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Jaime (Jai) and Amy (later named '2'), both currently 24-years old, stand elegantly in their shimmering white dresses, just a few minutes before their wedding. While gazing intently into each other's eyes, their memories drift to prior years when they were 'two little lost young girls in pain.'

Jai is casually strolling through the local North Florida Mall before meeting up with Amy ('2') and her sister Pam. Jai and '2' recently celebrated their 19th birthdays, while Pam is a year older. Pam and '2' are adopted and not biological sisters. However, they have been in the same family for more than 14 years. Jai was also adopted into her family 15 years previously, now having two younger sisters, Kim at 15 and Alice at 11. Jai really adores her younger siblings, having known them since their individual births. She spends a significant amount of her time nurturing Kim and Alice since they and her single Mom, Sarah, are important in her life.

Jai, "2," and Pam have been excellent friends since first meeting at the "progressive" St John's Community Church. This church sponsors many forward-looking recreational programs for their youth groups. The three young ladies are similar in general appearance; however, there are remarkable differences as well. Jai is 5' 9" and 120lbs, her skin color appearing as a permanent light cocoa tan. She has jet black hair styled in dangling curls. Jai obviously exhibits a mixed racial and ethnic biology. Her looks are beautifully coupled with mesmerizing green eyes. '2' is also 5' 9" and 120lbs, with her appearance definitely suggesting a Scandinavian heritage. Her long luscious blonde hair and stunningly bright blue eyes emphasized that suggestion. Both Jai and '2' have exquisitely svelte builds, long legs to die for, and medium-size B-cup breasts. Pam is 5' 7", weighs 125lbs with chestnut brown hair, and is more sturdily built than Jai and '2', having full C-cup breasts. She also maintains a constant full adoring smile. Additionally, the three young ladies' beauty is magnificently enhanced by their exceedingly warm hearts and brilliant minds.

During high school, all three were first-class athletes, currently holding the fastest time for the FL 4 X 400M relay. The fourth person on their team was Rainey, the daughter of St. John's Church's Pastor. She is referred to as the '1st daughter' in this story. The young ladies hold the unbelievable distinction of never losing a 4 X 400m relay race in their several years of competing at the high school level.

Additionally, Jai, '2', and Pam were exceptionally astute in their studies. Each of them had earned advanced degrees in an ACC Accredited University Advanced Specialist Program. Jai earned her doctorate (Ph.D.) in Juvenile Behavioral Science. At the same time, '2' graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Law School, also scoring exceptionally high on the FL Bar Exam, while Pam earned her doctorate (Ed.D.) in Elementary Education.

Jai was casually sipping a sweet tea while waiting for '2' and Pam to arrive at the mall, where they often met. The three of them were incredibly close friends after first meeting 15 years ago at a St. John's Church youth activity event. Their common denominator at The St. John's event was all having been abandoned as relatively young girls. They had all been lost in the maze of a poorly functioning Foster Home/Orphanage system. However, the three girls were extremely fortunate since they were swiftly adopted into robust and loving home and family environments.

Their University Graduation would occur in three months. Since both families will attend the graduation, they planned to celebrate in the Boston area following commencement. The three young ladies were also considering vacationing for an additional week in the New England area, and more specifically the New Hampshire Attitash mountain region; following the three or four days of celebrating in Boston , therefore their reason for meeting today in the mall. '2' arrived first, greeting Jai with her usual, "Hi Babe, what's up?"

Jai replied with her expected, "Babe, you've got it all." These two friends were just so comfortable in their 13-year friendship that a more-extended greeting wasn't necessary. Jai shared a long sip of her sweet tea with '2', followed by Pam promptly joining them.

Pam's greeting was also her normal "Hi there, my fair ladies!"

After a brief time of relaxing silence, Jai asked, "What's the plan for our week's holiday following the Commencement Program?"

Pam replied, "I just want to relax with my feet up, basking in the success of my dedication to studies during the past five years."

Jai replied, "Surely we will definitely enjoy some fun activities while in the NH area."

The two caring sisters excitedly responded, "Great, the job is yours! Also, could you possibly arrange some free digs for us, freeing up more of our pocket change for shopping?"

While the three young ladies were comfortably enjoying their camaraderie over a shared single sizeable sweet tea, a parade of young guys continually strolled by attempting to attract their attention. However, it was a wasted effort since these three girls were absolute friends and totally enjoyed their down-time together. Along with maintaining their strong family bonds, the past five years of undergrad/grad studies had been grueling, with them just desiring a bit of peace.

Jai's Evening At Home

Jai enjoyed the lovely time visiting with her friends. However, '2' and Pam had planned a special dinner with their family; therefore, they departed after two hours of reminiscing. Jai's plan was to hang out for the early evening at home with Kim and Alice, playing games, and then have dinner with them. Often she gave the girls multiple hugs continually during the day when they were relaxing at home. Her joy in being the elder sister to the younger pair was magnificently overwhelming!

