. "Oh shit," said Jasmine out of both pleasure and fear.

Miss Robbins unlocked her room, turned on the light, let them in behind her, and locked the door. "Ladies. How old do you think I am?"

Jasmine and Leigh both looked at each other. They said in unison, "Ummm, 30?" Miss Robbins turned the bullet on again. "Younger," she said.

Jasmine knew where this was going. "You’re 25 and I’m 18, which makes me old enough for you to fuck." "Precisely," said Miss Robbins.

"I watched the two of you on the bus. When you took out the dildo, I had to do everything in my power not to go over there and join you two. Leigh, you’re so fucking cute when you cum, but I’d rather hear you scream," said Miss Robbins as she unbuttoned her cardigan, caressed her breast, and let down her blonde hair from her bun.

Leigh and Jasmine had always thought Miss Robbins was too hot to be a teacher and would steal glimpses of her 36Ds anytime she bent over. Leigh knew it was the reason they would stay late after school in hopes to get close to Miss Robbins.

"Kiss each other," said Miss Robbins "like you’re trying to taste your cum off her tongue." "Yes ma’am," they said in unison. Miss Robbins watched these two hot teens make out in front of her as their tongues battled each other. "Unbutton each other’s skirts… slowly." They both smiled and while looking at Miss Robbins while kissing, they undid the others’ skirt.

"Have you ladies ever been with an experienced woman?" Miss Robbins asked.

"No ma’am," said Leigh. "Not yet," said Jasmine "but I’ve always wanted to fu--"

"Shut your mouth! I didn’t say you could speak Jasmine," said Miss Robbins.

Jasmine blushed and Leigh looked slightly worried. No one had ever spoken to Jasmine that way. Standing skirtless in their black lace panties, Leigh thought, "What have we gotten ourselves into?"


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