Wget for roms

Simple create a directory for your roms, for example "snes" and cd into that directory then copy and paste one of these commands in your terminal.

(If you mouse over the line you need to copy there will be a little copy icon to the far right of said line)


wget -r -nd --no-parent -A zip "https://myrient.erista.me/files/No-Intro/Atari%20-%202600/"


wget -r -nd --no-parent -A zip "https://myrient.erista.me/files/No-Intro/Nintendo%20-%20Nintendo%20Entertainment%20System%20(Headered)/"

Sega Master System:

wget -r -nd --no-parent -A zip "https://myrient.erista.me/files/No-Intro/Sega%20-%20Master%20System%20-%20Mark%20III/"


wget -r -nd --no-parent -A zip "https://myrient.erista.me/files/No-Intro/Sega%20-%20Mega%20Drive%20-%20Genesis/"

Super Nintendo:

wget -r -nd --no-parent -A zip "https://myrient.erista.me/files/No-Intro/Nintendo%20-%20Super%20Nintendo%20Entertainment%20System/"
Pub: 05 Mar 2024 22:38 UTC
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