Jai's thoughts of her sisters led to her first vivid memory of early life at four years old. She was entering the St. John's Church educational building. A small section had been recently upgraded for housing an experimental drug addiction withdrawal program for infants. Most babies would be taken from their pediatric hospital incubators and moved to St. John's at approximately three weeks of age, provided their medical condition, other than addiction issues, was stable. The program's design was to replace withdrawal drugs with special diets of pain-reducing foods and exceptional loving care in always holding/talking to the babies.

As Jai entered the main building that morning, she sensed a desperate scream for help from someone in extreme pain. She quickly darted past her social worker into a room down the hall to her right. The door unexpectedly opened as she approached the room, with the continued screaming for Jai's help being intense.

Jai distinctly remembered hastily pushing a chair towards a small bed. She climbed on it, then saw this tiny baby, with hands tightly clenched in fists, crying loudly as the staff attendants attempted to calm her. Jai leaned into the crib, placing her hands gently on the baby's tummy while cooing, "You called baby girl, and I am here!"

Baby girl (Kim) immediately began quieting as a soft whimpering replaced the curdling screams, with the attending staff looking on in absolute amazement. Jai stayed at Kim's bedside throughout most of the day, leaving only for a snack and using the toilet. Each time Jai left her side, Kim immediately resuming her frantic screaming.

Upon entering the St. John's Center clinic, Sarah (Kim's Mom) was utterly stunned at the quite eerie silence in the area of Kim's crib. She initially shuddered at the possible reason for not hearing a screaming Kim before being frantically waved over by an attendant observing Kim's crib from a short distance. Unbelievably, to a stunned and gasping Sarah, Kim was only quietly whimpering while Jai leaned over her, cooing and gently massaging Kim's tummy. Jai looked up sharply at Sarah's gasp, with her world seemly exploding into glistening sunshine, as she viewed the "dazzling smile" on Sarah's face. Sarah excitedly moved over to the bed, saying, "Hello, my little princesses," while kissing both girls.

Jai emphatically replied, "Mommy, we were waiting for you!"

Sarah subsequently learned of Jai being an orphan, temporarily residing at St. John's with nowhere else available to quickly place her. Sarah almost immediately decided she would apply for taking Jai into a loving home as Sarah's daughter and Kim's elder sister. Sarah would also apply to adopt Jai in the future. This was not a simple decision with Sarah being a newly single mom. However, she was successful.

Four years later, a similar situation occurred when Sarah received a call from St. John's to help with caring for an abandoned and heavily addicted three-week-old baby. Alice was taken to the St. John's Clinic; however, the treatment was not working due to the biological mother's heavy drug use during pregnancy. Sarah woke the girls, and they quickly departed. Alice was subsequently nursed to health by a determined Sarah, Jai, and Kim, which resulted in Sarah adopting Alice at six months of age.

Snapping back to the present time, Jai queried her Mom about having a private conversation once dinner was finished and after Kim and Alice were bedded down for the night. Jai started by saying, "Mom, you know how much I love you. You have been my life, which was a vast nothingness before you loved me as a daughter. With your loving support, my religious, athletic, and academic goals have been accomplished. However, there seems to be a small hole in my life clamoring for fulfillment. I think that I have begun loving '2' more than as a friend. However, I am scared and uncertain of her feelings. Our church teaches chastity until adulthood and also suggests a continuance of celibacy until marriage. I have powerful feelings of just wanting to touch '2' and holding and hugging her longer than before. Sometimes I am almost entirely breathless after hugging her."

After a short pause to collect herself, Jai continued, "I have never considered seriously dating. My life with you has always been full of loving joy. Being an excellent elder sister to Kim and Alice has been the happiest time of my life. Other than that, all my residual free time has been wholly dedicated to academics, athletics, and religion. Another primary concern is what the effect of '2' and I dating would have on Pam. She is quite a dear friend to me, and I do not want her feeling abandoned or estranged if '2' and I become a couple. I desperately need your guidance, Mom, since I have always trusted your decisions, knowing you love me unconditionally."

Jai paused to organize her thoughts before she finished with, "My Ph.D. is final in 3-months. My dissertation was accepted, and I've been named one of the university's youngest Post Doctorate Fellows in Child Psychology. I attained these accomplishments and awards because of having the 'most awesome Mom on earth.' Now, I need your guidance in expanding my beautiful friendship with '2' into a lifetime of love together."

Sarah's one statement was, "You and '2' have been hopelessly in love for the past few years. Her parents and I have discussed our observations of the two of you interacting on several occasions. We anticipated you becoming aware of your loving each other as you matured into adulthood, with our offering 100% support to you both. Consequently, we are also certain Pam understands your blossoming love for '2', already viewing you as another sister, therefore much more than a best friend. You need to spend some alone time with '2', discussing your love for her and her love for you. Therefore, I suggest you consider organizing a two-day shopping expedition together in Jacksonville. I will explain to Kim and Alice why this trip is only for you and '2', possibly saying you want to surprise them with new dresses for the Boston graduation trip. Pam has never been into shopping. Therefore she will be most likely be grateful for your not dragging her along."

