My head swimming, I tried to understand what was happening to me. I walked understandably gingerly, given all the recent unexpected assaults on my pussy, across the quadrangle and into the main hall.

I thought I knew myself reasonably well and was rather surprised that I was unable to contain my basic instincts, both during last night's public humiliation, admittedly in the face of a very determined and apparently skilled tormentor playing me for all he was worth, and, more importantly at the hands of an 18-year-old taking advantage of me in my own car. Why I not able to prevent myself orgasming? Was a very concerning character flaw emerging? Had I actually, dare I ask myself, enjoyed it?

Snapping back to reality, my immediate problem was this stupid outfit. For morning assembly, I could leave my coat on even though it may look a bit odd but what then? Particularly when I had one of the more unruly 5th form classes first thing.

The assembly hall was beginning to fill up for the morning ritual and I made my way on to the area of the stage where the teachers sat together to sit next to a friendly face, Melissa Hutton.

"What's with the coat?" she asked as we waited for assembly to start.

"Look, Melissa, I need to ask you a favour."

"Just name it, Susie," she replied, helpfully, "and I'll see what I can do. What's that on your coat."

I glanced down, horrified, to see a still-wet blob of Jeffers's cum.

"Oh, nothing," I muttered, attempting to brush it off and only succeeding in smearing all over my hand and coat.

Melissa politely tried to ignore it but a smile passed her lips.

"Well, go on then, what's the favour," she implored, watching curiously as I wiped my hands and coat furiously with another tissue from my bag.

"I've got 5B first thing this morning for a double period, you're free, aren't you?"

"well, yes..."

"... could you cover for me? I wouldn't ask unless I was desperate."

"Well, okay -but 5B? I find them a bit of a challenge."

"Oh, thanks, Melissa," I'll make it up to you, I promise."

The assembly hall now full, the Headmaster walked onto the stage and made a few club announcements, prayers were said, hymns were sung and it was all over in twenty minutes.

With Melissa covering my class, I skipped over to the staff car park, took my keys out of my bag, jumped into my car and sped homewards when the phone rang.

"Where do think you're going?" It was Jeffers.

I need to get straightened up and swap this coat, for your information, it has your semen all over it."

"Very well, but call me as soon as you get back, we're going for a little ride and don't, repeat don't, change out of that uniform."

Okay, okay, I'll text you."

"That's a good girl," and he hung up.

I didn't know how much more of this I could take and, as yet, I didn't even have a plan to get out of this situation.


I was tempted to just throw in the towel and let Jeffers do what he would with the video but I knew that would destroy my father. I quickly switched coats at the flat and put the stained one into the wash.

I called in sick for the rest of the day to the school office, and exchanged texts with Jeffers as to where and when he wanted me to pick him up. I drove to a street two blocks from the school having agreed to collect Jeffers on a relatively hidden corner. He hopped in and we left.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"St Agnes College," he replied.

Wondering what the purpose was, I headed for the school for 'young ladies'.

Jeffers had managed an entire journey without groping me, for which I was grateful although, so confused was my state of mind, glancing down at his trousers, I found I was harbouring a growing and alarming curiosity to see what had grown so impressively in my hand earlier under my coat.

As I approached the college, Jeffers said, "Pull up over here, Susie."

A tall, leggy young student approached the car.

"Hiya, brother, how are you?" she shrilled.

"Fine thanks, Sis," Jeffers answered, " meet Susie, my English teacher. Susie, this is Zelda, my twin sister."

"Hello," I said, minimally. "I didn't know you had a twin Sister."

"Oh, yes, we had a joint 18th birthday party last month," said Zelda, "It was such fun. Thanks for helping me out by the way."

"Helping you out?" I asked, nervously, observing Jeffers's sister to be a real young beauty with legs that appeared to go all the way up to her neck, ample breasts, cat-like eyes and raven hair.

"Oh, sorry, Susie," interjected Jeffers, "perhaps I should have explained: you see Zelda has got into a bit of hot water at the college."

"Hot water?" I queried.

"Boiling, actually," chimed Zelda with a giggle.

Jeffers continued, "You see, Zelda got rather pissed one lunch time and went after the janitor who slipped her a Mickey Finn and filmed the whole experience, not that dissimilar from your own situation, Susie -in fact, much of my idea with you came from the janitor's little scheme. The long and the short of it is that he has a regular expectation of Zelda for repeat performances, failing which, he's threatened to report her to the Headmistress and we simply couldn't let that happen."

