Neocities Webring Masterlist

What?: Webrings are a collection of websites. All of the webrings here have themes, or a set of requirements you must meet to submit your site. (So webrings that are just "for anyone" are not included.)

Where?: The webring must be hosted on Neocities, a web-hosting service!

Why?: For convenience's sake, and to easily search for webrings to join!

Who?: This rentry / masterlist was created by Azure, on Neocities as !

How?: This list is sorted alphabetically!

For those who use Unix-like operating systems.

2Dlove Ring
For selfshippers, waifuists, fictosexual, yumejoshis, and anyone else who loves fictional characters past being a big fan.

For fans of the 60s.

For sites dedicated to worldbuilding and/or projects.

Alterhuman Summoning Circle
For alterhumans, including otherkin, fictionkin, therians and nonhumans.

Animatronics Fans Webring
For fans of animatronics of any kind.

Anime Webring
For anime fansites.

Autists Online
For autistic people.

BeepBox Webring
For those who make music using BeepBox, JummBox, or any other BeepBox derivative.

Bill's PC
For fans of Pokemon.

For bisexuals.

Brasileiros no Neocities
For Brazilians.

Car Seat Headrest Webring
For fans of Car Seat Headrest.

Chatbots Webring
For personal pages created by creators of popular AI chatbot frontends.

Citizens of Verdite
For fans of Fromsoftware games.

For sites with some sort of connection to game(s) Deltarune and/or Undertale.

For queer women.

Endless Orbit Webring
For sites which invoke the feeling of the old web.

Fansites Webring
For fansites.

FemRing Webring
For GNC people.
(Content warning: Uses the F.B. word used to describe GNC men, which some consider disrespectful to transfems.)

For those who host fanfiction on their personal sites.

Figurine Webring
A claiming-style webring for folks to "buy" figurines.

Flipnote Ring
For Flipnote Hatena and Sudomemo users.

For Fruits Basket fansites.

Funky Webring
For anyone who has a website where the goal is to share things they love, and looks funky while doing it.

Free Country USA
For fans of Homestar Runner.

Furry Webring
For members of the furry fandom.

Furry Dev Webring
For furries who are also game developers.

Generation Lissa
For those who learned to build a personal website with code between 1996 and 2005.

Healing Hospital
For those who consider themselves menhara, and/or who value the recovery of yourself and others.

HTML is Cool
For sites built in pure HTML.

Hyperfixated Webring
For neurodiverse people.

Jack Stauber Enthusiast Webring
For fans of the musician, Jack Stauber.

For those who have adopted from this website.

For those who like to journal.

For sites hosting long-form, narrative-driven webcomics.

Ladies of the Links
For anyone who identifies as a woman.

For anyone who identifies as a lesbian.

Linux Ring
For users of Linux.

Magic Ring
For fiber artists.

Magical Ring
For pagans, polytheists and occultists.

Magicalhearted Webring
For magical girl fans.

MelonLand Surf Club
For MelonLand forum members.

Metal Webring
For metalheads.

For mobile-friendly sites.

For visual artists.

For Neocities sites made with static site generators.

Nora Webring
For those named Nora, Eleonora, Leonora, Lenora, Lenore, and the like.

Nuclear Nerd Nexus
For nerds with niche interests.

OpenBooks Webring
For static, hand-crafted sites.

Original Hearts
For webmasters who create original characters.

Peach Ring
For sites with food-related content.

For fans of Pikmin.

For pixel artists.

For fans of the Pop'n Music series.

Queer Coded Webring
For queer people.

Re:source Ring
For sites that provide resources.

RPGMaker Webring
For RPGMaker fans and devs.

Safonts Webring
For font creators and enthusiasts.

For fans of Vampire: the Masquerade.

Self-Insert Webring
For self-shippers.

Slenderwoods Webring
For fans of things Slenderman-related.

Space Tavern Webring
For websites reflecting the 90's internet style.

For fans of Splatoon.

Sprinkle Squad
For those who are a part of Vtuber Andou's stream community.

The Book 'Ring
For book bloggers, readers, writers, and authors.

The Collective Unconscious
For fans of Psychonauts.

The Eggring
For those who like eggs.

The Psycho Helmet Webring
For fans of Mob Psycho 100.

The Papernet
For zinesters.

The Writer's Block
For writers.

Transing The Internet Webring
For trans and/or nonbinary people.

Transmasculine Ring
For transmasculine people.

Tube Sun Ring
For fans of The Mechanisms.

Vampire Club
For vampires and vampire fans.

Vampire Hunters Union
For fans of Castlevania.

Vampire Webring
For vampires, vampire-lovers, goths, people who love blood, and those interested in aesthetics related to vampires.

Vocaloid Webring
For fans of Vocaloid.

For virtual reality fans.

Vtubers on Neocities
For Vtubers (or virtual YouTubers); people who use virtual avatars made with computer graphics.

Warriors of Light Webring
For fans of Final Fantasy.

For sites hosting webcomics.

Webring of Suok
For fans of Pathologic.

Webring Zone
For fans of Sonic the Hedgehog.

For fans of Wii and Wii U games.

Xenics of the 'Net
For xenic people.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Webring
For fans of the franchise Yu-Gi-Oh!

For yumejoshi, otome, and self-shippers (platonic, romantic, or otherwise)

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