Jai trusts her Mom unconditionally and immediately speaks with '2', organizing the details for their 'shopping spree.' Jai's Mom, Sarah, uses her corporate connections to book them a nice mini-suite at one of the Mall's Premier hotels. Jai and '2' drove over to Jacksonville early Friday morning, checking in the hotel and then enjoying a nice lunch at the adjacent Ruby Tuesday's. Following lunch, the power shopping commenced full throttle with them purchasing many items for family members.

Driving off the hotel property for dinner was not an attractive option after a quite exhausting day driving to and shopping in Jacksonville. Therefore they made a reservation to eat dinner in the hotel's upscale restaurant. The young ladies then dressed nicely in skirts and blouses, walking down to dinner at 8:00 PM.

Jai had been especially fidgety since their return to the hotel. She seemed unusually nervous once seated at their table. '2' had immediately noticed Jai's discomfort and became concerned that she was unwell. She queried Jai, who responded, "I am really not hungry."

Jai then suggested that they should grab something from room service later. They apologized to their waitress for changing plans, promising to dine at her station on Saturday night. After returning to their room, '2' connected her blue tube smooth jazz music selection, which they both enjoyed. She then said, "Let's change to shorts and share a glass of the Cabernet we brought from home."

Once settled with the glass of Cabernet, Jai starred into '2's' eyes and said, "I think I Love You."

'2' responded, "Of course you love me, and I love you being my best friend." Jai continuing her stare at '2', placed her head in '2's' lap, which they often do for each other when relaxing.

Jai then continued, saying, "You have been in my life for 13 years, with sports, families, church, and excelling in our studies. In three months, we will graduate, progressing into the corporate world, and I am terrified of losing you."

Jai was barely holding her tears back while lightly writing 'I Love You' on '2's' thigh with her fingertip as they talked. She finally looked directly into '2's' eyes, embracing and softly pulling her into a gentle kiss, saying, "I love you more than friends. I want for you to be my girlfriend now and then, after a time, my wife forever."

Completely stunned, '2' reverted to her usual playful self, saying, "You brought me here to this gorgeous hotel suite to declare your love, and then ravish my body!"

Jai, becoming completely relaxed by '2's' antics, laughed. She countered, saying, "I brought you here, hoping that we will pledge our lives together, based on unconditional love. Any ravishing will happen later when we both feel comfortable introducing such a major change in our relationship. Hopefully, tonight we are declaring our absolute love for each other and becoming a couple."

'2' thoughtfully responded, "I also have worried about the direction of our lives following university graduation. It seems that we have always been together in life. You have been the serious person in our friendship, while I was quite decidedly the prankster, often causing minor conflicts with others, however never with you. If I agree to be your real girlfriend, do you promise to continue leading me on a good life path?"

"Absolutely," Jai stated. "When you are a bad girlfriend, a light spanking may occasionally be appropriate."

'2' smiles at the spanking comment, then leans in, giving Jai a real girlfriend lip-lock. When they break, Jai continues, "I have always loved you since the first day we met at the youth festival. I immediately felt as if we had known one another for years versus the few hours of sports. I was so lost upon returning home, asking Mom if we could see your family again. Today is the happiest I have ever been because the person I love has asked that I commit my life to her."

'2' states, "Jai, I know that we are committing to each other. However, for me, it is more. I will belong solely and only to you, trusting you completely with my heart. I want to dance with you, run with you, read books with you, loving our little sisters, family, and church family with you!"

After a pause to compose herself, '2' continues, "Now that I am yours, I want to cuddle whenever possible. If I am occasionally bad, I'll let my girlfriend place me over her knees. However, we have fantastic families and must always be active with them, especially Pam and our younger siblings. Let's celebrate our two days here kissing, cuddling, and other good stuff; maybe I will be a bad girl and hide something from you like your clothes!

"Once home, we will then have an evening out with both our families, sharing the wonderful news of our commitment to a lifetime of love. Our first responsibility is to share a glass of wine with Pam informing her of our evolved relationship. We want to assure her that she remains our number one sister and best friend. We will also need to spend quality time with Kim and Alice, knowing they will be ecstatic for us.

'2' finishes her comments with, "Whenever we are alone over the next two days, please hold and cuddle me. You must also thoroughly investigate my nice round bottom for spanking firmness. I am definitely feeling the desire for being a bad girl in the NH mountains, following our graduation."

"I love you forever, '2'!" Jai exclaimed.

"I love you forever, Jai!" '2' exclaimed.

Jai and '2' clench and seal their declarations of love with kisses.


Jai and '2' are inviting the loyal 'Literotica Lesbian Romance Story Readers' along on their journey of close friendship, then love declaration, and finally their marriage. Please understand their love story is not strictly a sexual journey since they are currently chaste at 19-years old. Jai and '2' also emphatically state that sex is sure to follow when absolute love arrives!

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