"Sadly, true," confirmed Zelda, "these blasted phone cameras are so tiresome, don't you think, Susie? I mean one measly indiscretion and he has me by the short and curlies, albeit that I keep my landing strip nicely trimmed, but you know what I mean?" that disturbing giggle again.

"Yes, but what has all this got to do with me?" I asked?

"Well, Susie, there's a get-out-of-jail-free card. Symes, the janitor, says he will let me off if I can find another girl willing to replace me with the only provision that she has to be better looking than me. I told Tom and that when he came up with you. I must say, you do look rather scrummy!"

"WHAT? You're surely not suggesting that I 'go' with the janitor?" Surely, Jeffers hadn't pimped me out to a bloody janitor to save his sister? I couldn't believe what I was hearing though one aspect I found vaguely flattering was that Zelda looked absolutely ravishing and they rated me higher.

"Drive past the main building and continue to that small brick building," said Zelda as we made our way up the main driveway.

"Now look here..." I started.

"... look here nothing," said Jeffers, "I went to a lot of trouble to get that uniform together. You'll do precisely as you're told, Susie."

"Oh, this is such fun," chirped in the irritating Zelda.

"Okay, now park behind the building so that we're out of sight of the school," directed Jeffers. "We don't want any prying eyes. What time did you arrange to meet Symes, Zelda?


"Actually, we're a couple of minutes late, Tom" she said, getting out of the car. "Come on, Susie, slip this on," and she handed me the spare St Agnes' blazer she was carrying.

That completed my ensemble, a schoolgirl from top to bottom, though it was a fair bet the panties weren't regulation. Opening my door and taking my hand, Zelda led me to the slightly ajar door of what turned out to be the college's boiler house and tugged me through.

"Is that you, Zelda?" a gruff heavily accented voice from inside enquired, "I hopes you're braced for good seeing-to today, I feels right virile."

"Yes, Symes," she replied, her hand tightened like a vice on my wrist in case I ran off and Jeffers who had by now arrived, closed the door sharply behind us all.

My sight adjusted from broad daylight to the slightly dimmer surroundings of the warm boiler house. From behind some pipework, a tall fair haired 30-something man clad in overalls entered the space.

"Who be they?" he asked rudely.

Zelda behaved with all the lightness of a young girl out for a stroll in the countryside. "Well, Symes, this is my twin brother, Tom, and this is Susie. As you'll recall, you said that you'd let me off if I could find you another, better looking one of the 6th Form."

"That Oi did," he replied, eyes burning into me and eating me with his eyes as he looked me up and down very deliberately, "Oi was half-joking, Oi didn't think you'd find anyone, but Oi must say, you may have managed it. Oi haven't seen you around here before, young Susie," he said practically salivating as he regarded me.

"Am I free to go, then, Symes?" asked Zelda.

"You are, my dear," said Symes, "but I'll need to check out the new goods first and you'll need to stick around and watch, to see what you be missing."

'Goods'? I thought, well really...

..."Now, come on then Missy, off with your uniform, jacket first," instructed the impudent janitor.

I thought of protesting, but Jeffers shot me a determined glance. I allowed the blazer to slide down over my arms, off my back and on to the floor. The tight shirt accentuated my breasts.

"Nice and perky, I must say," enthused the janitor, feeling one of my breasts with his dirty hand, to my indignation. "Lose that tie, Missy."

I complied with his request and the tie joined the jacket to start a small pile of clothes on the floor next to me. Trapped in the boiler house and with no option but to comply, I reached for the shirt buttons, wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible.

"No!" ordered Symes. "Oi'll do that." I gulped as he came close to me and undid my straining top button, his breath heavy and I detected a strong smell of alcohol as he did so.

He stood back slightly and ran a finger down my open blouse, brushing my breasts.

"Very nice, Missy," perhaps not as big as Miss Zelda's, but very nicely shaped indeed!" he observed to my utter humiliation as Zelda giggled. "Oi suppose you'll be wanting a drop of my special whisky like your friend Zelda did?"

Friend? Hardly my bloody friend, I thought.

"No, that won't be necessary..."

"...but Oi insists," he growled, and quickly shoved a half -drunk bottle in front of my face


"Be careful of that stuff, Susie!" warned Zelda.

The last thing I needed to do was to make matters worse for myself, so I ignored her, accepted the bottle from Symes and took a sip.

"More," he shouted, "much more!" There was nothing else for it, so I took several long gulps -more whisky than I'd ever drunk in my life and I coughed and gagged as the fluid burned on its way down my throat.

"Finish it," he commanded. It was a struggle, but I succeeded, spluttering all the way until the entire bottle was finally drained.

"Well, done, Missy," he said, holding the bottle upside down appreciatively, to more giggling from Zelda. Jeffers stared on as I immediately felt the effects of gorging the whisky, I was losing my balance and the room began to swirl. I felt queasy.

"Oh, dear, Miss," would you rather sit down?"

I nodded palely, feeling a little limp.

"Zelda, be a love and grab the mattress from behind the boiler."

Zelda wasted no time and reappeared carrying a small camping mattress, that had seen better days, which she placed on the floor in front of me as I sank unsteadily to my knees.

"Now, help me peel her," Symes said to the twins.

Jeffers propped me up from behind while his sister and the janitor set about the task of stripping me off with gusto. I could barely move but watched as I saw the shirt, skirt, shoes and socks joining the blazer and tie on the pile in quick succession. Zelda seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Oh, my," said Zelda, "just look at her undies, I wonder where she got them the filthy bitch!" referring to the split crotch panties her brother had insisted I wore.

"They look like fun," said Symes, best we leave them on her!

I was about to register my objections but the whisky was having more and more of an effect and I was unable to speak. In a sense I was relieved that I was somewhat removed from the situation as I now wore only panties, which covered nothing. as I watched a blurred image of the janitor dropping his overalls to his ankles. From the swirling picture in front of me, he appeared to be naked underneath and his very considerable half-erect shaft sprang into view.

Jeffers lowered my increasing lifeless body so that I lay on my back on the mattress, all but helpless. Next, Zelda and Jeffers held one ankle each so that my legs were spread wide apart and Symes, his knees straddling my chest now grabbed both of my wrists in one of his hands, he bent forward so that the tip of his manhood touched my face.

I turned my head away only for Symes to squeeze my cheeks with his spare hand and pulled my mouth back towards his member.

"Take it in your mouth, Missy," he insisted.

At that stage, I remember feeling the heat and size of it parting my lips whereupon, mercifully, I passed out.

I was awoken from my slumber by Jeffers imploring me to wake up and shaking me by the shoulders.

"Nnngggh," I murmured, incoherently.

"Susie, wake up, we must go."

"Finished?" I slurred, aware vaguely aware that this meant that something must have happened.

"Yes, he was very satisfied with you. But now we really must dash, I think it's best I drive."

"Oh that whisky," I said quietly, holding my aching head and coming around slowly. "What happened, Jeffers?" noting that the skirt and shirt had been loosely arranged but that those dreadful panties had gone. I arranged myself as best I could and slipped on the shoes, putting the socks into my bag trying not to bend over as I did so. My thighs and intimate parts felt a little sore as though I'd been ridden by a rodeo cowboy.

"Er, Zelda helped to dress and clean you up, Susie," Symes took your panties as a..."

"...a souvenir, I suppose?" I said, sharply, noting the recurring theme.

"Exactly, Susie," said Jeffers sheepishly.

"What do you mean 'clean me up', Jeffers?" I said, catching the slight smell of sweat and semen still in the air.

"Erm, Symes got rather carried away, Susie. Sorry about that."

"You mean he..."

"Yes. Several times. It wasn't just whisky in that bottle because you were, let's say, a very willing partner."

Oh, no!" I cringed, "you mean he...."

"...from every angle and with every orifice and you were begging him not to stop," he continued, "Zelda said the self-same thing happened to her after that concoction. She said she was as horny as a rattle snake for some hours afterwards. But don't worry, nobody filmed anything -tempted though I was."

At least that was some comfort, I thought, blushing, my head rapidly clearing. I could quite identify with Zelda's previous horniness as, although I was naturally disgusted with what had apparently happened, I felt stirrings below and was ashamed to admit to myself that I was well in the mood for some hard lovemaking. Or should I say more lovemaking, as it would appear from Jeffers's account of the proceeding with Symes."

"Where did they go, Jeffers?"

"Gone. Zelda had a class and Symes had to get back to work."

"How long have I been...?"

"... passed out? Just under two hours."

I had an overwhelming urge to rub and frig my itching, stiff clitty but managed to hide it from Jeffers and suggested that we should leave. Jeffers, did shove his hand under the pussy pelmet of a skirt as I led the way through the door and I squealed slightly.

"Sorry, sexy, I couldn't resist," was all the little bugger said, shamelessly.


Jeffers, having passed his driving test at the first attempt during the Summer holidays, was quite competent behind the wheel as I lay back in the passenger seat that was still reclined from when I had wanked Jeffers off in the staff car park that morning. I squinted my eyes as the sunshine was too bright for me to take and then closed them. My mind drifted off into a fantasy which included me being taken roughly, against my will until I was awoken by Jeffers as he drew my car into my parking bay at the flat. My bloody urge was all consuming and just wouldn't go away.

The tiny skirt had ridden up ever so slightly but, with no margin for error, quite sufficiently to completely expose my naked cunny and manicured, cropped tuft of pubes to Jeffers who, no longer occupied with driving, had busied himself taking the golden opportunity to feel me up yet again.

"I love watching you perform, Susie," he whispered.

To his delight, I made absolutely no objection to his attentions, being still strongly under the influence of Symes's love-drug. He was even more shocked when I responded with some groping of my own as I reached across and started to squeeze and rub the obvious, rock-hard bulge in his trousers while I spread my thighs wide, inviting him to enjoy himself further with his fingers. More shockingly still, I then heard myself saying sleepily:

"Come on Jeffers, that stuff has made me as horny as hell, let's go up to my flat and finish this off properly."

I saw his Adam's apple gulp at my words and, just as he had followed me out of my flat like a lamb that morning, so now, he followed me inside in much the same manner.

I was determined to get to grips with what I had grasped in my hand that morning and I wanted it with an all-consuming urgency such as I had never felt before.

We practically ripped one another's clothes off as soon as we got through the door and I soon found myself kneeling in front of him as he sat on my sofa with one knee either side of me, his magnificent erection to the fore. I bent my neck to kiss its throbbing, bulbous end. Jeffers started to moan as I licked and sucked his eager young shaft from base to tip and he grabbed me around my neck, drawing me onto it when I took it into my mouth. I sensed he was getting ready to shoot his load,

"Oh, no you don't Jeffers," I spluttered, extricating his large dong from my mouth, "you'll bloody well hold out this time, you've got me to satisfy." I literally led him to my room by his cock and lay him flat on his back. The drug had turned me into a sex maniac and unable to control myself and, completely uninhibited, I shoved my pussy, my clitty booming, over his mouth as I straddled his face.

"Lick me out, you bastard," I could scarcely believe what I was saying and doing as I felt Jeffers's tongue greedily darting in, out and all around my clitty while I manoeuvred to the most gratifying position.

Sliding down his body, I grabbed his huge member in my hand and simply shoved it up my dripping pussy and rode him cowgirl-style, head back for what seemed like an eternity, Growing tired, I leaned forward and Jeffers wasted no time in reaching forward around my arse and, after a few spanks to my bum cheeks, he rimmed my anus with a finger before slipping it in while he sucked on my hard nipples as my breasts bobbled invitingly into his face.

For my part, I was grinding for all I was worth whilst Jeffers exercised some control over me with his finger deeply exploring my butt hole as he tried desperately to stop himself shooting his load, and clearly enjoying this unexpected show from his English teacher who was hitting new highs and loving being double penetrated. Minutes of this delicious fucking later, we reached a massive crescendo of yelling, moaning and thrusting as we orgasmed together, covered each other with hot goo and I collapsed on top of him.

"Fucking hell, Susie," Jeffers panted, exhausted.

"Fucking hell, indeed, Jeffers," I agreed, "What the hell did Symes put in that whisky? -I've never been like this before in my life, I do apologise..."

"Apologise?" He said and laughed, "I've just had the fuck of my life on a stolen afternoon with my stunning English teacher in her bed and you're apologising? That's really funny, Susie! Most of my classmates would give their eye teeth to be here."

He had a point, I thought.;u=4655

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